Rest in Turkey in June 2019 – prices, reviews, all included

Turkey in June 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive Turkey in June 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive

Yes, Turkey in June is attractive for travelers. Resort the season is just beginning, hotels are not overcrowded, and you can swim not only in the pool, but also in the sea. It would seem, plus in the black. But Yet there is a climate “fly in the ointment”, about which – a little lower.

To spend holidays in Turkey in the summer of 2019 can be relatively cheap – trips start from 45 000 rubles for two for a week. The minimum cost for the dates you need can be found using online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

The concept of these services is simple and convenient: they analyze the bases 120+ tour operators, compare prices and show the most profitable offers.


  1. Weather
  2. Resort selection
  3. Holiday features
  4. Top 5 cheap hotels
  5. Entertainment
  6. Prices for tours
  7. Pros / Cons
  8. Where with children?

Weather in Turkey in June

Rest in Turkey in June should be chosen primarily because there is no exhausting sticky heat, and water is gaining comfortable bathing temperature from the first numbers. BUT! Guaranteed warmth Do not get out of the sea – it will be in the middle and end of June.

Again, at the beginning of the month, the wind can rage or go rain, but the beach holiday does not break: the air temperature reaches + 28 ° С … + 30 ° С. In the second half already felt notes the upcoming Turkish heat.

Water temperature

At first it may seem that in June you can only sunbathe, because water temperature during this period ranges from + 21 ° C to + 25 ° C, However, in the opinion of tourists, the sea warms up well for dinner, especially shallow water.

Beach in Side Beach in Side

We rested in Side, chose this resort for sandy beaches and historical sights! And a tour of the system Fortune ?

Where is the sea warmer in June?

The actual question, because Turkey – on the note – is washed by four. “Folk” resorts (popular among Russians) focused on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean (the other two are Black and Marble). Which one to choose?

  • The Mediterranean is the most cupable of all seas: water temperature in June it is close to + 25 ° С, and almost not in resorts differs
  • Aegean – in fact, the continuation of the Mediterranean, but more cool: in the first summer month maximum + 22 ° С

Well, if you clearly demonstrate where the sea is warmer in Turkey in June:

Resort t of water, ° С
At the beginning of June at the end of June
Alanya +22 +26
Side +22 +25
Belek +22 +25
Kemer +22 +25
Bodrum +21 +23

Where is June, and there is May: Is it good in Turkey on May? >>

Where to rest in Turkey in June? Resort selection

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey like it supporters of a relaxing family holiday, and all sorts of fans activities and nightlife. Looking over the town, much better go, highlight the most important criteria for yourself (for example, cost, comfort level, beach “cover”).

Which resort to choose in Turkey?

  • Kemer is a favorite tourist mix of conifers, mountains and beaches. They are beaches – here are pebbly (somewhere larger, somewhere smaller), bordered by pine forests. Note that this is a region where heat spreads more slowly due to hilly terrain (makes up for the middle of June)
  • Belek – also in the needles, but the beaches here exclusively sandy and occupied by loungers cool and expensive 5 star hotels, with which the resort is also known
  • Side is a piece of antiquity and history that study on excursions, excellent sand and “children’s” entrance to the sea. BUT more, hotels for every budget, numerous cafes and restaurants, developed infrastructure. In a separate article, we compared what is better. – Side or Kemer
  • Alanya – cheap and far from the airport. Here there are almost no 5 * top level hotels, but the beaches are sandy and wide
  • Bodrum and Marmaris – on the Aegean coast seas. Both are party and youth resorts in Turkey. The climate is different, and therefore, in June the water is still cold.

Найти тур >>

Vacation in Turkey in June

Hotel Queens Park Resort in Kemer Hotel Queens Park Resort in Kemer

The area near the Queens Park Resort Kemer

The major advantage of June is the “freshness” of hotels and staff. Territories and rooms are cleaned, animators work with enthusiasm (for adults – tennis, aqua aerobics, discos), restaurants delight a variety of “included” dishes.

The mild Mediterranean climate is great for children, therefore, if you are tormented by the question of where to go with the child, without hesitation head right here.

In addition, it is difficult to find a more suitable time for family holiday in Turkey. The season is just beginning, which means that the influx tourists are not too big, so there will be no noisy crowds, queuing and fighting for sunbeds on the beach, and you can calmly enjoy the heat, the sea and, of course, the seasonal fruits and berries

Any questions? Detailed analysis of the rest по-турецки >>

Top 5 cheap hotels

We have compiled a list of 5 best hotels in Turkey, where to relax in June can be quite cheap, but the quality will not suffer.


Port Side is ideal for a relaxing family holiday. Resort 5 * (Side). The accommodation includes food on the system “all included “, which in its quality and diversity will satisfy any gourmet.

Узнать цены на тур >>


Accommodation at the Trendy Hotel Palm Beach 5 * (Side) will also allow plenty to enjoy a quiet comfortable rest. On site several pools and a picturesque garden with fruit trees, and in the evenings there are great shows with guest artists.

Узнать цены на тур >>


Hotel Maritim Pine Beach 5 * (Belek) is located on the sandy shore surrounded by a huge park, literally drowning in greenery. In addition to the excellent buffet (in June you will overeat delicious strawberries), you will definitely be amazed by the quality of service and developed infrastructure. As a nice bonus – water park on territory of the hotel.

Узнать цены на тур >>


Simena Sun Club 5 * (Kemer) attracts a huge territory with luxurious park (there is even a pond with a goldfish) and excellent by the beach. Entertainment is provided for holidaymakers of all ages, with children work great animators, which makes it possible parents relax a little.

Узнать цены на тур >>


Ayaz Aqua Beach is located in the village of Gumbet, 10 km from the city Bodrum. The territory of the hotel, though small, will definitely steal a piece of your heart – a lot of trees, wicker chairs and pool, windingly stretching around the perimeter.

Узнать цены на тур >>

Rest in the resort of Alanya Rest in the resort of Alanya Fortress in Alanya Fortress in Alanya

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

A trip to Turkey is not only beaches and all-inclusive hotels, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of this country and enjoy incredible nature.

Early booking excursions

Turkey in early June has a long excursion because at this time of year you will not suffer from heat and stuffiness.

From Side – a yacht cruise on the Manavgat River with a visit waterfall of the same name. During the tour you will also swim in open sea and “acquaintance” with sea turtles. The city itself is not less interesting.

Once in Bodrum, go to the world famous reservoirs-terraces of Pamukkale, are a World Heritage Site UNESCO. The tour includes a visit to the geothermal sources, mountain caves, the ancient city of Hierapolis, as well as swimming in natural pools. The road is quite tedious and takes up to 5 hours one way, so the trip can be two days with a stop at the hotel, or 24-26 hours without overnight stay.

Any tour can be purchased both at the hotel and in advance, for example, specialized online services:

  • Sputnik
  • Tripster
Chimera Tour Chimera Tour Kemer Botanical Garden Kemer Botanical Garden

Excursion to Chimera and Kemer Botanical Garden

Prices for tours to Turkey in June 2019

Turkey in June 2019 costs from 43 000 rubles for 7 days for all included; The price is relevant for the beginning of the month, because weather and sea “Set” to its middle – accordingly, they change and numbers.

Benefits adds early booking: when buying in February-March tours to Turkey in June at prices go up 20-30% cheaper. Last-minute tour, of course, maybe, but note that the hotel is and, accordingly, all – will be mediocre.

Pros and cons of the rest in June


  • Few tourists
  • The heat has not yet attacked the coast
  • New, not “shabby” hotels
  • All inclusive prices in Turkey in June are very pleasant.

And a very minor minus is the weather. She can still present a surprise in the form of a mini-storm or rainstorm. Less risk – to the end of the month.

Where is better in Turkey with children in June?

Vacation with a child in Turkey Vacation with a child in Turkey

Among travelers especially popular are such resorts like Side, Belek, Kemer, Bodrum. They all provide its guests a luxurious environment for recreation, therefore, very difficult determine the location, going to Turkey with children in June.

The most comfortable for family holidays are Belek and Side – the beaches here are exclusively sandy, and most hotels – on the first line and work in all inclusive. Найти тур >>

Kemer is generally not recommended for travelers with children. because of the pebble shore.

If your choice fell on the Aegean coast, do not stop in noisy Bodrum, but rather go to its suburbs, for example, Bitez, Gumbet or Turgutreis – there small sandy and pebble beaches located in small fascinating coves. Найти тур >>

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