Sea and beaches: 8 countries where to go to rest New Year’s Day – 2020

Sea and beaches: 8 countries, where to go to relax on the New Year - 2020 Sea and beaches: 8 countries, where to go to relax on the New Year - 2020

Every time we think how and where it is better to meet the New Year. Collect relatives and mark the chiming clock next to the tree? Set off with friends for a party? ..

Or maybe go abroad where it is warm, a lot of palm trees and beaches? But if it were that easy! December 31 alone at sea costs from 100 thousand rubles.

Ready to read further? ? Then we are ready to tell where to go. warm up for the New Year (and how to make the trip a bit cheaper).


  1. Where to rest?
  2. Thailand – Vietnam – Goa – Turkey United Arab Emirates – Israel – Maldives – Dominicana
  3. Bonus: Cold Europe

On the organization of rest: the most non-burdensome option – voucher. And we recommend to look for it on online aggregators. First of all, convenient, and secondly, their search method for all tour operators will not miss any profitable New Year tour:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

If you wish, you can study our material about 10 ways to find inexpensive tour, and before booking – to find out what is valid promotional codes.

Where better to go to the New Year at sea?

On New Year's Eve at Sea or to Europe? On New Year's Eve at Sea or to Europe?

So, you decided to go towards the warm sea, golden beaches and the gentle sun. The first question facing future travelers – which country to choose abroad so that it Was it adequate for the price and interesting at the same time?

We have compiled a list of the most popular countries. That’s where you can Meet the New Year Abroad in 2020:

• Thailand • Turkey • Vietnam • Goa • UAE • Israel • Maldives • Dominican Republic

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Summary table – where is warmer on New Year?

Air temperature Water temperature
Thailand + 30 ° С +29
Vietnam (except Nha Trang) + 30 ° С + 29 ° С
Goa + 32 ° C + 28 ° С
Turkey (resort) + 12 ° С + 19 ° С
UAE + 23 ° С + 23 ° С
Israel (Eilat) + 23 ° С + 22 ° С
Dominicana + 28 ° С + 28 ° С
Maldives + 30 ° С + 28 ° С

New Year in Thailand

Careful details: How to celebrate in Thailand? >>

The Russians have long chosen Thailand as a place where you can inexpensive to spend a holiday at sea. Trips are organized here. year-round, and the cost of the tour, even in season, is quite democratic – from 68-70 thousand rubles for two.

The advantages of Thailand:

  • + Departures – from most cities in Russia
  • + In stock – everything for which tours are purchased abroad at New Year 2020 – sunny weather, clear blue sea and endless sandy beaches
  • + Phuket – the best winter resort for holidays with a child
  • + Bright show programs in hotels and bars
  • + Excursions and natural, and cultured and communicative
  • + Exotic fruits – mango, papaya, mangosteen, dragonfruit, durian

New Year’s holiday in Thailand will be interesting as lovers of noisy parties, and lovers of solitude. The latter can go on some small and uncrowded Thai island and meet 1 January on a deserted beach – under bright stars and to the sounds surf

When planning a trip to the New Year abroad at sea, it is worth considering and some cons:

  • – December-January is the peak of the tourist season. Thais are well aware of this and double the prices. Therefore it is worth booking a tour for 3-4 months before the trip.
  • – Almost everywhere there are a lot of people on the beaches, in entertainment venues, markets and just on the streets

Which resort to choose: any, except islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Tour of the New Year is cheaper to buy with departure to 24-26 December Savings can reach up to 50%. Vouchers after December 27th – much more expensive.

Туры >> с захватом Нового года стоят от 97 000 рублей за10 ночей на двоихАвиабилеты >> от 35 000 рублей туда-обратнона человекаОтели >> от $20 за номер в трех звездах

New Year in Thailand New Year in ThailandOur trip to Thailand (Karon Beach)

New Year in Vietnam

Interested in: How it is – December 31 in Vietnam? >>

Where else to relax on the warm sea in the New Year holidays except already familiar Thai resorts? Many choose Vietnam. The popularity is just gaining momentum, so the trip here – extraordinary and interesting way to meet on January 1.

Here’s what to expect from the New Year in Vietnam:

  • + affordable prices (for example, lunch in a good restaurant will cost $ 20-30)
  • + bronze tan and warm weather
  • + well developed tourist infrastructure and tolerable service
  • + and New Year’s atmosphere along with a festive mood! (the streets of many cities are decorated with garlands, arranged carnivals, folk festivals and fireworks launches)

Is the New Year in Vietnam does not promise any minuses? TO Unfortunately, there are disadvantages here too. In the south of the country where it is located most resorts from mid october until late december on Typhoons are crashing down the coast. And in the central regions, where also There are many popular resorts, the season lasts from August to January rains.

Which resort to choose: Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc

Туры >> от 90 000 рублей на 10 ночей на 2человекАвиабилеты >> от 30 000 рублей в обе стороны начеловекаОтели >> от $25 за номер в 3 звездах


New Year’s Goa: Who goes where and why? >>

Where to go for the New Year 2020 inexpensive? Goa – the most budget and warm that can happen on holidays.

Someone claims that the rest state is “cheap and cheerful”, Someone is delighted with the local “five” (which are here on the fingers recalculate), and someone reads reviews about the terrible unhygienic and deletes the direction from the list. But the trip is definitely worth it. we are going to :)

On New Year’s celebration will not scale, or in a restaurant at the hotel or on the beach with improvised salutes.

Which resort to choose: North Goa – for parties, Southern – for relaxation

Туры >> от 75 000 рублей на 7 ночей на двоихАвиабилеты>> от 30 000 рублей туда-обратно на человекаОтели >> от$ 35 per room in the “three-star”


Is it true that: Turkey celebrates New Year? >>

True. Also in 5-star hotels, all-inclusive and with animation. Only not all complexes are open in winter, the choice is decent. limited However, in that article we tried to take away the best options.

Another scenario for the New Year’s Eve in Turkey is Istanbul. Cats, bagels, light snow (maybe) and Bosphorus with gulls – we are in delighted with the city in any weather :)

The only thing that will “disappoint” in the resort of Turkey – the temperature on the street at + 10 ° C … + 12 ° C. This has something to oppose – heated pool!

Which resort to choose: Istanbul, either Belek or Antalya

Туры >> от 45 000 рублей на двоихАвиабилеты >> от6000 рублей туда-обратно на человека!Отели >> от $60 за номерin the five star


Christmas Markets in Dubai Christmas Markets in Dubai Dubai Night Dubai Night

Christmas Market at Festival City Mall and a view of Dubai from 43 Level Bar (from 6 to 8 happy hours)

The most colorful fireworks: what else to expect from the New years in the UAE? >>

Where to go to the New Year at sea without a visa? From 2017 year to the list of countries with easy entry for Russians United Arab Emirates joined. From now on a visa to the UAE can be obtained at any border checkpoint upon arrival. Enough have a passport with you, and you will have the best New Year provided!

Tourists traveling abroad to the New Year in the UAE enjoy not only the beach holiday. To the great weather (from + 24 ° C to + 27 ° C) and a variety of fires will be added to the beach entertainment. It offers all the beauty and wonders of the country:

  • grand fireworks followed by live broadcasts on the internet and TV is watching the whole world. They, like the buildings with fountains, are the most the best
  • Real New Year desert safari: the opportunity to meet the main holiday is not in Russian snowdrifts with Santa Claus as we accustomed, and in the sands of Rub-al-Khali in the company of Bedouins and camels
  • The famous Dubai Shopping Festival, the discounts on which reach 70%. Many people come here just for this.
  • Gala dinners and shows in hotels and restaurants, fiery beach parties

The cost of trips to the UAE can grow at times, if you decide sprinkle to the fullest. After all, it is in the United Arab Emirates the most expensive hotel in the world! It is therefore not surprising that wealthy citizens spend on the New Year in the UAE seven-digit amounts.

Where to go on holiday for the New Year abroad 2020? Sea and beaches! Where to go on holiday for the New Year abroad 2020? Sea and beaches!

Be sure to set aside one day in Abu Dhabi and the Sheikh Mosque Zayda

Which resort to choose: the most biting – Dubai; Cheaper – Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah

Туры >> новогодний отдых на 7 ночей минимально выйдет в 70000 рублей на двоихАвиабилеты >> от 15 000 рублей на человекатуба-обратноОтели >> от $80 за ночь в 3 звездах

Summarizing, we can conclude that the New Year holidays in the Arab Emirates can afford almost anyone. And holiday entertainment can be both budget and fabulously expensive. Everybody those who decide to meet on January 1 abroad the best New Year promises each of the seven emirates!

The cost of the tour in the UAE 2020 (December-January) The cost of the tour in the UAE 2020 (December-January)One set aside a day for a trip to Abu Dhabi


A trip to the New Year in Israel A trip to the New Year in IsraelOur trip to Israel, December

Where to spend the New Year: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea or Eilat? >>

Our traditional New Year in Israel is celebrated with numerous emigrants from the USSR and Russia. And, of course, the tourists who decided meet on January 1 in the resorts of the Mediterranean or go to winter holidays at the Dead Sea – to improve your health and gain forces before the long Russian winter. From what place for New Year’s holiday will choose a tourist will depend on how much trips to Israel and the weather. In a country of as many as 3 seas: cold in this time is the Mediterranean, the warm Red and the very salty Dead.

In the immigrant environment, in many hotels and cultural and entertainment venues the night of January 1st passes noisy and fun. For the festive table in numerous Russian Shops can buy traditional New Year’s dishes. For kids performances with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, youth going to have fun in clubs and bars, and middle-aged and older people “occupy” restaurants and cafes.

On vacation days, everyone who came to celebrate the New Year Israel will find something for everyone:

  • beach relaxation (unfortunately, swim in December and January on The Mediterranean is still cold); but only 6 hours trip from Tel Aviv and you will find yourself on the warm Red Sea
  • medical and recreational rest at the Dead Sea
  • visiting local shrines and sights

Which resort to choose: tell in detail in mentioned article ↑

Туры >> от 80 000 рублей за 7 ночей на двоихАвиабилеты>> от 12 000 рублей туда-обратно на человекаОтели >> от$ 70 per room in three stars


View from the hotel in the Maldives View from the hotel in the Maldives

Expensive-rich: Holiday in the Maldivian way – 2020 >>

Where to go to the New Year abroad, if all Are the above routes already run in? In this case, you can fly to the Maldives!

Just imagine, a state located in the Indian Ocean and consisting of 1196 islands, only 199 of which are inhabited! Calm, peaceful and very warm winter holidays you will be guaranteed. Of course, the cost of holidays in the Maldives, even voucher booked in advance, high.

Maldives, where you can also go without a visa, on New Year’s days offer:

  • fine weather (air warms up to + 30 ° С, water reaches + 28 ° C)
  • beautiful nature, unique fauna
  • rest on snow-white beaches under the canopy of palm trees and swimming in clear water
  • entertainment program on New Year’s Eve

Туры >> от 200 000 рублей за недельку на двоихАвиабилеты>> от 32 000 рублей на одного туда-обратноОтели >> от$ 55 per room in 3 stars


Roma pour! Have fun celebrating NG in the Dominican Republic >>

Where else can you go to the New Year at sea? 2020 can meet in the island Dominicana.

New Year’s Eve in the country is noisy and joyful. Everywhere music is playing, people are dancing, fireworks are flashing everywhere, beaches brightly lit, and on the coast are tables with snacks and drinks. After a fun holiday you can soak up the beach, do diving or surfing or go to inspect attractions.

Those who do not want to participate in the universal celebration and on the contrary, it runs from it from Russia, they can rent a room in a small secluded hotel on the coast.

Which resort to choose: Punta Cana, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Juan Dolio

Туры >> на двоих от 175 000 рублей (из Москвы, на 10дней)Авиабилеты >> от 45 000 рублей на одноготуда-обратноОтели >> от $35 за номер в трех звездах

Where to go to New Year in Europe?

Munich in December - Christmas Munich in December - Christmas Christmas in Paris Christmas in Paris

Where it is warm for the New Year – in general, of course. And if you read it until the end and still not inspired, then something is wrong? Can “yours” is not the sea, but walks in a puff over Christmas fairs and skating rinks? Or a hot punch in a cup boot?

For this there is Europe and our detailed article about holidays in cold countries (in fact, they are not so cold). And for example, where you can fly to the New Year, where to celebrate and whether you have time fabulous markets:

  • Prague
  • Germany (Berlin and Munich)
  • Paris
  • Finland (Helsinki and Lapland)

How to save on a trip abroad

  • View offers on the Internet. Find inexpensive vouchers and book them in advance. Early booking is possible save 20–40%.
  • Fly to rest 3-5 January. New Year’s Eve hotels in Many countries require a mandatory surcharge for a gala dinner. AT Thailand, for example, the surcharge can reach $ 200-300 with person
  • Do not buy trips, and go to inspect attractions on their own. Location most interesting monuments of history, architecture and culture can be in advance learn on the internet.
  • Fly to rest in advance, for example, December 20, then you significantly save on the flight.

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