Sanmar (Sunmar): reviews of the tour operator in 2019 year

So, back to our (already almost constant) category: pluses and shoals travel companies. This time the review hero is a tour operator Sanmar promising cheap tours.

What customers are satisfied with in 2019, and are there any complaints to the company? members of the forum? That summer we went from Sunmar to Greece, so in the article is all laid out on the shelves and supplemented by personal experience of 2018 of the year.


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  2. The main directions of Sanmar
  3. Tours
  4. Positive reviews
  5. Negative reviews
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What services search for all tour operators at once?

“And why do we need all?” Here the thing is: besides Sanmar there is still a dozen tour operators offering good deals on tours. Pick up, at which particular on your dates the profitable option will fall out – uncomfortable, stomp to the travel agency – for a long time. Therefore, our advice is use online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They analyze the proposals of leading tour operators and seek out the most interesting. And they tell you when to fly cheaper: It turned out for 25 000 rubles to Greece for two! Literate search tour (what is it?) – from the tour operator Sanmar or any other, really helps.

The main directions of Sanmar (Sunmar)

Flight charter from Sunmar Flight charter from Sunmar Flight charter from Sunmar Flight charter from Sunmar

Flight charter from Sunmar – lucky with a place at an emergency output

Since February 2005, the market has successfully made its way onto the tour. budget tour operator Sanmar. Today, the company scattered throughout Russia has more than 500 offices, and its aircraft fly out of our 30+ cities.

Denote immediately: if you heard that Coral Travel and Sunmar – the same thing, then … heard right? Both belong to a single holding, but focused on different categories of tourists – economy (Sanmar) and not luxury yet, but no longer economy (Coral).

Sanmar found his niche in the pop directions among Russians:

  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Greece

But I didn’t stop at that and diversified my menu even more exotic ingredients like Andorra, Dominican Republic, Israel, Indonesia, Morocco, Croatia, etc. (well, and where without the native Russia). And in 2018, Sanmar was one of the first to launch tours in Бахрейн и Гамбию >> !

Our collection of reviews: • about Biblio Globus >> • об Анекс Тур >>

Tours from Sanmar

Tour for 25 000 rubles to Rhodes Tour for 25 000 rubles to Rhodes

Our tour for 25 000 rubles to Rhodes

You can save more on the already economical Sanmara, using chips:

✓ Last-minute tours. So, the cost of a hot-trip to Turkey for two is 7 days starts from 43,000 rubles (3 * hotel, type of food – all included)

✓ Early booking. Prepare vacation in the summer from winter (February-March), and winter holidays – from summer (July-August)

Искать туры >>

Sanmar is among the most reliable tour operators in 2019 year Why? Answers in our article “To entrust the rest?” (small spoiler: Royal Flight + own charter airline good host). That is, do not be afraid that the tour operator will label itself “bankrupt” and go into the sunset, leaving you to deal with problems.

But not always everything depends on the tour operator. Culprit unsuccessful recreation often become a hotel – let’s say the service is not so hot Therefore, before grabbing a tempting budget ticket through a travel agency or online service, we recommend that you explore (not for only Sanmar company) reviews of tourists about the hotel of interest. we We ourselves shovel a couple of hundred responses in the search for “compromising evidence” and only after we decide on a reservation (if it is not about Fortune).

By the way, one more plus of aggregators: and pictures of hotels can be See, and fresh reviews read!

If a beach holiday is not exactly what you are looking for (dull!), Sanmar offers richer “holidays”: tours, excursions with unusual routes in Russia, Spain, Italy, India, Morocco and Georgia with departure from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions. As a result of such Weekend you will not only fill in instu photo and morally rest, but and take with you valuable cargo – impressions.

Official site of the company:

Positive reviews of tourists about Sanmar in 2018-2019

Hotel Loutanis , Rhodes Hotel Loutanis, Rhodes

Rest on the system Fortuna Rhodes – photos of our hotel Loutanis

What attracts or repels the company? Analyze reviews about the tour operator Sanmar for 2018-2019 years:

1) As already noted above, it offers rather an economy class vacation (in terms of price ranges). This is confirmed by the wording. missions of the company, and responses of tourists.

“They chose Sanmar and did not regret it, no difference with Coral – that the same airline, the same buses, even the guide. So why overpay 5-7 thousand? Especially since we were lucky: everything went smoothly and without shuffling flights. “Svetlana

2) Plus in karma Sanmar deserved for well-organized meetings at the airport and a comfortable transfer (although here, too, someone like lucky).

3) Therefore, in general, the customer focus of the tour operator is also earned praise.

Negative reviews of tourists about Sanmar in 2018-2019

Hotel Loutanis Rhodes Greece Hotel Loutanis Rhodes Greece In the evening on Rhodes In the evening on Rhodes

Balcony in our room and view of the hotel pool

It is important to understand that not all reviews of tour operators living in online depths are adequate. Among the users, “tourists” can turn out to be trite competitors or haters of air conditioners and small “close” buses for 15 people.

1) “A year ago, they flew with Sanmar. The flight was delayed by as many as 8 hours! Although this is probably not the case with a tour operator … On that flight there were several companies. “Zarina

Among organizational disadvantages, tourists emphasize possible flight delays. But so are the charters, alas and ah. As far as we are understood from the reviews, our hero tries to compensate for such incidents (individual transfer, for example).

2) Many dislikes to the total amount of the tour on the site. Why? The price tag on the ticket does not include the fuel surcharge, it add on separately at the end of the reservation, before payment. But it’s ok, you just need to know that there is ALWAYS fuel collection

3) And oh, these hotel guides, who only think to “foist” the excursion is more expensive. “A seasoned tourist doesn’t like them either.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Our review of the tour operator Sanmar (trip to Greece)

Hotel Loutanis, Rhodes Hotel Loutanis, Rhodes

In this hotel we spent 11 nights of our vacation.

Brief sketch. We went to Greece (Rhodes) from Kazan under the Fortune 2 * program (i.e., they were not aware of which it is the hotel that will receive us until arrival). No power, at 11 nights


✓ Price: 25 000 rubles FOR TWO

✓ Fly: Royal Flight, with a half-hour delay in both directions. There is no online registration. Fed so-so – two pies and coffee / tea. The best part is that on the return flight we went to a meeting and given free space at the emergency exit, without leading up chairs (but this, of course, the merit of a non-tour operator)

✓ Transfer: quickly packed up by buses, quickly drove (on Rhodes short distances). The guide came out somewhere half way and especially instructed not loaded

Comparison: What to choose in Greece – Rhodes or Crete? >>

✓ Hotel guide: modest and unobtrusive. Questions answered (where supermarkets, cafes), reluctance to buy excursions offended? Everything horror stories that you will not come to the meeting → you will not get a stamp on a piece of paper → you will not fly away – a bullshit, not even speech

✓ Hotel: it is interesting that Sanmar defined us not as 2 stars as under the contract, and in 3 * Loutanis – you can see by reference how much really worth the tours, we wondered? In general, the hotel standards, the beach great, though not right next door; for a surcharge of 10 euros per day you can was take all inclusive

Verdict. Sanmar receives good reviews from us. From the summary of negative responses only one coincided – about guide And with positive – hit 10 out of 10 (figuratively?)

Hotel Loutanis, Rhodes Hotel Loutanis, Rhodes

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