Season for a holiday in Goa – 2019: when is it better? go?

Season for a holiday in Goa - 2019: when is it better to go? Season for a holiday in Goa - 2019: when is it better to go?

Who really, really does not want the sea? A forest of hands, I thought so. Why do many travelers go / fly / rush to rest in Goa? Because the most rave and European state of India. Plus, in moderation palms, exotics and this hipster atmosphere “you will not return the former! “. Therefore, we remember: when the tourist starts season?


  1. Beginning and end of the season
  2. Where to look for a tour?
  3. When is the best?
  4. Popular resorts:
  5. North Goa | South Goa
  6. Weather by months:
  7. Winter | Spring
  8. When it rains
  9. Our advice

Beginning and end of the holiday season in Goa (India)

The first visitors occupy sun beds in November when the season starts. And sunbathe down until May, when it ends. At that time – great beach holiday and calm sea, the temperature of which is not drops below + 26 ° C.

The heat at + 35 ° C and the tourist season come in the winter. December, January and February are the best months for a holiday in Goa, judging by thermometer and the absence of precipitation.

Such a quick mini-table will help you respond to questions: when is the rainy season in Goa, and when can you fly?

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Best services for finding cheap tours

Where to look for tours to Goa and cheap? I run for three online aggregator:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Services are intuitive, simple and monitor suggestions. leading tour operators. You can filter the most budget vouchers and explore additional info for each hotel + rating. And yes, look better immediately at all – compare prices.

When is it better to go to rest in Goa?

North Goa Beach North Goa Beach

When is it better to go? Depends on your expectations and hotelok. Consider each season in Goa for months:

➢ since October, connoisseurs of antiquities and excursions have been catching up: already not pouring, not yet baking. In addition, the middle of autumn + settled down sea = diving

➢ From December to March – the swimming season in Goa. Family come couples with children, elderly and young, hungry for parties

➢ April and May – time for surfers and anyone who wants to save on a rest

➢ low season (summer) is suitable for fans of Ayurveda and other wellness techniques

In February 2019, when the beach season in Goa is in full swing, you can snatch vouchers (flight + transfer + accommodation) from 60,000 rubles for 10 days. Do not forget to add to this figure a visa for two (5498 rubles). Taking into account all costs, the cost of a tour for two to Goa minimum cost of 65,500 rubles.

Review of prices in Goa for 3, 7, 11 and 14 days catch ↓

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

To India alone? You can reduce the cost of the flight, transplants are our everything. Savings will depend on how much fly to goa. The more connecting flights, the cheaper. But keep in mind! Direct flight Moscow will take 7.5 hours, with transfers – up to whole days.

Season at popular resorts in Goa

Excursion North Goa Excursion North Goa

Goa is the smallest tourist state in India, but has managed share in two parts:

  • North Goa
  • South Goa

The climate in both parts is one, it is difficult to say where the sea is warmer. AND The holiday season begins equally in October and early November. Prices food and lodging (from cheap guest houses to expensive fives, all included “) both in the north and in the south, is also quite even. In what difference?

North Goa

The northern beaches of Goa (Arambol, Kerim, Mandrem) – this is, first turn, dark volcanic sand, and therefore muddy water. Still, I look at the reviews of tourists, I see: “very noisy and crowded = dirty.” The beach season in Goa begins at the end of autumn, but in the north Part of the excursion hunters come in October.

Who is the road here? Young and active: discos, nightclubs and cheap guesthouses – in the north to find you can, whatever. The abundance of the latter has secured this part of the state reputation as a cheap resort. Although hotels for all inclusive fans also available.

South Goa

Beach on Goa Beach on Goa

Sand on the banks of Patnam, Benaulim or Varka (south), white, sea transparent, and life is quiet and measured even in the hot season. The delights of nightlife (clubs only in Palolem) replace natural beauty: mountains and richer tropical vegetation.

Like all of India, Goa in the monsoon season freezes and another lives by life. But for the south, this is the beginning of health tourism: if the season begins in spa hotels, it means the rain outside the window.

To pack your bags? For families with children and vacationers in age.

Weather in Goa for months – 2019

Fruit in Goa Fruit in Goa

Now in detail about Goa for months: when it’s cold in the state and where warmer?

Goa in September, October and November

In the fall of Goa in the fall of the long precipitation comes the holiday season. Already in September you can fly to the coast, not afraid to be washed away by tropical downpours.

Many tourists consider the first autumn month one of the best for recreation:

✓ air humidity decreases from 100% to 86%

✓ temperature rises to + 30 ° С

✓ on beaches without crowds

– Only the sea is still storming, swimming is prohibited!

In October, the element calms down, clear water waiting for divers. Short rains do not scare tourists who came for Indian antiquities. By the way Autumn is the best time for excursions.

In November, the time is finally coming. to pitch Humidity less, rains come to naught, the sea is filling bathers. The thermometer crawls in the afternoon to + 33 ° C.

Туры на осень >>

Goa in December, January and February

Jungle of Goa Jungle of Goa Jellyfish in Goa Jellyfish in Goa

Goa in winter is crowded and noisy. Consider traditionally months.

In December, one of the cheapest trips to Indian resorts already from 60,000 for 10 days for a couple. Before the New Year holidays tour operators temporarily reduce prices. With this high season on Goa in in full swing. The scale of the thermometer during the day jumps above + 33 ° С, temperature water + 28 ° C.

In January, the weather remembers that it is winter – at night the air temperature drops to + 20 ° С (cold after the day heat). There is no rain at all, the humidity is minimal (65%). With kids it is better to go in January for the New Year holidays or Christmas. Minus – expensive tours. A check for two for 10 days in 2019 = from 110000 rubles. But if you look carefully, you can catch A ticket with a discount of 85 thousand.

Want to 2019 for the New Year in Goa? Details in our article >>

In February, the state of peak solar procedures. Tourist excitement does not subside, hotels are crowded. Water in February – continuous comfort (+ 27 ° С).

Туры на зиму >>

Goa in March, April and May

Sand Goa - a tour trip Sand Goa - a tour trip

In Goa winds come in spring, the humidity increases, which means – the weather will roar (rainy season).

In March, still cupable. Temperature air (+ 34 ° C) and water in the sea (+ 28 ° C) is high, precipitation is still No, but vacationers gradually leave the state. March winds which are still difficult to call storms, drive waves to the coast (surfers delighted).

In April, the heat keeps even at night. Sun loungers are empty, there are wave hunters. Sort of velvet Season, relax still work.

In May, officially the end of the beach season. India, and Goa in particular, are preparing to meet the rains. In the beginning of May there are no showers yet, but the high temperature of the air together with the high humidity for many makes stay in the country unbearable.

Good news! If you easily tolerate such climatic conditions, you are lucky. This month, as in December, you can find quite a budget tour – from 60,000 rubles for two (10 days).

Туры на весну >>

When is the rainy season in Goa?

Goa's rainy season Goa's rainy season

In summer, when the rainy season in Goa is in full swing, you can meet only the most desperate tourists. Yes, yes, such too there is.

Goa in summer (June, July, August)

In June, the rains only warm up sunny days at least half, but the sea is already muddy, to the shore nails garbage and algae. Water in June – fresh milk (+ 29 ° С). In July, the real tropical showers. Less rainfall only in August. But monsoons are still blowing, swimming is forbidden.

Despite the fact that the beach season is over, and Goa in summer – continuous natural cataclysm, there are judges of summer rest (fly better in June). Why the rainy season attracts a number tourists? Wet Indian summer is the perfect time to Ayurvedic practices, spa treatments and yoga.

Our tips and tricks

Goa holiday season Goa holiday season

We summarize: when and where it is better to go to Goa without prejudice to budget?

When is it cheaper to go on holiday in Goa?

From March to September. Prices for tours, public transport, Taxis, rent, food in the markets and food in the cafe – much lower. Only in the sea it is better not to meddle c May: raging, beating the waves, also with the sky at any moment is a wall of water.

But! There are always budget tours in Goa, both in December and February, this is the direction. You can even save before Christmas and New a year when tour operators make promotions and discounts on tours.

Хочу убедиться >>

Should I buy a tour in the off-season?

It depends on what kind of “off-season” it is.

◊ Should I go in September or May – I will answer: “yes!”. If a swim does not work, then the rest of the charms of an exotic holiday completely overshadow this trouble: hot sun, ripe year-round fruit and “oh this ocean view!”

◊ Gathered in the summer? Not the best season for a holiday in Goa in India. Tropical downpours – those are still scenery for relaxing dreams … Yes, and health, to survive them, you need a heroic. Ironic. After all It is at this time that the staff goes to treatment.

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