Reliability rating of tour operators in Russia in 2 0one 9 year: a list of the best. To entrust the rest?

Of course, if you decide to save yourself from unnecessary trouble by self-travel organizations and settled on shopping tour, then this case must be approached from all responsibility. Bankruptcy cases are still fresh major Russian tour operators, and in the news no, no, yes information about the failure of any insurance company pops up pay compensation to outraged tourists.

May five , 2019

Friends! We are the same tourists as you. And 2 years ago, too preoccupied with the issue of reliability of tour operators. Initially, it was mini-article, and now – a full-fledged study with personal experience and constantly updated.

We trust the first seven tour operators, which are always on hearing: why and to whom exactly – we tell below.


  1. Reliability rating of tour operators 2019
  2. What is the reliability of the tour operator?
  3. Tour operators by country
  4. Online tour search services
  5. Most Popular Vacation Countries
  6. How to save on travel?

There are several tour booking sites we tested. online:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Usually we find the cheapest prices on them. We will write below tour operators.

In an attempt to protect themselves and their upcoming holidays, people often go to the Internet, looking for a mythical official rating tour operators. Why mythical? We will tell you immediately, however many relevant pages you have studied, but such reports, as the official rating of tour operators in Russia, will find.

The only “state” resource supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is the site of Rostourism and a single federal register of tour operators of Russia. Here you discover the data:

✓ about the scope of the organization

✓ about the amount of financial security

✓ about company-insurer, etc.

But, again, a specific response to a request for a rating of reliable tour operators you will not get. And Natalie Tours (bankrupt company), and Pearl River entered the registry until the beginning of the cancellation of tours.

“To “To

We got up to see the city from the top of Montmartre

Check it out!

For our readers, a discount of up to 3 % on any tours (depends on selected country)

Many of the top-notch wandering reliability networks are relatively subjective, because albeit based on similar parameters, but created with the filing of one or another travel agency or online store tour packages. We’ll have to stretch himself, studying numerous factors that form the degree of confidence in the tour operator. And often some of them are completely incomprehensible: example, says the abbreviation A + about the state insurance company? And by the way, this is a very important point.

We will help you figure out what first turn to pay attention to ensure safety your holiday, let us designate the criteria inherent in all leading tour operators, and give an example of the reliability rating of tour operators for the current 2019.

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Tour Operators reliability rating 2019: top 10

A small remark: you will not see unfamiliar companies, since leading tour operator = reliable tour operator. The companies that are on everyone’s lips, a priori credible, if only because they are in demand by many tourists, and your friends, acquaintances as well.

In addition, the scale of travel companies in Russia allows to assert their universality for all regions. Therefore, the best Moscow tour operators, St. Petersburg tour operators and even the most reputable Perm tour operators are reduced to one top list.

We remind you that more detailed information including Detailed rating and sites of tour operators, you will find on If you want to make an early booking, then you can read the article at the link above, where we painted advantages and disadvantages of booking tours for 2019. Below we We give the most popular holiday countries for abroad.

A place Tour operator Work with Main directions Rating Tours
1 TUI 1995 Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain 9eight /100 Найти тур >>
2 Coral Travel 1992 Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Tunisia 92/100 Найти тур >>
3 Tez tour 199four Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Tunisia 92/100 Найти тур >>
4 ANEX Tour 1996 Dominican Republic, Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Tunisia 90/100 Найти тур >>
5 Biblio Globus 1994 Greece, Cyprus, Turkey 88/100 Найти тур >>
6 Intourist 1929 Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Italy, Greece 88/100 Найти тур >>
7 Pegas Touristik 1994 Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Tunisia 86/100 Найти тур >>
8 ICS Travel 1992 Israel, Cyprus, Russia, Montenegro, Italy 84/100 Найти тур >>
9 Sunmar 2005 Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Tunisia 84/100 Найти тур >>
10 Mouzenidis Travel 1995 Cyprus, Russia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece 80/100 Найти тур >>

1. TUI – the credibility of this organization firmly provides confidence customers year after year. TUI is a major tour operator from Old World. He came to Russia for more than 10 years back and brought a rest inaccessible to Russians before exclusive Western European hotels, and a good offer quality at reasonable prices. He owns hotels in more than 20 countries, and the concept in Turkey is especially popular – surely you встречали отели, именуемые Tui Fun&Sun или Tui Magic Life.

2. Coral Travel – operates in the field of Russian tourism in for 25 years. Coral annually goes back to podium among tour operators, and in 2019, gaining the highest score in 7 out of 10 possible categories, deservedly received second place. Success develops as from years of accumulated positive reputation, and from the wide representation of the company not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Poland, etc. In 2018th Coral distinguished himself the fact that the first to launch new packet directions – Bahrain and Gambia

3. Tez Tour – bronze goes to international tourist holding with the most recognizable logo. Who has not seen television commercials, luring colorful pictures of sunny resorts? High tourism technologies and a variety of holiday options for everyone popular destinations have helped build a good reputation and stable work of the company for already 25 years old. Looking for a tour to Greece from a tour operator with departure from Moscow? Feel free to trust Tez Tour. In 2018, the tour operator re-opened Egypt for Russians (with departure from Moscow and the arrival to Cairo).

4. AnexTour – continues the list of famous tour operator in Spain in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regional capitals of the Russian Federation, functioning since the late 90s. Although you may know him and due to a different, no less popular, direction – Dominican Republic. Anex Tour diligently finds the most tasty options cheap trips, which are immediately dismantled thrifty tourists. AND do the right thing!

Personal experience: Spain (Lloret de Mar) on week for 32 000 rubles for two Emirates (Sharjah) for 5 days for 33 thousands

Наш отзыв об BUT нексе >>

5. Biblio Globus – promotes tours to Thailand from Moscow, many tour operators, but not everyone is as good as Biblio Globe. Entrust this company with the organization of its Spending time on the warm sea can be no doubt: 20+ years of productive work showed high the level of service provided and the trust of one and a half million people year.

Personal experience: Thailand (Phuket) for 10 days for 62,000 rubles for two Turkey (Side) for 10 days for 42,000 rubles for two

Наш отзыв о Библио Глобусе >>

6. Sunmar is the next representative to take care of your rest not only in words – Sunmar Tour. Few people know that this the company, in fact, fellow fellow Coral Travel. The only difference is “budget” concept of the first, sending tourists abroad on lower prices. So find, for example, cheap tours in the UAE always help Sunmar.

Personal experience: Greece (Rhodes) for 10 days for 25 000 rubles for two

Наш отзыв о WITH анмаре >>

7. PEGAS Touristik – previously leading in terms of tours to Turkey and Egypt, due to recent events, Pegasus successfully switched to other countries of mass recreation – Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Over 25 years of its existence, the company has “overgrown” 700 offices throughout Russia and good reviews of numerous travelers. You can come at your leisure soon representation, if you are looking for tours to Turkey from tour operators from Moscow or any other city. By the end of 2018 the tour operator launched tours to Egypt from 11 cities of Russia: the truth with arrival in the Israeli city of Ovda and further transfer to resorts.

Tour Operators Reliability Rating 2017 Tour Operators Reliability Rating 2017

Our trip to Israel, December 2016 (Dead Sea)

Tour operators by country: the right choice of tour

Rating tour operators by country also has a place to be. It is interesting to note that depending on the direction, position large companies are changing. However, this does NOT indicate the insecurity of any well-known tour operator for a separate country.

Ratings are based on data on the statute of limitations for companies with specific tourist markets and their share of the total tours. For example, the tour operator TUI – takes the leading places in the top in Spain, but at the same time, it is lagging behind in the top in Vietnam, because only this winter she began to “conquer” this direction.

Our list is as follows, and continues to be supplemented with new ones. countries:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Dominicana
  • Goa
  • Maldives
  • Spain
  • Russia Moscow)

What is the reliability of the tour operator?

  1. Number of directions

Here everything is logical: the more countries where the company sends travelers, the lower the risk that, in the event of a crisis, direction, disrupted the stable operation of the entire system.

  1. Their host companies

By this vague formulation is meant personal travel company or operator agency directly abroad, those. in countries with which he collaborates. These organizations are engaged in booking and payment of your hotel, as well provide transfer and excursions. In other words, you are not going “nowhere” with the farewell that you will be met there somewhere and so many, and you fall into the hospitable hands of colleagues tour operator.

  1. Airline arrangement

Another criterion affecting the rating of reliable tour operators, This quantity and quality of interaction with air carriers. On it, basically, the cost of the tour is tied. If the operator is reserved for large blocks of places in different airlines or moreover he has his own charter flight, the number of flight options increases, and the chance to find a cheap tour with a cheap flight ticket.

TEZ TOUR Bus Greece TEZ TOUR Bus Greece TEZ TOUR Bus Greece TEZ TOUR Bus Greece

TEZ TOUR Bus Greece

  1. Resilience Insurance Company

If you are refused arrival, the return flight canceled, and the holiday covered with a copper basin, before it began, – indemnification falls on the shoulders of the insurance company. From her financial security depends the degree guarantee of insurance payments, incl. in case of bankruptcy tour operator.

According to the expert rating, gradation from the best policyholder for the worse, it is designated within A ++ … A- – high reliability level, B ++ … B- – low, C ++ … S- – very low, etc.

Of course, these indicators are not the only ones. components of various lists of proven travel companies. However and this information is hard enough to get if you put in front a task to find out the truth.

To this end, we invite you to familiarize yourself with rating borrowed from the service online search for all Travelata tour operators, complemented by author comments. In our opinion, he displays objective information, because it is based on sufficient number of criteria determining the reliability of tour operators.

Bankruptcy and closing tour operators

A terrible dream of a tourist – 1) to stay in Russia with no money, and without rest, 2) get stuck abroad due to unpaid hotel company (completely dark) or return flight. How to secure a vacation? Of course, you can conduct a deep analysis of the activities of the tour operator. over the past few years, make sure fingarantiy, compare with others, but … Few who will do the same. Much easier – and, in In principle, it is also safe to choose the organizer of your vacation from five best tour operators in Russia. About which we told in this article: Coral, Anex Tour, Biblio Globus, Sunmar, Pegasus Tourist.

What to do in case of bankruptcy tour operator? Important point: a Has this tour operator officially declared itself bankrupt? If yes, then all more or less tolerable – tourists help the organization of tourist assistance (exports from abroad) + lost money and not flown away paid from the insurance fund. But if the company does not plead bankruptcy by stating something like “yes it is temporary hardships, all pay “and at the same time canceling tours and suspending departures – like Natalie Tours in 2018 – to people have to get out yourself.

Services that search tours online for all tour operators

To make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled TOP 3 for you. proven sites where you can select a tour independently, bypassing intrusive managers:

  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours

Of course, you can carefully examine all the sites of tour operators from rating. But instead, it’s much more convenient to follow the link and see tour operators in Moscow, St. Petersburg and others in one place, lined up with their best deals. Competition something is huge!

Yes, yes, we want to remind you again of the beautiful services that greatly facilitate our lives opportunity search tours online from all tour operators. Already written detailed article about the undeniable advantages of buying a tour online and how competently use the appropriate search engines. Highly We recommend that you familiarize yourself with → where and how to buy tours online.

The rating of checked sites is also given there. where you can and choose the right package for your requirements, and, in the case of an unexpected weekend, consider last minute tours from all tour operators. Among the rich selection of aggregators working together with 120 travel companies, you will surely find something to your liking. How about an all inclusive tour to Turkey from Moscow from tour operator Sunmar for two?

Well, if you are still undecided on the upcoming route, we will try to facilitate this task and will conduct a brief tour of hotly beloved Russians directions in demand from year to year.

What is included in the package tour from the tour operator? >>

Most popular countries for rest from tour operators

What directions are loved by Russians for rest? Will consider “maritime” countries, where tour operators massively bring tourists – that not bad at all, because cheap tours can often be found there.

  • In the summer, almost everyone comes to Turkey (6 million imagine!). As an alternative to visa-free choose Cyprus (online visa). Or make out Schengen and fly to Greece.
  • In winter, basking in Thailand.
  • And in the off-season – in the spring and autumn – prefer the Emirates.

Thailand. When not in winter especially acute there is a desire to warm up not under ten rugs hugging heater, and under the scorching sun of Asia? It realizes the great a lot of travelers choosing vacation in Thailand. Fabulous beaches, combined with the measured pace of life in Phuket, and rambling, fun atmosphere of Pattaya in their own way create the ideal conditions for a holiday by the sea. And do not give in to the universal the conviction that the tour to Thailand is relevant only from the end of autumn and until the middle of spring. No, the country is good in any season. By the way, if you thought to go this winter to Thailand, then book tours worth it in advance! So you can save up to 70% of the original cost.

Most Popular Vacation Countries Most Popular Vacation Countries

Our trip to Thailand – May 2017

Turkey. A country like Turkey is always was and remains extremely attractive for holidaymakers. And already Russian tourists truly nothing can scare! Сthe approach of the summer period is traditionally increased interest of our citizens in exploring the Turkish coast. Hotels in Alanya, Antalya, Kemer only occasionally suffer from a lack Visitors: In spite of everything, Turkey consistently demonstrates power all inclusive (all inclusive) in action, and in the winter and for the ridiculous amount of. Our friends went at the end of November for 48,000 rubles for three

Tour in Kemer Tour in Kemer Bump in Turkey Bump in Turkey

Our holiday in Kemer. Everything you need to know about the resort – расписали в этой статье >>

Cyprus. Longtime favorite tourist the market annually gathers on its beautiful beaches, surrounded by rocky braids, a huge number of people. What makes them come again and again? As a rule, the desire to escape from the stuffy cities and breathe the salty sea air complemented by exciting memories of local Mediterranean cuisine, natural and historical landmarks.

Quay in Cyprus Quay in Cyprus

United Arab Emirates. it the state doesn’t even need to be introduced. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is warmly welcomed by crowds of tourists eager to get Middle Eastern tan, ride in the desert on a quad bike, firsthand consider the architectural achievements of the oil sheikhs and just to taste the peculiar chic of a rich Arab country. Not experiencing decrease in popularity before, with simplified entry to the UAE for Russians local resorts clearly promise to be crowded. AT Recently, they are increasingly going to celebrate the New Year. Аtour operators, in turn, promise to increase the number of tours in UAE.

Excursion Safari in Dubai Excursion Safari in Dubai

We went on a safari in Dubai – December 2018

Greece. Does not leave the list of the most popular holiday countries and Greece. Adherents flock here. historical tourism, since antiquities can be seen on every step, and lovers soak up the Mediterranean coast. True, the places they choose are different – who is in Athens, who is in Crete. But in In any case, the Greek life leaves no one indifferent.

Beach on Rhodes Beach on Rhodes

The beach near our hotel in Rhodes

Our tips: how to save on travel?

✓ Take a guided tour. Everyone knows that the tour operator is more expensive all and looking for a place. And try online – on Thripster and Sputnik. We checked in Dubai, and cheaper than on Sputnik, desert safaris не найти (рассказываем здесь >>).

✓ Think of a travel card (banking). This will give a pass to business lounges and cashback up to 5% from tours / airline tickets / hotels. Our map returns a percentage even from trips by taxi and subway abroad.

Обзор трэвел-карт >>

✓ Promotional codes for the tour applied? We agree with Travelata специальных бонусах для наших читателей — ищите здесь >>

✓ Need a cheap tour? See the tape of burning trips

✓ For self-rest: remember where to look for tickets and do not forget about discounts on housing – 1000 rubles for Booking and 2100 rubles on Airbnb.

✓ No time to track and search? Subscribe to our feeds at Telegram: @lowcost_expert, where we throw cool promotions on tours and tickets, and @howtrip – where we post interesting notes and usefulness from travel?

Well, and a couple of words in conclusion. Refer to verified companies providing travel services. Stud the rating reliability of tour operators, look for tours in online search engines and conciliation from the vacation, along with positive impressions, you are guaranteed! Yes, and when you find out for how much Your neighbor bought a tour in an offline agency – you will be pleased surprised and advise him to take the next time online.

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