Rent a villa in Thailand – 2019: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui

Rent a villa in Thailand 2019: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui Rent a villa in Thailand 2019: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui

The material is prepared for wintering men, family tourists, lovers of solitude … In short, for anyone who believes that a villa in Thailand – the perfect habitat regardless of the duration recreation. In the winter of 2018, we ourselves spent 2 months in Phuket and Krabi ?


  1. Rental prices for villas in Thailand
  2. Pattaya Villa
    1. The best villas in Pattaya
  3. Rent a villa in Phuket
    1. Top Phuket Villas
  4. Rent a villa in Samui
    1. The best villas in Samui

Rent a villa in Thailand in three ways:

  1. directly upon arrival in the country, i.e. book a room in the hotel for a couple of days and drive the bike along the coast, looking for signboards “house for rent”;
  2. contacting agencies / realtors / friends, etc .;
  3. online at special room search services RoomGuru and Airbnb.

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We will talk about the latter method, which is often use. In the heat drive from house to house and negotiate Views do not really want. And it’s not a fact that having arrived even in the beginning of the season, you don’t have to end up renting the villa can be called a stretch, because all decent options for a long time booked by adventurous wintering. Therefore, two months before trips we begin to actively monitor the proposals of the above sites.

The villas presented at RoomGuru mainly refer to resort hotels located in vast enclosed areas and consisting of several villas. Lost in the jungle bungalows the sea is not found here, but the luxury options are more than enough

Airbnb is suitable for renting a villa in Thailand directly from owner, and apartments can be found in any price category and degree of luxury. What we like about the site is truthfulness. reviews; Only registered users can leave them, really lived in this type of accommodation.

In a separate article, we told our reviews after 13 removable apartments and gave instructions for booking on Airbnb.

Rental prices for villas in Thailand

We will look at the cost of homes in the most popular parts of Taya – in Pattaya and Phuket and Samui.

First, a few nuances:

  • The cheapest rental villas in Thailand will be released in Pattaya and Samui (from 5500 and 4000 rubles per day, respectively). Phuket more expensive from 7,000 rubles.
  • It is more profitable to rent a house for a month than for a couple of weeks. On airbnb, besides, often there is a discount of 30-40% for booking for a period more than 30 days.
  • Obviously, but still: the farther from the sea, the rental prices villas below. A good choice, especially if you rent a bike like us for traveling around the island.
  • The peak season on the coast falls in December-March, and the cost these numbers are usually increased.
  • Most often in Thailand are rented villas with several the bedrooms. Consequently, the price tag of 150 000 rubles per month looks less intimidating if you divide it by more than 3-4 person.

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Pattaya Villa

South Pattaya, with Jomtien and Pratumnak areas, is part of cities where the most spacious apartments with own swimming pool.

First, there is a pier nearby, from where you can sail to the islands. with the purest water, secondly, the place is calm, not suffering from the noise of the central areas, but despite the privacy, there are a lot of entertainment for both adults and children. Minus – difficulty with transport, you will have to either walk to nearest stop, either rent a car or bike.

How much does it cost to rent a villa in Pattaya? Near the beach, with all basic amenities + swimming pool – from 7-8 thousand rubles per day. With the choice of housing, pay attention to the possible deposit, additional electricity / water bill, cleaning fee. we tried to pick up the proposals without the “pitfalls”, but if any, we mention.

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The best villas in Pattaya

1. Budget tie style

In general, in Pattaya, the villa can cost from 4333 rubles per night. As, for example, a 2-storeyed option, accommodating 4 people, from Sunrise Villa Resort.

For a low price, you will have to sacrifice a bit of comfort – the location is not the most convenient, four wheels are needed – and privacy is a complex of villas, and therefore the pool is shared. AT the rest of the villa is beautiful: fully equipped with everything necessary (including kitchen), decorated in a modern European style (although and is positioned as a tie-style), in the yard – tropical vegetation, cleanliness maintained at the proper level.

Add. Fees: 900 baht for cleaning for the entire stay.

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Budget tie style Budget tie style

2. For families with children

Rent a villa in Pattaya for a family at a cost of 7442 will be released rubles a day. For a week, guests receive a discount of 21%, and month – all 30%.

For the rest with the kids in the house provides a cot, a small playground in the courtyard and, of course, a kitchen equipped for cooking food. Located on the coast, Jomtien Beach at 7 walking distance, but has a private pool. To the center – about 10 minutes tuk-tuk. The hosts take up to 6 people, although extra charge ready to accommodate and 9’s. Wi-Fi, like electricity with tap water, completely free.

Add. Fees: 1607 rubles for cleaning.

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For families with children For families with children

3) Villa from hotel resort

In the region of 11,100 rubles per day in Pattaya, you can rent quite “Luxury” option, the only thing – 2 km from the sea. That is unlikely refers to the minuses, because for non-lovers of open (and dirty) water There is a swimming pool on the patio, and an organized transfer to the beach. The villa belongs to the hotel, i.e. located in a closed mini-town, but privacy is provided at the level. You can cross strangers except in a fitness club, spa complex or restaurant.

Add. Charges: deposit – 3000 baht.

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Villa from the hotel-resort Villa from the hotel-resort

4) Villa with Balinese design

A cool option for a large company that has not reached Bali due to the volcano. ? But seriously – a house for 7 bedrooms (14 guests), decorated in traditional Indonesian style down to the details spacious pool, breakfasts with a choice of Thai or European kitchen and manager, open to any suggestions, but still looking so that the guests do not piss off any local Balinese deity. All this – for 37 500 rubles per day.

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Villa with Balinese design Villa with Balinese design

Rent a villa in Phuket

When looking for a luxury home on the island, first of all, remember the purpose of your journey.

If wintering plans, we advise you to settle in areas:

  • Chalong,
  • Ravai

Accommodation is cheap and convenient to get to Phuket Town, where cheaper to buy products for a week or two. Besides, here quiet and calm, because These places are unpopular for mass tourism. However, the beaches – not at all delight, and without a bike / car can not do. So, for the long term (month) rent a villa in Phuket in Chalong will be released from 195,000 rubles.

Well, if you arrived on the island for 2 weeks with a simple intent to hang out or seal a lie on the beach, areas beaches:

  • Patong,
  • Kata,
  • Caron

excellent for this location. Low cost rent a villa here it will not work, because it is the center of the tourist life of Phuket, but there is kilometers of pure sand and whole streets with night entertainment.

Top Phuket Villas

1. Romantic for two

Prices for a more or less decent villa for two start at 7830 rubles. Of course, it will be in the southern or eastern part Islands, though, on the other hand, is this not a plus? Solitude in Thai village, in cool conditions and even with a pool – quite a nice deal. ?

Add. Charges: deposit 2000 baht.

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Romantic for Two Romantic for Two

2. Villa on Karon

Lovers of privacy will also like it – 5 minutes to the beach, but the house itself modestly settled in the mountains, without attracting the views outsiders. Cost – 11 680 rubles per day. Shops, cafes and restaurants within walking distance, but you need to somehow get out of the jungle, with which you will be kindly helped by super-friendly (according to reviews) master.

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Villa on Karon Villa on Karon

3. Private Villa in Patong Party

Rent a villa with a pool in Phuket, in the most popular it parts, with a stunning view of the beach from the terrace, cost from 25,000 rubles. This is one of those places where he sleeps peacefully at night despite “buzzing” Patong under the windows. By virtue of the location – the villa stands on the hill – there are problems with moving around the island, the most convenient ride a taxi or rented car. From the inside everything is also like photos – chic bedrooms with panoramic windows and modern kitchen.

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Ukromnaya villa on the party Patong Ukromnaya villa on the party Patong

4. Luxury house on Kata Beach

35 240 rubles per day – and you will find yourself in a luxury villa next to popular beach. 4 bedrooms, a terrace with a dining area and a small pool, 24-hour service, breakfasts and free transfer to airport (if settled for more than 7 days).

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Luxury house on Kata Beach Luxury house on Kata Beach

Rent a villa in Samui

Renting a villa on Samui is available like nowhere else on the islands, but housing by the sea should be sought depending on the season.

If you are going to meet the New Year or wait out the harsh Russian winter, then choose among the beaches:

  • Lipa Noi (utter solitude),
  • Maenam (perfect coast any time of the year)
  • Choeng Mon (the most lively of those mentioned, not far from Tusovskoy “Mecca” – Chaweng).

All three are distinguished by the calm sea, while on Lamai and Chaweng – the most popular beaches of Samui – the waves are raging. Spring and in the summer the situation changes in the opposite direction.

The best villas in Samui

1. Super cheap option on Maenam

Well, very cool offer in a quiet place near the beautiful Beach for 2281 rubles a day! Rent a villa for 2 bedrooms, with swimming pool, air conditioning, washing machine, equipped kitchen, high-spirited Wi-Fi and even with a bed for a child – for the same amount just find Highly recommended P.S. for reservations for a month or more – 30% discount.

Add. fees: cleaning fee 1441 rubles for the entire period accommodation; deposit 7193 rubles.

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Villa on Karon Villa on Karon

2. A cozy house for two near Chongmon

Located adjacent to 6 similar villas, combined shared pool. Inside – a spacious bedroom, living room, equipped kitchen, small balcony. All at a minimum, but this is offset by the cost – 2441 rubles per night – as well walking distance to the beach, cafes and shops and tropics in the yard.

As a gift from us promotional code for 2100 rubles. Copy the title отеля —> Kamon Villa и переходите по ссылкеbelow.

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Villa on Karon Villa on Karon

3. For fans of sunset by the sea

Rent a villa on Samui, located right on Lamai Beach, stands 11,821 rubles a day, and this is for 6 people! Behind the doors – traditional interior of a first-class home. Basin, unfortunately No, but there is a sea in a minute of walking and very beautiful landscapes around.

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For fans of sunset by the sea For fans of sunset by the sea

4. Fairytale villa between Chongmon and Chaweng

Feel like the king of life, in the heart of the island, but away from prying eyes, you can at The Retreat villa, accommodating 9 people for 28,578 rubles per day. Luxury Style is present in everything up to the loungers along the 60-meter pool and truly exclusive view of the bay. Free of charge for guests. Airport shuttle and light snacks in front of settling in to replenish strength after a long flight.

Add. fees: cleaning fee 4496 rubles.

As a gift from us promotional code for 2100 rubles. Copy the title отеля —> The Hideaway Suites — The RETREAT — PrivateVilla and follow the link below.

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Villa on Karon Villa on Karon

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