Schengen visa to Germany – 2019: like me Received annual multi

2019 Schengen Visa to Germany: How I Received a Yearly Multi 2019 Schengen Visa to Germany: How I Received a Yearly Multi

Something about me:

✓ Alena, 23 years old

✓ I work in the visa center and help with documents 5 days in a week

✓ Already had a Schengen for half a year (Spanish) + Greek Schengen for year

✓ Schengen visa to Germany requested in Kazan before new year holidays 2019

Surely you understand that the collection, execution and submission of documents – tasks are more than doable. The main mystery is time. actions of a future visa. To get a German visa for 1 year + It is necessary to take into account the smallest nuances and apply “small tricks, which I will share with you.

And I will dilute the text with photos from my trip so that this matter will not turned into a boring sheet?


  1. My experience
  2. Visa cost
  3. Visa documents
  4. Insurance | Hotel Reservation | Flights
  5. Help from work | Bank statement | Profile
  6. Visa for child
  7. Your questions – my advice

How to get a visa to Germany yourself? Design for Russians in 2019

Visa to Germany for 1 year Visa to Germany for 1 year Square in Munich Square in Munich

My German visa is for a year and Regensburg, the central square with the remains of the fair?

Now about the visa. Germans are not famous hospitality in terms of visa approvals: often give Schengen just for the dates of the trip, and in order not to get rid of the refusal provide a solid set of documents confirming your prosperous life at home.

In theory, a visa can be issued through another, more loyal, Schengen country. But be prepared that if you do not take a trip to the very country on the border can strain you questions like “Why fly to Germany with someone else’s visa?”. Germans practice such greetings.

Editor’s word: two years ago I drove into Germany (Munich) on a Finnish visa and at that time in Finland itself never was. 20 minutes I was interrogated and after made sure that I was there for a couple of days and I was going further, they missed. But There are also cases of deportation.

My first acquaintance with obtaining a Schengen visa to Germany self-crowned success for a period of 1 year. “Little trick” was to the cover letter in which I urged the consul that the visa was Germany for 2019 (all) I really need.

A brief boar plan to capture the Schengen area:

  • fill out the form for a visa to Germany online (great, Yes?:))
  • collect the necessary documents, incl. and print the completed application form
  • apply to the visa application center (in the regions and Moscow) / Embassy (Moscow only)

By the way, Germany is one of those countries that are allowed to serve documents for you to a third party if you have already been imprinted fingers (fingerprinting) after 09/14/2015.

What visa is needed to Germany? general information

Spoiler: for tourism – the usual tourist.

Independently decide which visa to request and which Need documents, will help the site of the German service partner representative offices – VisaMetric (replaced the former VFS.Global in February 2019).

Types of visas depend on the period of stay in the country: tourist German visa belongs to type C – short-term visa, to be it can be no longer than 90 days. Otherwise required long-term national Schengen visa to Germany (to this type applies work visa).

The cost of a visa to Germany in 2019

Germany Germany

Regensburg, the entrance to the historic city center

Schengen visa to Germany for citizens of the Russian Federation:

through VisaMetric centers (regions and Moscow) through the embassy (Moscow)
Consular (€ 35) and service (€ 20,40) fees € 55.40 Only consular fee – € 35
through VisaMetric centers (regions and Moscow)
Consular (€ 35) and service (€ 20,40) fees € 55.40
through the embassy (Moscow)
Only consular fee – € 35

If you have already fingerprinted, the service charge will be € 18.85. Not much cheaper :) The price of an urgent visa in 2019 – 70 euros + service fee (depending on the place of supply).

The following are exempted from the consular fee:

  • close relatives of EU citizens (children, parents, spouses)
  • incompetent persons

Service fee is not required to pay people with limited opportunities. Fully exempt from any fees. children under 6 years old – for them the visa is free, but surcharge for sending documents is possible.

Requirements for documents for a Schengen visa to Germany in 2019 year

Munich Cathedral Munich Cathedral Movement in Germany Movement in Germany

Regensburg Cathedral and bicycle, which are very lot

Important: visa to Germany for citizens of the Russian Federation in 2019 year is made not earlier than 3 months before the trip. Desirable and no later than 15 days before the date of X. The review period is from 7 to 9 days.

The German Schengen will not happen without a set of documents, which is not it’s hard to make up yourself. And I advise you to do just that. on their own.

So, on the air step by step instructions “Collect documents for a visa to Germany “*. List:

  1. Consent to the processing of personal data – there is a visa center.
  2. Application for a visa to Germany (completed online and printed out).
  3. 2 photos. Photo requirements in 2019: no older than 6 months; size 45 mm x 35 mm, white background. Usually in any photo center know these requirements.
  4. Hotel reservation / invitation.
  5. Airline tickets or travel plan (if by bus or car)
  6. Insurance. You can take it cheap online, just below I will indicate where I buy for 500-800 rubles for 10-14 days.
  7. Certificate from work / study / documents on individual entrepreneurs or extract from Bank / Sponsorship Letter. Any one document is allowed, but both are will be a plus in your favor.
  8. Additional documents (for real estate or vehicle).
  9. Passport and a copy of the 1st page. + Previous Schengens.
  10. A copy of the Russian Federation passport (required: 1 page, registration, 14-15 pages and 18-19 p.) And the original with him.

* decompose documents in the same manner.

Insurance for a visa to Germany

Insurance for a visa to Germany does not provide for any certain requirements. It should cover the whole period. stay and cover should be no less € 30,000.

To insure yourself inexpensively against the “indignation of the consul” (to Unfortunately, many applicants interpret this obligation in in a similar sense, since getting a visa to Germany without insurance is not succeed) can be on sites:

  • Cherehapa
  • Compare

If you have an annual insurance policy, it’s enough print the page with your data and the amount of coverage.

Hotel booking

Nature of Germany Nature of Germany Christmas decorations in Germany Christmas decorations in Germany

The residential part of Regensburg and the next one not attached is big + downtown

Visa to Germany for Russians is often issued under the dates of travel and not a day more. Especially if this is your first visa. Therefore do armor is best for the period when you really plan leave. And it is worth taking hotels / hostels / apartments in which you really plan to live!

I book accommodation on Airbnb (← via the link $ 32 as a gift, and здесь >> наш отзыв) – просто мне очень нравится жить вlocal flats :) A printout from the service is suitable for Schengen visas For lovers of hotel gloss, RoomGuru and Booking exist. (here is someone more familiar). I note that Rumguru is looking for tens services, including Buckingu.

Keep in mind that when booking a booking in the form Be sure to indicate your reservation number! Do not forget to check and availability all names and surnames on the booking confirmation, as well as the number phone of the accommodation facility.

Do not be afraid to apply unpaid armor or armor with free cancellation. It’s scary to really cancel them after visa application (ok, the probability of cancellation is small, but it there is).

Chip flights

Visa to Germany will not happen without air tickets. For 2019 I think the coolest search engines are:

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

Why? The editor described here in this article. These aggregators helpful to those who are ready to buy a ticket.

If you have not yet decided on the exact dates of travel to Germany, you can make a temporary booking of air tickets on The pleasure lasts a day, but, as practice shows, the Germans are the case is not checked. After you received a confirmation on mail, follow the link at the very end of the letter at checkmytrip, from where print your fake ticket :( ticket.

Another way out is to buy tickets with a return value. Such practicing, for example, Aeroflot. You can refuse a ticket in within 165 days, money is returned 10 days.

Help with a job for a visa to Germany

Before you start applying for a Schengen visa to Germany, Note that the validity of all certificates is 1 month, including period of consideration of your documents by the consul.

Help from work should look like this:

It is not necessary to indicate wages, but if you specify, it is better that it be above 25,000 rubles.

Bank reference

The embassy mentions help with the movement of funds for three month but not insist. Therefore, the usual certificate of The rest is 100% suitable, and not necessarily in English language. Color printout from Tinkoff’s personal account is accepted.

But a copy of the card and a check from an ATM is not categorically will pass.

Sponsorship letter for a German visa

Pedantic Germans decided to be confused and create a form for sponsorship letter, which, in my opinion, is more convenient than writing свободного формата – смотреть образец >>. Sponsor can speak any third party.

Attach the following documents to the letter:

  • copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • if applicable: birth / marriage certificate
  • financial document from the sponsor (certificate of employment / documents for SP / bank statement)

Questionnaire for Schengen to Germany

German consistency has simplified the procedure for filling the questionnaire so much so that in the fill instructions online form on VisaMetric spelled out even where and in what place you can put an end, and in which it is better not to do it.

Following this pattern, the process of filling in the questionnaire does not seem dark forest, and when submitting documents, you can always refer on the instruction, thus avoiding groundless attacks employees and saving on refilling, which is very often happens to inexperienced tourists.

Do not forget to print all 8 questionnaires.

Registration of the Schengen visa to Germany

View near Neuschwanstein View near Neuschwanstein Neuschwanstein Castle Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein, went there for 1 day

To the question “How much is a visa issued to Germany?” directly the visa center is responsible – 14 calendar days. However, get her possible for 7-9 days.

If the filing takes place in the visa application center of the regions of the Russian Federation, consider that your documents are being taken from there to Moscow and, of course, back. The need for an urgent visa can only be satisfied with a visa. center in Moscow or at the consulate. The term for consideration of such a visa is 3 working day.

A national visa can be issued at the German Embassy, only by appointment.

Visa to Germany for a child (minors)

Schengen visa for a child includes a package of documents identical to the adult, plus which is necessary attach:

  • sponsorship letter
  • notarized consent for departure from parents / guardian. In the event that one of the parents is not alive – a certificate of of death
  • accompanying visa copy
  • hotel reservation and airline tickets for the attendant (unless you have joint armor)

If the child is under 12 years old, no need to take the prints, accordingly, no presence is required. Nuances are available in consent to the processing of personal data, which is filled by child’s birth certificate until he is 18.

In the questionnaire, in the section “covering expenses” we write “the applicant himself”. AT German questionnaire is always indicated, and there are no exceptions. But even despite the fact that this rule is described in the instructions – there are (and very often) those who, apparently, cannot in this believe

Address of the German Embassy in Moscow

Like other countries, Germany allows visiting the embassy by appointment only. Embassy address: Moscow, st. Mosfilmovskaya, 56. Phone: + 7-495-937 95 00.

Germany approves an urgent visa at the consulate, where pre-registration is required. Consulate of Germany in Moscow: st. Leninsky Prospect, d. 95A. Phone: + 7-495-933-43-11.

Addresses of visa centers in Germany

In the regions, you can apply to the visa center in Germany VisaMetric:

City Visa Center Address Phone
Moscow st. Kiev, 2 TC “Kiev” +7 (495) 990 89 79
Kazan st. Ostrovsky, 87, “BC Business Park” +7 (495) 990 89 79
Krasnodar st. Krasnykh Partizan, 152, BC “Senate” +7 (495) 990 89 79
Nizhny Novgorod Bolshaya Pokrovskaya, 61 +7 (495) 990 89 79
Rostov-on-Don st. Sotsialisticheskaya, 74, Business Center “Kupechesky Dvor” +7 (495) 990 89 79
Samara st. Chervonoarmiyskaya, 131, Good-Ok Business Center +7 (495) 990 89 79
Saratov st. them. Academician Vavilova N.I., 28/34, Atlant Business Center +7 (495) 990 89 79
Novosibirsk st. Kamenskaya, 7, BC “Double Hill” +7 (383) 280 43 11
Irkutsk st. Karl Marx, 40k1, Sobranie Business Center +7 (383) 280 43 11
Khabarovsk st. Voronezhskaya, 47a, Opora Business Center +7 (383) 280 43 11
Krasnoyarsk st. Maerchaka, 16 +7 (383) 280 43 11
Omsk Red Road, 63 +7 (383) 280 43 11
Vladivostok st. Svetlanskaya, 78b, BC “Fregat” +7 (383) 280 43 11
St. Petersburg st. Kazan, 1/25, TOTs “Atrium” +7 (812) 309 89 79
Arkhangelsk Embankment of Northern Dvina, 55, business center “Delta” +7 (812) 309 89 79
Vologda st. Sergey Orlov, 4, BC “Bellagio” +7 (812) 309 89 79
Yekaterinburg st. Vojvodina, 6, Lemerans Business Center +7 (343) 384 57 24
Permian st. Kuibyshev, 95b, Green Plaza Business Center +7 (343) 384 57 24
Ufa st. K. Marx, 44 +7 (343) 384 57 24
Kaliningrad st. Teatralnaya 35, Morskoy Business Center +7 (401) 271 95 21

The main issues on a visa to Germany

1. Does a visa visa to Germany often happen?

Failures, oddly enough, happen very rarely. More weighty question regarding this country: how much is a visa given? Fears that will be given exactly on the dates of the trip, may be relevant for: the first entry into the territory of the Schengen countries, students invited.

If an invitation from relatives, plus it is that you can not afraid to specify a longer period of planned stay in Germany.

2. I am unemployed.

Do not be afraid not to work can those who can provide fairly good bank account (from 150000 rubles), documents for property ownership or sponsorship letter.

There are no special problems with retirees, they need a copy. retirement and bank statement / sponsorship.

3. Is it possible to make fake booking tickets (do not pay)?

Well, if you have not yet decided on exact dates or you are not very sure that the visa will be approved … In this case, the main thing keep track of your reservation. And it is better to book in Popular tourist cities: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf.

4. I am a freelancer.

So write in the questionnaire. Freelance, profile and home address (by situations). This is definitely not a certificate from the bank.

5. How much does a Schengen visa to Germany cost?

The cost of a German visa in the regions is 35 euros + 20.35 euros. The price of an urgent visa in 2019 at the consulate in Moscow – 70 euros.

5. Where to make a visa yourself?

Contact VisaMetric accredited centers if you are from regions / Moscow, and the embassy, if you are from Moscow. If you have already biometric data for the last 3 years, the trusted A person can apply for you.

If you did not find the answer to your question, neither in this block, nor in text – welcome to comments. We will develop the article together!

Tips from the author

Germany for the New Year Germany for the New Year Nature in Germany Nature in Germany

Munich and the observation deck in front of the castle Neuschwanstein

My main advice – do not be afraid to ask for a multivisa (multiple entry) for a long time. For this you need an accompanying a letter explaining why you need a long-term visa, and reservations on proposed next trip.

If this is the first trip to Europe, the maximum that you beg – visa to Germany for 1 year, which is very good. If german Schengen has already been – turn on the fantasy, because you have the right to request a visa maximum for 5 years. Immediately after the annual impudence is not worth it, especially if you entered this visa to Germany only once – you can risk first 3-year “bid”.

From the beginning of December 2018 on reviews on forums and personal experience there was a tendency to willingly issue visas for a period of 1 year. So that dare! Here is an example of my cover letter. >>

How much time is issued a German visa?

The official version states that the timing of the consideration of documents 14 calendar days. In the visa center of Moscow, you can make an urgent visa for 3 days. In fact, how much is a visa to Germany made, exactly on 100% can not be said: depends on the set of documents and the type visas Most often, a type C visa has time to go beyond 7-9 calendar days. days

Remember that visa centers do not register for a visa required But if you want you can sign up on the site:

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