Schengen visa sponsorship letter in 2019 – sample and requirements

Making a Schengen visa – a sequence of simple and clear action. It seems to be. I went to the official website of the country’s embassy, downloaded the list of documents, collected them, passed them to the visa center – received visa

Where is easier? – think Europeans who do not know that wages There are three colors, and money can be stored in three-liter banks from under the compote.

Confirmation of financial solvency – a sore point for many Russians gathering abroad.


  1. Who needs a sponsorship letter?
  2. Who is the sponsor?
  3. Requirements and sample
  4. Inexpensive visa insurance
  5. Sponsorship Attachments
  6. Features of writing for different countries
  7. Sponsorship letter to the child. Sample and personal experience
  8. In English
  9. Our advice

Who needs a sponsorship letter?

Include a visa sponsorship letter in your must-have package documents should be:

  • to all unemployed citizens – freelancers, housewives
  • employed citizens with a salary seeking to subsistence minimum in the Russian Federation
  • pensioners
  • to students
  • minor children.

It is widely believed that the sponsorship letter for the Schengen Visa is an alternative to official sources of income. I.e work. In fact, the letter is a substitute for a bank statement, those. financial guarantees.

IMPORTANT: if there is a good bank account (from 100 000 rubles), a sponsorship letter is not necessary for any category of the above. Sponsor is needed when a tourist own funds to stay in another country do not.

LIFEKHAK: if the account is empty / not enough money, and the sponsor look awkward, maybe your good friend / relative lend the missing amount – throw it into the account and make a statement. After Can I immediately remove and return?

Sponsorship Letter for Schengen Visa Sponsorship Letter for Schengen Visa

You can download it in the article below.

Documents for Schengen visa

To minimize the risk of being refused a visa, the potential the tourist must prepare a standard set of documents:

  • profile
  • a photo
  • zagrannik – valid + old if it had Schengen visas over the past 5 years
  • internal passport (copy)
  • booking of housing and tickets
  • medical insurance at the time of entry and stay in the territory European Union (it is more profitable to buy it online – on Cherehap or Compare
  • certificate from work / school / pension certificate
  • financial guarantees – most often this is a bank statement invoice or sponsorship letter
  • birth certificate for children under 14
  • consent to leave the minor child from the parent (or both parents) who does not accompany him on the trip. The The document must be notarized. If parent accompanies the child only partially, for example, dad is already abroad, and the child with mom join later, all agree equally needed.

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Who can be a sponsor?

Different countries adhere to different rules regarding who can act as a sponsor. Visa centers Italy, France and Germany insist on mandatory relationship between the sponsor and the applicant.

Spain, Greece, Czech Republic more loyal: sponsor Anyone who has the financial capabilities, including NOT a relative.

UK views as sponsor organization, relatives and friends of a visa applicant, which during his stay in the GB will also be located on territory of the country.

Sponsorship Letter Requirements

How to write a sponsorship letter? Statement is made in free form and printed out. Sponsor signs in person. Before writing a letter you need to check on the site of the visa center of a particular country, in what language are they accept documents for consideration.

General points that should be reflected in the sponsorship letter:

  • Name and details of the passport of the sponsor
  • The phrase about willingness to pay all the costs of the upcoming a trip
  • Destination country
  • Trip dates
  • Name and details of the passport of the sponsored
  • Date of the sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor Signature

Do I need a letter from the sponsor to certify notarized? No no need. Such document requirements Schengen countries do not push.

Sample Sponsorship Letter for Schengen Visa

A sponsorship letter for a visa to Spain can look like this So:

Скачать образец письма >>

Title: Sponsorship statement Text: I, ***, passport ***, *** issued, issue date ***, expiration date ***, living at ***, sponsoring my trip son / sister / parent / friend ***, passport ***, issued ***, date of issue ***, expiration date ***, residing by address ***, in the Kingdom of Spain from *** to ***. Everything travel expenses, I undertake to fully take on yourself Number. Signature.

You can provide a sponsorship letter to Spain in Russian or spanish. To the Czech Republic and Greece, the sample will look also except for the name of the country.

Where to find cheap insurance for a visa?

A frequent mistake of many tourists is buying insurance. directly in front of the visa center or inside where far from the cheapest deals. Making insurance online is a business 5 minutes and a few hundred rubles. Go to the site, select the desired option and drive your data through a smartphone.

On my list are three proven services; every time I compare, where conditions are more profitable:

  • Cherehapa
  • Compare

Insurance for 7-10 days costs 500-800 rubles. I usually I make a choice in favor of reputable companies that have no problems with payments in insurance cases. For example, AlfaStrakhovanie. Wherein their price is quite average. More economical option offers Uralsib. Of course, for a Schengen visa is suitable for any, most importantly, what would cover from € 30,000.

Insurance for a visa Insurance for a visa

List of documents for the sponsorship letter (attachments)

In addition to the sponsorship letter for the visa, sample 2019 which is presented above, the sponsor must provide in Visa Application Center has the following applications:

  • certificate of employment on the official letterhead of the organization, with indicating the position and salary level
  • bank statement for the last 3 months
  • copy of passport
  • a document confirming the relationship with the sponsor (certificate birth, marriage), if required

Features of writing in different countries of Schengen

Despite the common area of visa control, the policies of different countries The EU’s requirements for sponsors are different.

?? You can issue a sponsorship letter to Italy only on condition joint travel sponsor and those he sponsors. it must be confirmed by booking tickets and accommodation. Sure to presence of kinship. The sponsor must be either a parent or a spouse. person requesting a visa. Writing language: English or Italian.

?? Travel to France of the visa applicant and his sponsor is not must be joint. However, the French also insist on close family ties (parents, children, grandparents, spouses). All accompanying documents must be in English or French.

?? ?? ?? Sponsorship letter to Greece and the Czech Republic is similar to Spanish. These countries do not insist on kinship with the sponsor. Pay trip maybe not a relative. Acceptable document in Russian.

?? The UK which in the foreseeable future may cease to be a member of the European Union, does not apply to the Schengen zone. British require to issue a separate visa. And you need to take up this business, armed with knowledge of the English language. Because all the information The official website is in English. By itself, and sponsored the letter is written in the language of Shakespeare.

Maybe easier? List of visa-free countries – 2019 >>

Sponsorship letter to the child

One of the most frequent cases when sponsorship is written letter – getting schengen for a child. Features of Russian the reality is that minors rarely have an account in the bank. Although some European countries (in particular, Norway) emphasize the priority of their own financial guarantees for each traveler, including children, most often in these cases, the sponsor favor one of the parents.

If the child still has an account with sufficient funds for the trip, a sponsorship letter is not needed. In addition, the parent may not issue a letter if the child is under 14 travels with his father and mother. what confirmed by booking tickets and accommodation.

Sample Sponsorship Letter for a Child

Sample Sponsorship Letter for Child Schengen Visa 2019 is not much different from the same document for an adult. You can download the sample above, adding to it a phrase about the relationship with to minors.

If a family member is sponsoring several man, you can write one letter, listing there to all sponsorship is required.

Personal example: in November 2017, I designed a Spanish visa for myself and baby. I do not work, neither I nor the child has a bank account. The husband wrote us a sponsorship letter (one for two), provided certificate of income from work, bank statement for last 3 months and a copy of the passport with an open Schengen. Visas have given.

Sponsorship letter in English

In a number of countries – Italy, France, UK – sponsored the letter must be written either in the native language of the country issuing visa, either in English. No need to fear this and order Translation into a specialized bureau is also not necessary. AT On the Internet, you can easily find a sample of a sponsorship letter for a visa on English

English example

I, ***, passport ***, guarantee full financial support to my wife / husband / daughter / son / ect. *** during his / her visit to Italy from *** till ***. Contact phone number ***. Number. Signature.

Completion of the application must be made according to international passport

Schengen visa Schengen visa

Our advice

✓ When in doubt about the need to provide sponsorship letter for Schengen, it is better to clarify the information in consulate of a particular country. The policies of different countries in this matter may vary slightly.

✓ Understand what everyone can do. Internet and appropriate motivation. No need to think that agencies offering their visa services have any special knowledge and powers. The system is designed before total for private tourists.

✓ Life hacking for the benefit of advance preparation of documents. Never (!) Take pictures in the visa application center without weighty reasons. grounds. There is no photographer who tilts his head to the desired the side. It is automatic. The necessary picture can be done hardly with third time. And not all! Unsuccessful attempts are paid.

✓ The main points on which the “novice” tourist can “cut off” is:

  • medical insurance and photos not purchased in advance;
  • execution, notarization and translation into English documents that are not necessary.

Having spent a couple of hours of time studying the issue, you can save not fabulous, but a pleasant amount of money. And spend it for an extra bottle of wine in the same journey.

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