Rent a car in Spain: 20 euros and our experience in Barcelona

Car rental in Spain: 20 euros and our experience in Barcelona Car rental in Spain: 20 euros and our experience in Barcelona

Rent a car in Europe has long been a familiar affair for tourists. It is very convenient: the car can be ordered both online and on site in the office of the rental company. Rent low-cost personal transport can be in any more or less large European city. Not to say that It is very cheap, but for people who are ready for such spending, pick up budget option will work out (especially if with someone to unite).

The rules for rental will be about the same everywhere, but there are countries and their “chips”. Today I propose to find out what is different car rental in Spain.


  1. Highlights
  2. Prices
  3. Sites for booking
  4. How to rent?
  5. Insurance
  6. Reviews and our experience

What you need to rent a car in Europe in 2019?

  1. First of all, of course, you need a driver’s license: international and Russian. In some countries (including Spain) to drive a car is enough of our national right
  2. Passport (well, without it, you already will not get anywhere? ).
  3. The driver must be of a certain age and have experience driving. In Spain, car rental is available from 21 years provided 2-year experience at the wheel.
  4. And the last – a credit (not debit) card. Although we have rolled and with the usual.

On which sites is it better to book cars in Spain? On which sites is it better to book cars in Spain?

We rent a car, we often, especially if we drive a company friends In the US, they took for 3 weeks Hyundai Santa Fe

Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Spain?

The question is controversial, so I am writing about it separately. Yes, in order to drive on the roads of Spain, international law is not needed. But they may be required:

  • when renting a rental company
  • when moving from Spain to another Schengen country

Therefore, in my opinion, if you travel often on their own, let it be better. Make such a driver’s license can be in any department of traffic police or the MFC (state duty 1600 rubles), and also on the site GosSlug (1120 rubles).

Car rental in Spain Car rental in Spain

View of Montserrat – if you are from 2 people, then it is more profitable travel by car (just drive through the first parking lot next to funicular)

Car rental prices in Spain

The rental price will depend on:

  • car make and class
  • rolling company
  • cities in which you take the car
  • location of the company’s office in the city
  • term

For example, rent a car in Barcelona in 2019 through a company Europcar will cost from 96 to 156 euros (economical Nissan Micra) for 3 days. In the first case – this is the airport of Barcelona (and for 1 day it was worth would be € 59), in the second – the railway station (per day € 105). As you can see, more profitable pick up the car anyway on arrival.

Average rental prices (3 days and 7 days):

– class “mini”: from € 20, from € 40 (Fiat 500) – class “economy”: from € 25, from € 44 (Opel Corsa) – standard class: from € 37, from € 80 (Nissan Beetle)

Add to this the amount of collateral – € 300- € 800 depending on cars. Rent a car in Spain without a franchise and collateral is possible, but provided that you purchase additional insurance (more talk about the types of insurance below).

And do not forget about the cost of fuel! Per liter of A-95 you give € 1.33; A-98 – € 1.46. 92nd in the country is not at all. But despite the high cost of gasoline, you can find an inexpensive alternative: in Spain still has diesel fuel priced at € 1.24 / liter, and many cars are fueled with gas – € 0.62 / liter. But such cars are rented more expensive – a minimum of € 36 for three days.

Additional costs include design of the second driver and child seat (5-9 euros per day for each “option”).

Car rental in Spain, in Barcelona Car rental in Spain, in Barcelona Car rental in Spain, in Barcelona Car rental in Spain, in Barcelona

White Mini Cooper, which we rented for 5 days

Which sites are better to book?

  1. Rentalcars – I confess, the favorite site of our traveling family ? Represents such large international companies as: Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Goldcar and Avis Rent. Change booking and complete cancellation of rent here is absolutely free two days before appointed date. Very friendly customer service.
  2. AutoEurop is also free to change and cancel the reservation. AT some rental countries (including Spain) second driver make out for free. There is support through social networks. But need carefully read the terms of the contract, written in “Details fare. ”
  3. MyRentacar – represents local companies (for example, rental cars in Spain are Centauro and Record Go). From here low prices. But cheap car rental on the site excludes any discounts.
  4. EconomyBookings – low rental cost. Opportunity to take car hire even the youngest drivers are just celebrated the 18th anniversary. BUT! Not the best reviews of all.

What do you need to rent a car in Europe? What do you need to rent a car in Europe?

Our random photo is somewhere on the streets of Barcelona (around Gothic Quarter)

Our car rental steps

1) Car rental in Spain begins with a search on which sites better to book. Three large aggregators are indicated above: we are guided in the prices, we decide where to arrange hire – online (cheaper for large distributors) or in place. With a personal very interesting offers in small desktops prices, but there is a risk to be left without a car. We usually do all in advance.

2) Calculate your budget, determine which car is better will fit (a couple traveling light can take a small Fiat, and a large family with children will not do without a minivan), by how much days rent required. We consider the cost of fuel and other costs.

3) We think over the route: if you return the car in the same office, where they took – it can reduce the rental price. If The first point of your trip, for example – Madrid, and the final – Barcelona, the airport, the price may increase. We try return in the same place.

Regarding the topic: Popular resorts and города Испании >>Что посмотреть в Барселоне? >>

4) While waiting for the keys of their booked “swallow” (i.e. already in place, at the airport), meticulously recheck documents! If a that’s right, pay. Then it freezes on the card. a certain amount. If you want to do without collateral, as already it was said, make out additional insurance (you can do it in advance, online).

5) Next, inspect the car for all chips, scratches and scuffs. We mark everything on a special form. Important to draw attention to everything, otherwise some unnoticed dent can then write to your account! We always shoot a video and a couple of times it’s us. VERY helpful.

Be sure to videotape all chips and scratches, how we did it


In Spain, there are several types of insurance, so we will to understand:

  • TPL or TLP: the original price is already included in the rental price. insurance, something reminiscent of our OSAGO. Without her, the car is not will be given
  • CDW: analogue of the Russian hull insurance (without insurance against theft), implies a mandatory franchise, the same amount of collateral
  • TR: Theft Insurance
  • PAI: compensates for damage to the health of passengers and the driver, but life insurance for traveling abroad and so it is (you have same?)
  • EP: shares the responsibility of the driver if they are applied significant damage to third parties

The main tourists are the first three. If you want to make a deal without a franchise, make out full insurance about for € 10 per day. It will protect you from any trouble when provided that you are not to blame. Glasses and wheels with it also insured.

Car rental in Spain Car rental in Spain

Reviews of car rental in Spain

And, of course, just like before any journey, we recruit Wisdom, reading reviews and tips:

1. Any travel forum tells us what to travel. without an international driver’s license is not worth it – It is especially useful when meeting with local police. We meanwhile all the time went without them.

2. Useful advice – to take the car not in the metropolitan offices. Prices car rental in Madrid and Barcelona is much higher than in such cities like Girona, Salou or Reus. Getting there once public transportation, you save a lot. But also to return then better there.

3. Parking in Spain is subject to color differentiation no worse than pants on the planet Plyuk! Be careful:

  • white color – parking is allowed (but it is possible to limit time)
  • blue – paid parking
  • green – only with special permission
  • yellow – prohibited or disabled only

4. In large cities, it is better to additionally insure glass and wheels. Especially, this concerns Barcelona: the city center is teeming with it bikers breaking glasses to make a living from salon.

5. MANDATORY! Shoot video, take photos of all the chips, dents and any defects. I wish you, wise and armed with information, great trip on a four-wheeled horse?

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