Rest in Turkey in July 2019 – prices, reviews, all included

Admit that summer is not May, and not September. “Fly” is a synonym for word “warm” and not “invigorating.” And that is why the month of July = the most holiday season for the eastern visa-free country.

Below you will find an educational program on rest in Turkey in 2019 in the midst tourist influx:

  • what the weather can throw out
  • much better to go on vacation in July
  • and how to take a child?


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Где искать туры в Турцию самостоятельно?

Already tried (a) popular aggregators for search really profitable trips? If yes, we advise you to repeat; if not then remember:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These three services compare prices for all tour operators, find available promotions and discounts, customized to the wishes (from the date to pool availability) and exit displays the most interesting options.

Note: for example, Turkey in July may cost 43,000 rubles for a week for two – and it’s not even a burning tour?

Weather in Turkey in July

Turkey is familiar to Russians in early July not only by jumping prices, but also in a similarly responsive level of the mercury column. Happy air temperature overshoots the mark at + 30 ° C and then gradually approaching heavily tolerated + 40 ° C. However, there are in Turkey places where it is warm, and not hell hot – about this two paragraphs below.

Tip: in order to avoid sunstroke and other charms of the midday sun, arrange a siesta for an hour or two. And wear panama Weather in Turkey in July slightly (poorly said) the gas chamber!

Water temperature

Coast of Alanya (view from the fortress) Coast of Alanya (view from the fortress) Sea in Turkey Sea in Turkey

The sea in mid-summer feels like a hot bath (+ 24 ° С … + 28 ° С), and bathing in it is one pleasure. Water in the beach soul and that is colder! But degrees vary depending on coasts / resorts.

Where else can you go in July? Where else can you go in July?

Where else can you go in July?

Where is the sea warmer in July?

Taking note of the thermometer and tourist reviews, The temperature of water in Turkey in July can be divided as follows:

  • a la fresh milk: Mediterranean Sea (Alanya, Antalya, Kemer) – in the region of + 28 ° С. Why not rest in Egypt?
  • comfortable: do not cook in the Aegean (Kusadasi, Bodrum) and Marble (Bursa) – about + 25 ° С
  • for hardened: north and Black Sea from + 23 ° С (Sinop, Trabzon) – region for samotur

And clearly – where in Turkey in July the sea is warmer:

Resort t of water, ° С
at the beginning of July at the end of July
Alanya +27.7 +29.5
Side +27.8 +29.5
Belek +27.8 +29.5
Kemer +27.4 +29.2
Bodrum +24.5 +25.2

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Resort Alanya in Turkey Resort Alanya in Turkey

Where to rest in Turkey in July? Resort selection

Solution of the dilemma “which resort to choose in Turkey?” depends on put forward criteria. If you take into account the arrangement of the beaches, sea and culture life, then:

1 Side – these are good hotels (functional and by service), but with almost no territory. The beaches of the Colakli, Evrenseki are solid sand, but to the depth far away (plus for babies). Sorgun cordoned off coniferous forests, palm trees and fruit (everywhere).

Kipezh is concentrated in Kumkoe: echoes of discos and party hard until the morning, hear that deaf.

Cultural recreation in the form of city walks is preferable? Write down the ingredients: cozy pensions + the old part of the resort. You can wipe at the villas or large hotel complexes, but the peak prices have not been canceled.

2 Belek is a sandy cake with small pebbles, seasoned with first-class hotels. Spoils the picture muddy sea.

But the resort is teeming with excursions: in the direction of Antalya (waterfall Kursunlu, ruins of the cities of Perge and Aspendos) and in the direction of Side (city-fortress on Seleukia hill, Green Canyon). And if night sleep не для тебя, на территории фешн-отеля “Adam&Eve” располагаетсяClub “Disco Lab” – for party people the most it.

3 To Bodrum – the “sugar” city of whites two-three-storey buildings – they rarely go to the sun (narrow beach). This location attracts to itself clubbers with a purse wider and fans of surfing.

So, if you belong to the first or second category of tourists, and you think where to rest in Turkey in July in a big way, to you here.

Oh yeah, the water / climate on the Aegean coast is cooler, so that tolerable weather – also here.

4 All resorts are good, but there is no desire to sit out the whole vacation in relatively “deaf” village? Welcome to “Turkish Riviera”. Yes, Kemer is a lot of villages, but plus the Kemer center itself.

There are plenty of options for excursions: a one-day tour to Istanbul ($ 250) or an economy course in Pamukkale for $ 45, for extreme lovers – an alloy, diving in the waters or a mini-travel in the canyon Goynuk.

As for the coast, there is a very different entrance to the sea – from cobblestones to the smallest pebbles. But the water is blue and clear, and pines!

5 But to the question where it is better to rest, we will answer as follows: Alanya If compact, there is everything here:

  • beaches (and there are sandy – villages Avsalar, Incekum)
  • boardwalks, however, along the sea
  • you can climb the mountain or go down to the cave
  • a riot of greenery, coniferous trees
  • budget hotels (there are even a couple of new ones)

Alanya – quite for fans of dvizhuhi, but, if desired, “to know Zen “in silence, too, will succeed. In the city to be walking through the streets: here are ancient sights (Kyzyl Kule fortress or Red Tower).

Найти тур в Турцию >>

Next, let’s talk about dessert: what did Turkey have in store for families with children in july.

Holidays in Turkey with children in July – where is the best?

Holidays with children in Turkey Holidays with children in Turkey

We will be honest with you. July on Turkish beaches with children … possible at the very beginning of the month (or better in June) or later, but with respite Lying on the beach under the hell is not a day work out. Yes, and pebbles with sand are heated like a frying pan on the stove. However, the Turks took care of children’s entertaining heat.

So where to go with the baby?

If the priority is a beach holiday, which implies a clean sandy beach and a gentle entry into the water, not pondering, choose Side or Belek. Bonus: close transfer from the airport.

The climate in Alanya boasts a low air humidity, assorted beaches and the warmest sea (all for children). The advantage of the resort – several water parks at once – Water Planet, Alanya. But not without a fly in the ointment: to the air port of Antalya Saw and saw (135 km!).

Kemer has prepared for travelers and their parents a lot of shade from pine needles and a little action:

  • Dinosaur Park in the village of Goynuk, known as the abode of the ancient lizards in full size
  • ride on the cable car “to the sky” on Mount Tahtali. Not only forget about the warm clothes, the height after all.

In the second half and at the end of July for family rest with children in Turkey, we advise you to give up on the Aegean Sea in Bodrum or Kusadasi (not so baked). Cool down help water park “Cactus” (children under 7 years free) and the museum underwater archeology for little pirates.

But if the eastern country is already bypassed and a bit fed up, you can search for alternatives and compare, for example, what is better – Tunisia or Turkey? The latter is somewhat reminiscent of the Crimea with cypresses plus palm trees. By the way, about this African country of jasmine and coffee, we already preparing the material, compare and have time to decide.

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Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

You do not like to fall apart on a lounger? A pity, in July, the weather and the sea promises a beautiful tan (if without excitement) … Ok. For 2019 Turkey came up with options for a more active holiday:

  • excursions with piping hot, buy! Inexpensive. Take either on place of your guide (only with the price tag of trouble), either in advance and profitable on Sputnik (for example, Pamukkale from $ 50)
  • many offers of diving. And not surprisingly not a drop – a whole the quartet of the seas is at your disposal. But we recommend to look at Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye. P.S. And here is developed fishing for tourists to the trout.
  • Turkey is the paragliding mecca. So extremes here always waiting (Antalya, Alanya).
Flight over Side Flight over Side Morning in Side, Turkey - jogging Morning in Side, Turkey - jogging

Prices for tours to Turkey in July 2019

In 2019, prices for Turkey in July for all inclusive start from 45 000 rubles for two per week (departure from Moscow). Cheap? At the very Yes, if you look at the cost of tours to other marine country.

The hotel has 5 stars – already from 65 000 rubles. Relax three together with a child in a good hotel and at all – from 75,000 rubles. Turkey with departure July 1-4 will cost more, because in theory it is a period the start of the holidays. From July 14-15 there is also a rise in price tags: stronger “Inflaming” season.

And finally: sometimes trips for 10 days are slightly more expensive, than 7 – therefore we advise checking, as well as acting promotional codes.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Early booking

Savings through early booking is not a fairy tale, no. Completely really throw 40%, and the earlier, the more. But you need to be on the alert. Promotions for beach destinations are valid until April. True, if sooo try, to Turkey in the summer of 2019 is still You can grab a cool offer.

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Turkey in July – all inclusive

The main feature of Turkish hotels – almost ubiquitous use of the system all inclusive and ultra all inclusive. it a pleasant trump card, especially for families with children, and without them organizing enough fuss.

To the note: Al is when breakfast is included a priori, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and local alcocks, but during the day. UAL – the same, but round the clock. According to the ultra in the check relies 0.0 lire for imported drinks (read: free).

Pros and cons of the rest

Rest on the Mediterranean Rest on the Mediterranean


  • rest with the motto “don’t worry”. The main thing is to choose the right one. hotel, and give a headache to treat the tour operator (as get to the airport, to the beach, where to eat)
  • In July, prices for tours to Turkey are much lower than for others. summer destinations
  • since you have already paid for the ticket, you can’t take money with you to take at all. Joke. But what about souvenirs? ?
  • guaranteed warm sea


  • rest in Turkey in July, first of all, will be remembered by the steam room and a couple of burns (if completely negligent)
  • food quality in economy hotels may not justify expectations
  • the main drawback is the minimum familiarity with the country. What for puzzle and go outside the hotel? Two of the casket everything and everyone decided for you.

You can go a lot in July. But what would be without a visa … Choice, besides Turkey, small:

  • Черногория >>
  • Тунис >>

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