Rest in Turkey in August 2019 – prices, reviews, all inclusive

Rest in Turkey in August 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive Rest in Turkey in August 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive

August is the peak of the holiday season, everyone knows that. Like that most go on holiday to Turkey, implying and warm, and sea, and fruit. However, what remains unknown is next: do not get out of the air conditioner at night, do not wander around ruins, interesting, and in the morning – oh, horror! – sometimes not found free lounger.


  1. Weather
  2. Resort selection
  3. Prices for tours
  4. Entertainment
  5. Vacation with children
  6. Advantages and disadvantages

Getting to plan a trip? ? Turkey in August for all Included, of course, more expensive than in June-July, but not significantly – from 42 000 rubles for two. You can verify this by comparing the cost tours at once for all tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

For me, these are the number 1 services for finding advantageous trips. They they analyze what tour operators have on the necessary dates and for the given Wishlist, and show the lowest possible prices.

Weather in Turkey in August

Weather in Turkey in August can disable even experienced holidaymakers. Air temperature on the Mediterranean coast (Kemer, Side, Alanya) at the beginning and middle of August often rolls over the mark at + 35 ° C. And at night only goes down. up to + 28 ° C … + 30 ° C. Plus, VERY high humidity.

What really: I write this text in a Greek tavern, cooling off on a pleasant breeze, and with a shudder remember a trip to Side in August Probably, the street thermometer broke – he stubbornly got up to + 45 ° C. In the evening I turned into a wet napkin for the first 5 minutes outside the hotel and desperately trying to create at least some semblance breeze hand / bag / room key.

The resorts of the Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Bodrum) are slightly more sparing. temperatures (+ 34 ° C during the day and + 24 ° C at night). The climate here is drier and hell It is more easily tolerated (this feature and the feedback from tourists confirm). Hope for a “cold snap” is at the end of August: after the 25th degrees fall to +34 (Mediterranean).

Where is the sea warmer in August?

Beach in Side Beach in Side

On this beach we spent our holidays in Side (go from our Hotel Side Town Hotel about 4 minutes)

Turkey in August is good for those who consider the water temperature comfortable from + 25 ° C. You can swim everywhere, but where is the sea warmer?

– Mediterranean: water feels practically no different from resort to a resort and nearing + 30 ° C. Imagine running freshen up – and the sea is as if you dip into the bath. – Aegean: colder, + 25 ° C … + 27 ° C, but nevertheless – this is where it is better rest without the risk of overheating.

Water and air temperature in Turkey in August

Outside, ° C In the sea, ° C
Belek and Side +33 +29
Kemer +30 +29
Alanya +30 +29
Marmaris +32 +27
Bodrum +30 +26

By the way, for each month of the year we have a detailed analysis. weather in resorts. Interesting? Drop in here – Season in Turkey – and learn :)

Where to rest in Turkey in August? Resort selection

Pay attention to a few points:

  • prices for holidays in Turkey in August have nowhere higher. In order to economize, will have to consider budget resorts (Kemer, Alanya)
  • hotels sold out, beaches are crowded. One week before departure from There will be little decent options, so the package should be think for at least a month
  • high temperatures in humid climates. If this item has essential, then deciding where to rest in turkey in August, I recommend to go towards the Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi)
  • whenever possible avoid city hotels (found in Antalya and Alanya). Yes, they can be cheaper, but much better wait out the heat in a shady area or by the pool under an umbrella, and not surrounded by stone and concrete

Which resort to choose in Turkey?

Inexpensive Alanya

A place where you can always find an economy offer, even in peak of the season. Of the other indisputable advantages – wide sandy beaches (the best – Cleopatra beach) and a very warm sea, a large water park Water Planet, and of urban infrastructure.

Disadvantages: 2 hours by bus from the airport, “bald” in terms of nature and the need for careful hotel selection (most of which, moreover, are located across the highway from the beach).

Найти тур >>

Children’s Side

The Raga Hotel in Side The Raga Hotel in Side Children's karate in Side Children's karate in Side

Resting in Side in May, we made sure that the resort is perfect as for adults and for children. We liked it here more than in Kemer

These are, first of all, sandy beaches with a gentle long approach, which ideal for children. As well as the antique old town, cascaded going down to the sea, preserving fragments of buildings and temples that interesting for adults. And fast airport transfer!

Decent hotels (especially Sueno Hotels Beach Side, who saved my vacation), the service is quality, but some have small territory. Of the minuses – perhaps the price; to Side clearly applicable early booking.

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Laksheri Belek

The Legend Waterpark in Belek The Legend Waterpark in Belek Children's slides in the water park Children's slides in the water park

We went to The Lend of Legends water park in Belek from Side

The personification of all the luxury of the resort is super expensive Max Royal, the tour is worth five times a six-digit number, and well-kept fields for golf (where, sometimes, star sports). Belek is closest to the airport; sandy beaches, at the entrance – a strip of small pebbles.

Suitable for a relaxed family holiday, which can dilute the trip to the coolest water park The Land of Legends. Upscale 5 star hotels whittle out any minor flaws, whether it is muddy water (due to sand) or swell at sea.

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Natural Kemer

Quay of the city of Kemer Quay of the city of Kemer Pebbled beach in Kemer Pebbled beach in Kemer

Our day trip to Kemer: walked along the promenade, watched the beaches, overeat delicious baklava (on the link – detailed the text about Kemer from my sister who rested there, and even more cool pictures :))

Kemer – mountainous and forested – must-visit for smell fans pine needles in the air and the shadow of the pines on the shore. What is the advantage? Inexpensive, short from the airport, many bars and discos, and sand it does not stick – instead of it there is a pebble (somewhere shallow is pleasant, somewhere bigger). But the water is clean and clear!

Fat minus in July and August are, oddly enough, mountains. Neither single whiff of the wind, and in combination with extreme humidity Tourists have a very hard time.

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European Bodrum

A resort where it’s warm, not deadly hot: thanks to the dry the climate of the Aegean coast and the sea breeze. Also here as a youth fun, party and, of course, beautifully – white houses in the Greek style, scattered on the rock, a large marina with yachts and ancient fortress.

Thumb down for a narrow beach, a sharp sunset and – for someone like – lack of Russian-speaking staff. While Bodrum is more Europeans?

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Prices for tours to Turkey in August 2019

Go to Travelata (service for booking tours) and look:

✓ Prices for Turkey in August 2019 start from 45,000 rubles for a week for two (all inclusive), if we consider 4 and 5 star hotels on the Mediterranean. “Treshki” – from 40 000 rubles. Yes, it is more expensive than in the summer of 2019 as a whole, but at a lower budget than in European countries for similar conditions.

✓ All inclusive tours to the Aegean Sea at a higher cost – from 55 000 rubles.

Good news: how I was reported fellow friends vacationing exclusively at the end of summer, and how show reviews of tourists, Turkey in August becomes cheaper with On the 25th (but! Prices fall 3-5 days before this date). Those. there is such a profitable gap (which is ignored parents with schoolchildren – aka main lovers of Turkey), lasting until September 1st.

This is me, stupid, for six months took her tour from Moscow, and It turns out, how was it possible? So if you want cheap go and not burdened with preparation for school / university – that is The meaning of wait (including a burning tour).

Forgot nothing? Parse Turkey point by point >>

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Day trip to the island of Symi Day trip to the island of Symi

Our day trip to the island of Symi

Consider the degrees on the street! In the heat still prefer to spend time by the water, in the shade, in the boors, after all.

It is unlikely that you would like, for example, a lift on the cable car. to the fortresses of Alanya – although the views there are beautiful – but at + 40 ° C among the stone, and even steps … If you decide, then details:

  • cable car to the lower fortress of Ehmedek (18 lire round-trip) + a hundred steps up
  • by bus number 4 (3 lira) to the upper fortress – Ich Kala, non-straining peshochkom to Ehmedek and to land on the cable car (14 lire). Entrance to both fortresses – 15 lira, but, sort of like, for the first lower option – free

And if with the guide? Informative walk on Alanya fortresses – for 5 hours and € 65 (for a group of up to 6 people)

Once Side – resort “stronghold” of ancient cultural heritage Turkey, then the entertainment is appropriate. Walk through Aspendos, with the current amphitheater, will be released in 25 lire. You can wander into the ancient Seleucia.

Excursion: Seleucia, a waterfall and Turkish tea – for 8 hours and € 29

In the capital of the Turkish Riviera – Antalya – there is everything that should be in a big city. You can select a huge Aquarium, a visit from $ 33, and shopping – leather, furs, etc.

Popular in Antalya: Discovering the Historical city center – 3 hours and € 63 (for a group of up to 10 people)

Kemer – the starting point of the route to the remnants of Lycia state (the pirate city of Olympus – 5 lire), Chimera mountain of fire – 7 lire, the cozy village of Cirali. And to take a breath of fresh air, it is worth climbing the cable car to Tahtalı mountain – from $ 40.

Excursion in Kemer: Ancient Lykia with a guide – for 11 hours and € 25

But from Bodrum have the opportunity to float on the Greek islands without schengen! Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Symi – price tag starts from $ 40 per person round-trip + one-time visa on the spot for € 35.

Well, the standard rates for sightseeing and leisure activities in Turkey in August:

  • Pamukkale – $ 50
  • Hamam – $ 15-20 (I advise you to watch prices for these two entertainments on Tripster, it is more profitable than from a tour operator)
  • A trip to Antalya – $ 30
  • The Land of Legends Waterpark – $ 60 for an adult, $ 48 for baby
  • Diving – $ 45-55

A bit of bookkeeping: How much money to take in Turkey >>

Holiday in Turkey with children in August

Holidays in Turkey with children Holidays in Turkey with children

Turkey in August with children can be a harsh ordeal. The holiday season is in full swing, the number of people rolls over, and the sand is on the beach becomes hot already by 10-11 o’clock siesta in the daily routine.

Hotels with animation come to the rescue: in the Mediterranean the coast of activity for children is in many “fours” and “five”, at least in its infancy in the form of evening disco “leg top, handle clap.” But on the Aegean Sea with this things are worse.

Based on feedback from Turkey in August, outbreaks of infection are not is observed.

Our guide: Holidays in Turkey with a child >>

Where is better in Turkey with children in August?

Where to go with the child? If the priority is long sand beaches and smooth entry into the water, definitely in Side or Belek. For more active pastime – Alanya (as it was already mentioned, children – water parks).

BUT! Самый приемлемый по температуре курорт – это Бодрум >>and its quieter suburbs (Gümbek). Judging by the imminent arrival Heat in early summer, Turkey in August 2019 will be a steam room. Therefore, if prices allow, go to Bodrum for all inclusive – a wise decision.

Turkey in August – all inclusive

Turkey All Inclusive Turkey All Inclusive

Turkey in August 2019 – a real tidbit for those who yearned for rest. Prices for vouchers, compared to others countries, warm the soul, and the popular here all-inclusive guarantees serene relax.

Of course, the quality of food depends, first of all, on the hotel. But what can be said about the August all inclusive in general context: fruits are generously set on the tables! Already in early august in Turkey – ripe, and definitely sweet, watermelons and melons, peaches and grapes, and came to the rescue strawberries. The phenomenon of pineapple people is also possible. ?

Selection from authors: New hotels in Turkey, открытые в 2019-ом >>

Turkey in August - the pros Turkey in August - the pros Turkey in August - cons Turkey in August - cons

Pros and cons of the rest


+ Turkey in August is a 100% beach holiday. The weather is hot sea is warm I do not want at all + The cost of holidays in Turkey is still lower than in other summer countries + Many seasonal fruits


– Burns, heat strokes and similar “delights” of the resort visitors are very are likely. Scorching sun and stuffiness! The exception is the Aegean coast. – The quality of food in hotels is not always at a high level, but the need for uninterrupted service in August – the peak season – can also aggravate the situation (especially in economy hotels) – The beaches are overcrowded, and sometimes finding an empty sunbed is difficult (you do you know about the “glorious” tradition of taking it all day with a towel, like “I’ve just gone swimming”? :))

Reject, but suggest, is not it? If I scared you hot weather forecast, here are 2 countries, the first of which is in August sooo good and not stuffy, and in the second – winds blow, diluting temperature:

  • Черногория >>
  • Греция >>

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