Prices in Montenegro – 2019: food, cafes, hotels

In a country with the romantic and mysterious name of Montenegro, we visited twice, with a break of 7 years and the difference in the composition: +1 child.

Comparing these trips, I can responsibly state – prices in Montenegro has not changed radically. The cost of a cup of black coffee on the shore of the Adriatic Sea for several seasons it is € 1. True, the euro itself, which is in motion here, has grown obviously not in ours. the side. Therefore, prices in Montenegro in 2019 for Europeans – at the same level, and for the Russians – above. Good news: slightly relative to last year!

Counted and transferred to rubles: what is the reason for this in Montenegro? summer?


  1. How much are the air tickets?
  2. And tours?
  3. Food prices: in cafes and shops
  4. Accommodation – Hotels and Apartments
  5. Transport
  6. Entertainment and Attractions
  7. How much money to take?
  8. The budget of our trip

Air ticket prices

  • Direct flights in the summer season to Montenegro from Moscow (who would doubt), St. Petersburg and Samara. Fly around Victory, S7, Aeroflot, Montenegro Airlines and Ural Airlines.
  • Tickets: 15 000 – 25 000 rubles per person.

It is believed that an independent holiday in Montenegro flies into a penny just because of the air tickets – one click, and half the budget is not it happened. BUT! Such a great airline like Serbian The airline periodically launches unseen stock generosity – flights from Moscow for 12 000 rubles! Transplant in Belgrade (bezviz, you can walk), and then delivered to Podgorica (second airport in Montenegro).

Look for air tickets on the good old services:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

… and always compare both, there may be a difference of several hundred. rubles.

Word of the editor. We also caught a sale from Air Serbia and fly to Montenegro in August – for 12,600 rubles from man back and forth?

Visa to Montenegro is not required, but independent Tourists must pay a tourist tax: ≈ € 0.9 per day from each. Children under 12 years old are exempt from 12 to 18 years old – 50%. We paid ourselves in the tourist center.

Montenegro Montenegro

Prices for tours to Montenegro – 2019

Isn’t it cheaper to travel to Montenegro? There is no calculation without do, but I will spend them in the section below “How much money to take.” While I will designate the prices for rest in Montenegro under the permit. Tours i I book the same way as plane tickets – online:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

✓ The minimum tour for two in July-August costs 55,000 rubles for 7 nights (departure from Moscow, accommodation in apartments).

✓ 10 nights in Montenegro – everyone loves for a long time! – already from 66 000 rubles.

✓ Family vacation – dad, mom and baby – will rise to 80,000 rubles for a week.

✓ Well, and “all inclusive” – from 90 000 rubles. And in the country there are only about a dozen hotels serving at a similar system.

Food prices in Montenegro

Three Limes Restaurant Three Limes Restaurant Fish assortment Fish assortment

A country in which no one will go hungry, even with the minimum amount of funds! But still study prices in Montenegro on food in 2019.

First, let’s deal with catering.

  • Fast food in Montenegro comes down to street Mechek hamburgers. This is delicious! Getting ready such a burger according to the constructor principle: there is a huge cutlet in the set (pleskavitsa) or fried sausages (chevapchichi), a fresh roll and such the same fresh kaymak (something between a thick cream and cream cheese). Choose the rest yourself: pickles, hot sauce, vegetables. Even an adult male is far from being subtle build, checked! Fixed price: € 2.5 ≈ 185 rubles.

Don’t even try to search for McDonald’s! He is. But with a hamburger from the street stall not a single Big Mac compares. And they cost about the same.

  • Standard snack in small cafes and coastal pizzerias will cost approximately € 15 ≈ 1110 for two rubles.

✓ Large (very large) pizza: € 10 ≈ 740 rubles

✓ Small (but also large): € 7 ≈ 520 rubles

✓ Pasta: € 7 ≈ 520 rubles

✓ Coffee: € 1,5 ≈ 115 rubles

✓ Beer, 0.5 l: € 2,5 ≈ 185 rubles

The same prices in cafes serving the beaches: you make an order, you go lying on the bed, and the waiter brings everything to readiness. By the way we took for two, and ate three of us: with one small portion we had one portion, they are really big!

  • If the soul wants something more refined, welcome to a restaurant. In such institutions, our account for three ranged from € 40 ≈ 3000 rubles. Here will offer traditional spit-up (or kebab, as often mentioned in the menu) in different variations, soups and salads, as well as seafood.

✓ Chorba meat (beef soup): € 2.5 ≈ 185 rubles

✓ Chorba fish: € 2 ≈ 150 rubles

✓ Salad “Serbian” (plain vegetable with olive oil): € 2 ≈ 150 rubles

✓ Pleskavitsa with garnish: € 8 ≈ 600 rubles

✓ Meshano Meso (cold cuts weighing 1 kg (!)): € 10 ≈ 740 rubles

✓ Seafood assortment (approximately the same weight): € 20 ≈ 1500 rubles

✓ Dessert: € 2.5 ≈ 185 rubles

✓ Juice or juice: € 1,5 ≈ 115 rubles per cup

✓ Water, 0.33 L: € 1 ≈ 74 rubles

✓ Homemade wine, 1 l: € 9 ≈ 670 rubles

✓ Draft beer, 0.5 l: € 2,5 ≈ 185 rubles

You will be in Herceg Novi, be sure to visit the restaurant “Three Lindens “, you will not regret it! It is located on the main descent from the Old Cities to the sea. You can’t pass by. You can ask the locals. Going to a restaurant, do not forget to change clothes. Your clothes can be easy (shorts are allowed), but not the beach.

Food prices in Montenegro

Of course, we prepared ourselves. How much does it cost to eat, overstocking in Montenegrin stores?

Most often we bought Idea and Voli (Voli often had promotions as in our Pyaterochka). We went to the MEGA Market. But only when late returning from a walk. It works until 23.00, and our usual the shopping list went out for the same amount.

Approximate prices for products in stores in Montenegro (May 2019):

Euro Rubles
Fresh bread € 0.7 52 rubles
Milk, l € 0.75 56 rubles
Cheese, kg from € 8 600 rubles
Kaymak, 250 ml € 1,4 104 rubles
Carrots, kg € 0.6 45 rubles
Onions, kg € 0,5 37 rubles
Potatoes, kg from € 0.5 37 rubles
Zucchini, kg € 1 74 rubles
Water l € 0.7 52 rubles
Tea, 25 bags (absolutely inedible) € 1,5 111 rubles
Coffee, pack (depends on grinding) from € 1,5 111 rubles
Drinking yoghurt, l € 0.8 60 rubles
Sausages, kg from € 3 225 rubles
Eggs, a dozen € 1,7 125 rubles
Watermelons (our Montenegrin love!), Kg € 0,4 30 rubles
Bananas, kg € 1,3 96 rubles
Peaches, kg € 2 150 rubles
Wine domestic, dry (white or red), l € 1,5 111 rubles
Dry wine, aged, 0.75 l from € 3 225 rubles

In general, I noticed that the prices in the stores for food are practically they do not differ. The same can be said about the price of alcohol (no matter where you go shopping – in large shopping centers or private stores).

  • Meat (chilled beef), kg: € 7 ≈ 520 rubles
  • Fish, kg: from € 8 ≈ 595 rubles

We visited the local markets, wandered there as an excursion. AT stores prices are lower. But in the bazaars you can bargain (but we all equally not able to).

Prices for hotels in Montenegro

Kotor Kotor

The cost of rest in Montenegro depends on where located under the sun, chosen for a specific holidays

➢ St. Stephen’s Island – luxury rest.

➢ Budva, Becici, Herceg Novi or Petrovac are quite acceptable middling, you can find housing there for a very adequate money.

➢ Kotor – too picturesque to offer options inexpensive, but the neighboring (and beach) Kindness helps out.

➢ Ulcinj, due to its remoteness – budget, cheap there relatively more “center” resorts.

Logically, prices depend on the distance to the beach: the closer the sea, the more expensive accommodation. On the other hand, there is noisy, tourists walk till the morning (and maybe not only tourists). Season for recreation also affects the “pricing” of hotels. Summer is more expensive in early spring or late autumn, when the weather is no longer the same – cheaper.

In Montenegro, the hotel business is very actively developing. Absolutely all local residents are involved in advertising. For example, in Budva not only guides, but also ordinary sellers in stores with pride talk about the hotel, which made a movie about James Bond! Spoiler: in fact, “James Bond: Casino Royale” was filmed in Karlovy Vary, from the Montenegrin “Splendid” in the film only title.

In general, in the season the balance of prices for hotels next (price is for a double room, for one night, without supply):

Hotel category Prices in rubles
Guest house (room in the house with shared kitchen) from 1800
Hotel 3 * from 2200
Hotel 4 * from 3000
Hotel 5 * from 10 000

Лучший поисковик отелей >>

If you monitor the situation in advance, you can get to super offers of type – 4 stars for 1300 rubles. 5 * hotels in Montenegro can be counted on the fingers. Moreover, half of They are located in non-dormant Kotor and Tivat.

I can say that my first stay in a 3 * hotel (found on Booking) we were very pleased. Service and kitchen were on top (they only took breakfasts), and the rest didn’t worry us much: between beach and excursions, we dropped into the hotel just to change clothes.

The cost of renting an apartment

On the next trip I also took shelter off the coast, but already private sector. Firstly, the choice is more, secondly, it is cheaper. Booked on Airbnb – an international private rental service. housing. Under the link you will get a discount of 2100 rubles for the first booking The average price tag for apartments ranges from 2000 to 7000 rubles per day.

Word of the editor. All our cool apartments in Budva, Kotor and Becici (by the sea) cost 1,100 rubles / night per person. There are three of us, we have created three accounts on Airbnb – and saved 6300 rubles?

In general, in Montenegro, it seems that you can do not book anything. And on arrival, go to the first one you like. house with a sign SOBE and find shelter there. Rent everything: and apartments in apartment buildings, and whole mansions with pools. it great news (and maybe not news) for those who prefer independence.

Prices for transport in Montenegro

Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha


Tivat Airport is the most inconvenient airport for a traveler! If with rest on the voucher everything is clear (taken by bus), then independent will have to:

  • Or 3 kilometers on foot to stomp to the bus station to sit down on city bus
  • Or take a local taxi – 40-50 euros to Budva!

The same story with and Podgorica airport. But there is one way to get is optimal in terms of convenience and money. This is a transfer from KiwiTaxi – the driver will come for you, meet you at the airport with a sign that will take you to any resort to the door hotel / apartment.

Word of the editor. We tried KiwiTaxi in Athens with a 12-hour transplant. It turned out very comfortable and not lost extra 2 hours to get from the airport by bus. Therefore, in August from Podgorica to Budva, we also ordered KiwiTaxi – 38 euros for the car.

By the city.

On vacation for travel, we used a city bus or Taxi. But more often the last. Moreover, at prices it comes out not so and blatant bourgeois.

Judge for yourself:

  • Travel by public transport: € 1 ≈ 74 rubles per person
  • Taxi: € 1 ≈ 74 rubles per 1 km

We had € 3.5 ≈ 260 rubles for the whole family, but the car filed there and then, as we needed. Of course it important when to go close. We called cars through our beautiful hostess. Just called her, said where and when to us need a taxi and all. You can do it yourself, previously recognizing the phone number. Dispatchers understand Russian well.

In general, in Montenegro there is no language barrier: Montenegrin language is very similar to Russian, all inscriptions and signs translated into Russian. But even if not, their meaning can be intuitive. understand (they have a native alphabet, Cyrillic).

You must call a taxi, do not get into an empty car! The taxi driver will turn on the double counter.

Rent a Car

If the plans for a trip over long distances, there is a reason to take car rental. Prices for rental cars in Montenegro start from € 25 per day (for rent from 3 days). You can do this:

✓ In advance, through one of the sites, for example,

✓ MyRentacar – a similar way, the difference is that the site works with private traders. Check them very carefully.

✓ In place. Rental offices are usually combined with sales. excursions and is in any resort town.

Gasoline prices around € 1.3 ≈ 97 rubles per 1 liter.

To easily navigate in an unfamiliar country, better still At home, install applications with maps and navigators on your phone. For example, a good thing –, works even without going to the Internet.

Prices for entertainment and attractions in Montenegro

Mount Durmitor Mount Durmitor St. Michael's Cathedral, Old Town, Herzog Novi St. Michael's Cathedral, Old Town, Herzog Novi

Of course, the main entertainment of Montenegro – beaches! They are here there are different: sand, pebble and even concrete.

➢ ordinary sand can be enjoyed in the Rafailoviches and Petrovac

➢ black curative – in Ulcin

➢ pebble – Becici, Budva, Herceg Novi

➢ concrete – Kotor and Herceg Novi

And the beaches are paid and free. Free of course a lot more. There you can sunbathe on your towel that called for free. For more comfort almost everywhere there are umbrellas and sun beds. Beach prices vary. from € 6 to € 15 (≈ from 444 to 1110 rubles) for a set of 2 loungers + an umbrella with morning till evening.

In Herceg Novi for € 15 ≈ 1110 rubles, we rented for the whole day a canopy (the whole closed tent) with two chaise lounges. Standard a set of umbrella and 2 deck chairs cost € 10≈ 740 rubles.

On paid beaches, the entrance is from € 8 ≈ 600 rubles per person Sun loungers and umbrellas are provided. Or you can donate sun loungers, take only an umbrella, but for the amount you gave for entrance, choose in the beach cafe any drinks and snacks. it called beach club.

How in Montenegro, in addition to beaching, entertain yourself for free? In In many cities, the historic center deserves a separate walk. For example, in Herceg Novi, a very picturesque place – a fortress Spagnola In fact, it is abandoned ruins at the very top of the mountain. Free admission. And what types of open from there! But with children The venues in this area are all bad. They are so harsh that you and never dreamed of. In the area of Budva, infrastructure is more sharpened by childish needs.

Fortress Spagnola Fortress Spagnola

With paid children’s pleasures things are more vivacious. All along coast for children a lot of various razvlekalovok: rides, wheelchair-type machines, slot machines, trampolines, children’s labyrinths. The cost of about € 2 ≈ 150 rubles.


  • Aquapark Budva: € 22 or € 17 for children ≈ 1630 and 1260 rubles, respectively
  • Flight by parachute behind the boat: € 25 ≈ 1850 rubles
  • Fishing: € 30 ≈ 1220 rubles
  • Diving: € 40 ≈ 3000 rubles

The best tours

Gospa od Škrpela Gospa od Škrpela

Prices for excursions in Montenegro can be found out in advance. on the Internet, in the same place immediately book the ones you like. Agree with Russian guide is also not a problem: many of our countrymen are there and earn. If you want to chat with local residents:

  • Tripster
  • Sputnik

Services where you can find a suitable excursion from private traders. There will be no problems with language, Montenegrins working in tourism sphere, they know great-mighty.

Where to go? Our TOP-5.

  1. The canyons of the Tara and Moracha, Zabljak and Durmitor rivers. In my personal ranking – №1.

Journey from the sea high in the mountains. First you will be taken over canyons, where the spirit is breathtaking from the beauty, height and turretless drivers. Then an authentic lunch in the ski area. resort Zabljak: local delicacies – Negush cheese and smoked prshut, for dessert – strong liqueur plum brandy and stunning views of the highest mountain of Montenegro – Durmitor in the same name reserve.

Duration – all day.

All the fun in group excursions: € 40 – adults, € 20 – children ≈ 3000 and 1500 rubles, respectively.

  1. Boko-Kotor Bay – sea walk.

Calling on the man-made island of Gospa od Shkrpela (the Virgin Mary Reef), a walk in the city of captains Perast and a guided tour medieval Kotor (with lunch optional).

Duration – all day.

Group excursions, price: € 25 – adults, € 12.5 – children ≈ 1850 and 925 rubles, respectively.

  1. Cetinje and Lovcen – a trip to the shrines of Montenegro.

They will show and tell all about the first capital of Montenegro – Cetinje. There is a Tsetinsky monastery, where one of the main Relics of Christianity – the right hand of John the Baptist. Further rise on Mount Lovcen, to the mausoleum of the most revered ruler of Montenegro Peter Negosh. And finally, lunch in the village of Negushi, where he and was born

Duration – 6 hours.

Individual excursions (up to 4 people): € 108 ≈ 8000 rubles guide services, the cost of the car is discussed separately (usually in area + € 100 ≈ 7,400 rubles).

  1. “Heart of Montenegro” – when you need everything at once.

Volume group excursion connecting walk on Bay of Kotor, Cetinje and Lovcen.

Duration – all day.

Cost: € 50 – adults, € 25 – children ≈ 3700 and 1850, respectively.

  1. Skadar Lake – an option for lovers of flora and fauna.

A trip to a place inhabited by an incredible number of birds, including including giant pelicans.

Duration – 5 hours.

Price: € 40 – adults, € 20 – children ≈ 3000 and 1500 rubles, respectively.

My advice: how much is a holiday in Montenegro?

Prices for holidays in Montenegro are quite affordable. Will hold exact alignment in numbers – we calculate the average costs tourist.

1) Minimum ticket in July for 7 days costs 55 000 rubles for two (Budva).

2) “Let’s collect” tour independently – for 7 days on two to Budva:

  • Flight – 34000 rubles (Victory with luggage) OR the sale of Air Serbia for 25 200 rubles.
  • Transfer (round trip) – 3000 rubles from Tivat OR 6000 rubles from Podgorica.
  • Insurance (for Cherehapa) – 700 rubles.
  • Accommodation (the cheapest apartments, as in the tour) – 13 000 rubles.
  • Tourist tax – 1000 rubles.

Total: 52 000 rubles OR 46 000 rubles.

If you “jumped” into this section of the content, all look-up passwords-services are looking for above (you can save a lot)?

How much money to take in Montenegro? For food, souvenirs and other we usually incur unforeseen expenses in the budget for € 50 ≈ 3700 rubles a day. For a week for two about 26,000 rubles for sure, you can round up to 30 000 rubles.

Naturally, you can each of the proposed items of expenditure increase (or reduce) specifically for themselves and count all waste!

How much did my trip cost?

concrete beach, Duke Novi concrete beach, Duke Novi

The entire budget of our trip was 120,000 rubles per family: 2 adults, 1 child of 3 years. For 12 days. Including EVERYTHING!

➢ Flight price – 35,000 rubles. In both ends, almost three (children’s ticket is 70% of the total cost). Of course with luggage ☺ We flew to Dubrovnik. There was a Schengen, and got on sale Serbian Airlines, and from there closest to Herceg Novi.

When crossing the Montenegrin border with neighboring countries make sure that you put in the passport all the stamps. Forgetfulness and inattention of Montenegrin customs officers is a talk of the town even in their homeland.

➢ Transfer (from a neighboring country, please note) – € 80 ≈ 5920 rubles, round-trip. When booking accommodation you can immediately agree with the owners on how you intend to get to them. The locals are very responsive and hospitable. Will help in any case. In hotels, this service is often already included in the price.

➢ Apartment – 40,000 rubles for 12 days or € 44 per day.

➢ Tourist tax – € 21 ≈ 1560 rubles for two for 12 days

➢ Car rental (excursion program) for 3 days – 5,500 rubles + gasoline about 5000 rubles for a full tank (we had enough for 3 days active journeys).

Our accommodation option in Herceg Novi was a compromise between price and location. Lived near the Old Town. Beside – attractions and shops … But it was necessary to wind up or go to the sea through the picturesque streets, or overcome straight about 500 (!) steps. Advice: do not repeat our mistakes! Walk down of course fun, but upstairs … But our dad perfectly pumped up his hands, dragging youngest :)

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