Rest in the UAE in May 2019 – the weather, the sea, and reviews

Still thinking where to spend the May holidays? Regarding recently – in December – we were in the Emirates. And being under impressed prepared material. The article will run through the UAE in May in 2019: weather, cost of tours, reviews and where to drive.


  1. Do I need a visa?
  2. May weather
  3. Where better to relax?
  4. Prices for tours
  5. A selection of hotels in the UAE
  6. What to do in May?
  7. Reviews

Do I need a visa in the UAE?

Visa is not needed. Upon arrival at the airport, get in the passport a stamp that allows you to stay in the Emirates up to 90 days. Everything, that you need to have with you – it is abroad (+6 months left) and medical insurance, although she is asked very rarely.

Beach vacation in the UAE – the weather in May

So, what is the weather in the UAE in May? The climate of the country is tropical. deserted. This means that the summer (already in June) will be hellish hot. BUT May is the last month when a beach holiday on the beach promises to be comfortable. And the price tag on it is not so biting. Exactly therefore, tourists are still going to the Emirates, but not so crowded.

Water and air temperature in the UAE

The average temperature in the UAE in May is + 36.8 ° C. But do not hurry Throwing a suitcase with very light clothing. The sun is already in the middle of May very active, and air conditioners work in all stores, cafes, underground. Grab anything free and natural, hat and cream from tanning

The average sea temperature is + 29 ° C. Can I swim in May? Need to. The sea here is really fresh milk – get out I do not want to, but do not cool off from the heat.

There are many places to choose from in the Emirates. But where exactly keep the course in the spring? Study the table below ↓

Resorts in the UAE: water and air temperature in May

Outside, ° C At sea, ° C
Dubai +36.4 +29
Abu Dhabi +37 .2 +29.6
Ajman +37 +29
Ras al-khaimah +37.7 +28,8
Fujairah +36.2 +29.9
Sharjah +36.4 +29

We advise you to go to the UAE in early May. Still fresh, and have something to breathe. Precipitation is unlikely, but even if it starts to rain (a drop or two), it bring with you a pleasant coolness. In general, the May weather is rich on sunny days.

But the UAE at the end of May is not such a favorable place – very hot. And if you are hard at high temperatures, Keep in mind the thermometer indicator for + 40 ° C.

UAE resorts in May – where is the best place to relax?

We continue the topic, where it is better to rest in the UAE in May.


View of the Burj Khalifa View of the Burj Khalifa Burj Al Arab Burj Al Arab

Excellent viewing platform on the Burj Khalifa from the side Bin Rashid Boulevard / go to the Souk Madinat Mall near to see the hotel Burj Al Arab

City of skyscrapers, innovation and namesake-emirate. Almost all the facilities here come with the prefix “most”: Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Burj Khalifa Tall Building, Large artificial islands.

Read more – impressions, useful tips and all that – look in our guide on dubai


Dreaming in Abu Dhabi Dreaming in Abu Dhabi Excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi Excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

One of the main attractions of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mosque Zayda (went with a tour)

The capital of the United Arab Emirates with pure white imported sand (Public Beach). Tourists can rent a deckchair in the paid part or fall on the towel in the free zone. And still required to inspect the mosque Sheikh Zayd and with children – Ferrari Park.


Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah

Beach and street in Ras al-Khaimah / in February we bathed

The answer to the question “where is warmer in the UAE in May.” Emirate beach and the most northern. For a classic holiday in a hotel on an oll by the sea, sorry, the Persian Gulf. And May for Location – one of the luxury months. Everything as the doctor prescribed: clear water, sun, Khojar mountains. By the way, if you take for Dubai comparisons in May, here in Ras Al Khaimah is cheaper. Of mandatory places to visit – water park Ice Land Water Park.

And if it’s really interesting, read the revelations about Ras Al Khaimah from our trip :)


Sharjah Sharjah Diwan Al Mandi - Restaurant in Sharjah Diwan Al Mandi - Restaurant in Sharjah

Free beach, which is brought from the hotel (but swim here we do not recommend) and inexpensive cafes in Sharjah

Neighboring Dubai with Emirate. Another one, but already conservative. No alcohol, hookah, and it is better for girls not to experiment with open clothes (these are orders). But it is cheaper here, and therefore tourists are traveling. And here Hunters rush to the museums of the Unicum (King Faisal’s mosque, guard towers) and theaters.


The only emirate located on the shores of Oman Gulf (while the rest – in Persian). Calm and quiet location, even more province. Without skyscrapers and huge malls. Will suit those who plan part of the high season. (April-May) in the UAE to spend away from the bustle of the city. In addition to water Bay and Khajar mountains tourists will be interested in Fujairah Museum (showing the excavated artifacts of Kidf, Bnaz), mosque Bidiya and Al Heil Castle.

And here’s another utility: our review of the rest in the UAE in 2019 + decent cheap hotels are attached.

Dubai in May – 2019

Dubai in May is a good time and place: there is still a season and the sun is not scorches like summer. Tell about prices? We click. In May (especially the second half is quite affordable.

There is one tricky “but” for party-goers (at least in the shower). In 2019 year holidays in the UAE in May, almost entirely Ramadan (from the 6th day to the 3rd of June). What means:

? Do not bite the hamburger and do not drink it with coke until sunset sun on the street and in other public places (the balcony of the room and the prohibited)

? No dancing and music in bars and other places.

? Alcohol only within the room.

? Running to the malls, there is a lottery season

The price of tours in the UAE in May – 2019

Where to watch prices for tours and so to meet the family budget? The country is not cheap.

UAE on the May holidays

Online tour aggregators are the most convenient thing to be. Here and offers from all leading tour operators, and cost directly, and real reviews of tourists about hotels:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Services search and filter offers in ascending order of amounts. Plus, suggest favorable dates for departure.

What at the prices:

✓ The usual tour for two from Moscow in April-May for 7 days starts from 60 thousand, and a voucher for 10 days – from 70,000 rubles

✓ From Samara according to the same criteria (7 days) – from 75 thousand, from Kazan – from 72,000 rubles

✓ A tour to the UAE in May for 7 days all inclusive will cost from 80,000 rubles

✓ It is Dubai that is on May holidays in 2019 (week on April) – from 70 000 rubles

A selection of hotels in the UAE – top 10

The best does not mean dear. We tried to select the best hotels according to tourists and the cost of 7 days in two round. In some were themselves.


  • 4 * Occidental Sharjah Grand – one of the few beach hotels in Sharjah, works for all (but more profitable is hb or breakfast). Recommend as a great option for a holiday with a child. Tour price: from 70 000 rubles
  • 3 * Centro Sharjah by Rotana – the hotel in which we rested in December Behind such a price are inconveniences (although for whom how): Centro is located near Sharjah Airport, around – nothing, but once in the day is taken free of charge either to the beach or to Dubai; work out. But there is a heated pool :) Us liked it! Tour price: from 55 000 rubles
  • 3 * Citymax Hotel Sharjah – cheap, but not angry; will fit for those who are ready for a half-hour walk to the beach, if failed transfer. Price of the tour: from 62 000 rubles
Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana

Heated swimming pool and lobby in our hotel 3 * Centro Sharjah by Rotana


  • Marina View is an apartment hotel with an all-in-one location – and metro, and the beach, and marina. And, of course, the view from the room. Tour price: from 70 000 rubles
  • 5 * JA Beach Hotel – a huge hotel, oriented to children rest (but not like in Turkey), good beach and sea. Tour price: from 100 000 rubles
  • 2 * Holiday Inn Express Dubai Jumeirah – if necessary in Dubai, but budget and not in the hole. Located, one might say, in the center, at 20 minutes walk from the best Dubai beach La Mer (free). Tour price: from 62 000 rubles


  • 5 * Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort – popular among Russian vacationers hotel in arabic style. On the one hand – the mountains, on the other – ocean. Tour price: from 80 000 rubles
  • 4 * Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & SPA – the only hotel in not for a wallet reach to Fujairah (every day to the mall of Fujairah there is a free shuttle service from where you can give up at city). Many Russians, many families with children, but they don’t interfere and they are not noticeable. Price of the tour: from 72 000 rubles


  • 5 * Bahi Ajman Palace – a hotel on 1 line, tourists note that price-quality ratio – at a height, plus a pleasant staff. Of disadvantages – a small beach and territory. Tour price: from 75 000 rubles
  • 4 * Ramada Beach – good location, its own beach, a lot positive reviews. Price of the tour: from 72 000 rubles

Attractions in the UAE – what to do in May?

Safari in Dubai Safari in Dubai

Excursion to the Safari except jeeps included riding on camels – must have in Dubai

What to do in the UAE in May and what to see? Firstly, Understandably beaches. Sandy. Fortunately in may You can still sunbathe. But at the end of spring without spf protection is not get along.

Secondly, if you are aimed at excursions, here you are Top 5 (price attached):

  1. Abu Dhabi + Ferrari Park – from $ 120
  2. Dubai sightseeing – from $ 25 per person
  3. 6 emirates – from $ 80
  4. Desert Safaris – from $ 50
  5. Rise to the Burj Khalifa – from $ 40

Билеты на Бурдж Халифу >>

By the way, separately for those who decided to rest in the UAE in May / April, in particular in Dubai, we painted the best options. excursions and where it is more profitable to buy them. Everything is here: prices, regulations time and description.

Third, fun. Despite the harsh the customs of the locals, the UAE is famous for its entertainment. Among which – water parks (ice-cold ice land with penguins, for families with Dream Land child 15 minutes from Sharjah and Jumeir’s Wild Wadi “). And about the ski downhill Ski Dubai with five slopes in the big mall you heard for sure. Near the slopes is located indoor snow park, where you can ride a sleigh! In May, aha.

Reviews about the UAE in May 2018 – is it worth it to go?

Everything above is interesting, but what reviews about the UAE in May from 2018 of the year? Apart from the miraculous and often in something “very-most” architecture, the holiday is worth the candle?

♦ air temperature – that the Russian summer, even a little hotter

♦ there is little or no rain

♦ The sea in the UAE is generally warm in May (degrees 28)

♦ discounts on hotels (in the second half of May), since the low season close

♦ clean sea and beach

If you have reached this point, and the UAE did not impress in May: boring / expensive / stuffy / strictly / also Ramadan. Look what we have for you have a:

  • Where else to go swimming in May?
  • Tunisia (exotic)
  • Turkey (frivolously)
  • Or maybe Cyprus?
  • Or Italy?

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