Rent a car in Thailand

Before renting a car in Thailand, you should think about the consequences of a possible occurrence of an accident, because the police in such cases are primarily accused of farang, even if the cause of the accident is not him. I think some of my tips will help to you in rent. By the way, I have a short article on my site features of traffic rules of Thailand, as well as an article in which actions are disclosed if rented transport (by the way, you can rent a car also through the 12 Go Asia online service).

Documents for renting a car

To rent a car, you need the necessary minimum documents:

  1. A photocopy of the passport. Do not give away the original of this document in similar services, even if they are on this insist.
  2. Photocopy of a / y. Original and photocopy of the driver Identity category B, a big advantage will be if you have Thai rights will be available.
  3. Pledge. In some cases, a credit card is required, but better to leave it in cash. If as a deposit you use cash, the amount may increase several times.


Car rental prices in Thailand is dependent on the region, the state of the car and the period, on which the car is provided. Minicar can be rented, in average for 1000 baht per day. On the Thai islands, the cost will be above. See all possible cars for rent and their prices. possible on the website of the Thai company “MAKS Car Rental”, a small Review, which we cited in the article “Rent a car in Pattaya. ”


There are a lot of gas stations in Thailand, so you are one of them. be sure to find somewhere nearby. Noerenda cars in Thailand includes the cost of gasoline. So for you will pay him yourself.


Park your car in major cities, like Bangkok, quite difficult, it is one of the main problems for the tourist. Even in in large locations there are narrow roads and if you park the car there, then block the way for everyone else drivers. Exit – parking near shopping centers and hotels. On islands and highways with this case everything is much easier.


Car insurance in Thailand has some features. When you enter into a contract, in it indicates the type of car insurance. Read it carefully. there is several types of insurance:

  • In case of damage, the entire amount of the repair is covered.
  • Coverage up to 5000 baht. That is, if the total amount damage less than 5000 baht, you pay it. And if, for example, it is 7,000 baht, you pay 5,000, the remaining 2,000 – insurance company. There may be different amounts of insurance.

Renting a car in Thailand is not a problem. But be careful driving on the track. Pay special attention observance of the distance and speed limit. If you like more bike, then read the useful instructions on Rent a bike in Thailand. And also one of the ways to divorce rent.

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