Prices in Dubai (UAE) – 2019: food, accommodation, tours

How much does a city cost, where half of iconic places have status “the most … in the world”? The tallest building, the most progressive metro, the largest shopping center. Yes, prices in Dubai cannot be by default. low (although prices for tours to Dubai claim the opposite).

We went to the “capital of luxury and wealth No. 1” for the third time, and I must say, it turned out acceptable. I would describe the Arab Emirates like this: not budget, but with the right approach – not hell expensive. We tell and prove!


  1. When to go?
  2. Prices for tours
  3. For independent: hotel prices
  4. For all: 10 good hotels
  5. Where to eat?
  6. Beaches
  7. Excursions and Burj Khalifa
  8. Transport
  9. Shopping
  10. How much to take the money?

When is it cheaper to go? Season in Dubai

The juice is to go to Dubai in November and in December (until the 25th numbers):

  • The sea is still warm, degrees 23-24
  • There are almost no people, they think that the water is cold and swim can’t
  • The weather is excellent, do not get burned, on the street about + 25 ° С … + 28 ° С
  • The price of vouchers is super. So, we flew to Dubai for 33,000 rubles from Kazan

In January and February, it is not recommended to have a rest, for such winds, that even the tip of the Burj Khalifa sways to and fro. But in reality everything better, in 2014 in February we flew to the UAE for the first time – and there was warm, even swam.

In March, in April and in May – the season, so you can go safely. Air temperature from + 25 ° С to + 35 ° С. True, in May it gets and to + 40 ° С.

In the summer and early September – no, no, and again no. Tolerate heat from + 40 ° С to + 60 ° С for the sake of the dubious assumption that prices in Dubai fall in the off-season … not worth it. Other “adverse” period for travel is Ramadan. Many places (not only cafes, but and water parks, shops) are closed until the evening, eat / drink on the street ochchchen not welcome. In 2019, Ramadan lasts with …

Dubai Marina Beach Dubai Marina Beach Al mamzar beach Al mamzar beach

Dubai Marina (a great place for evening walks) and Al Mamzar beach (entry price 5 dirham)

Prices for tours to Dubai in 2019

Check prices directly from major tour operators, and with departure from suitable city, you can on the online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They display all that is on the right numbers, compare where cheaper, and suggest cheap dates.

So, the cost of package vacation:

✓ The most common tour with a flight for 10 days to Dubai – from 65,000 rubles for two. For 7 days – already from 60 thousand. A bit more budget tickets in winter – from 60 and 55 thousand, respectively

✓ Typically Turkish holidays in Dubai – without departing from the sea and with full service – “bites”: prices for all-inclusive tours start from 170 000 rubles per week (1 line)

✓ Family trip (2 adults with a child) – from 80,000 rubles for 7 days

Anex Tours in Dubai Anex Tours in Dubai Azur air charter in Dubai Azur air charter in Dubai

Anex tour meets us at the airport in Dubai – flew charter flight azur air

Prices of flights to Dubai

Good news! Visa to Dubai is not needed – it was canceled. Upon arrival at the airport you just put a stamp (and it is free).

For lovers of traveling alone, here is an example of prices for tickets to Dubai:

  • From Moscow you can catch the price tag of 15,000 rubles round trip one
  • From Samara – from 18 000 rubles
  • For flights from Kazan to Dubai, the cost is similar – from 18 thousand people

Цены из других городов >>

Accommodation in Dubai: prices for hotels

Accommodation, as well as tickets, a significant part of the cost in the city. When counting the amount of air + hotel is a risk to think that the ticket is not bad :)

All cheap hotels in Dubai are located in Deira and can boast a maximum of 3 stars, more often – one or two. And decent The options in the center are literally mocking the wallet. To whom Interestingly, prices for the famous sail hotel in Dubai start at $ 1,200 per night in the room!

Neither the amount of the reservation nor the tour price is not included mandatory tourist tax. is he paid on the spot and formed from the star of the hotel – from 7 to 20 dirham per night.

Prices for hotels in Dubai: a comparative table

Hostels from $ 20 (for two)
Cheapest hotel from $ 30
4 stars from $ 50
5 stars from $ 70
Flat / Apartment (with Airbnb) from $ 40

Лучший поисковик отелей >>

Burj Al Arab Dubai Burj Al Arab Dubai Dubai marina Dubai marina

We go from the subway to the shopping center Souk Madinat Jumeirah (next to him you can make good photos with the hotel Burj Al Arab) – Dubai Marina

10 good hotels in Dubai

  • 3 * Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai – city hotel from the famous budget network: from 75 000 rubles
  • Golden Sands Hotel Apartments – apartment complex in the area Bur Dubai, settled most often in the 3 korpusTur: from 75 000 rubles
  • 3 * Ibis Dubai Al Rigga – a strong troika, just 6 stations Metro from Burj Khalif Tour: from 70 000 rubles
  • 4 * Flora Grand – hotel with swimming pool and jacuzzi on the roof; price low, because it is located in Deira, “on the outskirts” Tour: from 77 000 rubles
  • 4 * Hilton Dubai The Walk – great location near Dubai Marina, impeccable service. Suitable for families with children in the yard there is a supermarket, but the cost is awful. Suddenly, someone “go”? :) Tour: from 150 000 rubles
  • 3 * Landmark Plaza Baniyas is a good and inexpensive hotel in Dubai near metroTur: from 70 000 rubles
  • 4 * DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach – Aparthotel on first line with its own beachTour: from 170 000 rubles
  • 5 * Address Dubai Marina – stylish rooms with views of Dubai Marinutour: from 155 000 rubles
  • 5 * Atlantis The Palm (Atlantis) – not afraid of the word, luxury hotel on Palma with an aquapark and an aquarium in the wallTour: from 240 000 rubles
  • 5 * Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – the most famous hotel in the form SailsTour: from 750 000 rubles O_O

Let me remind you that if you are an independent tourist, look at hotels at Booking (self search engine) or RoomGuru (aggregator, i.e. monitors and bookings, and another 10+ systems).

Dubai food prices – 2019

The local currency is dirham. Dirham to ruble rate: 1 AED = 18 rubles.

The order of prices in Dubai for food (in catering establishments) is approximately this is:

  • Shawarma – 6-10 AED
  • Rice with chicken in “Ali” Eatery – 20-30 AED
  • Combo lunch at McDonald’s – 25 AED
  • Take-away Cappuccino, 0.3 – 15-20 AED
  • Pizza in a cafe (for two) – 60-70 AED
  • Seafood (mix of several reptiles) – 90-100 AED
  • Friday brunch (buffet) – 150-300 AED
  • Dinner in a luxury European restaurant with a good view – 500-700 AED for two (with alcohol)
  • Dinner at the pathetic restaurant of local cuisine – 300-500 AED
Urban Seafood Urban Seafood Cafe Mcgettigans Cafe Mcgettigans

Our lunch at Urban Restaurant – McGettigan’s Cafe next to Souk Madinat Jumeirah If you, like us, are not willing to pay ≈ 720 rubles for two cups of coffee, think about the application-rescue Entertainer. It costs about 9000 rubles, but in our We told telegram channel @howtrip how we bought it 9 times less (#howtrip_dubai hashtag).

Where to eat in Dubai? And what to try?

Universal recommendations, like “here it will be delicious and дешево”, увы, я не дам, потому что в Дубае не бываетдешево. But I will share the places found for three trips, who aren’t you ashamed to show your friends?

Attention! I will list the names and approximate direction of the kitchen, and in the photo of dishes and food prices you can admire this article.

✓ Barilla Cafe – Italian cuisine pizza pasta

✓ Urban – seafood

✓ Golden Fork – also seafood hyper-tourist restaurant

✓ Al Ustadi Special Kabab – Popular institution for locales, served mainly lamb, chicken and rice

✓ Papa Jones – nothing exotic, pizzeria, what is in Russia; nevertheless, ok for a bite

✓ Magnolia Bakery – coffee shop and pastry shop, cheesecake cupcakes

✓ Caffe Nero – great coffee

✓ Five Guys – fast food in Dubai Mall overlooking Singing Fountains. A level higher than ↓

✓ Well, and urgently and inexpensively you can eat in the “great and terrible” – in Mcdonalds Found in every shopping center

Double B cafe menu Double B cafe menu Menu at Mcgettigans Cafe Menu at Mcgettigans Cafe

Known to many coffee house Double B – prices for a menu from a cafe McGettigan’s What’s local-traditional?

  • Manakish – melted cheese in pita. This cake is often served to main course
  • Shawarma! No comment, really. P.s .: to be honest, then Moscow tastes better, as for me
  • Nuts and dates – they are just bombing here.
  • Falafel – chickpea balls
  • Of course, the meat – lamb skewers
Uran Cafe Menu Uran Cafe Menu Check in Barilla cafe Check in Barilla cafe

The menu in Urban – the final check from the Barilla restaurant went to 66 AED

Many letters and information: Rest in the Emirates – our обзор >>

Dubai Food Prices – 2019

For large-scale and not very shopping, the Carrefour store is perfect – it’s kind of like french but a lot of where is present abroad. Large supermarket, the price tag is acceptable. I mean, not bullied, as in Pakistani shops, but not to compare with Moscow – products nutrition is still more expensive.

Prices for food in Dubai in stores:

  • Beef, kg – from 30 AED
  • Whole chicken, kg – 16-20 AED
  • Eggs, 6 pcs – from 4 AED
  • Slicing cheese, 150 gr – from 10 AED
  • Mango kg – 20 AED
  • Tomatoes, kg – from 7 AED
  • Milk, liter – 6-8 AED
  • Bread – 5-7 AED
  • Ritter Sport Chocolate – 9 AED
  • Bottle of water – 1 AED

Alcohol in Dubai is not found, seriously. Alcomarkets exist, but to purchase something without a special license is not succeed (and it is only in the local “visitors”). Simpler focus on bars, restaurants and clubs where trading is allowed alcohol – on my own I would recommend a cool bar-terrace Level 43 Sky Lounge.

Shop in Dubai Shop in Dubai Supermarket in Dubai Supermarket in Dubai

Supermarket Carrefour in Dubai – prices will not pleasantly surprise you ?

Dubai beaches

Beaches in the city are divided into public – free, but there are exceptions, and private at hotels.

By the way, the best beach in the emirate – just public. So even budget vacation in Dubai, when the price of the voucher is nowhere lower, and the hotel is 8 km from the coast, you can “save” an excellent beach experience :)

Examples of city beaches:

➢ La Mer – the very beach number 1. Fully free, with dressing rooms-showers-toilets, with modern and stylish promenade and walking area

➢ Al Mamzar – three beaches combined by a large park area. Very pale before La Mer, especially the entrance – 5 AED per person

➢ Jumeirah Open Beach – located next to hotel “Parus” and therefore is popular with tourists

➢ Marina Beach – located in the same area Dubai Marina. Here is a developed infrastructure, but, as a rule, too many people and not the purest water

➢ Kite Beach – where, among others, live surfers

Rates on Dubai’s public beaches

Closed shower 10 AED
One lounger 60 AED
Umbrella and lounger 80 AED
Umbrella, sunbed and towel 100 AED

La Mer Beach La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach – in our opinion the best free beach in Dubai (there are few people in the off-season)

How much do tours in Dubai in 2019 cost?

1) One of the must-try excursions in the Emirates is jeep safari the wilderness. Locals assure that they have completely different deserts than in Egypt! The difference in the color of sand and tactile sensations. So that, check is necessary.

Price for evening safari and dinner with a show program in the desert, in average, $ 60-70 per person. Here’s a little finhak: on Sputnik can be booked for $ 45 – and all the same.

Desert Safari Desert Safari Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

We took a tour of the safari (were delighted) and the mosque in Abu Dhabi, traveled here on a previous trip to the UAE

2) It is interesting to go to Abu Dhabi – see the city, go to Sheikh Zayed Mosque and visit the Ferrari Museum. Price depends on exactly which places you want to see, usually from a tour operator around $ 100 per person.

Но, опять же, подобную экскурсию можно взять онлайн >> заless money for only $ 70.

3) Do not forget about the review on Dubai itself! Best option if need to quickly, capaciously and not really want to walk. Always check Satellite, the site really helps out – a sightseeing tour goes to $ 35.

4) Dubai tours such as Arab cruises are also popular. boat with dinner. In the 2019th, prices start at $ 55. Kinds awesome if you are ready to make the whole way along the river open to delight mouth – this is here.

Ticket to Burj Khalifa

The rise of the Burj Khalifa, of course, is worth committing. But we are something never came. Therefore, tell about the experience of friends.

The ticket price is fixed – 141 AED (2500 rubles). Are buying online, but the most profitable on GetYourGuide, because on the main site a service fee of 5 AED is added. Plus, there is also available combo offer – tower, aquarium and underwater zoo for 206 AED (3700 rubles).

Upstairs simply breathtaking – huge skyscrapers seem to be quite small, and the world itself is like a dollhouse. Special beautiful to watch at sunset (and more expensive). Price on Burj Khalifa it is measured not in money, but in the value of the received emotions!

Burj Khalifa from Bin Rashid Boulevard Burj Khalifa from Bin Rashid Boulevard Pedestrian Street in Dubai Pedestrian Street in Dubai

We advise you to take a walk along Bin Rashid Boulevard (someone says that this is Dubai’s main pedestrian street) – which is definitely worth it Look here, these are cool installations, Dubai Opera and a view without people on burj khalifu

Where to go in Dubai? Entertainment

In the Emirates, a lot of entertainment. This country is similar to Disneyland, especially if you have a decent amount of money with you.

  • There are a lot of water parks here, but the largest and interesting – Aquaventure (340 AED) on an embankment island Пальма.Билеты >>
  • Surely you heard about Singing Fountains? They located next to the Dubai Mall, you can visit them for free, each day from 18:00
  • A theme park is perfect for a trip with children. entertainment Legoland (230 AED), made in the spirit of известного Лего!Билеты >>
  • It is interesting to walk in the magic park Zabeel Park. There are entertainment for children, there are places for barbecue, greenery and nature around. Great place to stay
  • Hop-on hop-off bus Dubai (270 AED) – such red bus sightseeing tours in Dubai. For 1 day you can catch посмотреть основные достопримечательностиБилеты >>
  • Or maybe you miss the snow and the mountains? Absolutely no problems welcome to ski dubai ride tubing, sleigh, bobsleigh, etc. All-day price with clothing set – from 230 AED

Забронировать >>

Dubai Night Dubai Night

For such a night view you should go to the bar 43 Level (this near the metro station)

Night clubs

Surprised? Despite the tough policy in the country, many tourists is allowed. For example, go to nightclubs. Parties there are truly “burning”.

Entrance fee – an average of 50-150 AED. Drink a glass of saw or alcoholic cocktail – 20-30 AED.

Some of the clubs in Dubai:

➢ Red Square – entrance fee 150 AED

➢ White Dubai – on the roof of the hotel. Admission is free, price for cocktail in the region of 100 AED. Girls entrance strictly on heels

➢ Zero Gravity – both club and beach. In the morning you can swim, and in the evening dance (but not in swimsuits!). Entry – 150 AED, of which 50 AED – deposit

➢ Mix – a huge club that seats 2000 at dance floors person. Cost about 50 AED

➢ Zinc Nightclub – with free entrance for girls and couples


You can get around in Dubai by bus, metro (on solar-powered, by the way!) or taxi.

✓ Bus price around 2 AED

✓ There are two options for a ride in the subway – in the carriage for mortals or in the first gold car. Chip gold-wagon is that you watch the ride as the driver sees it. Cost of The usual trip depends on the distance of the trip – from 5 to 15 AED. C Nol Card more profitable for a couple of dirhams

✓ Taxi prices in Dubai are high – 5 AED per board, 2 AED per every km; minimum trip amount – 12 AED (215 rubles)

Taxi in Dubai Taxi in Dubai Rent a car in Dubai Budget Rent a car in Dubai Budget

We traveled a lot by taxi, but if you are with family or big by company – it is worth to rent a car

Rent a car in Dubai

Rent a car is convenient. This will give you the opportunity. go to distant Emirates and generally do not depend on anyone.

Prices in Dubai in 2019 for car rental start from 25 dollars a day. You can see and evaluate on:

  • RentalCars
  • Autoeurope
  • EconomyBookings

In no case do not take the car without insurance. Cost per liter gasoline in area 2 AED. Please note you need to rent international driver’s license!

Shopping in Dubai

This country is definitely created for shopping! What is worth only Dubai Mall with its immense and for 3 days area. It is full shopping centers, including outlets, where it is profitable to buy brand clothes.

For example, Dubai Outlet Mall, which is considered an average outlet Price Segment or The Outlet Village – High Price segment. It is unlikely that you will find “European” sales, prices will definitely be higher. However, it is still cheaper than in standard official stores.

In general, high-quality clothing is sold in local markets in Dubai. There, keep all valuables with you, there is a chance of theft. Can look jewelry, but they are clearly not cheap.

The idea of buying equipment is a good option. For example, iPhone Xs in Dubai costs 14-15 thousand rubles cheaper; Airpods – by 1500 rubles.

Shopping in Dubai is an insidious thing, if you don’t plan, it’s all the same want to buy something, so take all the savings that no pity:)

Dubai Mall Mall Dubai Mall Mall Dubai pier singing fantana Dubai pier singing fantana

Well, what about without the Dubai Mall (view inside and on artificial bay with famous singing fountains)

What can be brought from the UAE? Duty free

I would like to first designate what to bring here: alcohol. Take or buy in Duty Free upon arrival in the Emirates. Not the fact that it will turn out to buy a fire somewhere else.

From home grab camel milk products – cheese, milk or cottage cheese (consider the shelf life), oriental sweets – Turkish delight, sherbet, halvah and cookies with dates (20 AED). Of course, spices for every taste.

I do not know whether to advise taking a carpet – only if sure to take away ☺

Duty Free in Dubai – huge and with the highest sales in the world. From here you can bring whatever you like: watches, cosmetics, jewelry, hookahs and small souvenirs.

Bottom line: what budget is needed for a holiday in Dubai (UAE)?

It depends on what to make a start. After all, you can take as a basis the price of all inclusive holidays in Dubai – in 2019 from 130,000 rubles a week for two. It is possible and modest tour for 50 000 rubles breakfast Or self-tour: tickets and the cheapest hotel that will be released in the same 45-50 thousand (from Moscow).

Basic expenses for 7 days for two, applicable to all tourists:

Food and water 667 AED below 20 AED per dish is difficult to find + 1 AED per bottle of water; here the same – cocktail on the rooftop for 50 AED
Tours $ 100 and 282 AED take a safari and climb the Burj Khalifa
Movement 224 AED 2 trips by metro and 1 by taxi per day
Souvenirs and easy shopping $ 50

Total on the spot: 1173 AED ($ 320) + $ 150 = $ 470 or $ 67 per day.

Our experience for comparison: in general, prices on vacation in Dubai acceptable. We spent 52,000 rubles in 4 days: This is a tour for 2 people from Kazan, 1 tour, lunch / dinner, small gifts home and many kilometers by taxi. If you calculate the amount of “with me”, it turned out that Dubai for two goes to $ 70 per day.

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