Rest in Montenegro in July 2019 – the weather, prices and reviews

Montenegro in July was created for lovers of summer heat. Not a single Chance to freeze! A slight risk of overheating, but who will stop it? Just do not miss the heat of the inhabitants of cold Russia? Find out what life is like after + 28 ° C? Prices, resorts, reviews.


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  2. July weather
  3. Prices for tours
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  5. What to see?
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Do I need a visa to Montenegro?

In the summer season of 2019 – from April 15 to October 30 – Russians can located in the territory of Montenegro without a visa up to 90 days From October 31 to 30 days.

Another moment. Tourists are required to pay tax: about 1 euro per person per day, and issue a temporary registration (“white cardboard”, as stated on the Internet reviews). If you live in the hotel / hotel then the document and the payment are issued by the host side. Do not worry and those who travel on a ticket – it is already included in the price.

But self-rest will have to run: tourist The fee can be paid at the post office, at the bank or in State Tourism Bureau. The latter is preferable because here will immediately register. This particular card check at the border, at the exit. However, to be honest, they do it. very rarely.

Our experience. We traveled on our own to Montenegro in the summer of 2018, we were not asked to show anything at the border. Lived in 2 different locations – apartments with and apartment with Airbnb. The first owners did everything according to the rules, the second ones vaguely shook shoulders when we started talking about the need for paperwork. I think it is better to get a document anyway, so as not to mandate on passport control. Suddenly, the border guard did not ask for the day, and he decide to check? It has a legal right! There are reviews of tourists unlucky. The fine in this case is substantial – € 200.

Beach holidays in Montenegro – the weather in July

Buljaritsa beach Buljaritsa beach

The weather in Montenegro in July is clear. Sunny days prevail: the probability of precipitation tends to 4 days in a month.

Frankly speaking, my heat of this level causes persistent desire to die, preferably somewhere under the conditioner. With another side – the high heat of the air is much easier to survive when facing eyes of the sea space, and in a glass of mojito tinkling cubes ice

Water and air temperature in Montenegro in July

The MOST big plus: Montenegro is much easier than in Turkey, Greece and their ilk. Daily temperature in Montenegro July + 28 ° C, at night + 25 ° C. In the mountains, cooler: + 23 ° C and + 15 ° C respectively. In case you need to cool down.

Can I swim in the Adriatic? Certainly for so here and go! Beach vacation in full swing. Water temperature in Montenegro in July is almost + 25 ° C. Notorious merzlyaki note that the sea remains comfortable even in the rain.

Depending on the resort, the weather may be slightly hotter or colder, but not significant. So choose where it is better rest in Montenegro in July, you can, without taking into account the temperature regime – it’s warm everywhere.

Sea and air temperature in July:

Resort On the beach, ° C Water, ° C
Herceg Novi +27 +24
Budva +28 +24,5
Sveti Stefan +28 +24,5
Ulcinj +27 +24,5

A month earlier: Is it normal to go to Montenegro? in June? >>

Prices for tours to Montenegro in July 2019

What? If we talk about buying an integrated offer flights + hotel, prices for tours we usually monitor through aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

✓On 7 days Montenegro at the beginning of July will cost minimum 50,000 rubles. Round for two in 3 * hotel, flight from Moscow By the end of the month, the situation does not change for obvious reasons – summer goes on!

Mount Durmitor Mount Durmitor St. Michael's Cathedral, Old Town, Herzog Novi St. Michael's Cathedral, Old Town, Herzog Novi

✓Putevka for 14 days for two people – from 75,000 rubles.

✓Weekly family tour to Montenegro in July (mom + dad + child) costs from 75,000 rubles.

✓ “All inclusive” for two – from 85,000 rubles. But need Take into account that Montenegro is not a package country. The cost of tours such same as self travel. And the quality of rest all inclusive while worse than in the same Turkey, for example. Besides, there are few offers, geographically they are almost all concentrated in near Budva. Therefore, it is better to take a tour – flight + hotel, this quite enough.

If you are driving on your own, the prices for rest in Montenegro in July are as follows:

≈ 30,000 rubles – flights Moscow-Tivat; Moscow-Podgorica a little less: from 24,000 rubles, but getting there from the airport only by transfer

≈ 15,000 rubles – apartments for a week in Budva; Pick up on Bucking (on the link – for you a discount of 1000 rub.) or Airbnb (bonus of 2100 rub.)

≈ 14 euros (1000 rubles) – tax on stay.

Total – the same 50,000 rubles (46,000 rubles, to be accurate).

Therefore, when planning a trip to one place, it’s easier and A little cheaper to take a tour. If you are supposed to move inside countries – alone, too, is inexpensive. And earlier booking will allow you to relax in Montenegro in July cheap for high season.

How much can you spend in Montenegro? Catch a detailed story about our experience and current prices for everything!

Resorts of Montenegro – where better to relax in July?

Herzog Novi Embankment Herzog Novi Embankment

So, what you should not worry about when choosing a place of rest, so This is about where it is warmer in Montenegro in July. Where to go swimming and sunbathing, if the entire coast of the country is equally beach? Brief information, what are the resorts in Montenegro and what is their features

Herceg Novi

The city is located deep in the Bay of Kotor, unrest at sea practically does not happen. What is a fat plus when resting with a child. Of the minuses: the beaches are pebbly or concrete. Terrain hilly, a large number of housing options are located with condition of descent to the water, often by steep stairs. Good for those who decided to combine the beach and fitness. Bad for those who seal to whom laziness.


The most “pop” place on the Montenegrin coast. Party, noisy, crowded. Well, almost like Adler in mid-July. Only beaches wider and relatively inexpensive. Nearby – half an hour walking Embankment – Becici and Rafailovici. It’s a little quieter, traditionally go here on holiday with children. Entertainment is designed for family vacation: attractions, water parks, outdoor terraces cafes, water wheelchairs, discos.


The most expensive Montenegro in July in 2019 is here. But this fact can forgive and accept given that local hotels are part of architectural heritage and are located in the former fortress. Main plus high prices on the island: fewer holidaymakers.


The most ecologically safe resort in the already ecologically safe Montenegro. Black sand beach is healing, and in the city itself the proximity of Albania is felt and Oriental motifs.

At this sun .. no, not all. More detailed description mentioned Montenegrin resorts and +3 new read in our special review >>

Attractions in Montenegro – what to do in July?

For obvious reasons, the sea in Montenegro in July is the main goal and the main tourist attraction of the absolute majority tourists. And yet: only mountains can be better than mountains! In Chernogory incredible views from the heights. And these heights need to conquer!

About car rental.

The best way to explore all the interesting places is car rental. The cost in 2018 was around € 30 per day.

Unbelievable, but true: prices in Montenegro for rental cars Uncle Milos’ neighbor, may be lower than through popular services. We booked a car in advance through RentalCars, and it was 30 percent more expensive than the owner of the apartments offered us. But! We were at the end of August, in the high season it may just not be free cars! An incredible amount of travels to Montenegro people.

You can try to reserve in advance on MyRentaCar. is he differs from the above in that it cooperates with private traders. Although many Montenegrins have poorly mastered the Internet (for now!) And continue use ads on the fence.

On own (rented) car is convenient to travel mainly because no one is limiting in time. Can climb into unknown distances on dirt roads and enjoy the relative loneliness and greatness of the mountains.

About excursions.

But those same dirt roads for “plain” drivers can cause a panic attack, therefore, to explore the terrain in part of the tour, there is a reason and common sense, especially if you have little experience.

Convenient services for finding excursions from local guides:

  • Tripster
  • Sputnik

In the direction of interesting offers on Thripster, on Sputnik less options, but also there.

What to see? Must-visit:

✓ Durmitor National Park – on average, a day trip from € 300 Guide and car services included, up to 6 people

In July, Durmitor is probably the only place in Montenegro where cool, possible precipitation and the need for warm clothing. It is worth taking a waterproof windbreaker!

✓ Gulf of Kotor – depending on the set stop cities from € 130 to € 250, guide + car, group up to 4 person

✓ Ancient monasteries – from € 190 for a day trip Ostrog → Cetinje → Podgorica, guide + car, group up to 4 people

All excursions in Russian. Bus excursions from Budva these areas: from € 12 to € 35 per person.

What to do in Montenegro in July without traveling along serpentine? An incredible number of people will be willing to offer entertainment: yachting, fishing, water parks, rides, dancing … All the attributes of a summer holiday – as we used to Black Sea coast.?

Gospa od Škrpela Gospa od Škrpela


➢ from € 2 – baby carousel on the embankment Budva-Becici-Rafailovici

➢ € 22 (€ 17 for children) – Budva Water Park

➢ € 25 – parasailing after the boat

➢ € 30 – fishing

➢ € 40 – diving

➢ € 300 – day trip on a yacht

A review of Montenegro in July 2018 – is it worth it to go?

afternoon snack for adults afternoon snack for adults Fish assortment Fish assortment

The reviews about Montenegro in July are, in general, positive, but There are nuances:

  • The climate in the country is Mediterranean, which means July weather = heat
  • Midsummer – it’s time for school holidays, there will be many children. Montenegro reaches its maximum in late July – and temperature, and the number of tourists
  • The main airport for Russians is Tivat, most flights from Moscow here. And he is small, ill-conceived, hot. Territory around – parking
  • Network hotels in Montenegro? No, not heard! Prevails here private sector
  • If you plan to leave more than 90 days (well, you never know), most often do the so-called “visa-wound” – departure to the neighboring Bosnia or Albania for 1 day. Get stamps, come back to place of rest. You can get stuck and formally request in advance visa through the Consulate of Montenegro.

I was very comfortable in Montenegro. Feeling that came to Grandma for the holidays. Ambient care about you, suggest in which store the fruit is fresher, where the buns are delicious. Unfamiliar Men name foreign children to play football. In the field service almost everyone speaks Russian, but even if they don’t, then ready to explain with gestures. No fuss, pathos. Country on relaxed One where people drink coffee and smoke at sunset (by the way, people smoke here in public places!), neighbors come to a friend A friend to visit just chat.

And in general, the bright sun, warm sea, mountain landscapes. To someone need more happiness?

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