Railways of Thailand and railway prices tickets

Foreigners vacationing in Thailand in the winter do not really like travel by rail. The reason for this was developed bus network. In addition, the fare is affordable, and the trip is carried out with greater comfort than the Thai train. Also do not forget that the railway in Thailand narrow-gauge, and not like ours, so the cars слегка тесноваты.Railways of Thailand

Туристы, которые приехали на отдых в Тайланд всей семьей, все жеprefer rail transport, because how to arrange children on the shelves is much more convenient than going all the way in a stuffy bus (if it is not VIP or 1st class) and in a seated position

Poet trains in Thailand as a means movement, mainly used by families for long trips. For a brief relocation, the buses are much more suitable.

How to book tickets for the train in Thailand?

On the official railway portal of the country railway.co.thcan be found always up-to-date schedule, numbers sostavitovy Also buy train tickets in Thailand can be through the service 12 Go Asia, just enter the items departure, arrival, date of travel and click on the button “To find”. Please note that online booking train tickets are not available for Bangkok – Hua directions Hing and back, due to the small distance between the populated points, so it is best to go by bus or transfer.

Railway network of Thailand

The country’s railway network includes four lines leading directions and a few extra.

To the north is a line that links cities like Chiang Mai and the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. Ayutthaya branch several directions, one of them turns in Ubon Rachatani (east) and goes to the city of Surin. The second branch goes to Bangkok and connects it with the provinces of Udon Thani and Nong Kai.

Railways of Thailand

Railroad Layout of Thailand

In the east there are also two main directions, the first of which is Aranyaprathet side, bordering Cambodia. The second consistently passes through the city of Bangkok, after – Si Racha, then Pattaya and connects them.

A branch of the southern direction, which includes several lights and passes to the border of Malaysia.

Western railway line with Nam Tok station, which is the ultimate, goes through Kanchanaburi and is the most popular in Southeast Asia. Otherwise, it is called iron Dear Death in Thailand since it was laid in years of war. Fame she received after filming the famous motion pictures – Bridge across the River Kwai.

Railways of Thailand

The very road of death

Railway train classes in Thailand

The price of the train to Thailand is hesitated to depending on many factors: the class railway train, the presence air conditioning, the speed of the composition.

  • The third class is a hard car and the seats are wooden. Ticket price equal to the price of a simple bus that is in Thailand is most in demand and distribution.
  • The second class – a car with comfortable and soft seats, with sleeping places. This travel option is worth choosing if you travel a long distance. A bit more have to pay for places with air conditioning.
  • The first class is something similar to our coupe, but with two shelves, lower and upper.
Trains of Thailand Thai trains

In all Thai trains carrying long-distance trips, there are special dining cars, where there is the opportunity to eat on the way. At your request freshly prepared meals will be delivered to you right in the compartment. You can choose dishes from the menu, compiled in English. When ordering food from the dining car, you should not wait for low prices, they here are well overpriced. However, tourists say that the dishes are Thai Kitchens can be bought at a fairly low price.

Trains in Thailand

Train tickets should be bought in advance to get good ones. places. It is advisable to do this one or two days before departure or earlier. In large cities there are special services that take orders tickets. In addition, pre-booked places can be all big stations. Remember that the railways in Thailand mainly single-track, so it is not excluded flight delays.

VIDEO: The road of death in Thailand

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