Rest in Bulgaria in July 2019 – the weather, prices and reviews

Rest in Bulgaria in July 2019 - weather, prices and reviews Rest in Bulgaria in July 2019 - weather, prices and reviews

I visited Bulgaria last year in the framework of a four-month travels around the Balkans and Eastern Europe, generously highlighting a whole month.

The country really deserves it: here is a comfortable climate, reasonable prices, delicious food and hospitable people with whom can be explained in Russian. In my opinion, here you can have a good time in any season, but it’s best to come to holiday in Bulgaria in July.


  1. What about a visa?
  2. July weather
  3. Prices for tours
  4. Which resort to choose?
  5. What to see?
  6. Reviews

Do I need a visa to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is part of the European Union, so yes, for traveling need a visa (but not a Schengen). Package of documents Standard: completed application form, tickets and hotel reservations, help with work, certificate from the bank, insurance and photography. Consular fee is 35 euros, plus if you contact the visa center, there is service fee of 14 euros. Submit documents worth at least 10 days before departure.

Good news: you can enter Bulgaria in accordance with the current Schengen (days of stay in the Schengen area are not spent), and also a multiple Croatian, Romanian or Cypriot visa (not confused with a pro-visa).

Beach holidays in Bulgaria – the weather in July

Bulgaria holidays Bulgaria holidays

Sea in Bulgaria – Black. As we have in Sochi. But the climate is close to Mediterranean. Tourists agree that this is an improved version. weather in the Russian middle zone: mild winter and warm, but not sultry summer.

If you compare Bulgaria and Turkey, then in the first heat is transferred lighter due to less humid air. It is noted that even in hot days you can “survive” without air conditioning and not spending all the time on sea.

The season in Bulgaria opens in June and ends in September. The most favorable for the beach is the weather in Bulgaria in July: air temperature reaches + 27 ° C … + 28 ° C, and water warms up to + 25 ° C.

Water temperature in Bulgaria in July is not the only reason go there in the midst of summer: at this time there is almost no rain (except a small refreshing rain), and fruit ripen. Yes and July weather is suitable for sightseeing quite.

Water and air temperature in Bulgaria in July

In the north of the coast, the air temperature in July is cooler than on South.

On the street (in the afternoon), ° C Sea temperature, (at the beginning of July), ° C Water temperature, (mid July), ° C
Albena +27 +24 +25
Burgas +28 +24,5 +25.8
Varna +27.5 +24 +25,5
Golden Sands + 27 +24 +25
Sunny Beach +28 +24 +25,5

Sea in Bulgaria Sea in Bulgaria

Prices for tours to Bulgaria in July – 2019

From my own experience of organizing holidays (and tracking tours weeks) I can say that Bulgaria is often hot trips or just great deals.

So to grab these cheap, I highly recommend looking tours on online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel

Services collect options from all leading tour operators (without markups!), display them in order from inexpensive to luxury and suggest the best dates for departure. Ideal in case of burning tour – it is more convenient (and more advantageous) to book in a couple of clicks than go to the office.

✓ Prices for tours to Bulgaria in July start from … 35,000 rubles per two for 7 days! Even Turkey with a fuel surcharge is more expensive :) If there is a Schengen, in general beauty, take it and fly. True, for such Money waiting for 1-2 stars, but they also come with excellent reviews (read-look at aggregators ↑).

✓ If you give preference to five star hotels, the cost tours starts from 65 000 rubles a week together.

✓ All Inclusive Hotels in Bulgaria – Quartet and Five – also from 65 thousand.

✓ And if you plan to go with the child, i.e. three, count at least 50 thousand rubles. “Reliable” hotels – in the area of 60-70 thousand.

By the way, most often in Bulgaria rest with tour operator Anex Tour. If interested, here’s the link in the title – our review of him

Resorts in Bulgaria – where better to relax in July?

I can please that the question is whether it is possible to swim in Black in July the sea is not worth it: it is the height of the season all over the coast. Choosing a place rest depends on preferences, financial opportunities and, of course, on having children in the composition. List the main locations to help you decide where to rest in Bulgaria in July.

In short:

  • Burgas and Varna are big cities where local people live. Accordingly, the infrastructure is developed, the prices are lower, the choice (total) wider. But there is a problem with the beaches.
  • Everything else – reservations for tourists with inflated price tags but good beaches.
  • The cheapest at the cost of tours resorts – Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas.


Relatively young resort in every sense: Albena was created especially for tourists in the second half of the last century + the number of kids with parents rolls over. The place chosen successful – here the Black Sea is combined with the liana forests of the reserve Baltat.

The resort quickly fell in love with Europeans, so there is not a budget. Wide sandy beaches, gentle descent into the sea and hotels at all attract family vacationers.

“Children’s” material: Where to go and what do in Bulgaria with a child? >>


Burgas is one of the largest cities with good infrastructure and transport links, including the international airport, where flights fly from Russia. Although its post-Soviet building the city really reminded me of some provincially populated item in Russia.

Here is where to dine, without repeating a single time during the holidays, and where to stroll in the evening. The main attraction of Burgas – Marine Gradina Park, where the festival opens in early July sand sculptures. Options for a beach holiday too “in assortment “, in fact, the entire coastline is one Sprawling sandy beach (but not very well maintained).


Varna is the second largest city on the coast with the airport, where flying loukoster “Victory”. Here is a pretty historic center and parks, there are shops and entertainment for children.

We spent a couple of days in Varna and found what to do, even in not a season. The city is suitable as a starting point for trips to Bulgaria, if vacation at sea is not a priority. Swim here too possible, but in this regard, Varna is inferior to the neighboring resorts, and The officer’s beach that year holds the unacceptable title of one of dirtiest in the country.

I want to go to Bulgaria by myself: Where to look flights? >>

Nessebar resort Nessebar resort


Which of the resorts in Bulgaria would you choose, go to Nessebar, in my opinion, is definitely worth it! In my personal rating this The most beautiful city of the Bulgarian coast: photogenic streets and cozy houses of its historic center are protected by UNESCO.

On the one hand, along with good beaches and a large water park for children it solves the cultural program, on the other – adversely affects prices. Food here is higher average. Do not count on a calm and measured rest in Season: Tourists from all over come to admire Nessebar Bulgaria


If you are looking for where it is warmer in Bulgaria in July, take a look at Review. This developing resort village favorably differs relatively low prices and warmer than in neighboring Golden Sands and Albena, by the sea.

There is infrastructure for families with children (water park and attractions) and silence for those who seek to hide from the crowds people.

Beach in Bulgaria Beach in Bulgaria


Bulgarian classics that fits all – from young people to grandmothers with grandchildren. Large selection of all-inclusive hotels, calm sea, convenient entry into the water and 15 kilometers of clean beaches.

From other entertainment – aqua and amusement park, bars and clockwork night discos. Therefore, grandmothers with grandchildren may seem noisy, it is better for them to choose a hotel in the southern part of the resort. Predictably, the payback for popularity is high prices on the spot.


The main competitor of Sunny Beach for the right to be considered the main resort. Greener, but more hilly.

It is focused more on an adult audience: entertainment for more young people, and the descent into the water – not for kids. Therefore Golden Sands are positioned primarily as a center of nightlife, although have all the infrastructure for family holidays.

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Sights of Bulgaria – what to do in July?

If you decide to rest in Bulgaria in July, do not give in tempted to spend all the time on the beach: there is something in the country look. A bus network is developed along the coast, which will allow to travel around seaside places as part of one-day outings.

Inland is better to get a rented car. On note: locals drive normally, more or less stick the rules. Gasoline costs ≈ 1 euro per liter, paid are common Parking is also about Euro per hour. We always rent a car. on RentalCars.

Pier Pier

List of things to do in Bulgaria in July:

Historical and cultural attractions

  • Roman Arena and the Old Town in Plovdiv
  • The memorial church of Alexander Nevsky and the historic center of Sofia Excursion price: from € 40 per person, there are also free tours cycling tours in english
  • Tsarevets fortress and the old town in Veliko Tarnovo
  • The historic center of Nessebar, protected by UNESCO
  • Town from the past – Koprivshtitsa

Natural Attractions

  • Rila Lakes – 7 high mountain glacial lakes
  • Stone forest and cape Kaliakra near Varna. Excursion price: from € 145 for a group of up to 4 people
  • Marvel at the rocks
  • UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park
  • Lake Pomorie with healing mud
  • Krusun waterfalls

Other entertainment

  • Water parks of the coast of Bulgaria Ticket to Aqua Paradise Water Park in Nessebar – from € 17
  • Sun lounger and umbrella for rent on the beach – € 3,5-6

Of the listed attractions, I have the most Liked the old city of Plovdiv: it is incredibly photogenic and atmospheric. Another vivid impression was the trip to the abandoned House-monument of the Communist Party “Buzludzha”. Although he does not included in the standard tourist program, if possible see this resembling flying to the top of the mountain a plate of monument stands.

Reviews about Bulgaria in July 2018 – is it worth it to go?

Grants in Bulgaria Grants in Bulgaria

I traveled to Bulgaria to put it mildly out of season: at the beginning March, when we arrived in Burgas, unexpectedly snow fell. Is not overshadowed our trip, because we were primarily interested in culture country. Friendly people, colorful sights and Delicious food won my heart. Imagine that if this beach weather was also added, we would stay in Bulgaria for a month.

Bulgaria in the summer was a traditional destination for holidays back in Soviet years, when it was treated as another Soviet Republic and joked: chicken – not a bird, Bulgaria – not abroad. WITH Since then much has changed: the conditions of rest and the level of service in the country is striving for European standards, the flow is growing foreigners, but the so-called “scoop” can still stumble. First of all, it’s about hotels.

Analyzing reviews about Bulgaria in July for 2018, you can highlight the following pros and cons.


+ Mild climate compared to any other “summer” country (except Montenegro) and good weather: many sunny days, rains are rare and insignificant. Even if you come to Bulgaria in the end of July – during the hottest period – will go on excursions tolerated

+ Sandy beaches. If the priority is to lie on the sand by the sea, and there is a choice: Bulgaria or Montenegro – better to stay at first.

+ Sufficient choice of entertainment for children and adults: from water parks and water skis to nightclubs.

+ Tasty and understandable food – not scary to have lunch with a child. AT July is just the fruit season, watermelons appear on the shelves and plums.

+ Prices in Bulgaria for food, transportation and other expenses are not shock, and sometimes even pleasantly surprised; you can relax here relatively inexpensive.

+ And most importantly: Bulgaria in July 2019 – the cheapest direction for the tour.

I want to make sure! >>


– July is the height of the season, so get ready for the influx of holidaymakers. On the other hand, the people will still be less than in the same Turkey summer.

– The sea in Bulgaria in July is not heated to the temperature of the pair milk In addition, note that in the water and on the shore come across algae and unpleasant animals.

– If you search, there are traces of ruin and gray-block architecture resembling the movie embodiment of Bratislava from “Eurotrip”.

Do not want to mess with visa red tape? Here is an alternative Bulgaria:

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  • Тунис в июле >>
  • Или Турция >>
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