Punishment for drug use in Thailand

Lying “behind the mountains, beyond the valleys” Thailand many Russian tourists (and not only) is perceived as a kind gingerbread and candy Kingdom, filled with fun, historical landmarks, exotic nature. The place where many shots from the documentary “Shocking Asia” put into practice precisely so that tourists can try the most incredible pleasure in taste and color. Especially rich in Bangkok’s shocking entertainment is a large resort area. In this article we will talk about drugs in Thailand.

The notorious sex tourism is one of the most innocent fad in a series of crazy adventures, which in principle are possible in this country. However, if you are ready to dive into this hellish brew pleasures, then try not to forget, that the drugs in Thailand are strictly prohibited. In a country with monarchical government and in some areas very strict the moral of all this entertainment foam is part of the tourist industry. Travelers who have passed the line of etiquette can stay in Thailand for a long time.

Drugs in Thailand

Fines and penalties for using Chinese drugs

In a country where half the native plants are the source narcotic alkaloids, punishment for drug use, and Moreover, for their sale, is a measure of social protection. Without her the population of the state will very quickly turn into unmanaged a crowd of zombies. Punishment for drugs in Thailand has several gradations of gravity. Nobody is interested in this. local this crap or imported.

If you are overpowered by the thought “how to get drugs in Thailand “, we suggest to familiarize with the price list for The world painted with bright artificial flowers.

  1. Heroin and amphetamine. Heroin will cost you the most and all types of amphetamines. Pink pill of these drugs in the disco for a full buzz and separation costs up to 60 thousand baht fine and three years overnight stay in a common cell with a capacity of over one hundred people. There you see the whole social slice of Thai society and find out that Russian parasha – heavenly delight compared to thai
  2. Cocaine and morphine. For hard vegetable drugs cocaine and morphine (if you have any tablets containing codeine, then for them) a ticket for a tour of the country’s penitentiary system is somewhat cheaper – the lower the level of the fine is 10 thousand baht, and the period extends until the same three years.
  3. Tranquilizers. For the use of tranquilizers, lungs opiates and other psychotropic substances (who knows, maybe – this is your habitual sleeping pills) Thai prison will open your doors to the whole two years. This type of dope is very popular in clubs and large parties like Full Moon Party.
  4. Grass and mushrooms. Marijuana in Thailand, different funny mushrooms and Hashish also does not pass by the attention of representatives law enforcement agencies of the country. Caught tourists with this view drug in Thailand fine at least 100 thousand baht. With in the absence of good lawyers you find yourself near the corner with gutter. Heavenly delight lasts one year.

It still seems to you that the price list presented is quite acceptable, but the fun is worth it? Then you can become owner of an extreme shot tour with a one-way ticket. Everything, what is presented above applies to those who have found one single dose. Two can already be regarded as small wholesale, and such “errors” washed away with blood only. The death penalty for drugs in Thailand a common phenomenon and affecting everyone: locals, visitors, beggars and oligarchs. Appeal against the sentence is not provided, the body Relatives do not give out. Despite the severity of punishment, so far no foreigner has been executed.

Drugs in Thailand

Nightclubs raids

You have already managed to quietly raise your tone and come off in Thai nightclub, for example, on Volkin City Bangla Road, considering that if the pockets are clean, then you are inaccessible to the law? And how do you react to the fact that in the midst of fun local polite people (police) will ask you to pee in a jar? Probably like an invasion of privacy. Only Thais are like civilization subtleties do not worry too much, they do their job and everything. And the European fetish presumption of innocence they consider as an annoying incident. You will prove your innocence yourself, Thais have enough suspicion for the prosecution, therefore a positive they consider the test result as a bonus.

Thai drugs

Drugs in drugs

But even if you are a good citizen, leading a healthy way of life, it does not mean that you are insured against “hitting the full scheme. “Your cough syrup may contain a certain dose of a substance considered in this fabulous the country of a prohibited substance (in more detail about what kind of cosmetics and medicines to take to Thailand). If you have medicines, out of habit, inquire about them composition. The stories that parrots wake you up and therefore you forced to drink sleeping pills containing drugs at the police The plot will be considered as a fun joke.

Police Stand

Do not fall for the bait of buying drugs. Many the boys selling it on the street, in collusion with the local police. The easiest thing you can do is a bribe of 50 thousand baht. If the monthly plan is on fire in the police, then with the price list of punishments you meet firsthand.

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