Rest for the New Year in Thailand 2020

Holidays for the New Year in Thailand Holidays for the New Year in Thailand

Of course, you have already met the New Year with a fluffy Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the aroma of mandarins. And let’s imagine instead habitual attributes – tropical palm trees, white sand, as alternative to frosty snow, and warm azure sea! Agree very unusual and exotic. And at least once in a lifetime try change the New Year’s scenery is worth?


  1. Flights to Thailand and flight time from Moscow
  2. New Year Tours
    1. Phuket | Pattaya | Samui | Bangkok
  3. Tourist tips

Prepared for you a list of trusted sites where we have repeatedly found and bought cheap tours to Spain, Thailand and Turkey (better to compare prices on all three):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

If the soul asks for a non-standard beginning of the coming year, then its A trip to Thailand, a country with interesting New Year traditions (Thais spend a holiday not one, and the whole three times a year)!

When is New Year celebrated in Thailand?

✓ from December 31 to January 1, along with the entire planet – but relate to this completely indifferent, organizing a holiday, в первую очередь, для отдыхающих, с целью подзаработать.To meet the New Year in Thailand, they love not only Russians, but also Europeans. Therefore, the New Year and Christmas holidays – the most tourist season in the country

✓ New Year on the Chinese calendar – in 2020 falls to 25 January

✓ Finally, the national Thai New Year Songkran – a family the festival from April 13 to 15 with the obligatory visit to the temple, ritual ablutions of Buddha figures and everyone

Flights to Thailand

Holiday for the New Year in Thailand 2020 Holiday for the New Year in Thailand 2020

At the most extreme point of the island of Phuket

You can plan a trip to Thailand by yourself or not bother, pick a tour. In the second case of care for the flight takes the tour operator. This is often cheaper if you leave calculated for 7-14 days in Phuket or Pattaya.

How to buy cheap flights Moscow-Thailand?

Cheapest flight search services:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

They allow you to choose cheap tickets and, if necessary, make a difficult route with transfers. In addition, there are comfortable chips, as a calendar of low prices and several others (by reference – detailed instructions).

Regular flights are supported by many airlines, in including Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, S7, therefore fly to Thailand can be both from Moscow and from the regions. Besides the Far East, the cheapest will be the cost of tickets to Thailand from Moscow. Route without transfers to Bangkok and Phuket are arranged by Aeroflot and Thai Airways. He is the most expensive: tickets for the New Year – from 47,000 rubles to man back and forth. You can save by taking the flight with the docking – from 35 000 rubles.

Direct flight time from Moscow to Thailand (Bangkok)

By the time the flight direct flight from Moscow to Thailand is about 9 hours. Earlier we wrote about how much to fly to Bangkok from other cities.

Rounds to Thailand for New year 2020

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

If very briefly: the price tag in the period from December 26 to January 10 – above nowhere. But Russians purposefully choose New Year’s tours to Thailand. What is not surprising, the country is promoted as Turkey in the summer. Yes, and travel from winter to heat – quite tempting!

Where better to buy New Year’s tours to Thailand – we found out, we always We recommend Travelata and Level Travel online services. But at least save something?

  • Starting vacation until December 25 (prices – from 110 000 rubles for 10 nights for two)
  • Fly exactly on the 31st and celebrate in the sky (prices – from 120 000 rubles)

For comparison: the cost of a similar ticket with a flight of 26-30 December – from 140,000 rubles.

The second actual question is where to go? Consider the most Popular options for the direction of tours for the New Year 2020 Thailand.

Phuket for the New Year 2020

South Phuket South Phuket Phuket Beach Phuket Beach

View from Cape Prom Thep and Karon Beach in Phuket

By choosing a trip to Phuket in the New Year 2020, you are definitely not go wrong with the resort. As for the weather – it’s perfect, in this time is almost no rain. Clean sandy beaches and the sea, natural attractions and non-trivial entertainment – only There are several reasons why tourists prefer Phuket.

How to spend the New Year 2020? In Thailand, the holiday, though not recognize the national, but for farang try. Festive the festivities take place on the beaches of Karon and Patong. Stages are set, all night music plays, local singers perform and dance collectives. В небо запускаются светящиеся фонарики иfireworks (paper lanterns banned).

Our lifehacks: 10 rules for finding cheap tours >>

  • On Patong it will be noisy and not overflow. But the whole New Year Phuket is also concentrated there: Bangla Road and its strip and beer bars, crazy night away – that is necessary to a good half of tourists
  • If according to the plan everything must pass in a decorous manner – it is possible reserve a table in a good restaurant, for example, in Baan Rim Pa; either in the berth (3500-5000 baht per person)
  • Nightclubs also arrange a program of known – Catch on Bang Tao and Seduction on Bangle (unlimited alko for 500 baht with person)
  • Dinner at the hotel (for which there is a surcharge and often not refuse) – the most boring option. The clock starts at 9 pm entertain Thai dance songs, chorus give countdown, scream “Hooray!” and … diverge. You will have to pay for this in the region of 3500 baht but depends on star

Найти тур на Пхукет >>

We were in Phuket in the spring of 2017 and before the New Year 2018, and Here are some friendly tips:

  • Tip # 1 If you have a driver’s license – Be sure to rent a bike for freedom of movement. Optimal rental price: 200 – 250 baht (360 – 450 rubles).
  • Council number 2 In our opinion, it is better to stop on Patong, and swim ride to Karon Beach. First you save a decent amount of money (as a rule, hotels in Patong cheaper), and secondly, you can fully enjoy the nightlife (the key word is Bangla Road).
  • Council number 3 Having visited Phuket, we realized that overpay and choose a hotel more than 3 stars is not worth it. Huge a bed and a balcony with a tempting view – not the most important thing in Thailand, especially since the premises are held only 8 hours. And those – in a sleeping state.

Cons of Phuket:

  • A lot of tourists (Russians, Chinese, Europeans)
  • Not the cheapest place to stay in Tae, in terms of cost. vouchers

Pros of Phuket:

  • The purity of the sea and beaches (especially the beaches of Karon and Kata – on the latter can even be certified)
  • Cool natural scenery
  • There is something to see and where to have fun in the most tourist zone and beyond (for example, flying in the jungle on the ropes between the trees!)

Pattaya for New Year

Christmas tree in Pattaya Christmas tree in Pattaya The main beach of Pattaya The main beach of Pattaya

We got to Pattaya before the New Year (view of the coast from Hotel Hilton)

What can Pattaya offer to the tourist? Tours on the New Year in the “city” sins “! It is worth noting that in the New Year holidays Pattaya really transformed – the eye attracts not dirt, but some festive decoration of the streets and a tree at Central Festival.

How to spend the New Year? In Pattaya, as elsewhere in Tae, beaches become active – Central, Jomtien, etc. Scripts some:

  • Walking in a dense stream of people along the Beach Road waterfront, hugging-congratulating elderly grandfathers with Thai in New Year caps on the handle or flushed young people compatriots
  • Hanging out on Walking street – the least confused, because bars with music and alcohol is not considered, and all work until the morning
  • Reach the pier Bali Hai, where under the friendly “free-to-one” tourists watch New Year’s salute
  • Book a table at Hard Rock Cafe (until half past night), Hops Brew Bar or any Russian restaurant on Volkin Street (1500-3500 baht for person)
  • Take dinner at the hotel – about 2500 baht each

Найти тур в Паттайю >>

The weather at the resort is favorable for walking around must see places. The beaches of Pattaya are not particularly clean (according to reviews holidaymakers, the only beach near the city with really blue water is Sai Keaw Beach on the territory of the military camp). But it does not stop at all tourists. In party Pattaya come for the atmosphere of the drive, nightly entertainment and affordable holiday prices.

Cons of Pattaya:

  • Does not have to carefree splashing in the sea, be sure stumble on trash
  • Noisy, crowded and “always drunk”
  • The abundance of adverse odors …

Pros of Pattaya:

  • Offers the cheapest tours to Tai
  • Rough nightlife
  • You can visit Bangkok – between them only 150 km

Koh Samui for New Year

Samui for the New Year Samui for the New Year

Where better to rest in Thailand for the holidays? If you dream spend the New Year on the islands, choose Phi Phi, Lanta, but not Samui or Koh Phangan. Even in spite of the atmosphere of serenity and secluded beaches – there are showers, waves and, in general, off-season!

Of course, hospitable Thais still care for tourists fairs, processions of Santa Clauses, discos and carnivals. His entertainment program on New Year’s Eve is offered by everyone hotel. According to reviews of guests of the resort, incendiary parties pass on Chaweng Beach.

Cons Samui:

  • It is possible to get only with a change in Bangkok, because not direct flight
  • The most expensive tours
  • Bad weather

Pros of Samui:

  • The absence of tourists (and if there is, civilized) and silence ?
  • Cleaner Than Phuket
  • High focus on holidaymakers

Найти тур на Самуи >>

New Year in Bangkok

View of Bangkok View of Bangkok Movement in the center of Bangkok Movement in the center of Bangkok

We would love to return to Bangkok.

Bright and noisy can meet the New Year 2020 in Bangkok. Eastern Venice (the so-called capital of Thailand for the network man-made channels “Khlong”) on the eve of the holiday lights up colored lights and replete with Christmas colors, except that Christmas trees are not put :).

The main events take place on the Asian Embankment. Guests waiting for a grand concert, fire shows and festive fireworks. To relax on the beach after the New Year’s fun, from Bangkok can go to Pattaya or fly to Phuket.

Cons of Bangkok:

  • Lack of sea and beaches
  • Very crowded – the capital after all!
  • And extremely dirty and “fragrant”

Advantages of Bangkok:

  • A modern Asian city of over a million with skyscrapers shopping centers
  • Reasonable prices for food, accommodation, etc.
  • You can fly for almost a penny to any city of the Southeast. Asia For example, in Singapore and Hong Kong

Найти отель в Бангкоке >>

Besides Thailand: Where else to go for the New Year in heat? >>

Thailand for New Year – tourist tips

When planning a New Year’s meeting in Thailand, it should be noted that this time accounts for the peak of the tourist season, and prices soar to the ceiling. However, there are a number of points that allow significantly reduce the cost of the trip.

For you – tips from experienced tourists:

Council number 1. Early booking of tours allows save up to 50% of original cost. That is, search and pay for housing and tickets, as well as vouchers, better right now (as say, prepare a sleigh – a tour to Thailand – in the summer? ). Other Advantages of early booking:

  • Large selection of offers from various tour operators;
  • A ticket can be purchased on credit:
  • Variety of airlines and hotels.

Personal experience: we bought tickets for December in about 5 months before the trip. Usually the sooner, the cheaper. Or hope for shares, which happens rarely on holidays.

Council number 2. Fly under its own power – profitable! Self-buying housing and tickets can be cheaper package tour. You can pick up a hotel / apartment on:

  • Booking
  • Airbnb

Council number 3. Plan your departure for the last day. the outgoing year and spend New Year’s Eve on board the aircraft. Quite the original version, but we still do not recommend doing it, more than arrange a trip in 1 day will not all ?

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