Prices in South Korea – 2019: how I traveled to Seoul

South Korea is not the most popular destination among Russians. This is due mainly to the remoteness of the region; high prices, well, the prevailing idea is that vacation = sea :)

Yes, the rest in South Korea is really not cheap. But quite acceptable – even for a budget tourist. I’ll tell you what time we cost a trip to Seoul and sign for prices in detail in South Korea in 2019


  1. My trip to South Korea
  2. Flights
  3. Food
  4. Hotels and apartments
  5. Transport
  6. sights

How much did my trip to Korea cost?

Local currency – South Korean won. 1000 won (KRW) ≈ 57.2 rubles (for convenience, divide the prices from the article by 1000, and then multiply by 60).

Streets of Seoul South Korea Streets of Seoul South Korea

Photo by Aleksandr Ignatov

We went to Seoul (I’ll say right away that all amounts are given on example of this city) in the first days of December 2018. Into two weeks flew from Moscow.

In December there is a low season in Seoul, so the expenses were wrong great as i expected. In general, prices in South Korea are comparable to our Moscow: we spent about food as much as in Russia. Clothes in seoul department stores and boutiques are expensive, another thing is markets, a paradise for shopping lovers! There you can buy literally everything – from shoes to vegetables – at a discount of 30-40 percent, and in some places – all 50. And else there (yes, in the market!) you can find cheap and quite-beautiful jewelry.

  • The largest (and coolest, as local people told us) Seoul – Namdaemun, located in the city center.

In Korea, circulation only won, dollars, euros, rubles from Koreans “not in honor.” My advice: change at the airport amount to the road to the hotel (hostel / apartment), and the rest is already in the city. The course at the airport is hellish rip off In the city, there is no point in looking for the most profitable course, because the difference, if there will be, is minimal. Just take international passport and calmly go to the first major bank.

And a few interesting facts about which I can not help but to tell:

  • Locals only know one language – Korean. They do not speak English. For us it was not problem: Koreans are used to talking to tourists on their fingers, so with ordering food at a restaurant or buying products to handle can.
  • Salaries in Korea are very high. For example, an ordinary waiter makes about $ 2500 a month in Seoul, and the cost of living is ≈ $ 1000.
  • In Seoul, very expensive gasoline – from 1600 krw (92 rubles) per liter.
  • Many go to Seoul to make themselves plastic. operation: it is believed that Korean medicine is of high quality and inexpensive. Mammoplasty in a good Seoul clinic will cost ≈ 7800000 krw.

Prices for holidays in South Korea (based on our experience, on one, for 2 weeks):

Flights ≈ 60 000 rubles
Accommodation ≈ 8000 rubles
Food ≈ 19 000 rubles
Transport ≈ 3000 rubles
Shopping ≈ 10 000 rubles

Total budget: about 100,000 rubles per person Yes, it was not quite economical, but we studied reviews experienced tourists, because they were ready for such expenses. And never sorry – a trip to Korea is definitely worth it!

The good news is that Russians don’t need a visa to Korea, but that’s when provided that you will stay no more than 60 days.

Prices of flights to Seoul

For most Russians, the price of a ticket to South Korea (namely, to Seoul) starts from 24,000 rubles round-trip. It, Of course, the flight from Moscow and with transfers: in Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc., depends on the airline. Straight flight – 8.5 hours – costs from 38,000 rubles, is carried out by Korean Air and Aeroflot (more expensive).

Keep an eye out for convenient options and monitor prices on aggregators (I will tell you that everything that is below 23 can be considered excellent for Moscow thousand):

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

Most frees those who are from the Far East. So from Vladivostok to get to Seoul by plane for a penny: from 12 000 rubles in both directions! Or by ferry to the Korean port of Donghe (from 11 000 rubles), and from there – by bus to Seoul (900 rubles). The road will get rich, but long enough: about 27 hours by ferry and 3 hours by bus.

The question of communication – but now, rather, the Internet :) – is important. We are not steamed and rented a router at the airport. For a week will be released about 45-50,000 krw.

Food prices in South Korea: cafes and restaurants

Pancake with cream and fruit Pancake with cream and fruit Seoul Seoul

Prices for food in cafes vary greatly depending on what is decided you have a snack at food court in the mall or have dinner in decent restaurant. In principle, as in any country. If you worried about the unusual dishes, it is not necessary: in any institution There are variations of rice, meat and noodle soups.

  • Combo lunch at McDonald’s – 6000 won (for one)
  • A cup of coffee to go – 4000 won
  • Seafood – from 9000 won
  • Dinner at a restaurant – 22,000 won
  • In general, a dish in a cafe is approximately from 10,000 won, more often in around 15-20,000 won

The prices in Seoul for fruits and vegetables are much higher. Moscow: a kilogram of apples costs about 6700 krw, oranges – 5600 krw, potatoes – 3600 krw. Alcohol in Korea also not cheap: a bottle of wine – from 15,500 krw, a bottle of local beer – 2800 krw, imported – 5500 krw.

Be sure to try something from the street food – It is very tasty, cheap and unusual! Us the most Liked:

  • Takkokhi – kebabs from chicken in a spicy sauce, ≈ 1500 won.
  • Mandu – Korean dumplings with various fillings – vegetable, meat, fish, ≈ 1000 won.
  • Lovers of acute (both literally and figuratively) sensations can try pondagi (fried silkworm larvae, ≈ 2000 won) and sunde (pork or bovine intestinal blood sausage, ≈ 2500 won).
  • Just rolls will cost ≈ 2500 won for 6 stuff.
  • Hotdog hotties – 700-1000 won
  • Thai fish – like in Japan, with sweet bean stuffing – 500 won

I share our favorite cafes in Seoul:

✓Everest. It is very tasty there, and you can find everything in the menu – from lamb curry to a vegetarian vegetable salad. Average check for one ≈ 17,000 won. ✓Paris Baguette – very popular bakery in Seoul with tourists. ✓Isaac Toast & Coffee – sandwiches for snacks, with potatoes, cheese, ham, etc. 3000-3500 won over toast.

For conservative tourists: near the metro station Dongdaemun History & Culture Park is waiting for you a bunch of institutions of Russian cuisine!

Product prices – 2019

Prices in South Korea for products, it seemed to me, not much below our Moscow. We purchased mainly in large network supermarkets (as local people told us, prices are much lower there) – EMART, GS25, COU.

Life hacking for those who like to save: many grocery stores Free tastings are organized daily in Seoul – they put up whole racks with fruits, vegetables, cheeses. You can take food from there to any quantity, the process is not controlled by anyone. Anyway – Koreans oh-so-love to eat, so no one is sure about you look, be calm :)

  • Milk, l – 2800 won
  • Eggs – 3400 won
  • Rice, kg – 3400 won
  • Chicken kg – 10,000 won
  • Cheese, kg – 16 700 won
  • 1000 Won Water Bottle
  • Oranges, kg – 5000 won
  • Local soda in a jar, 0.25 – 1000 won

In the grocery, by the way, you can find a lot of strange. For example, Baskin Robins, but not ice cream, but a sandwich (yes, filling between pieces of bread), tomato yogurt, maple sap marinated in soy sauce quail eggs …

Prices for hotels in Seoul in 2019

Seoul South Korea Seoul South Korea

Photo by Aleksandr Ignatov

To begin with the question: where to stay? Seoul is generally divided by 25 of the districts, half of them are central, and there, of course, is very expensive. Therefore, to reduce the cost of living, it is better to choose areas away from the center. For example, Gangnam (he, by the way, is dedicated to the song Gangnam Style) or Chamsil. We lived precisely in the latter. There is the famous Lotte Hotel World, but if you do not look next to him, then you can catch cheap rooms or apartments.

The cost of renting housing in Seoul is highly dependent on its locations – the closer to the center, the more expensive. We did not want to live in the hostel, and the hotels were too exorbitant, so opted for a small odnushki 15 minutes from center. The apartment was very simply furnished – nothing extra, only the most necessary, but it didn’t bother us, because sleep and take a shower there could be quite comfortable, and the rest we had no need.

  • Own option – apartment / apartment – we found on Airbnb, known service for renting private housing
  • We usually book hotels and hostels at RoomGuru, but not this time. time:)

Since I can’t say anything about the last in Seoul, a selection of hotels from my older and more important friends (to whom it is important, in first of all, comfort):

✓ 4 * Ramada Seoul Hotel – from $ 75 per room ✓ 3 * Hotel the Designers (Yeouido) – from $ 55 per room (this is a large hotel chain, there is both in the center and beyond)

The cost of renting an apartment

Our studio apartment cost about 250000 won ($ 220) in 2 weeks. The cost is the same, but in the center, almost twice as high. ≈ 440,000 won ($ 385) for the same period. Apartments too costing expensive – from 330,000 won ($ 290), so if want to save, choose a room or apartment (not in center!).

  • Surprisingly, Seoul hostels are much more expensive rooms and whole apartments.

Rental prices in Korea (per day):

Hostel from $ 10 (for one)
Room from $ 15 (for two)
Apartment from $ 25 (for two)
Hotel 3 * from $ 20 (for one)
Hotel 5 * from $ 110 (for one)

Prices for transport in South Korea

Transport in Seoul Transport in Seoul

Photo by Aleksandr Ignatov

Public transportation in Seoul is not the cheapest: one ride to Metro – about 2000 won, but 500 of them can then be returned. Simply you insert the used ticket into a special machine, and he returns this amount.

But the prices in Seoul by taxi are quite reasonable, it works according to to the counter. On average, a trip around the city can cost from 5000 to 15,000 won If you are a couple or a company, a taxi happens more profitable.

Rent a Car

If you allow the budget, you should definitely take the car in Renting is a great way to get to know Korea better. For you must have an international driver’s license be over 21 years old and have at least an annual driving experience.

Renting the simplest car (for example, Kia Ray) begins from $ 65 per day. For reliability, book in advance on the aggregator RentalCars.

Prices for entertainment and attractions in Seoul

Genbokgun - a palace complex in Seoul Genbokgun - a palace complex in Seoul

Photo by Aleksandr Ignatov

Holidays in South Korea are not only delicious cuisine, but also entertainment, and attractions. But I’ll say right away that prices in Seoul for entertainment is not at all small, so be prepared to spend money


Mendon Street – the most famous shopping street Seoul There you can find huge shopping centers and pretentious ones. specialty shops, and small shops. And by the way, besides the famous world brands there you can find things of local designers – cool and for a small price. And there are a lot of restaurants, kiosks with food, beauty salons and other things, so if you go there, then for sure for all day.

Approximate prices for clothes of famous brands:

  • Jeans Levi’s ≈ 100,000 krw
  • Платье H&M ≈ 55000 krw
  • Sneakers Adidas ≈ 110000 krw

Hongdae District – pleasant for walks, modern, filled with students from a local university for artists and designers, plus a lot of stylish cafes.

What to see in Seoul?


  • National Museum of Korea – a must-see place this is 6 floors and thousands of exhibits! On the first two floors – the exposition about the ancient history of Korea, above – collections of calligraphy, Chinese porcelain, furniture and textiles. The whole museum is impossible to get around – it is huge, so my advice is better to look in advance at the plan and choose interesting halls for yourself. Price is free
  • Kimchi Museum – here you can find everything, everything, about the main traditional Korean dish, kimchi cabbage. Visitors can not only learn about the history of the dish, but also to taste, pickle, and buy kimchi. Price – 5000 krw per adult

Amusement Parks

  • Lotte World Amusement Park is the largest indoor park. attractions in the world. I think you should not talk about how Are there cool rides and different activities? This park is uniquely worth a visit, but better to do it on weekdays. By the way! In the territory Park has a great restaurant – Iron Bull’s Restaurant – with great steaks and large portions. Dinner for two cost us ≈ 33500 won If you are with children, keep in mind that many rides are allowed from 110-120 cm. The price is 57000 krw per adult (free access to all rides)
  • Everland is another largest park in South Korea, here and water park, and fair, and the zoo, and attractions. We are not in one day probably got around a tenth of the park, so plan your time in advance and choose where you most want to go. Price – 84000 krw per adult (free visit to all rides)


  • COEX is not an ordinary aquarium where you can look at fishes. There you can see and polar bears, and otters, and birds, and penguins, and many other inhabitants of the “near-water” environment. BUT you can even touch some of them. The price is 28000 krw per an adult

There is also the Seoul tower – we, unfortunately, have not reached – Genbokgun and Chandok palaces, tours to the demilitarized zone of Korea (prices from 48,000 won per person) and countless streets and alleys for walking.

South Korea South Korea

Photo by Aleksandr Ignatov

By the way, the sea in South Korea is another attraction. They say it is very warm in summer and the beaches are clean and nice. equipped. During the next trip to Korea we Be sure to check! :)

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