Rest in Ras al-Khaimah – 2019: a review of our tour trip

We are not supporters of travel with a tour operator, but we believe that the Emirates – one of the few countries where it is justified. In addition to Dubai, of course ?

Our holiday in Ras al-Khaimah – he is the first in the UAE – very well spontaneous: here is the beginning of February, and we sit on English courses, here someone talks about the tour, here in a week the company of six man awaits departure at the airport!


  1. Why Ras al-Khaimah?
  2. Where to look for tours?
  3. Beaches
  4. Cafes and restaurants
  5. Top hotels
  6. Entertainment
  7. Transport

Why Ras al-Khaimah? Guest reviews

What prompted us to choose the resort of Ras Al Khaimah? Good hotel in 4 stars for an adequate price – $ 400 per person. And for what the emirate other tourists celebrate?

  • Despite the provinciality (one and a half hours from Dubai), this one of the best places for a beach holiday in the UAE. Ras al-Khaimah in moderation popular, there are sandy beaches, clear sea, more precisely the bay, and a lot hotels on all inclusive
  • All other advantages run into prices compared to the center. luxury: large networked hotels (Rixos, Hilton) cheaper – local $ 150 per night vs Dubai $ 280; for 65 000 rubles you can take a tour with accommodation on the first line, and not 10 km from the beach; cafes-restaurants, too much cheaper

We would recommend the resort for a classic vacation at sea / in a hotel with 1-2 sorties in Dubai or Abu Dhabi (see how it is there). Similarly, the essence of the bear and reviews about Ras Al Khaimah. Not bad here and with children: all inclusive + animation + big water park = funny Reb, calm parents.

When is it best to go to Ras Al Khaimah? Weather

Fly Dubai airplane charter Fly Dubai airplane charter Ras Al Khaimah Street Ras Al Khaimah Street

We flew from Kazan on a fly Dubai charter flight / Street to Ras al-jaime

  • Best season: October – November; April May

In theory, you can relax all year round, preparing for temperature imbalance. In the summer and until September – too hot, it is impossible to go out (+ 40 ° WITH ) and therefore swim (+ 33 ° С); in the winter and before March – comfortable for walking (+ 23 ° С), but cool for the sea (+ 23 ° С).

Of course, this is generalized. We were in February and swam though had to get used to the water. But in the summer would not be stuck in the Emirates ?

  • Low season: end of November – December to 20th numbers; January 15th – February

Everything is logical, the unclaimed period is an inexpensive period. СJune to August Ras Al Khaimah hotels prices are also low, but remember hellish inferno is not worth it. The highest prices in the “off season” – on New Year and holidays, so they book the earlier, the more economical.

How to search for cheap tours?

La Mer Beach in Dubai La Mer Beach in Dubai Trip to the UAE Trip to the UAE

Our trip to Dubai in December – La Mer beach

In the Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah is the youngest region to grow out of fishing village, actively developing and built up. but the cheapness of the vouchers is influenced, first of all, by the distance from Dubai

Find out the cost of the tour from your city, choose a hotel and You can do all the other stages of the organization of rest at:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These are online aggregators that compare offers from everyone. tour operators and give the most favorable dates you need.

✓ Minimum tours to Ras Al Khaimah in 2019 (in high season) cost 65,000 rubles for 7 nights for two

✓ Hotel 5 stars at all – from 130,000 rubles

✓ If you don’t find fault with *, then you can take everything included for 87 thousand

✓ As for last minute trips, they happen in winter, but not very typical. For example, for 3 nights for 20 000 rubles from two person! Search

Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah

Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah

Awesome beaches are clean, cleaned daily / Pyramids on Background – Hotel 5 * Rixos Bab Al Bahr

The beaches of Ras Al Khaimah – sandy and located along the Persian the gulf. In general, the coastal strip of the emirate is divided into private areas (beaches owned by hotels on first line) and public. They are all clean. cleaned daily – perhaps private ones are a little more common, but different by infrastructure.

Public beaches are free and provide only sea and sand – no sun beds, no toilets or cubicles. Awesome beaches and their buns – sun loungers, umbrellas, swimming pools, amusements – are available to guests, although for a certain amount of shelter and “strangers” (variation: Hilton will ask for 33 AED per day, and Waldorf – 315 AED) .

In far from the sea complexes there is a free transfer to bus several times a day. They are usually taken to public areas. Exception – if the hotel has a beach “Brother”: so, we lived in Ras Al Khaimah in a 4 * Bin Majid Acacia hotel in 5 km from the bay, and swam on a private beach 4 * Smartline Bin Majid Beach Resort .

Cafes and restaurants – where to eat?

To count: Local currency – Dirham (AED) = 18 rubles. And if you’re wondering how in Dubai you can take 2 dishes price 1 – look at our telegram channel @howtrip!

In Ras al-Khaimah, as elsewhere, the whole catering is divided into 4 categories:

  • Fast food

    Several McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King – Arabs are also free fries and burgers. For the first, by the way, McDelivery works – delivery (for orders from 25 AED).

    • • Combo at KFC (sandwich, potato, cola) – 15-20 AED
    • • Big Mac – 15 AED
    • • Cheeseburger – 6 AED
    • • Big Fries – 10 AED

    Where to go? Beat the names in google map, There are in every district.

    For local

    Cuisine for local (Arab and Afghan eatery) always helping out – kebabs, shawarma, hummus, falafel – cheap and tasty. BUT on “drink” – juices, cocktails and necks; rarely tea-coffee and no of alcohol.

    • • Fruit Shake – 8-10 AED
    • • Club sandwich with fries – 10-15 AED
    • • Soups – 8-12 AED
    • • Mixed grill (a large plate of meat, vegetables and fries) – 35-40 AED
    • • Hummus / Falafel – 8-10 AED

    Where to go? Detected by targeting place, but we will tell you a few memorable ones:

    ✓ Better Taste – next to the hotel Bin Majid Acacia. Super cafe, where we ate every day! A special like for seafood soup?

    ✓ Al Comodor Flafel Restaurant – non-stop falafel (best in Ras al-Khaimah, according to reviews) near Mangrove Hotel

    ✓ Al Dahab Cafeteria – cool media close to falafel

    ✓ Pure Vegetarian Restaurant – Indian dishes in hyper-diversity, approved by vegetarians (a kilometer from Urban DoubleTree)


    Restaurants in which it is nice to sit. Feels level service, but the prices on the menu are not terrifying. In such still problematic to find alcohol.

    • • Salad – 15-20 AED
    • • Grilled fish with vegetables – 40-50 AED
    • • Shrimp – 50 AED
    • • Mixed grill – 50 AED
    • • Fresh juice – 13-15 AED

    Where to go?

    ✓ Lebanese House Restaurant – Lebanese food, home-style and delicious, at the hilton garden inn. Not to say that this is a true restaurant, but far from the shop “at Ahmed”

    ✓ Al Tanoor Al Iraqi Restaurant – Iraqi restaurant near Hotel Bin Majid Beach. Tourists praise meat dishes

    ✓ This also includes food courts in the Al Hamra Mall shopping centers, Manar Mall, RAK Mall and Safeer Mall.

    Catering restaurants

    Top restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah are at least luxury hotels of the Ritz Carlton, DoubleTree, etc. Wander on Lunch dinner “from the street” is possible for everyone, but better book a table.

    • • Salad – 50-60 AED
    • • Paste – 40-85 AED
    • • Mixed grill (meat / seafood) – 90-110 AED / 150-200 AED
    • • Alco-Cocktail / Bottled Beer, 0.33 – 40-55 AED / 30 AED
    • • Fruit smoothies – 30-35 AED

    Where to go?

    ✓ Farmhouse with the Ritz Carlton – concept “on the table straight with farm “: fresh vegetables, meat (steaks), seafood

    ✓ Basilico at Cove Rotana – Mediterranean cuisine daily, but you can peek at the Friday brunch (199 AED per person)

    ✓ Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge at Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf – a famous chain of restaurants in the Polynesian style and with Asian food motives

The specificity of certain areas of the United Arab Emirates is “no alcohol law”. But besides Ras Al Khaimah? In ordinary supermarkets buy alcohol does not work. All alcoholic beverages are concentrated in special stores – Al Hamra Cellar, JMK Cellars, Centaurus International. Prices: the most inexpensive bottled beer – Amstel, 0.33 – costs 4.5 AED; liter Jack Daniels – 130 AED.

Food prices

Prices in Ras Al Khaimah though lower than other emirates, but in comparison with the Russian is still high. Common supermarket chains – Carrefour and Spinneys. There you can buy ready-made food. Cost of items in stores:

  • Bottle of water, 1.5 l – from 1.4 AED
  • Bananas, kg – from 7 AED
  • Dates, 500 gr – from 13 AED
  • Light-salted trout, 100 gr – from 15 AED
  • Olives by weight, 100 gr – from 2.5 AED
  • Parmesan, 200 gr – from 23 AED
  • Sliced bread – from 4 AED

Hotels in Ras al-Khaimah – which one to choose?

Hotel Bin Majid Beach 4 stars Hotel Bin Majid Beach 4 stars

Territory 4 * Smartline Bin Majid Beach Resort (there we drove to the beach from a city hotel of the same network)

Good to know: Every tourist in the UAE with eviction must pay tourist tax. It is formed on star-based hotel and is charged for the number of nights in issue number:

  • 5 stars – 20 AED
  • 4 stars – 15 AED
  • 3 stars – 10 AED
  • 1/2 stars – 7/10 AED

We will go over briefly and highlight the most popular hotels in Ras al-Khaima according to the reviews of tourists, we indicate the cost of the tour for 7 nights for two with departure from Moscow. Their – hotels – here, by the way, not so lot.

  • Good and inexpensive

    1. 4 * Ras Al Khaimah – budget hotel 3 km from the beach (free bus), but with decent nutrition Tour: from 55 000 rubles

    2. 4 * DoubleTree by Hilton Ras Al Khaimah – for the price Hilton still need to search. The hotel is urban, but guests have the right to swim and sunbathing in the beach Hilton transfer Tour: from 60 000 rubles

    3. 4 * Bin Majid Acacia Hotel and Apartment – a complex where we stayed. The tour was taken without power, and the main criteria were – cheap and beachy. The first hotel was completely consistent with that, but on we went to the beach for free, to the private zone from 4 * Smartline Bin Majid Beach ResortTour: from 57 000 rubles

    4. 4 * Al Hamra Village is a good hotel on the front line with private beach + common areas with 5 * Al Hamra ResidenceTour: from 65 000 rubles

    Excellent and expensive

    1. 5 * Rixos Bab Al Bahr – a hotel where you can not climb out. Vacationers especially celebrate food – many and varied. Tour: from 170 000 rubles (ultra all)

    2. 5 * DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island – straight “rival” Rixos. Wins the beauty of the beach, the presence of no water park and maybe priceTour: from 110 000 rubles (breakfast)

Entertainment in Ras al-Khaimah

Hotel Bin Majid Beach 4 stars in Ras Al Khaimah Hotel Bin Majid Beach 4 stars in Ras Al Khaimah

On the parking of 4 * Smartline Bin Majid Beach hotel Resort

Ras al-Khaimah – in translation means “the cape of small huts”, and there are no skyscrapers and metropolitan gloss. Good news: except beaches, a couple of interesting places there. The bad – someone can and get bored if you don’t go out of town.

  • There is a National Museum (5 AED) and the Old Town, according to which entertaining walk and see the life of local
  • There is also an own water park Ice Land Waterpark (ticket – 99 AED)

Excursion: Overview of Ras Al Khaimah – for 5 hours and 125 AED

What else to see in Ras al-Khaimah?

– In the east – Khojar mountains, the highest point in the UAE (1911 meters) Jebel Jais (Jebel Jais), from where there are great views, and the longest in the world bungee (from 325 AED). You can omit the extreme and climb to the observation deck, special training is not required. Or:

Activity: Picnic on Jebel Jais – in 4 hours and 380 AED (with guide)

– Thermal springs: such a natural oasis with hot water to + 40 ° C. Now on this place are spa centers, cafes and restaurants. Worth a look!

– Fort Dayyah: an old fortress with an Arab village. Sort of emirate’s “business card”, it can be seen on magnets and postcards. There is also the “Stairway to Heaven”, a dangerous mountain trail with panoramic views of the Persian Gulf

– The fortress of al-Jazeera al-Hamra: a ghost town that was abandoned by people; abandoned houses, the mosque, in general, captures

Where can I go on my own?

Safari in the UAE Safari in the UAE Trip to dubai marina Trip to dubai marina

Drive to Dubai and Safari somewhere in the desert

Ras al-Khaimah on the map is somewhat distant from other emirates. But This does not mean that they can not be reached.


The bus to Dubai departs every hour from the bus station – RAK Bus Station. Directions – 25 AED one way; half an hour on the road, It should be to the metro station Union.

It’s worth going to Dubai to see wonder skyscrapers, check out the crazy shopping center Dubai Mall and gape at the stingrays and sharks in Dubai Aquarium (from 120 AED, but can be free with outside), and climb the Burj Khalifa tower (the highest building in the world, from 135 AED). And, of course, for the famous shopping In the evening in Dubai you can see for free colorful musical fountains – an exciting spectacle!

There is also a hop-on hop-off bus option – double-decker buses, plying on the landmark places of the city. The cheapest ticket to Red City Sightseeing: $ 63 per day (includes 5 routes, night bass tour and boat cruise). More expensive – burgundy BigBus: $ 75 per day (3 routes and the same).

Excursion: Overview of Dubai – 5 hours and 240 AED

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, sent for impressions of the snow-white mosque Sheikh Zayd Options to get there: transfer, rented car or excursion (250-300 AED).

Dreaming in Abu Dhabi Dreaming in Abu Dhabi Excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi Excursion to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

One day is worth to highlight and visit Abu Dhabi with the Sheikh Mosque Zayda


Ras al-Khaimah is not the capital of shopping, however there is more than to profit. There are 4 main shopping centers in the emirate: Manar Mall, RAK Mall, Al Hamra Mall and Safeer Mall. Most popular with tourists – Manar Mall, there are about 120 stores. Tourists note that shopping centers are still better in Dubai.

In the Old Town is the Old Market with the little Arab shops. There, you can find interesting trinkets. One more fascinating place – Al Nakhil, the Indian market. This is a whole district. city, an anthill with a bunch of small shops.


With transport everything is difficult. Internal, in the city, no. Buses run only from the central station to other emirates: to Umm al-Quwain (10 AED), Ajman (15 AED), Sharjah (25 AED) and Dubai (25 AED).

Therefore, on the Ras al-Khaimah move only:

  • by taxi – landing 3 AED, down the counter 1.86 AED per km
  • Rent a car – the minimum price is $ 43 / day, if you take a day; $ 28 / day if for three, i.e. depends on the time limit. If you relax a company of 3-4 people is ideal. Watch and We advise you to book on RentalCars

The cost of gasoline is about 2.2 AED per liter.

Ras al-Khaimah: tips, pros and cons

Tips. In Ras al-Khaima decided to leave tips – in restaurants, cafes and hotels. Women, going to the city, wear clothing covering the shoulders and knees. This question is not security and decency: people are friendly here, but their culture and rules must be respected. According to reviews of tourists in Ras Al Khaima do quality chocolate, which can be brought as a gift. Also here, as elsewhere in the UAE, you can buy dates, clothes and perfumery, gold and electronics.

The main disadvantage that many emit remoteness from other emirates. In our opinion, not a big problem because an hour and a half of the road to Dubai is not so bad. At the same time, the desert can be seen and sandy road. Of advantages – clean sea, privacy and low price tag. AND beautiful sunsets?

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