Rent a boat or yacht in Thailand – tips, prices and routes

There are countless numbers along the coast of Thailand. large and small islands, each of which is something remarkable. On some installed statues of the Supreme Deity, built majestic temples, others are attracted by secluded coves, fanciful cliffs and lush vegetation – both above and below water You can get to this magnificence only by water (except Phuket), therefore boats and yachts in Thailand are Not only utilitarian, but also excursion transport, which Thais provide tourists for rent, while playing the role of a guide and conductor.

Lovers of authentic exotic can rent a traditional Thai boat (longtail), usually brightly decorated, with stylized under the heads and tails of dragons with carved figures on the bow and stern. They equipped with motors, but due to design features incapable move fast.

Longtail rental in Thailand


A leisurely walk has its advantages, but those who want to see prefer to rent speedboats more – speed bots. This is a modern small size vessel, usually containing ten passengers, as well as fresh water and fuel, cylinders for diving, other equipment. It is equipped with everything that necessary for sea fishing. Powerful motors and gliding contours the hull allows it to move at the speed of the car. However, the small size allows such boats to go into the most secluded coves.

A speed bot off the coast of Koh Tao

Speed ​​bot off the coast of Koh Tao

We should also mention the vacation on a yacht in Thailand. Usually it is a separate species. pastime, family, chamber rest, when all the attention commands are given only to you and your nearest satellite.

Rent a sailing yacht in Thailand

Sailing yacht

Where to find and how much it costs to rent a sea vessel?

Rent a yacht in Thailand is quite expensive pleasure. In addition, you remain attached to leased vessel and somewhat limited in capacity visiting everything else in this country. Yacht rental usually consists of a one-week or two-week water tour South China, the Andaman Seas or the Gulf of Siam. Vessel prepared for this trip completely, it has everything that necessary for comfortable rest of passengers. It is worth remembering and about that staying on a shaky deck for many days can be serious health test. If you want a vacation in an exclusive setting, then follow the suggested links to sites at the end of the sentence where you can familiarize yourself with Offers to book a white steamer – one, two, three four five. Also on the Internet is full and Russian-language sites, Advertise that we will not – Google to help! :)

Renting a boat in Thailand is the most budget and especially for you non-binding option. You can give the sea walk just one day and the rest leave spend on land. There are ready options for water excursions. But if you want to travel in a private setting or see something exclusive, you can negotiate with the captain boats and on an individual walk.

Usually in Phuket for a day walk from nine in the morning until seven evenings ask for at least 12 thousand baht. Among the owners of boats on Chalong beach there is collusion, and to persuade them to a smaller amount you will not succeed. But the money you spend is not in vain. Good advice – to find a free speed bot for an exclusive walk, better to come on the pier almost at sunrise.

Rent a boat in Thailand

Prices for renting a boat or yacht in Thailand are directly dependent on the number of passengers on board and, to a lesser extent, from the proposed program. It may be a collective walk through uninhabited islands for 130 euros a day “from the nose” or private rest with lunch under palm trees on the coral sand for a thousand euros.

The basic price includes the price of fuel for the boat and work captain. If you rent a boat for diving or fishing, then instructor services with all necessary equipment. Good tone Free soft drinks are available. At extra charge You can hire a guide or an operator who will video the most bright and memorable moments of the tour.

Water excursion routes

If you rent a boat or boat in Thailand can see the nooks usually hidden from most tourists. Here are some of them:

  • Island Racha Yai. Shallow, calm bays. Water crystal clear, there are coral reefs. Paradise for family recreation for children, novice divers and lovers snorkeling.
  • Similan Islands. Eleven uninhabited islands in 65 km from Phuket. Unusually shaped cliffs, deserted beaches with white coral sand. In the Similan Islands still authentic nature has been preserved A large number of professional divers.
  • Gulf Phang-Nga. Gulf and the eponymous national Park northeast of Phuket. Hundreds of large and small uninhabited of the islands. The main bait is the island of James Bond (Ko-Tapu) and village “sea gypsies” on stilts.
  • Krabi island Popular route for holidaymakers in the province of Krabi. Begins from the island of KoLanta, after it the island of Poda, with its famous sandy beaches framed tropical greenery. The highlight of the program is a chicken island, a rock on which is similar to a bird’s head. Great place for snorkeling, very rich underwater world.
  • Phi Phi Islands. The twin islands, untouched nature, limestone cliffs, pristine beaches. Location of the film “Beach”.

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