Rest in Tunisia in June 2019 – prices, weather, sea

June is the best time to visit this mysterious country. Tunisia manages to progress and to preserve one’s self, and even before the eyes and hearing he is a rare visitor. After all, this is all the same Africa, whatever it is wanted to see in Europe, but without reference to the visa.


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  2. Weather
  3. Tunisia or Turkey?
  4. Prices for tours
  5. A selection of good hotels
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In addition, you can go to Tunisia in June 2019 more than democratically: prices for tours start at 55,000 rubles for two per 7 days. Where to find the lowest prices? Look at:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These aggregators compare offers immediately from all tour operators and seek out the most profitable.

Beach holidays on the sea in Tunisia

Tunisia in June will not incinerate pleasant impressions of the scorching sun, attack jellyfish or seaweed. Rain and gale will not be caught already in late spring.

The beaches of Tunisia are wide, sandy, without abrupt visits to the sea, with This does not exclude the study of the underwater world! Stop … yes it is mix of Turkey and Egypt: diving (but, admittedly, not like in the Red Sea), Sahara (more accessible than rocky lowland) Egypt), the historical sites of the level of the Egyptian pyramids and the Turkish Cappadocia, long coastlines and the cosiness of the Mediterranean cities.

The roads are ideal, transportation is available, the distances are short, Tunisians are less annoying, and Arab mores are more liberal.

Kitesurf Les Dauphins Djerba Kitesurf Les Dauphins Djerba

Kitesurfing in Tunisia (Djerba Island, Midun)

(Photo courtesy of Franziska H traveler –

Weather in June in the resorts of Tunisia

The weather in Tunis in June is what the doctor prescribed, after our six months of winter: minimum precipitation – maximum sunny days, with tolerable heat even in the Sahara. Strawberry-sized finger-crop already gathered in the spring, and fruits such as oranges, watermelons, melons, nectarines, dates – in the juice!

Vacation is not in June? Read when you can still go to Tunisia (and when the sea is warmer).

Tunisia air temperature in June

The average temperature in Tunisia in June is + 26 ° С, at the end of June thermometer may exceed + 40 ° C, more often it happens on Djerba. Fresh will be in the north, in Tabarka. Evening resorts in Tunisia emit steam – grab a pair of light sweaters.

Tunisia in June is chosen according to two criteria – weather and sea – and reviews for this period are going wild with positivity. Lack of strong heat keep the water clean from algae and other things plankton. Considering the landing place of the landing party, Partes: the weather in Tunisia in June is comfortable everywhere.

Sea temperature in Tunis in June

The Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia in June is nice not only warming up to +24 degrees, but free from crowds of tourists beaches. Where is warmer? In the rich in shallow water Djerba and Mahdie – therefore, it is good to swim there for children. The lowest sea temperature observed in the north of the country – these differences are noticeable to the middle June.

To make the holiday even more comfortable, everyone can to tune Tunisia and June for themselves: the temperature of water and air allow

Resorts in Tunisia Average t, ° C in Tunisia (June)
Air Water
in the afternoon at night
Djerba +29 +19 +24.4
Hammamet +26 +18 +23.4
Monastir +27 +18.7 +23.9
Sousse +25 +18 +22,8
Mahdia +26 +18 +22,8
Tabarka +25 +16 +22.2

What to choose – Turkey or Tunisia?

Budget tour for two in Tunis in the summer: from 55 000 rubles, for 7 days Yes, the cost of the tours is a bit more expensive than in Turkey, but it is for you and not Africa. ?

Service in hotels is ambiguous, for reinsurance, choose from four*. Pay attention to the filters: all inclusive, water park, children clubs, if important, are not everywhere.

There are not so many picturesque rocky bays, and the fact that there are tourists prefer the coastline of bounty advertising. It says only that they are more spacious, but by no means worse. Is it possible to swim in the month of June? Definitely yes! But consider: on In the north of the country, as in the whole of June Turkey, you will have to get used to water before diving. Meanwhile, Tunisia is southeast at early June pleases already warmed water.

As for security, there is nothing to worry about. Girl it is undesirable to walk alone in Africa, and in a cafe (not counting the capital) stay awake, otherwise everything is quiet and peaceful.

Tunisia in June is more desirable for Turkey because of the hot but easier portable weather And even more recommended for those who Turkey has already been!

Note: Tunisia or Turkey – our detailed разбор >>

Airport in Moscow Airport in Moscow Terminal Terminal

Prices for tours to Tunisia in June

On average, a tour to Tunisia in June 2019 costs from 65,000 rubles. for a week – with departure from Moscow, accommodation in a good 4 star hotel and food all inclusive. If we take into account and 3 stars, the ticket will be from 55 000 rubles (food – breakfasts).

On June tours will help save early booking: for Tunisia it opens in February and lasts until April. Whether there is a sense to wait last minute vouchers? It is not excluded, but the probability is high that the hotel will get “not very”.

Туры в Тунис >>

Popular Hotels in Tunisia – Top 7

Determining the hotel is difficult, especially if you take not the first got a burning tour. Therefore, we looked-studied which hotels most often choose our tourists, weed out the most terrible, where they go just because of the cost, and here it is (the price is for 7 nights for two in June):

HAMMAMET and WATCH (10 km from Hammamet)

  • 4 * Delfino Beach Resort & Spa – a reliable option for any happening; the hotel is also reserved for the British, so with quality each criterion – from the beach to food – everything is ok. Tour price: from 85 000 rubles
  • 4 * Magic Splashworld Venus Beach – a hotel if you need a budget and with kids; for small ones there is a water park, for parents it’s a good price and sandy beach with a gentle sunset. Tour price: from 75 000 rubles
  • 2 * Novostar Budget Pyramides Club & SPA – located in Nabele (Nabeule) and yes, 2 stars. Summer is expected to increase to 3 *, but: in In 2019, the hotel entered the famous Novostar network and was completely renovated Will you try? :) Tour price: from 65,000 rubles


  • 4 * Thalassa Sousse – a huge hotel with its own water park, which is also not mini, but very mega-, slides and for kids, and for adults. Price of the tour: from 70 000 rubles

Jerba and Zarzis (further south)

  • 4 * Caribbean World Djerba – a popular hotel for family having a rest, there is an aquapark. Everything is at the level of “normal and possible trust “. Tour price: from 85 000 rubles
  • 4 * Magic Iliade Aquapark – reviews about hotel from Russian tourists fell only in the season of 2018, because before that he worked for Europeans. And for the most part positive, it is clear that the hotel “trying.” The disadvantage is a mediocre beach. Tour price: from 75 000 rubles
  • 4 * Odyssee Resort & Thalasso – located in Zarzis. Walks rumor that this is the best hotel in the resort: excellent food, pleasant interiors, green areas and even a thermal pool water.Tour price: from 85 000 rubles

Attractions in Tunisia – what to do in June?

Attractions in Tunisia Attractions in Tunisia Tunisian ceramics Tunisian ceramics

For 14 days you can create a rich program or just lie on the sides of the beach until it dawns in the Sahara. Stay in a Bedouin hut or close by in the Berber village Matmata, who served as the prototype for the houses of the planet Tatooine. Group the trip is cheaper – from 6000 rubles.

The weather in Tunisia in June does not interfere with knowing the country. For a little the sum of Tunisian dinars will take you to point B by taxi (25 rubles / km), on the bass, luazhe-minibus (from the coastal zone to the city of Tunisia about 300 rubles).

Entrance inside any cultural value: 100-300 rubles. A ticket to the Colosseum in El Jem includes a visit to the Amphitheater and the museum. The Colosseum is tighter than the Roman, with 100% audibility on the last row. By the way, the film “Gladiator” was filmed right here! Within cities there is also something to see: fortresses, ruins, towers, tunnels. The most significant in Monastir and Sousse – Ribat fortress (entrance near 200 rubles, for children – for free).

Those who don’t like to look and learn in the heat will find something to do in Tunisia even in June. Cool ancient people will come to the rescue. Christian catacombs and Sofra tanks, preserved from the 6th century onwards. and up still providing the city with water.

Sin does not look at:

  • mosque in Kairouan – local Mecca (240 rubles)
  • ethnographic complex, Kalaut el Kubba (about 100 rubles)
  • the ruins of Carthage (entrance to the territory – 260 rubles, shooting – 30 rubles)
  • Archaeological Museum of Bordeaux (104 rubles)
  • salt marshes in the west of the country – the second largest after Bolivian!
  • Art – Village of Erriad on Djerba
  • Sidi-bu-Said – a mixture of Moroccan and Mediterranean architecture
  • crocodile farm on Djerba (500 rubles).

Prices for excursions in several cities start from 2 000 rubles (individual, by car – from 3 100 rubles). Organized groups in one city – from 1 400 rubles. Sightseeing, by cities – from 700 rubles.

In Tunisia, affordable and quality thalassotherapy, which also included in the tour – from 3 000 rubles. Independent subscription procedures for the day – from 6 000 rubles.

Palace of Dar-Nezhma-Ezzakhra Palace of Dar-Nezhma-Ezzakhra

Courtyard in the palace of the sky-white city Dar-Nejma-Ezzakhra Sidi Bou Said

(Photo courtesy of the Gianera traveler –

Where better to relax in Tunis in June – resorts rating

Take a look at the country so that you are not lost in the highlights resorts and decided where it is better to rest in Tunisia in June.

  • Tabarka is not the most popular holiday destination in Tunisia, but still “fresh” in June, in a rocky bay surrounded by forest, with the best underwater world and the only venue for jazz festival.
  • Hammamet – in the afternoon – the best beaches with a gentle sunset, in the evening – discos, in the intervals – thalassotherapy and other spa procedures. Идеален для детей найти тур ->
  • Sousse is a port city, the center of transport routes, parties and other civilizations, the sea is not the best in Tunisia, even in June. Зато весьма дешев найти тур ->
  • Monastir – beach + cultural rest. Longest white sand beach; located near the airport, but in a special курортной зоне – инфраструктура менее развита найти тур ->
  • Mahdia – due to the location on the cape, in the summer it will be fresh from sea breeze. The wind accelerates scum in the azure sea and drives all kinds of surfers + white sand and the freshest fish to find a tour ->
  • The island of Djerba is the warmest paradise, green and уединенный, с сюрпризами для дайверов найти тур ->

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