Schengen visa to Spain alone – 20one 9: how I got a multi for 2 years

Schengen visa to Spain on my own - 2019: how I received a multi for 2 years Schengen visa to Spain on my own - 2019: how I received a multi for 2 years

Get acquainted?

✓ I’m Irina, HowTrip blog editor

✓ In the summer of 2019 the third Schengen appeared in my Zagran visa to spain

✓ Therefore, I know all the nuances and important little things by heart.

✓ This time served in the region (Kazan) and received in Moscow

In general, of all the Schengen diversity, a visa to Spain is my love On the collection of documents takes a day, the filing takes place civilized – by appointment – not in the chaos of the general queue, and about the loyalty of the Spaniards There are legends … no, real and numerous reviews.


  1. My experience
  2. How much does a visa cost?
  3. Visa documents
  4. Insurance | Hotel Reservation | Flights
  5. Help from work | Bank statement | Profile
  6. Apply for a visa
  7. Visa for child
  8. Your questions are my answers.

How to get a visa to Spain by yourself? Design for Russians in 2019

Example of a Spanish visa 2019 Example of a Spanish visa 2019

Sample of the Schengen visa of Spain (mine, of course). Dali for a year and 9 months (count two :)), under the passport deadline

  • So, the consulate of Spain is very loyal.

It willingly puts long-term (half a year and multiple-entry visas) in passports where there were not yet Schengens or even stamps about leaving for limits of Russia. Plus, it takes into account past visas and practicing “cumulative effect”.

My experience. 2016 – a visa for six months in clean passport; 2018 – annual; 2019 – for 2 years! All three schengen designed from the Spaniards, flew to Spain every time, but through other European countries, i.e. There are no entry / exit stamps.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona (Spain) Sagrada Familia Barcelona (Spain) Streets of Barcelona (Gothic Quarter) Streets of Barcelona (Gothic Quarter)

But exceptions happen, and confirmation of this is my story. young man. He received the 5th Spanish Schengen, and they were distributed as follows: under the date trips / month / half a year / year / year. And, starting with the third visa, we always traveled together and our passports expire the same way.

  • In 2018, Spain issued 480,000 Schengens. More than any another country.

This explains the wild queues in Moscow (in the regions more or less) and the eternal problems with recording a visa.

  • Visa to Spain for the Russians promises the smallest percentage of failures – 1.3%.

I do not know a single person who would have refused the Spaniards. If with you had such a situation, share, please, in comments!

  • The cost of registration of Schengen – the lowest. If to compare receipt at the visa application center, not at the consulate.

What exactly is the price of a visa to Spain – literally in one? section.

A brief algorithm for how to get a visa to Spain:

1) Sign up. And only online, on the BLS Spain website. In season catching the windows is a long thing.

2) Collect documents, depending on what kind of visa (there is and tourism, and business, and sports).

3) Simultaneously print confirmation of the record, as well as the form Questionnaire in 4 pages and fill.

4) Come to the visa center / consulate, hand over all papers, fingerprints (fingerprinting) and money.

5) Wait 3-14 days, tracking the application number on the site. By the way I do not advise you to connect the SMS alert. It is paid, but on the website The status is still updated before.

What visa is needed in Spain?

For tourism / visiting relatives / business / treatment – needed Type C visa, allowing you to stay in the Schengen territories up to 90 days within six months (the same multivisa).

For long-term study / work / family life – you need a type D visa (national).

The cost of a visa to Spain in 2019

How much does a Schengen visa to Spain in 2019 cost:

through BLS centers (regions and Moscow) through the consulate (Moscow)
Consular (35 euros) and service (15.5 euros) FeesIt is 50.5 euros (3830 rubles) Consular fees only – 35 Euros (2655 rubles)

✓ Urgently, 5 days or less? First, there must be reason from business / competition / death of a relative, secondly, then the cost of a visa to Spain will be 70 euros (5310 rubles).

✓ Children up to 6 years old get a Schengen free exempt from all fees.

✓ Buy a package tour, and the travel agency offers to make a visa for you? You can agree, but be prepared to lay out for a person 6000-8000 rubles for the help.

And in the resort of Spain – to the sea – tourists often fly on a voucher. We love to live in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, but also tour on the Costa Brava took. We were looking, as usual, on aggregators – they compare prices at once for all tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Requirements for documents for a Schengen visa to Spain in 2019 year

Keep in mind that apply for a visa in Spain is allowed no earlier than 3 months before the trip. Sign up and in the consulate, and in any CC can be through the official website –

List of documents for a visa to Spain List of documents for a visa to Spain Visa Center of Spain Kazan Visa Center of Spain Kazan

List of documents for visa to Spain:

  1. Printed confirmation of your record.
  2. Consent to data processing (issued on site).
  3. Filled in English questionnaire for Visa to Spain. My sample form will be below.
  4. 2 fresh photos. At least 6 months old. Dimensions 3.5×4.5, in photo centers are aware of the requirements, suffice it to say that for such and such a visa.
  5. Book hotel / apartment.
  6. Insurance for travel dates. In the next section I will tell you where to get it is profitable for 300-600 rubles.
  7. Reservation of air tickets.
  8. Certificate of employment.
  9. Extract from the bank or sponsorship letter.
  10. The original international passport.
  11. A copy of ALL the pages of the transboundary. Even if they are all empty – kerim.
  12. Is there a second valid overseas? Be sure to apply along with copies of his pages.
  13. A copy of the passport of the Russian Federation (only pages with marks).

* Yes, and arrange before serving in the same manner – from confirmation up to 13 points. ** provide whether canceled zagranniku – at your discretion. *** as you can see, the documents are typical. TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT NECESSARY.

Well, now step by step instruction explanation?

Insurance for a visa to Spain

Insurance for Schengen Insurance for Schengen

As a trip to Spain is unthinkable without a visa, and Schengen impossible without insurance. Of course, everyone understands that this document – for a tick, but the base policy is better than nothing.

Required items to comply with:

  • Action on the territory of all Schengen countries (i.e. we choose not “Spain” , а “AT се страны шенгена”).
  • Insurance coverage – at least 30,000 euros.

If you do not want to be insured “somehow”, the best are now by all parameters – insurance from ERV (900 rubles per week of rest) and Savings Bank (500 rubles). By the way, the tour operator draws up a policy with minimal options.

The cheapest insurance for a visa to Spain and in principle for any trip is online. On the average goes in 300-400 rubles. Compare prices for:

  • Herehapa
  • Compare

In the case of the annual policy, it is enough to print a page with data and amount of coverage.

Hotel booking

Impressions of Airnb Barcelona Impressions of Airnb Barcelona Mila's House Mila's House

Booked impressions on Airbnb, we liked it.

If you are driving on your own, 2 scenarios with space are possible. stay – “my book!” and “something normal yet.” But for each of them, you still need to go to housing search sites and select option:

  • RoomGuru – an aggregator of everything that hotels and hostels can find (including Bookings).
  • Booking is the most famous search engine.
  • Airbnb – about private housing (apartments, rooms, guest houses). My favorite service. Under the link – a discount of 2100 rubles for the first booking And yes, printouts from Airbnb the consulate accepts.

You are not sure about the hotel, but for Schengen tomorrow after tomorrow? Book a hotel on Booking with free cancellation, attach the reservation, and after receiving the visa – cancel. For the Spaniards, you can do fake armor (do not pay, and then cancel), but for other countries I recommend to clarify. Germany, for example, oh-so-very dislike that.

Financial guarantees must be combined with desires. Hotel for 90 thousand for a week with a salary of 30 thousand rubles? Oh for the first Schengen not advise! Sometimes consuls call tourists for the purpose of checks: you need to know where you will be located and how get to the airport. I have never been called or written, but it is not possible to exclude.


Reliable ticket search engines are good old ones:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

If flying through other countries, provide all the tickets to and from Spain Somehow I had a trip with a route Moscow-Brussels-Oslo-Paris-Barcelona-Moscow.

What to do if you want a visa, and get attached to specific dates with tickets purchased – not very? As an option, take return tickets. Which can be passed back and not lose anything in the money. For example, Aeroflot. Or…

Now I will say one thing, only between us. Some interpret the requirement of “booking air tickets” literally. AND apply a printout of temporary reservation – such a service “reserve and pay in 3 days” have major airlines like Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, from the same Aeroflot. They say rolls. But remember that the reservation flies after term, and the consulate can meticulously check tickets.

But contact with services like “extend the reservation to a week for * 00 rubles! “Is not necessary. Seriously, if the airline itself holds 3 of the day, how does the middleman extend it? It’s just money for the air.

Help with a job for a visa to Spain

Help with work, along with an extract from the bank – the most important documents for a visa to Spain. Both must be less than 1 month old and in Russian.

Obtain the original, with a blue seal and signature, with the address, phone number, organization name, your name position, salary, vacation period.

  • For individual entrepreneurs require an INN and OGRN.
  • For students replaces the certificate from the place of study from the dean’s office.
  • For the pensioner – a copy of the pension certificate.
  • Freelancer and nothing to do? Okay, serve with good account balance.

In fact, the unemployed is not equal to the refusal of a visa to Spain. Well can’t people enjoy life? But it is necessary to provide a package of documents “fat” account statement. And sure served with real air tickets and accommodation.

Bank reference

Officially, the Spaniards insist that the account / card / deposit were not less than 90 euros multiplied by the number of days in trip. That is, on vacation for a week, one tourist is supposed to have at least 630 euros (≈45 000 rubles).

I still recommend showing help from 100,000 rubles. Not enough? Took → put on the map → fixed on paper → removed → gave away. You can meet in 1 day.

For what I love Spanish Schengen. Bank statement it is allowed to replace with a check from an ATM with the balance on the card + photocopy of this card. But the validity period is only 3 days! How to get check, if you have Tinkoff? Request a balance at any ATM.

Sponsorship Letter for a Spanish Visa

Sponsorship letter can be from any person Kinship is not required. The only ones conditions:

  • In print form.
  • Attach with the sponsor’s financial guarantees (extract from bank).

A sample of sponsorship letter to Spain is standard, study and скачать можно в нашей отдельной статье >>

Questionnaire for Schengen to Spain

Application for a visa to Spain (an example of filling) Application for a visa to Spain (an example of filling) Application form for Spain (filled) Application form for Spain (filled)
Application for a visa to Spain Application for a visa to Spain

Application Form for Spain Visa

Visa to Spain in 2019 still requires filling out a form by hand and in English. Although some Schengen countries have already moved in the direction of entering data online.

Here I will mention the main points in the questionnaire for which questions

  • 6. Country of birth – if the USSR, we write the USSR (USSR).
  • 17. Address – transliterate. For example, Mira 33-3, Novokuznetsk.
  • 19. Professional activity – freelancers write Freelancer, web design (as an example). In section 20. – own address and number phone.
  • 22. Destination countries – ONLY Spain. It doesn’t matter if you are directly in Spain or with a stop in Germany, France, etc.
  • 31. We indicate all the names and addresses of the places of residence, incl. and in other Schengen countries, if you have such a trip. Airbnb Housing denoted as “Private apartment (”, write the number mobile host.

Previous 2 times I took the questionnaire form for free in the visa center. This time they asked me for 15 rubles for each sheet. Therefore, download and print in advance from here:

Registration of the Schengen visa to Spain

How much is a visa to Spain? First of all, depends on feed season. Summer is high time and per day at the consulate more than a thousand applications arrive. Timing Considerations are usually 5-10 workers days Someone manage to process and for 2 days. All three my visa applications were processed within standard 5 days.

How much is given – not exactly answer. But based on the reviews and my experience, I will say that for the first time, rather In total, there will be a visa to Spain for 1 year. More and multi (with multiple entries). And for clean passports, and for affixed by the Schengens of other countries. But if you are to the Spaniards already appealed, then the probability of grabbing a two-year.

By the way, it is not uncommon for a child under one year old to be issued a visa for travel dates, despite the fact that other family members have visas annual out.

Self filing documents

Writing for a visa to Spain is a major headache if you decide visit the visa application center in May-September. That code does not come, then the site freezes, then there are no places. You come to the consultant, and you and do scare that the nearest window in 2 weeks. Situation with consulate is even worse.

My advice: take site starving out. Poke and poke. Try and try. So in June, I enrolled in the visa center of Spain the day after the time attempts.

  • Recheck all documents and printouts – in vts will have pay for any gesture.
  • Formally, the deadline for submission is not earlier than 90 and no later than 14 days before trips. The last time I filed in Kazan was 9 days before flying away. They agreed with me that I was aware of all the risks and sent get a passport in Moscow.
  • Your fingerprints will be taken (biometric data), even if you have already undergone the procedure.
  • You can track your passport on the same site where you recorded. SMS alert is not really necessary.
  • Employees, it turns out, can be mistaken in entering data tourist. My zagran was not tracked, a frightening phrase came out – application not found. I wrote to the BLS post in a few days They replied that they confused the date of birth.

So, a visa to Spain on your own is easy, but requires a fair amount of patience. Especially when the site is buggy?

Visa to Spain for a child (minors)

Schengen visa for a child, in addition to The above documents assume the following:

  • Original and copy of birth certificate
  • Passport available
  • Help with study
  • Sponsorship letter and sponsor’s financial guarantee (certificate from bank)

If the child is traveling with one parent – necessarily notarized consent to leave the second parent. If without parents – n. h consent to departure from both. Well, if Schengen is issued only on child because mom and dad have it already, you need to attach copies of visas and air ticket reservation.

✓ Before the age of 18, all signatures for children are put by the parents.

✓ Registration of a Schengen visa for a child up to one year passes by same structure.

✓ Does a child need a visa entered in the parent’s passport? Of course.

✓ Children under 6 years old do not pay consular fees, under 12 years old hand over biometrics. Therefore, the presence is not required.

Oh yeah, the “childish” application for a visa to Spain causes frequent questions:

– Item 9: filled.

– Item 10: only to the name of the person who signs the questionnaire.

– Clause 17: mail of the parent or child, if any.

– Item 19: for kindergarteners we skip, for schoolchildren – schoolboy / schoolgirl.

Address of the Spanish Embassy

Spain Spain

There are no places where you can make a visa yourself for a couple of days. Must be recorded in the Spanish Visa Application Center or General consulate (not the embassy of Spain). And there, if lucky, they can consider and for the day.

The consulate of Spain can apply to all, but the record must be done in 2 weeks. There is an opinion that Schengen is here. get faster, but this is not an urgent visa, but simply because documents do not need to overcome the distance from and to the regions. True, the queue here is longer.

Consulate General Address: Stremyanny Lane, 31/1.

Addresses of Spain Visa Centers

Registration of a Spanish visa in the regions takes place in visa centers BLS at:

City Visa Center Address
Moscow st. Kaluzhskaya, 1, shopping center “Europe”
St. Petersburg Liteyniy Prospect, 26
Kazan st. Galaktionov, 6
Novosibirsk st. Lenin, 52
Yekaterinburg st. Liebknecht 22
Volgograd st. 7th Guards, 4a
Nizhny Novgorod st. Kerchenskaya, 13, BC “Time”
Samara st. Guerrilla, 86
Ufa st. Lenin, 70/3
Krasnoyarsk st. Karl Marx, 95/1
Krasnodar st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 43
Vladivostok st. Komsomolskaya, 1

… and another 16 cities of the Russian Federation. Phone single reference: +7 499-504-28-07.

The main issues on a visa to Spain

So, the top 10 typical questions of tourists. For those who do not want read long texts.

1. How long is a certificate from work, an extract from a bank? 1month. If you are served with a check from an ATM, then 3 days.

2. Help for the student – is it from the place of study? If you study – yes if it works in parallel, then from there too, especially if yourself a sponsor.

3. How much money should be on the card? Calculation – 90 euros per every day stay And not only in Spain, but throughout Schengen (if you have a multi-part trip). Mom-dad-son are flying on week, and dad sponsors? So, on the map it is desirable have at least 1890 euros (≈140 000 rubles).

4. What to do if you need to make a visa urgently? For example, departure in 5 days. The reason is good? Competitions, business, relative in trouble? An application for an urgent visa is accepted by the Spain Visa Application Center in Moscow Regular tourism, alas, will not work.

5. How much is issued a visa to Spain? 5-10 business days.

6. In what language do I need help? All – in Russian. Иnotarized consent to leave the child – also in Russian. English or Spanish will be required to fill out the questionnaire.

7. If insurance is necessary, how to save? Buy one insurance online, but not in place of a consultant. On Cherehapa or Compare a bunch of policies for 300-500 rubles. Do not forget in the column “Countries” select “All Schengen countries”.

8. How to book an air ticket without paying? And you are the inventor! I will help than I can: do not trust the sites-help for your money. “Reserve your tickets online Turkish Airlines or Aeroflot (last 3 days).

9. Regarding the rules of the first entry. What to issue a visa if flying to several countries? The visa of the country in which you are longer. Вin case of equal terms, it is better that you enter first.

10. If I am a freelancer, what documents are needed for a visa to Spain? The same list from section 3 of this text, but without reference from work. And with a good bank account / card balance. Or with sponsorship letter.

Conclusion I assure you once more. Visa in Spain for the Russians is the easiest to design and receive. Absolutely nothing to be afraid of, too. Carefully prepare a package of documents – and let there be a multivisa for six months or a year!

OK, let’s do it. What else to read in Spain?

  • The best places of the country: Catalonia, Costa Blanca, islands – where it is better?
  • On the most popular seaside resort – the town of Lloret de Mar
  • What to see in Barcelona?
  • How to rent a car in Spain?

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