Season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic – 2019: when better to go?

Season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic - 2019: when is it better to go? Season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic - 2019: when is it better to go?

Holidays in the Dominican Republic – this is when advertising bounty from childhood becomes reality. Only without the taste of candy, but with taste this coconut. An island country in the middle of the Caribbean bliss with obligatory hashtag # moray on girls pages in social networks.

Both newlyweds come here for a honeymoon trip, and family couples with children, and just tourists dreaming of exotic and romance Caribbean What is the place so attractive? When is the best time to relax in Dominicans? And is it worth going to such a distance? Parse what month in is suitable for Dominican holidays and why in August is better to Turkey?


  1. Beginning and end of the season
  2. Where to look for a tour?
  3. Season at resorts: Punta Cana
  4. Weather by months:
  5. Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn
  6. When is the best?
  7. Tours and prices
  8. Reviews

Beginning and end of the season in the Dominican Republic

Beach of the Dominican Republic Saona Beach of the Dominican Republic Saona Sea of   Saona Island Sea of   Saona Island

And you, too, are attracted to the Dominican Republic by this turquoise some water?

The main reasons why people fly to rest in Dominican Republic:

✓ you do not need a visa for travel (where else can you go like that?)

✓ eternal summer reigns on the island

✓ tired Thailand-Vietnam or want more “status” holidays

And if everything is clear with the first and last points, then with the reason Number 2 will understand in more detail. Season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic has no clear boundaries. Tropical climate implies the absence of seasonality as such. But still winter and spring months are preferable for traveling.

In summer and early autumn, the weather can make you happy with rains and hurricanes. But prices at this time are very personal – for example, a tour for 45,000 rubles per person for 10 nights (in Season all 60-80!). How to find this, tell here.

High season in the Dominican Republic – from November to April. More sunny days and less chance get hit by rain. In early November, the hurricane period ends water in the sea becomes transparent. By the end of the month the swimming season in the height.

Such grace lasts until the end of April. May weather worsens, but only slightly. Another couple of months you can enjoy local exoticism without risking being carried away by the wind.

Services for finding cheap tours

Dominicana is a kind of Turkey (for Americans and there is). Here are the same beach hotels, all inclusive and sandy entrance to sea. Only for Russians is very expensive, both for money and for Resources: 12-hour flight from Moscow. But who will it scare?

Search tours, more or less profitable, the most convenient to aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Services work with leading tour operators and find the most interesting offers for any “Wishlist”. For example, in December 2019, you can sunbathe before the New Year holidays by buying a tour in Dominicana for two for 10 days. The price is 120,000 rubles. four*, the first line, if that!

Beach season at resorts

Sun beds of the Dominican Republic Saona Sun beds of the Dominican Republic Saona Star - the sea in the Dominican Republic Star - the sea in the Dominican Republic

Excursion to the island of Saona

Resorts Dominican Republic are divided into:

✓ Northern – washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada, Cabarete

✓ South – on the shores of the Caribbean. Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Barahona, La Romana, Juan Dolio

The period July-September is not considered the most appropriate time for Caribbean trips: rains! The showers are brief but generally very hard because of the heat and high humidity. In addition, the beaches Atlantic coast “attack” algae-Sargassa. Not every year, although in 2018 they were until November! From August increases disaster risk. Hurricane winds rage mostly in the north, on the coast Atlantic. Southern resorts at this time quietly accept tourists (which, however, are exhausted from stuffiness).

For clarity, when what season in the Dominican Republic for months, here small table:

January February March April May June July August September October November December

High season

Satisfactory travel time

Hurricane season in the Dominican Republic

Season in Punta Cana

Resort Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Resort Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Typical area near the hotel in Punta Cana

Separately among the locations of the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana – the most Party resort, where there is always where to go and what to see. Located in the east of the country, at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean.

The location plays into the hands of its popularity:

  • Punta Cana beaches are separated from the “wild” ocean waters Coral reefs. Swimming here is safer and suitable for rest with a child, but in the summer there is a problem with algae (although decent hotels cleaned in a timely manner)
  • the coastal part of the resort is protected by a mountain range, hurricane the winds are not scary. The tourist season in Punta Cana continues year round
  • here is an international airport, which means transfer short

In addition, Punta Cana is white and clean sand (which some tourists bring home as a souvenir), the beach is long in 70 km and excellent all inclusive hotels:

➢ 5 * Iberostar Bao Suites – for two from 230,000 rubles per 10 days per season

➢ 5 * Now Larimar Punta Cana – from 250,000 rubles for the same time limit Cool hotel for families with children, a program for small (up to 17 years) is better than for adults!

➢ 5 * Bao Princess Resort, Spa & Casino – from 250000 rubles in 10 days

More budget options:

➢ 5 * Natura Park Beach Eco Resort & Spa – mid-hotel, reliable option when you want to go to the Dominican Republic, but the budget is pricked; suitable for family holidays. Cost – from 210,000 rubles to 10 days in high season

➢ 5 * Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort Casino & Aquagames – from 200,000 rubles

Monthly weather in Dominican Republic

The weather in the Dominican Republic is not much different from other tropical countries. The same hot and humid climate. But the wind blows from the sea, helping to better tolerate moisture even up to 90%. Temperature mode from + 25 ° C to + 30 ° C throughout the year. So what are the differences? We understand!

Dominicana in winter 2019 (in December, January and February)

Dominicana in winter: tourists of all countries, unite! Beach season in full swing, entertainment – more than enough. The best months for holiday in the Dominican Republic – winter.

  • In December, the air warms up to + 28 ° С and does not cool below + 20 ° С at night. December water is very warm to + 28 ° С. It rains rarely and at night, mostly on the north coast
  • In January, the air temperature is the same + 28 ° C degrees. Night: + 21 ° С … + 22 ° С. This month is considered the most “cold” O_O The sea warms up to + 27 ° С. Sometimes January is issued cooler, tourist reviews say what happened and “just” + 24 ° C in the afternoon. However, everyone who is going to meet in the Dominican Republic New year, do not worry. January 2019, on assurances Weather forecasters will be hot :)

At the end of the month, the carnival starts, dedicated to the Day Independence of the Republic. Celebrations will continue right up to March!

  • In February, the air temperature + 27 ° С … + 28 ° С. Water in the Caribbean: + 26 ° C, in the ocean a little cooler: + 25 ° С. In general, the weather is whispering. This month begins the whale mating season, which is certainly worth a look (from $ 189 per person). February is the best time for diving

Туры на зиму >>

Dominican coastline (Saona islands) Dominican coastline (Saona islands)

Dominican Republic in spring (March, April and May)

Dominicana spring continues to delight. Period when better go to rest and country to the full feel it.

In March and April, the Dominicans celebrate Catholic Easter: throughout the country held bright processions and costumed performances on bible themes.

  • In March, the air temperature becomes slightly higher than in February, + 28 ° С … + 29 ° С. Water is on average the same + 26 ° С. This is the driest month of the year, the probability of precipitation is reduced to minimum
  • In April, the approach is already felt rainy season, humidity increases. The air during the day is heated to + 30 ° С a pleasant coolness comes at night, + 22 ° C … + 24 ° C. Water temperature: + 27 ° С. Mango season begins! At this time, they are the most-most
  • May gets hotter every day air temperature is more than + 30 ° C. Sea water: + 27 ° С … + 28 ° С. Wet The beach season is coming to an end. Tourists come who prefer low prices and are not afraid of heat

Туры на весну >>

When is the rainy season in Dominicana?

Beach at the Samana Island Domica Beach at the Samana Island Domica

In summer, the rainy season in the Dominican Republic unfolds to the full. coil Precipitation falls daily, there are thunderstorms. The wind does not save from wet sticky stuffiness. In August, monsoons are blowing from the sea. With them hurricanes come. Due to the abundance of water, local rivers become turbulent and as well as possible are suitable for rafting and kayaking. But This, of course, only for the most desperate tourists. Go or not – depends on your personal ability to endure tropical heat and showers.

Although the prices of vouchers at this time of year look especially attractive! So, if you are still tempted and decide to go, take 10-14 days to “catch” the good weather.

Dominicana in summer (June, July, August)

Summer Dominicana is a gathering place for extreme sportsmen. True, this applies only in the first months.

In August, when the hurricane season begins in the Dominican Republic, the number of tourists in the country is falling sharply. Do not save even low prices Many travel agencies, reinsuring, simply do not sell tours.

  • In June and July air temperature reaches + 32 ° С during the day and + 25 ° С at night. Water + 28 ° С. The hottest period, plus the algae season in the Dominican Republic, occurring on the Atlantic coast
  • Similar weather is in August. Still and hurricane winds. In the north, they deliver more concern than in the south or southeast. And although destructive Typhoons in the Dominicans are extremely rare, yet still be a little unpleasant

Туры на лето >>

Beach in Dominicana Beach in Dominicana

Dominican Republic in the fall (September, October and November)

Dominicana in autumn is going through a transitional period.

  • In September, hurricanes are still raging. Happy Hot: + 31 ° C and above. The night also does not bring much coolness because of high humidity: + 23 ° С … + 25 ° С. The sea is heated to + 29 ° С. Livni
  • In October, the season ends. rains. Precipitations are late afternoon and not so abundant. Falls heat. By day: + 30 ° С, at night: + 23 ° С. Water at the September mark + 29 ° С. Hurricanes are rare and occasional. In the country are pulled first tourists
  • In November, rainfall and hurricanes disappear. Water becomes clear and transparent: + 28 ° С. Air temperature + 29 ° С. The holiday season begins!

Туры на осень >>

When is the best time to relax in the Dominicana?

The beach season in the Dominican Republic is year-round, but the optimal time for the trip: the end of autumn, winter and the beginning of spring. The peak is from the end. December to April. The price of vouchers for these months is increasing – by two, for 8 nights, about 200 000 rubles. The reasons for the rise in price:

  • Christmas and New Year in December and January
  • Humpback whale mating games in February
  • Bright carnival, continuing from the end of January to the 1st Martha

Those who want to visit the Caribbean for less money are worth plan your trip in October, when the season starts, or in May when it ends.

Most can save in a relatively low season, with June to September Sunbathing on the beach all day, most likely not get (rain). But there are many other interesting activities. For example, extreme sports. Or guided tours.

Our friends flew on a honeymoon trip to the Dominican Republic as time in September. Hurricanes did not carry them away, returned intact, unscathed, tanned. With lots of positive and beautiful emotions photos.

What to do in the Dominican Republic – prices

Hotel Punta Cana Hotel Punta Cana Punta Cana Street Punta Cana Street

Generally, the best months for a holiday in the Dominican Republic are Dependence on hobbies is:

➢ February – the season of humpback whales, which you definitely need see. Animals swim very close to shore. Plus the whole month country walks at the carnival

➢ March – the chances of getting under the rain tend to 0, sconning in business

➢ April – the holiday season is nearing its end. But comes the mango season (lasting until August), of which there are 40 species, on wait a minute

➢ May – the beginning of the wet season. At the resorts falls hype prices are down. Time for surfing and kayaking (rivers become affluent)

Of course, every tourist is free to decide how he wants to spend your vacation. But it would hurt us to spend the best months in Dominicans only for a lazy stay on the beach or in the pool hotel Sense then fly so far?

On excursions (cheap – this is not about the Dominican Republic):

✓ The reserve on the island of Saona – they come here to feel yourself in paradise (well, or in a bounty chocolate ad) and make postcard advertising photo on the background of palm trees, sand and waves. Price for adult – from $ 60-100, for a child 4-12 years old – from $ 40. Here >> за $77

✓ Excursion to humpback whales – you know, seasonal sentence. Takes all day! Guest reviews advise everyone be patient (the whales are not particularly eager to meet people) and pills for motion sickness. The cost of an adult ticket is from $ 190, child (4-12 years) – from $ 80

✓ Samana Peninsula – a Hollywood-style beautiful piece of sushi in Caribbean. The tour usually includes a visit to the El Falls Lemon and beach Backcardi. Price issue: from $ 100 for adults and from $ 80 for kids

✓ Excursion to Santo Domingo, the capital of the republic – to your services architecture of the ancient city where Christopher Columbus lived. Ticket price for adults – from $ 99, for children from $ 75

In addition to the above, and in the Dominican Republic, you can see other waterfalls, caves, go sea fishing on blue marlin, go diving and windsurfing. There is no time to be bored. Worth Note that the best time for excursions is the tourist off-season. (April-May or October-November). At this time, the weather is favorable, but tourist competitors is not so much.

Sea and Ocean in the Dominican Republic Sea and Ocean in the Dominican Republic

Our tips and tricks

Who to go with? In any journey is important to start it right. Carefully approach the choice of tour operator, which entrust the organization of holidays in the Dominican Republic. Most Popular:

  • Anex tour
  • Tez tour
  • Coral Travel
  • Pegas touristik
  • Biblio Globus

These five operators, as stated by travelers, provide the most convenient charter flights, with sane time departure and arrival, and the most reasonable prices.

Where to live? Traditionally, hotels, located on the south and south-east coast – Boca Chica, Punta Cana – demanded by tourists who prefer a beach holiday. Less hurricanes, calmer water (there are almost no waves) and prices below. A good reputation enjoys 3 * Coral Costa Caribe Resort & Spa. For 10 days at all inclusive for two you need to pay from 140,000 rubles (in January).

The hotel is located in Juan Dolio, which is considered one of the most safe resorts Dominicana. Here is the presidential “Dacha”, the police runs without interruption “for a siesta”. This location often choose for holidays with children. It is also convenient from here. get out on trips to the capital: to Santo Domingo, half an hour away (to the airport, respectively, also).

Otherwise, tourists can be reduced to the following items:

✓ Dominican Republic is a poor country. Get ready for the shabby reality outside the walls of beautiful hotels so that it does not become surprise and did not spoil the experience of the trip

✓ If you fly with children, consider their leisure time. flight

✓ Rest in the Dominican Republic with children is better to plan at the hotel level not less than 4 stars

✓ In some Dominican hotels there is a rule not to lodge guests with children or populate them in a separate wing. Find out about this in the selected hotel

✓ Bavaro is considered the best for families with children – one of resorts Punta Cana

✓ Drink only bottled water and dine in proven ground!

Food in the Dominican Republic Food in the Dominican Republic

Should I buy a tour out of season?

Definitely worth it. Of course, if the word “off season” is understood May, the beginning of June or October, and not a hurricane August :)

On the joints of high and low seasons, the weather in the Dominican Republic quite mild and supportive of travelers. What concerns the rains and winds, to some extent they can happen and in the winter. Then how lucky!

But what always pleases in the offseason, so it is low prices. AT May weekly tour in a 5 * hotel, “all inclusive” will cost 150,000 rubles for two. February-March is a similar adventure. worth at least 180,000 rubles.

When to fly on holiday with a child?

Dominicana with children Dominicana with children

When to fly to the Dominican Republic with children depends on their age.

➢ The best time is winter. There is no sweltering heat showers, the sea is calm, mom too. The most it for kids and their parents! And at other times of the year there are many others. holiday destinations with children

➢ With a teenager, you can risk flying at the end of autumn or in the spring

Be sure to take a supply of sun cream, with an SPF filter not below 50! And you, and children, it is absolutely useful in the sun. Caribbean The most important thing is to properly adapt to changing time belts. Often, contrary to popular belief, children adapt better. us adults.

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