Rest in Montenegro in June 2019 – the weather, prices and reviews

Rest in Montenegro in June 2019 - weather, prices and reviews Rest in Montenegro in June 2019 - weather, prices and reviews

For those who want everything at once (good weather, comfort and acceptable price), rest in Montenegro in June is golden the middle. Prices and air temperature have not yet soared to their maximum, but the bathing season is already coming up.

Twice I was in Montenegro on the border of the first two summer months. And both times she was jealous of those who came for a couple of weeks. before: they managed to enjoy solitude on the beaches and smoothly retracted in the summer heat;)


  1. June weather
  2. Prices for tours to Montenegro
  3. Resorts
  4. What to see?
  5. Reviews – tourists and mine

Do I need a visa to Montenegro?

Montenegro in June 2019 offers a 90-day bonus stay in the country without a visa (valid from April 15 to October 31). The rest of the time for Russian tourists The term is limited to 30 days.

Still there is such a thing as a visa-wound. To extend the legal stay in Montenegro, it’s enough to go on a guided tour For example, to neighboring Croatia. Schengen is not needed for such trips. (although you are entering the EU), when you return to Passport stamped on the border with a new date. From her and will count down the “zeroed” 30 days.

Beach holidays in Montenegro – the weather in June

the beach, Duke Novi beach, Duke Novi

According to the scientific climate in Montenegro is called moderately continental. This means that when on shore you languish from the heat, someone in the mountains in light clothes cool. But as they come here for the sake of a seaside holiday, in our forecasts we will navigate the coast.

The weather in Montenegro in June is very mild and most suitable those who can not tolerate extreme heat. In this case, the whole month are sunny days (on average, 25 days out of 30 are clear).

Can I swim in Montenegro in June? Is complete. Already at the beginning of the month the sea temperature reaches + 21 ° C. In the middle June you can safely go there on holiday with children: water is gaining to + 24 ° C and continues to heat up. Maximum water temperature in Montenegro in June 2018 was + 25.6 ° C!

Precipitation this month is rare, but it does. And their number depends on the chosen vacation spot.

Water and air temperature in Montenegro in June

Resorts in Montenegro stretch along the entire coast. And in June weather will be slightly different for each of them. Average Montenegro’s air temperature in June is + 25 ° C during the day and + 19 ° C at night.

Sketched for you a summary table of temperatures for the most popular Montenegrin areas:

Air temperature (in the afternoon), ° C Water temperature, ° C
Budva +25 ,5 +24.6
Herceg Novi +25 +24.2
Ulcinj +25 +24.8
Sveti Stefan +25,5 +24.6
Petrovac +26 +24.7

The sea in Montenegro in June warms almost evenly. And this It means that beach holidays will be guaranteed to be comfortable. True, there is one BUT … We learned about it from the locals back in the first the trip.

Along the coast pass undercurrents. They stir water, cleaning and … cooling it. Therefore, there are days when the sea (especially in the morning) will seem cold. But usually for lunch water getting warmer again.

Prices for tours to Montenegro in June 2019

Boko-Kotor Bay Boko-Kotor Bay

There is one problem with Montenegro: guarantee 100% direct flight is possible only from Moscow. Departures from regions vary by season for the season, and to find out for sure whether there is one or not (or from nearest major city), I recommend to look at online tour aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel

Services collect offers from all leading travel companies, display the prices of tours directly from the tour operator and immediately “pull” real reviews of tourists about hotels. Comfortable i I have been using aggregators for 2 years, I have already organized 4 vacations :)

✓ Cheapest tour to Montenegro in June for two will cost 45 000 rubles – for 7 days, in unpretentious 2-3 stars and, most likely, in loaded Budva.

✓ The cost of tours “all inclusive” – already from 95,000 rubles, all in Montenegro is still a luxury and rarity.

✓ Prices for family vouchers – mom, dad, child – from 50,000 rubles.

Resorts of Montenegro – where better to relax in June?

Let’s understand where it is warmer in Montenegro in June.


If you look at the map, it is one of the most southerly and warmest. resorts. All beaches of Ulcinj are sandy, and the sand is not there. simple, and black, healing. 12 km from the city is the most The largest beach in the country is Velika Plaža.

The sun, sandy bottom and silence attract, first of all, families with children. The tour to Ulcinj will cost the most, but the prices for Food and nutrition are among the lowest in the country.


The small town of Budva Riviera with an ideal location. My favorite among all resorts! The mountains here are so close to the sea, that the reflected sunshine heats the water better. Also suitable for a quiet family holiday, although entertainment can be found and for adults.

Before noisy Budva transport can be reached in less than half an hour. The beaches are both sandy (City Beach and Luchitsa) and small-pebble (Buljaritsa). At the last come to swim local. Note: private housing for rent in Petrovac is all modern and therefore, quite expensive. But the voucher can go cheap.


Becici Becici

The most sought-after resort in Montenegro. Everything is here – and beautiful Old Town, and night clubs, and the best (but crowded) the beaches.

The influx of tourists in Budva is in July. Therefore, in May and June You can relax here quite inexpensively. Those who dream of Budva, but wants to sleep peacefully at night, such neighboring resorts as Becici and Rafailovici – it is near, you can walk on foot.

Herceg Novi

concrete beach concrete beach

Located in the Bay of Kotor. Beautiful city with great lots of steep stairs! The beaches here are only concrete and pebble. (and, pebbles such that without special shoes it is difficult to enter water). But there are a lot of them in the city – paid and free, for any taste.

In June in Herceg Novi it rains more often than in the rest parts of the coast. So get ready, stock up on clothes. warmer. In addition to the usual hotels Herceg Novi is famous health resorts.


This is not only an island resort that is considered the most expensive in Montenegro, but also located near the town on the mountainside. In the town There is a free public beach, and housing can be found quite budget.

The beaches here are pebbly. With a stroller along the slope to walk is difficult. Therefore, it is better to go here with older children.

Passwords and turnout surrendered, now the choice of where to rest in Montenegro in June, for you. By the way, a more detailed analysis of locations There is in our separate article about resorts Montenegro.

Montenegro landmarks – what to do in June?

Montenegro is a country located “by the blue sea in high mountains “. A beautiful natural contrast of different landscapes and climatic zones, a lot of ancient monuments and the same huge the number of excursions throughout this abundance will not exactly give you even for a second get bored and wonder what to do in Montenegro and what to see in June … There is entertainment on any taste.

From the Editor: As we rested in Montenegro in 2018-ом (+подборка отелей) >>

Perast Perast

For lovers of antiquity:

  • Budva – in June two festivals are held here at once: “Grad-Theater” (open-air theater) and musical international festival “Song of the Mediterranean”.
  • You can go alone by public transport or rented car.
  • Kotor is an ancient city included in the list of the World UNESCO heritage.
  • You can visit as part of the tour of the Boko-Kotor Bay. The cost of the trip: € 25 – adults, € 12.5 – children.
  • Perast and the island of Gospa od Škrpela (Mother of God on the reef).
  • Perast is a city of Russian sailors, its entire history is connected with by our navigators. So watch and listen interesting.
  • On the boat you can ride on man-made island Virgin on the Reef. He literally made their own hands residents of Perast. The island turned out to be small, but very colorful, I advise you to visit. Also included in the tour of Boko-Kotor Bay.

Tara Canyon Tara Canyon

For nature lovers:

  • Lake Skadar – located on the territory of two countries – Montenegro and Albania. The place where migratory birds nest with all Europe. Worth seeing it! The highlight of the program is giant pelicans.
  • You can get yourself, and you can tour by bus.
  • The price of the trip in the group – € 40 (adults) and € 20 (children).
  • The canyons of the Tara and Moraca Rivers – a breathtaking ride through mountain serpentine. The sea of photos is provided to you!
  • In the canyons there are separate large excursions for the whole day. Prices same as for the trip to Lake Skadar.
  • National Park Durmitor – located at the foot of the same name mountains, the highest point of Montenegro. Going there take care of warm clothes, in the mountains it is always much cooler. A visit to the park is included in the canyon ride.

Tsetin Monastery Tsetin Monastery

For the soul:

  • Ostrog Monastery – one of the most important places of pilgrimage Orthodox people. Carved into the rock at an altitude of 900 meters.
  • Excursions on certain days, because should not interfere with the services. The cost of the trip is € 25 and € 12.5 (adults / children respectively).
  • You must have a handkerchief with you (for women to cover head and shoulders). Legs must also be closed.
  • Tsetin Monastery – located in the first capital of Montenegro – Cetinje (the city itself, by the way, is also worthy of attention).
  • Entrance to the monastery is free. The main thing is to look matched.
  • The tour can be ordered, but individual. Guide will cost you from € 108 (the four of them can be thrown off – the maximum amount person).
  • Mount Lovchen and the mausoleum of Njegos – the memorial of the most revered Montenegrin ruler, located on the top of Mount Lovcen, near from Cetinje (you can get there with the same guide).
  • From the walls of the mausoleum overlooking the whole country!

For thrills:

  • Rafting on the rivers Moraca and Tara. The first is suitable for beginners, the second is for more experienced rafters.
  • Price: € 65 per adult (from 12 years old), € 32.5 – children’s ticket.

As you can see, you can relax in Montenegro in June fascinating, informative and sometimes even with a twinkle;))

Note: on my last trip I discovered Tripster – a site where you can book a tour from the local (Russian-speaking) person. In case you do not want / can not take a car or go by public transport.

Reviews of Montenegro in June 2018 – is it worth it to go?

Gospa od Škrpela Gospa od Škrpela

Balkan Adriatic coast makes healthy competition popular tourist destinations like Cyprus or Turkey: the sea, sun and visa is not needed. But Montenegro wins a bit in June thanks to the mild climate and rich nature. Agree with me and many reviews: even at the beginning of summer the daytime temperature is The Mediterranean Sea passes over + 30 ° C and is transferred heavily. But For the sake of objectivity, I will say: Cyprus will still be a bit cheaper … especially tour.

Compare! >>

Reviews about Montenegro in June are extremely positive. Most The main points that every tourist mentions:

+ no heat, just warm and comfortable + sea in Montenegro in June already warmed up (from the second half) + the peak of the season has not yet come, so the beaches are crowded and quietly + prices in Montenegro and so not high, and in June they are even slightly lower

– rains are possible, but they do not frighten anyone

From myself I will add that at this time the local fruits (imported on the shelves all year round). Everyone Montenegro in early June, pamper cherries and cherries. Closer to In the middle of the month they will start harvesting peaches and nectarines, apricots will appear later. Only there I understood what it means the expression “honey apricot”!

In addition, at the end of June Montenegro is rich in blackberries, blueberries and such exotic as mulberry and loquat. If you go close to mountains, you can enjoy the forest strawberries (villagers actively collect it). So you need to go, definitely :)

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