Rest in the UAE – 2019: our review. Prices, reviews and all inclusive

“Eastern economic miracle” – so called Emirates, and for good reason. ABOUT the fact that in Dubai skyscrapers crash into the sky, and built into the sea artificial islands, heard everything. Rest in the UAE us, unequivocally, managed to be remembered. We have been here 3 times, two of which are in Dubai and one is at Ras al-Khaimah.

And although the Emirates is a “biting” country in terms of costs, here You can go cheap. We believe how much is the rest in the UAE in 2019 year? :)


  1. Where to look for a tour?
  2. Which resort to choose?
  3. Season
  4. Food prices
  5. Top hotels
  6. What to see?
  7. Vacation with children
  8. Transport
  9. Testimonials – tourists and ours

Safari in Dubai Safari in Dubai

Dubai Safaris are a must-see, even if you don’t love excursions

Prices for tours in the UAE in 2019: where to buy cheaper?

Emirates is a “package” country, i.e. it’s cheaper to go on tour. The last trip in December of the 18th cost us only 33,000. rubles for two – a trip to Sharjah at a 3 * hotel with breakfast at 5 nights

View tours to Dubai or any other emirate can be on online aggregators. They search all leading tour operators and find profitable offers:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

✓ In 2019, prices for tours in the UAE for 7 days per season – from 60,000 rubles for two; ticket with flight for 10 days – already from 70 000 rubles

✓ Budget Tours, usually in single or double-star hotels in Dubai or more or less hotels in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah

✓ Last minute you can grab for 35-40 thousand rubles for two

✓ The “fortune” system is not to say that it is common in the Emirates, but sometimes it falls out. In Dubai, lodging in hotels in Deira, not the most popular of course

Flights and Charters in the UAE (Dubai)

If you plan an independent vacation in Dubai, it is worth expect that the cheapest flights from Moscow to the Emirates – from 17 000 rubles round trip per person.

Best flight search engines (why?):

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

Up to 30 days, the Russian citizens do not need a visa to the UAE. Upon arrival at The airport is stamped.

Where better to relax in the UAE? Resorts

Sharjah Sharjah Diwan Al Mandi - Restaurant in Sharjah Diwan Al Mandi - Restaurant in Sharjah

The beach in Sharjah and inexpensive cafe where we took two soups and tea for ≈ 35 AED for two

We decompose into pros and cons – where to go on a beach holiday in Arab Emirates?

Sharjah is a neighboring emirate of Dubai the border between them is about 100 meters.

+ Vouchers here can be taken at a low price.

+ Wide sandy beaches (public)

+ Many Sharjah hotels offer free transfer to Dubai

+ Enough inexpensive cafes (for example, Diwan Al Mandi near beach)

– Here is the strictest “dry law”, and drinking / selling is prohibited of alcohol. Therefore, if necessary, a strategic “stock” Russian tourist formed from home or from Duty Free

– There is no normal transport to Dubai, except for the expensive taxi (to the center for 70 dirham) or transfer from the hotel

– Sharjah Beach, where tourists are brought to the sea from hotels on 3+ lines – the most common, without changing rooms and toilets

Burj Al Arab Dubai Burj Al Arab Dubai Dubai Night Dubai Night

View of Burj Al Arab near Souk Madinat Jumeirah / View of night Dubai from Level 43 viewing bar

Dubai – a city, a tour that is not even discussed? AND, Of course, the most popular choice of tourists in terms of places for recreation.

+ All major attractions are concentrated here.

+ Loud nightlife, the best shopping (albeit not cheap), skyscrapers

+ Excellent public beach La Mer

– We did not like the rest in the UAE in Dubai, first of all, because impossible to just walk. The city is not intended for pedestrians other than the coastline

– Wildly expensive cafes and restaurants

Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah

Our first trip to the UAE was in Ras Al Khaimah (the beach at hotel and streets in the city)

Ras al-Khaimah – a resort preferred by tourists who are important Good hotel at a reasonable price and the sea.

+ It’s quiet, green, different architecture (oriental style instead modern) and high mountains go straight to the Persian Gulf

+ Tour for two at the Hotel DoubleTree in Ras Al Khaima ≈ 65 000 rubles, in Dubai ≈ 90 thousand

– The emirate is distant from others, so getting on the tour is a little more difficult. Will suit those who go to the UAE is not the first time, and wants see the “other side”. Although we opened the country with the Arts, and the choice fell because of a cheap tour.

Fujairah is the northern emirate. Always here 3 degrees cooler than others. He is picturesque and peaceful, the coast is littered with expensive hotels with their own beaches. To rest in the UAE with children – here, or in Ajman.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Season in the UAE – when is it better to rest?

The UAE is warm all year round, but in the summer (starting in May and ending in September) – too, the heat in + 45 ° C, from which it will not save and air conditioners. Still, the “season” here comes in the most dank and incomprehensible, in our months, the end of September-December; March, April. It is warm in the Emirates in winter, but swimming is not very pleasant. water about + 21 ° C.

Temperature by months:

Air, ° С Water, ° С
In October + 32 … + 35 + 30 … + 32
In November + 25 … + 30 + 26 … + 29
December + 23… + 27 + 24 … + 26
In March + 25 … + 30 + 22 … + 25
In April + 28 … + 35 + 25 … + 28

Сезон в UAE: Наша детальная статья >>

New Year in the UAE

Sea in Dubai Sea in Dubai Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai Souk Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

La Mer New Beach, opened in October 2018

The New Year in the UAE is something enchanting (salutes and crowds) and expensive (prices for any activities related to the celebration). At that the same time, the tour on New Year’s holidays will be cheaper than for example to Thailand or Goa. In detail and with specific the names of places where you can walk the 31st in the Emirates, read here >>

Food: prices in the UAE in 2019

The local currency is the dirham (AED), equal to 18 rubles (as of January 2019 of the year).

Emirates is an expensive country, and no matter where to rest, in Dubai or Ras al-Khaimah. The cheapest food is, of course, in the cafes for local or soups / salads in tourist establishments.

In all these places we visited in person, reviews of them good ones.

For locales.

  • Chicken Rice: 20-30 AED
  • Soups: 8-15 AED

Where? In Dubai – Al Ustadi Special Kabab, in Sharjah – Diwan Al Mandi

European cuisine.

  • Pizza: 60-70 AED
  • Paste: 55-65 AED

Where? In Dubai – Barilla


  • Fish with a side dish: 45-65 AED
  • Plate mix (mussels, shrimps, crab): 90-100 AED

Where? In Dubai – Urban Seafood

Fast food.

  • Combo lunch (Big Mac, potatoes, cola): 25 AED
  • Pizza: 30-60 AED

Where? Papa John’s, McDonalds

There are restaurants that are on Fridays. (day off in the UAE) work on the system “buffet”. For example, in Dubai – Thai institution Thiptara, 240 AED for unlimited food and soft drinks. Or American cuisine in Original Wings & Rings, where the entrance costs 149 AED.

Barilla Restaurant in Dubai Barilla Restaurant in Dubai Breakfast at the hotel in Dubai Breakfast at the hotel in Dubai

Restaurant Barilla and our breakfasts at the hotel 3 * Centro Sharjah by Rotana

If you eat yourself, here are the prices of food in stores ОАЭ:

  • Bottle of water, 1.5 L – 1 AED
  • Yogurt, 450 gr – 17-20 AED
  • Sandwich – 15-20 AED
  • Bread – 5-7 AED
  • Eggs, 6 pcs – 4-10 AED
  • Whole chicken, 900 gr – 14-18 AED
  • Parmesan, kg – 100-150 AED
  • Avocados, kg – 15 AED
  • Mango, kg – 20 AED

All inclusive – is it worth taking?

Holidays in the UAE for all inclusive has the place to be outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. First, in the Emirates, the smaller all inclusive will cost cheaper. Secondly, at quite beach resorts – Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah – the buffet makes life easier. For example, take a vacation in the UAE in Sharjah in 2019: prices for all included start from 85 000 rubles for 2 people for 7 nights of Moscow In Dubai, the same ticket – from 130 thousand.

This is interesting: 10 popular countries for “all включено” и их отличия >>

Best hotels in the UAE – where to stay?

Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana Hotel Centro Sharjah By Rotana

Heated pool and lobby in our hotel

For self-booking hotels, we use RoomGuru. He compares prices for dozens of systems, including Bucking.

Hotels in the Emirates are either very famous and expensive, or ordinary, quite standard, but also expensive. For example, in the hotel 5 * Burj Al Arab, in the form of a sail on 1 line, likes to stop Angelina Jolie ☺. And the Emirates Palace is a hotel in Abu Dhabi, which, according to Some of the information assigned to all 7 stars. They even carry there excursions to give a glimpse through the fence to life elite.

Luxury luxury, but still more relevant acceptable cost and a little less impressive conditions. So which hotel to choose for recreation?

Important: hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah take an additional tourist from a tourist tax that is not included in the tour price or in self-cost cost. Formed on the basis of the star object and charged for each day in the room: 1/2 * – 7/10 dirham; 3 * – 10 dirham; 4 * – 15 dirham; 5 * – 20 dirham.

  • Dubai

    The minimum prices for hotels in 2019 in Dubai – from $ 30 (₽2000) for a double room. But it is cheap and angry. More or less hotel (normal reviews) – from $ 45 (₽3000).

    ↓ shows the amount for the tour for 7 nights for two.

    • Al Bustan Center & Residence is an apartment hotel next to the metro station (to Burj Khalifa 12 stations) Tour: from 70,000 rubles
    • 3 * Ibis Dubai Al Rigga – Ibis hotels are always good “average”; to BH 6 stationsTour: from 70 000 rubles
    • 2 * Holiday Inn Express Dubai Jumeirah – to the best beach in Dubai – La Mer – just 20 minutes on foot, and the hotel itself is decent, almost in Center Tour: from 75 000 rubles
    • 4 * Gloria – a high-rise hotel with swimming pools, sauna and classy views on the city. To the beach about 2 km, carries transfer: from 100 000 rubles
    • 4 * Aloft Palm Jumeirah – new hotel in Dubai with its own sandy beachTour: from 110 000 rubles


    In Sharjah, the cost of rest in a hotel starts from $ 30 per room, if book yourself. And from $ 50 when choosing a popular option.

    ↓ shows the amount for the tour for 7 nights for two.

    • 3 * Centro Sharjah by Rotana – the hotel in which we rested. A great! The only negative is that it is not even on 3 lines, but on Backyard Sharjah, near the airport. But to Dubai and the beach delivers free bus tour: from 70 000 rubles
    • 3 * Citymax Hotel Sharjah – a budget hotel in the not very convenient area, rating goodTour: from 60 000 rubles
    • 4 * Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah – Aparthotel near Sahara Center – the border-mall between Sharjah and Dubay Tour: from 65,000 rubles
    • 5 * Sahara Beach Resort & Spa – the main advantage – own sandy beach, 1 lineTour: from 80 000 rubles

    Ras al-khaimah

    About prices for holidays in the UAE in 2019 in Ras Al Khaimah, as well as about best-priced-quality hotels, read a separate article: Наш отзыв о Рас-аль-Хайме >>

What to see in the UAE? Sights and excursions

Burj Khalifa Dubai Burj Khalifa Dubai Dubai Mall Aquarium Dubai Mall Aquarium

This view of the Burj Khalifa – without people – from Bin Rashid Boulevard / Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Dubai If you do not choose this emirate for rest, then at least visit it for 2-3 hours is a must. AT our telegram channel @howtrip, we once wrote about the ideal route for a few hours for Dubai, look for the hashtag #howtrip_dubai ☺

You can climb the Burj Khalifa (the highest construction in the world at 828 meters). We recommend taking a tour online, on the site GetYourGuide (₽2700 per person). More profitable purchase a combo ticket (₽4000), giving passage directly to the tower, аквариум и зоопарк, тоже здесь >>

The musical fountain is the largest in the world, highlighted by 6000 sources. He is able to throw jets of water 150 meters high and create more than 1000 figure compositions from water columns. The spectacle is very memorable, and most importantly free of charge – from 18:00 every evening.

Briefly, but essentially Dubai can be looked at sightseeing tour. For which hotel guides fight at an exorbitant price, but actually:

Excursion: Overview of Dubai – 5 hours and $ 35

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi Safari in Dubai Safari in Dubai

We advise you to go to Abu Dhabi (Sheikh Zayed mosque) and on safari (also included sandboarding)

Abu Dhabi. Main attraction – Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Snow white, dazzling, huge with a unique atmosphere. As from the cartoon “Aladdin”. As a rule, they travel from Dubai and Sharjah to Abu Dhabi in an organized way:

Excursion: Trip to Abu Dhabi and visit mosques – 12 hours and $ 68

ParkFerrariWorld (Ferrari Park) located near Abu Dhabi. From above the building looks like a logo. famous brand. Inside the mass of entertainment: car models, installations, the latest technology and attractions.

Activity: Trip to Abu Dhabi and entertainment in Ferrari Parke – for 11 hours and $ 160

Waterpark Yas Waterworld – too cool that would miss it. Both for adults and children! In 2018 he, By the way, he was recognized as the most in the world. Separately, the entrance costs 250 дирхам на человека (билеты можно взять онлайн >>), но естьand:

Excursion: From Dubai to Abu Dhabi to Ferrari Park and Yas water park – for 1 day and $ 153

Safari in the desert. Or riding a jeep in desert. This entertainment in the Emirates is very popular, tours sold everywhere. Price on average $ 65 for an adult and $ 40 for child It is held in the evening, and skating is usually included in the package. camels, dinner at the Bedouin tent, hookah, henna tattoo.

But: on Sputnik, our friends booked for $ 50.

Best beaches

La Mer Dubai Beach La Mer Dubai Beach

La Mer beach, in our opinion, is the best free beach in the city. (there are not enough people in the off-season)

In the UAE, sandy beaches, most of which are public.

Palm Jumeirah – Famous Artificial palm-shaped islands in Dubai. Another wonder of the world ☺. A long sandy beach with comfortable infrastructure and views of the skyscrapers Dubai

Corniche – Abu Dhabi’s public beach, divided into 3 zones: for youth, for families with children, for quiet rest and relaxation. Blue flag of UNESCO.

Jumeirah Beach Park – city beach in Dubai with golden sand, which is specially brought from the desert.

AlHan Beach – beach in Sharjah, stands out by the mass entertainment: parachutes, riding a banana and a scooter, surfing. there is children’s water park.

But the best beach holiday in the UAE is on La Mer beach In Dubai. First, we were surprised at the sea on La Mer! Coastal The band is turquoise and clean. Secondly, the surrounding area incredibly stylish and modern + there is everything that should be on the beach.

Holidays in the UAE with children

Vacation with children in Dubai Vacation with children in Dubai

The same beach – there is a shower, toilets, changing rooms. Just like people ?

Going to the UAE with a child is a great idea! The climate here is good clean, sandy beaches, convenient entry into the sea and plenty of entertainment for children (for example, Wild Wadi or Kidzania in Dubai). Local residents treat children with trepidation, therefore they try to create comfortable conditions for them. Many hotels in the UAE are suitable for recreation with children – and definitely those that we listed above.

In detail about the rest in the UAE with the children, we told separately, here in этой статье >>

Transportation in the Emirates

Public transport in the UAE … high-tech. Dubai Metro rides without a driver (cost 5-8 AED), and the taxi itself will find tourist (2 AED for each km). Between cities and smaller emirates you have to go by bus (so, from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai you can get over 25 AED).

Rent a Car

It makes sense only if you intend to travel across the emirates. The easiest way is to rent a car at the airport, but having booked the right one option in advance. We often use the RentalCars service, and never let down.

Car rental price – from $ 25 per day. For rental you must have international law. Traffic rules are like European.

  • There are toll roads, about $ 1.5 dollars for travel
  • Gasoline 1,5-2 AED per liter, you can refuel yourself or with the help of workers (for money)

Guest reviews about holidays in the Emirates

Rest in the UAE - the beach in Sharjah Rest in the UAE - the beach in Sharjah Rest in the UAE - La Mer Beach Rest in the UAE - La Mer Beach

Beaches: Sharjah Beach (at such waves almost no one bathed) and la mer

Tourists leave mostly positive reviews about the rest. in the UAE. Colorful country with an unusual culture, oriental subtleties that are interesting to learn. From the pros tourists note: modern infrastructure, good service, clean sea, beautiful views, shopping. Cons: a lot of visiting population, pretty expensive, strict laws on the part of alcohol.

The amount of money with you depends on the plans for shopping, entertainment excursions. For example, we can say that we rested in Sharjah and every day went to Dubai by taxi: total “with him” Out $ 70 for two a day. Can I be more specific? >>

Here is a recent feedback from our friends on what to visit:

“From what I liked:

– Us Burj Khalifa struck (rise), though a lot of people

– Global Village, admission – 15 dirham. You need to get either taxi (which is convenient), or by bus (which is cheap). Take a trip necessarily – at 18:00 there is a stunt show?

– Abu Dhabi, it makes sense to go there for the type of entertainment. water park and the rest. There are just fewer people, calmer, me liked it more. Besides the Sheikh Zayed mosque we were in the Emirates Palace – power! Especially for fans of sex in the big city (part of the filming took place in this hotel) – sometimes you can snitch from tourist area and get into the hotel, but we had little time on this. And it is worth a visit to the Waterpark – it is the best in Emirates say. And stroll along the Corniche. Guided Tour Abu Dhabi can be taken online, they will pick you up, take you, take you – conveniently. And the second time already if you want to go by yourself

– And yes, very, very must try this desert safari – prices are everywhere different, different services are included, but besides riding the car itself, in fact, the other is not interesting. Worth taking too online. “(All we have indicated the passwords-sites in the “What to see?” section)


What we brought from the UAE? Shopping and Sales

The most tasty things in the Emirates are dates, especially, they say, in chocolate. We did not find similar ones, but as a souvenir they brought cookies with Carrefour date filling (Maamout, about 20 dirham for a pack). In the UAE, sold a lot of interesting jewelry (in particular, gold), carpets, natural fabrics, oriental sweets, oil perfume

They also make high-quality Arabic coffee here – a real paradise for Coffeemen анов. It is also profitable to buy certain equipment. In its time we bought in Dubai Airpods headphones for 3 thousand rubles cheaper than in Russia.

Shopping in Dubai is notable, but in general, it cannot be said that it is cheap. Unless we are talking about sales that begin after New Year! Two famous shopping center: Dubai Mall, Deira City Center Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

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