Rest in Krasnaya Polyana in winter – 2019: prices, my experience

And-haaaaaa! Rest in Krasnaya Polyana in winter in 2019 is in full swing! Positive temperature, a three-meter layer of soft snow, mulled wine and a get-together for interests. Just returned, brought GB of photos and the latest info on the situation and prices on the coolest ski resort country.


  1. Where to buy a tour?
  2. Festivals and entertainment resorts of Krasnaya Polyana
  3. Prices
  4. Hotels
  5. Navigation – how to get and move?
  6. Children with us

But before: Krasnaya Polyana is the name settlement. Here, and in the neighboring Esto-Sadok, there are 4 ski resorts. resort:

1) the most developed and developed Rosa Khutor – most of the tracks, hotels are a bit cheaper, expensive meals.

2) Gorky Gorod – more expensive hotels, cheaper (and more diverse) cafes, good trails.

3) Gazprom Laura and 4) Gazprom Alpica.

How did we get to Krasnaya Polyana?

My trip to Sochi My trip to Sochi Sea in Sochi - riding on a yacht Sea in Sochi - riding on a yacht

This is me – I check the possibility of participation in the March bogel vugele. But no. By the descent into a bikini is not ready. Whether the level hardening is not the same, or is spring not as close as it seems? We, as often happens with us, we got to Polyana bypass. First, by plane – from Moscow to Stavropol (thanks to Aviasales for adequate ticket). Then 10 hours a night drive by car, and we the goal is in Sochi. Krasnaya Polyana is waiting for us in a couple of days, but for now walk along the promenade, yacht and enjoy the sun and + 12 ° C after Moscow winter.

One of the holiday bonuses in the off-season is reasonable prices for accommodation in Sochi and Adler. For example, 5 * Hyatt Regency Sochi – from 7800 rubles per night, 4 * Bridge Resort (next to which Olympic Village is located) – from 4000 rubles. Exactly half less from the summer price! We chose a convenient from the point of view logistics (1 minute to the railway station in Sochi) Park Inn – 3800 for two. All options with breakfast.

On Day X on Lastochka we go to the ski resort itself. Lived in Krasnaya Polyana on Rosa Khutor, in the Mountain Olympic Village, hotel Riders Lodge. From the station we arrived by free bus to lift, presented the small hotel reservation (on the screen phone), and we are in place!

Tours to Rosa Khutor

I am a supporter of buying tours, if you plan to travel from a point And to point B, without searching for adventures on point P. For some directions (Sochi among them) are really cheaper (in rare cases – equally for the price), but not so energy consuming.

We do not rest on Rosa Khutor for the first time, but this year by virtue of circumstances, I bought tickets and hotel separately. Eventually, 10 times lost in the mail our armor, then frantically searched for them, found again lost … Well, when all at once, in one a letter!

Rosa is convenient to book tours through the official website. From Moscow There are offers: flight, shuttle, accommodation (with breakfast), ski pass For 2-3-4-5-7-10 days, the number of people is optional. The cost depends on the hotel and the duration. For two the most cheap option for 5 nights 72,000 rubles. Self assembly cost about the same amount.

If the trip is supposed to be more walking and touring, than katatelnuyu, it makes sense to save on:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Tours to Krasnaya Polyana from Moscow for 5 days for two begin from 20,000 rubles. Yes, this is a hostel with a shared bathroom and without breakfast, and to the cable car away (about 6 km), but why not? On the Glade, you can hang out and relatively budget.

✓ More decent options – so that together, without neighbors – from 35 000 rubles

✓ Most popular, like 3 * Gorky City Apartments – from 45 thousand

What to do on vacation?

Ski slope on Rosa Khutor Ski slope on Rosa Khutor

Do not ask me who these optimistic striped dudes are. I dont know. When they began to look at me predatoryly, obviously with intent to drag me on their merry, I bravely escaped!

Releasing outward my inner captain Obviously, I want say: on vacation you need to rest! Without nerves, fuss, haste. To take mulled wine (fixed price of 350 rubles in most institutions on Rose! They conspired there?!), Stretch out in the sun … And the events will turn around themselves (well, not without the help of local workers). Choose what is closer and book a tour on the desired dates:

  • Tinkoff Rosafest

    January 26 – February 2, 2019

    Location: Rosa Khutor

    This year already – alas and oh! And it was probably cool. We caught the very first day, when only set the flags and knocked tribunes, but the spirit of the moving was in the air. At the fest a lot of prizes from sponsors (Tinkoff Bank, Tele2, Gorilla Energy and others), parties with free drinks and much more (I will not paint, so that those who did not hit this year did not bite themselves elbows from resentment). Well, for those who want to attend the event next year: you can become a member of the fest by booking accommodation through its official website for dates.

    Week on peak

    March 2-9, 2019

    Location: Gorky Gorky

    Unexpected venue (usually all tusy on the Rose!), retro-style, disco, Caucasus, disguised as the Alps – should be interesting, there is something to see. I just want to! Great way Mark March 8, in my opinion.


    March 13-17, 2019

    Location: Rosa Khutor

    An event that has already become LE-GEN-DAR-NYM! Yes Yes! This spring will be hot ooo! As part of the festival, they are descending into bathing suits, and on March 16, anyone who is impatient to wear a bikini is not waiting for the summer, they will gather on the Rose, so that people can see themselves show? Participation is free.

    Alfa Future People Snow Edition

    March 22-24, 2019

    Location: Rosa Khutor

    Electronic music festival. In the program Chase & Status DJ Set, Apashe, DJ parade and DJ-rink. So to all fans of the direction – must visit! Issue price: from 10,000 rubles (included in the price visiting all the sites of the festival and skiing on the slopes).


    All season every saturday

    Location: Rosa Khutor

    Competitions for skiers and snowboarders from 5 to 14 years. Everyone can take part.

    New star camp

    March 29 – April 7, 2019

    Location: Rosa Khutor

    Here those who drive, want to learn how to drive or just love be close to those who drive! Park, Powder and Party to dawn. All guests of the resort will be able to join, no specials. no tickets. Many skiers in the festival are closed for yourself season.

In addition to participating in parties, it makes sense to explore the ski resort Krasnaya Polyana from all 4 sides (slopes):

  • Rosa Khutor
  • Gorky City
  • Alpika (Gazprom)
  • Laura (Gazprom)

Literally this season, a new cable car has opened, bringing together Gazprom and Alpiku. Itself saw only from below, but local skilled katalschiki told, that this very conveniently. Now you can buy one for two resorts ski pass and drive and for quite extreme slopes of Alpiki, and on gentle Gazprom.

For those who have few skis / snowboards, there is one:

Excursion: From Krasnaya Polyana to the sea bike – with the pros and for 2000 rubles

Estosadok and Gorky Gorod

And-and-and-and the most “year-round” ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana – Gorky City. The Circus and Circus-2 tracks are often snow covered in June. So the ski in Russia is quite real not only in December, in January, February, March-April-May, but also in summer! ?

What is interesting, except the slopes?

➢ Art of Flight Trampoline Center – located on Lower station of the Alpika-Service cable car, in Estosadok. Cost: 450 rubles per hour on weekdays, 600 rubles at the weekend.

➢ Waterpark Mountain Beach – Gorki Gorod may boast a slice of summer in the midst of a snowy winter. Ticket prices: adults (above 1.40 m) – 1300 rubles on weekdays, 1500 on weekends; children – 800 rubles and 1000, respectively.

Entertainment at Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor - tubing Rosa Khutor - tubing

What can I say: I did not roll on the buns. It’s better for me black trail than a sort of extreme!

What to do if skiing and snowboarding is not yours? Well or you Alpine skier day off from skating?

Main entertainments of Roza Khutor:

➢ Ropeways. Chairs and cabins, under the clouds and lower. With the constant photoset (because what: look like cool-y! Take a picture of me soon!) Here and not in a day you have time to examine everything.

Prices for the Rosa Khutor ski pass in 2019 (pleasure tickets): Rosa Valley (very bottom) – Rose Peak (almost the very top, observation deck at an altitude of 2320 m, then only on foot) 1450 rubles for adults, 900 rubles – children 7-14 years.

➢ Penguin Skating Rink – if to snow slopes prefer smooth ice.

Cost: 360 rubles daytime riding (from 11.00 to 14.30), 450 rubles – evening (from 15.00 to 22.00), children: 180 rubles and 225 rubles, respectively. Driving time 2 hours, rental equipment included in the price.

➢ Sani – or, as they say in the resort price lists, toboggan. 45 minutes of skiing with the rental of all necessary equipment and use of the cable car – 1300 rubles. Every the next 20 minutes +200 rubles. Everybody pays, including children from 10 years old.

➢ Cheesecakes – they are tubing. 500 rubles 3 descent. Children below the meter are not allowed to skate. Adults are thicker than 80 kg too (yiw!).

Mountain panoramas, walking areas, clean air – free ?

Adler, Sochi

Yachting in Sochi Yachting in Sochi

Guys, yachting is van lav! We have dolphins under the boat diving !!!

Rest in Krasnaya Polyana in the winter we always plan so that a day or two walk in Sochi and Adler. And we advise everyone. Visit a resort city in the off-season is worth it at least to understand how there good without tourists.

Many people like to come to Sochi for the New Year, but my favorite time – March: the gurney is still in full swing, and below is + 15 ° C (and even more), sun. You can walk in sneakers and a hoodie. Great is charging! Especially when you live somewhere, where until this spring April and half of May (in Moscow, I mean).

What to do in Sochi in the winter?

➢ Olympic Park – in the summer huge, asphalted area – this is some kind of test for strong in body and mind! Heats up, probably, to +50. At night cooler but darker. So winter is the time to enjoy the legacy of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

➢ Sochi Park – well, everything is clear, Russian Disneyland is good at any time of the year. Moreover, in the winter is cheaper. A park Waiting for visitors daily from 11.00 to 18.00. Monday Tuesday – weekend, until May.

Price: 550 rubles for adults, 400 rubles for children.

➢ Outdoor pools (heated!) – swim in the winter outside. There are many options, at prices from 200 rubles up to 5,000 rubles per day. I liked it in the Arctic (1000 rubles) and in Sputnik (300-400 rubles).

Prices in Krasnaya Polyana in winter 2018-2019

So, how much?

  • Prices for lifts

    It’s all complicated. A lot of factors affect: how much in advance to buy, how long, what cable car, how old a tourist, for what purposes, winter outside or spring already … Without delving into particular, the general scheme is as follows: the earlier and the more days you buy at once, the cheaper.

    When buying a standard sports ski pass “here and now” for one day and in rubles:

    Resort Adults Children (7-14 years)
    Gorky City 2200 1500
    Rosa Khutor 2950 1400
    Gazprom (Alpika and Laura) 2400 1450
    One for Rosa Khutor and Gazprom (Alpika, Laura) 3300 1700
    Lifts on the Rose Farm - Krasnaya Polyana Lifts on the Rose Farm - Krasnaya Polyana Snowboard on the Rose Farm Snowboard on the Rose Farm

    The main rule of photography on open lifts: stronger Hold the phone and make sure the ski poles are secure! With snowboard easier)


    At Rosa, all rental centers have the same prices:

    • Snowboard + boots – 1500 rubles (adult) / 750 rubles (for children)
    • Skis + boots + sticks – 1500 rubles (adult) / 750 rubles (for children)


    Individual lesson with the trainer Rosa Khutor duration 2 hours:

    • From 9.00 to 14.00 – 4950 rubles
    • From 14.00 to 16.00 – 4500 rubles


    Krasnaya Polyana in the winter – the record for the height of prices in cafes and restaurants. If in Gorky Gorod there is a chance to have a cheap snack fast food or in the dining room, then at Rosa Khutor prices in 2019 – uh, Sochi was not around! The average check per person we went 800 rubles (without alcohol). Even a cheeseburger in McDuck instead of the usual 50 rubles, is 70.

    To eat on the Rose is expensive everywhere. But in some places it’s least expensive and tasty:

    • Pear
    • Trikoni

    but somewhere expensive and tasteless (Berloga). Only chance save: store crossroads and apartments with kitchen / slow cooker in the room.

    Cafe Pear Cafe Pear

Important! When resting on Rosa Khutor very I recommend to issue the card “My Rose”. This can be done in information center on the Rose Plateau (in the same building with the restaurant Den). She is allows you to accumulate points for purchases at the resort, which can pay up to 30% of the following purchases. Points do not burn down a year and a half, those. They can be used in the next season. Would need passport and 5 minutes time. Name cards, on-site will do a photo.

Hotels in Krasnaya Polyana

Private sector in the villages (Esto-Sadok and Krasnaya Polyana) in winter gives some advantage to tourists who come with “non-appealing” goals:

✓ Catering with human prices

✓ The cost of housing is several times lower than near the slopes

✓ Guesthouse infrastructure is usually adapted to kebabs / bathhouse and other joys of outdoor recreation

Book now at Airbnb. Apartment for 5 nights for two cost from 15,000 rubles.

However: if you drive a gurney every day, remote accommodation strains and turns out not much more economical. Additionally, you will have to pay for travel from the hotel to lifts:

  • cheaply by bus (# 163 – 22 rubles, # 105 and # 135 in the area 35-60 rubles, depending on the distance, # 105e and # 135e – ATTENTION !!! – 250 rubles and 180 rubles, respectively), but go to boots (especially ski boots!) to the bus stop … phew!
  • Taxi in the region of 500 rubles

And if you change shoes on the spot, you need to rent a luggage room. (from 200 rubles). Or drive with boots in a backpack all day pleasure! And time costs? Non-Vos-Pol-ni-we !!! By these reasons we choose the height right away, and since we love the Rosa slope The farm then settles on the Rose Plateau. While in student life Alive almost in Sochi, so that cheaper?

Our Hotel Riders Lodge Our Hotel Riders Lodge

Our little guest is preparing to be at the center of events on a rose fest)

Most hotels are located in the resorts of Rosa Khutor and Gorki City. View-book can be on Booking. He is, in principle, satisfied, but recently I found RoomGuru – which aggregates and Booking, and a dozen more hotel search engines, is more profitable.

Price for hotels on Rosa Khutor (room on two):

  • 2 * around 6000 rubles per night
  • 3 * about 8000 rubles
  • 4 * -5 * from 12,000 to 100,000 rubles

“Star” hotels in Gorki Gorod slightly higher, respectively cost too. However, there is compensation due to cheaper ski passes and the availability of budget restaurants.

There are only two hotels at Gazprom: 5 * Grand Hotel Polyana – from 15,000 per night; и 4* Поляна 1389 Отель&Спа – от25,000 rubles. The Grand Hotel has an outdoor pool with heated – for guests entrance, of course, free, for those who “from the side” – 600 rubles per day.

We are for accommodation at Riders Lodge (5 nights, double room, with breakfast) paid 29,250 rubles. The hotel was built to Olympics, it is now a little podushatan, but:

✓ Cheapest option on the Rose Plateau

✓ Convenient location – the track goes straight to the hotel, you can slide down to the front door

✓ Below is a great coffee shop Surf Coffee – drink a latte, unusual tea or smoothies – the most it after the wheelchair!

✓ In the evening of movement – people play consoles, board games, communicates

However, all the hotels on the Rose and in the Gorky Gorod are new, not yet killed, so you can choose any. Check location by map, and within budget book.

Last season we also stayed at the Rose, in the apartment. Ski Inn. One of the cable cars moves away from the entrance door – just a fairy tale. Downstairs is an excellent equipment dryer. By cost this season for two came 47,000 rubles for 5 days. It seemed expensive.

Transportation – how to get?

Views on the Rose Farm Views on the Rose Farm The Olympic Village Krasnaya Polyana The Olympic Village Krasnaya Polyana

Snapshots from my back are especially good for me! But how can I turn head when in front of such beauty!

The most advantageous geographical location for trips to Sochi (as, however, and in many other domestic and foreign cities) Moscow Air travel back and forth will cost 5,000-6,000 rubles per person Many companies in the winter season offer free transportation of ski equipment (S7, Red Wings, Aeroflot – 100%, personally flew. The rest need to be checked, although I suspect that they do not lag behind competitors).

If the trip is short-lived, and you are without children / dogs / three evening dresses, you can safely buy tickets without luggage. Into one snowboard cover, in addition to the board and boots, for example, fit: overalls, thermal underwear, fleece, gloves, a couple of sweaters, T-shirts and sneakers The rest of the trifle easily fits in your hand luggage. Liter Banks with shampoos, alas, have to leave at home!

You can get to Polyana by car or train:

➢ Swallow from Sochi to Rosa Khutor costs 355 rubles (maximum tariff: from the final to the final). From the railway Station to the Rosa lift goes free shuttle.

➢ Buses # 105, # 105e (from Sochi, price around 250 rubles), # 135 and # 135e (from Adler, 180 rubles) are slightly cheaper, but go longer, there may be traffic jams. If you do not sit on the ultimate, sometimes you have to stand. I prefer the railway crossing if possibly.

BUT! Swallow, whose schedule you can see the table below, walks only 6 times a day. When bass is the only option more comfortable 105e and 135e – they do not call in settlements, stops less, faster and more crowded.

Schedule swallows + bonus (schedule of the free shuttle GLK Roza Farm – railway station Rosa Khutor)

From Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana

Sochi Adler Rosa Khutor
7.40 8.13 8.53
8.56 9.41 10.21
10.34 11.10 11.50
13.15 13.56 14.36
14.00 14.36 15.16
17.33 18.10 18.50

From Krasnaya Polyana to Sochi

Rosa Khutor Adler Sochi
10.38 11.18 12.00
15.01 15.41 16.21
16.56 17.36 18.21
17.03 17.43 18.31
19.20 20.00 20.45
21.43 22.23 23.00

Free shuttle from McDonald’s Rosa Khutor: 8.45, 9.10, 10.10, 10.30, 11.40, 12.00, 14.30, 15.10, 16.35, 17.50, 18.45

From Sochi Airport (Adler) you can go by train 1 time per day sent at 10:59. For those arriving after 11:00 am the best way to get there is by shuttle (many hotels, tours offer to buy in the complex). Well, or buses ↑. Yandex taxi about 1500-2000 rubles.

Our personal experience is recreation with children.

Krasnaya Polyana in winter Krasnaya Polyana in winter Rest on Krasnaya Polyana in winter Rest on Krasnaya Polyana in winter

Most mimi-skiers go to conquer their first slope)

Frankly, our dedication to Rosa Khutor is in many ways because we are traveling with children (one of them and 2-3 relatives / friends with whom we plan a joint holiday). What kind I would have rave reviews of tourists from overseas resorts I met, and as if did not break the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana the prices at home with my baby are calmer.

Well, the situation contributes to:

✓ A large number of children’s activities (ski school from 3 years, children’s rooms, sledges, slides)

✓ Infrastructure (playgrounds, pharmacies, medical centers, gaming corners in restaurants)

✓ Food – the children’s menu was in ALL restaurants of those where we were

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