Prices for holidays in Adler in 2019 – personal experience trips to the sea

Prices for holidays in Adler - personal experience of a trip to the sea Prices for holidays in Adler - personal experience of a trip to the sea

When you want the sun-sea-palm, but to all native, understandable, domestic. When you do not want to see foreign persons, but only Russian … Armenian, Abkhaz, Georgian … then welcome to the Great Sochi! Black and Black Sea, beach holiday, and kebab under brandy waiting for tourists all of Russia.

Adler – the most convenient turlocation. Train Station, the airport (Sochi) is close, the main interesting things are even closer, and bonus – the cleanest beaches and the sea that we saw in the Krasnodar edge!

Not to say that Adler is an expensive resort. Of course, deciding to spend money thoroughly, you can feel like “Laksheri”. And yet there is Magnet, market, canteens, minibuses and other friends of the budget trips. Prices for holidays in Adler by the sea start from the budget 40 000 rubles for two for 2 weeks and end with the unknown six-digit numbers.


    To reach | Live | Eat | Move around | Have fun | SunbathCustomer vacation reviewsWhere to stay? And how many потратили мы?

Как добраться до Адлера? Ticket price

You can get to the resort by air, train tracks or by car. There is no single, suitable for all. Important to evaluate all the pros and cons of each type of transport and choose the best for a particular trip.

We are on holiday in Adler and went and flew. Like, of course, plane: 3 hours instead of 2 days on the train! And for the price is not much more expensive, see the comparison.

How faster and cheaper to get to Adler: (one way prices)

Moscow Kazan Krasnodar
Travel time Cost of Travel time Cost of Travel time Cost of
Auto 21 hours from 4600 ₽ 28 hours from 5500 ₽ 7 o’clock from 900 ₽
A train 39 hours from 3000 ₽ 48 hours from 3800 ₽ 7 o’clock from 1000 ₽
Aircraft 2 hours 20 minutes from 3500 ₽ 2 hours 30 minutes from 5000 ₽ 1 hour from 2200 ₽

In addition to the money spent on the ticket / gasoline itself, additional expenses: food, transfer to the station / airport, overnight stay for distant travel by car, etc.

Before you attack the glorious Railways, think about how much money spend on food on the train for 2 days? Four of us took 2000 rubles, and this purchase to a minimum. But friends have experienced everything charms autotrip, and the trip from Moscow took them 2 days (under Krasnodar had to spend the night), a bunch of physical strength, nerves and costs (traffic police, toll roads, coffee, and food … no, a lot of food)

How much is a ticket to Adler on a plane?

So, as long as you are not coming from Vladivostok or you are not traveling with a detachment of children (and here they are below), the plane “does” all The cost depends on the point of departure and specific dates.

Our experience: Kazan-Moscow → 999 rubles, Moscow-Sochi → 2940 rubles; Sochi-Cheboksary → 5100 rubles, Cheboksary-Kazan → 250 rubles (BlaBlaKar)

For large cities there is a real chance to buy tickets at all cheap. Russian loukoster is often satisfied with sales Victory. From Moscow there are tickets for 2000 rubles! Discounts happen and on direct flights from Perm, Cheboksary, Yekaterinburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kazan and Samara.

Where to find tickets?

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

Famous search engines with a bunch of handy features like low price calendars, the cheapest direction, etc. Our review агрегаторов >>

How much does a train ticket to Adler cost?

Every second begins the calculation of the price from the train. Even with train extortion rates – the most budget way to get there from point … (put your own) to point A (Adler). He is the same long. And if you are not lucky … Last year we had to go 2 day at 30-degree heat without air conditioning?

And all because in the season with places to Adler hard for all directions. It is strongly advised to catch tickets as they open dates – for 90 days. Check prices and availability is always possible on official website

What is the benefit of Russian Railways? From June 1 to August 31, they offer a discount in 50% for children ages 10 to 17, and no certificates from school do not! However, it acts only on the reserved seat.

And a nice addition: spend time at the railway station Adler to departures can be on the terrace, which is on the second floor, nostalgically saying goodbye to the views of the sea.

As a result, check the prices for the aircraft and the train. Yes they differ, but in what direction will practice show?

Билеты на поезд >>

Hotels in Adler – how much does living in 2019 cost?

Hotels in Adler Hotels in Adler

This is the Olympic Village on Rosa Khutor.

Where to book hotels yourself?

  • Roomguru
  • Booking
  • Airbnb – for the private sector

You can live in the following variations in the number of rooms: in “pre-Olympic” (mainly holiday homes and resorts), in built for the Olympics (modern hotels and comfort-rest), in private sector Adler by the sea.

Adler hotels with prices for 2019 (best in reviews tourists):

Room rate per night – in season The cost of the tour for a week
Velvet Seasons from 2600 ₽ from 45 000 ₽
Radisson Blu Paradise Resort&SPA from 17 500 ₽ from 120 000 ₽
Bridge resort from 8000 ₽ from 90 000 ₽
Harfa Park Hotel from 12 400 ₽ from 110 000 ₽
Hotel Omega Sochi (Tulip Inn) from 5300 ₽
Hotel Bogatyr from 11 000 ₽ from 90 000 ₽
Pension Burgas from 8 200 ₽ from 75 000 ₽

The most popular of the Velvet Seasons – there are several – is for the Olympic Park, in the direction of Abkhazia. On the first coastline – Catherine Quarter. Behind him is the Russian House. In the territory several food service outlets, shops, pharmacies, fruit stalls, playgrounds. Hotel guests are mainly families with children.

Recommendation: there is one hotel in Adler – 3 * Pier. So, in itself, it does not stand out, normal, but the view from rooms (junior suite “comfort” or for the newlyweds) there is AMAZING, straight to the sea. The hotel is not available for tours, can be booked on Booking for 4000-6000 rubles / night for two.

The bridge offers rest in Adler for all inclusive. Prices are higher than in boarding houses. There is a medical center here, one of the best in district. Alas, but in 2019, plan your vacation in Adler on Resorts and resorts with all-inclusive, and at the same time at an inexpensive price, can only privileged categories of citizens (vouchers which partially or fully paid by the organization in which they work). All inclusive in Russia is still considered a luxury!

Hotel Bogatyr is located in Sochi Park – an amusement park. entrance for hotel guests on the free territory.

How much are tours to Adler?

One of lifehacks, how to make a rest by the sea in Adler the most comfortable and economical – buying a tour.

So, our friend in September 2018 was faced with a choice: with self-booking accommodation in “Velvet Seasons” the cost for 2 weeks was about 45,000 rubles; same 2 weeks on the voucher – 35 000.

Where to look for tours? We always advise online aggregators:

  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours

They analyze the bases of all the leading tour operators and compare prices, which means: it is profitable – more choice, more interesting options; it is convenient – no need to get out of home / from work; this fast – cool discounts don’t tolerate delay?

Last minute season tickets from Moscow can cost 16 000 rubles a week for two! Just manage to catch on search engines. If you do not take into account the shares of generosity, tours to Adler will cost from 40 000 rubles (7 days, 2 people). By the way, the trip is 14 days slightly more expensive – from 53 000 rubles. Well, the prices for rest in Adler in 2019 for all inclusive – from 95 000 rubles for two.

I want to relax, collect papers – I do not want? Read our article about visa-free countries for Russians in 2019!

Holidays in the private sector Adler by the sea – an alternative hotels

Palma in Adler Palma in Adler Embankment in Adler Embankment in Adler

Embankment in Adler, on which we walked almost every evening

The choice of housing on the Black Sea coast is very wide. Root the resident does not rent the room? Nonsense, then he keeps a bar. Dining room Score!

If you need super-cheap rest in Adler, then in 2019 figure out prices for the private sector. This type of housing – mini-villages from cottages – gives a significant fork in value (from a ridiculous the amount that we gave to the apartment at the cost of 5 * hotel). Of course, self-booking increases your exit risk. get not what was stated. Therefore, the best friend of the tourist: reviews of other tourists.

Where to find the private sector?

Here is our experience: first we booked an apartment on Avito. Great dvushka for 1500 per day on the Caspian street, far from the sea, but all the infrastructure nearby. But we could not evaluate it, the owner “merged” a week before arrival! Backup option was urgently found on Airbnb (have you already received 2100 rubles?). Private sector, 15 minutes to the sea (Listopadnaya-Records district) – spacious odnushka, in fact 1.5-room for 10 days came in 20 000 rubles. Oh yeah, there were five of us, i.e. 400 rubles per person per day.

Guest houses in Adler

Cheap vacation in Adler – this is definitely not about the hotel on the first coast, and about 20-30 minutes walk and guest houses. Two-, three-story buildings with a small terrace and shared kitchen / bathroom and rooms with separate entrances. This is the most budget type of accommodation. Moreover, suitable for family tourists.

Guest houses, or guesthouses, prices in Adler in 2019 start from 800 rubles per night for two. The cheapest option in August – the high season – will cost 1000 rubles per day.

Where to watch guest houses?

  • Booking
  • Roomguru

Prices for food in Adler – 2019

Persimmon on a tree in Abkhazia Persimmon on a tree in Abkhazia

Lovers of rest “all inclusive” in Adler risk never knowing how good are the khinkali, that the chicken in Kiev is with cheese, and buying pita from tandoor must be taken for one more. To eat him along the way. Entirely. Burning and spitting on a diet.

Do not know about it and thrifty tourists who choose the path “hike in shop → cooking in the kitchen “. In general, how are we? About everything described above and below already told the owner of housing. 10 days to 3 times to feed five female adults, it took us only 12,000 rubles. Were bought in the near Magnet / Pyaterochka; food prices at the level of Moscow.

Required to visit the Adler market. They will drink wine here pomegranate juice and, most likely, hung around, but make it beautiful, in the best traditions of the bazaar. Prices are not cheaper to shop, but big selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices. After shopping you can find squat cafe building, glazed on all sides, without a name. According to some connoisseurs, the best in the Big Sochi are served here. hinkali The cost for a portion of 5 pieces is 250 rubles.

From other delicious institutions of Adler:

  • Хмели&Сунели – средний чек 1000 рублей
  • La Luna – for lunch you can be quite budget for a restaurant eat, have a business lunch. Average check 1500 rubles
  • Frau Marta – beer, meat, huge portions, reasonable prices. Highly worthy institution. Average check 1000 rubles

If you walk along the embankment from the Olympic Park towards Abkhazia, Immediately outside the territory of the Radisson is a restaurant Height 5642. To his left – cool Burger. Prices 350-400 rubles for a burger.

From the canteens is a good network “Wash-eat”: fresh baking, the same prices in all establishments. There is a point on the railway train station. The first, the second with meat / fish and compote with a bun will be cost around 300 rubles.

Take-away food is sold in restaurants with a sign. “Cooking”. Usually they take chicken Kiev, zrazy, meatballs. The price for a patty is not more than 100 rubles.

Buying food and baby products is better in one of supermarkets. The largest selection and lowest prices – in the hypermarket Magnet (on Priresenskaya).

Where else besides Adler? Holidays on the Black Sea in России >>

Transport in Adler – buses, taxis

Transport in Adler Transport in Adler Transport in Adler Transport in Adler

It looks like the beginning of the ascent of the funicular (below there is McDonald’s, so you should eat before the rise – at the top prices are more expensive)

In summer, the air temperature in Adler, on average, + 27 ° C, water + 25 ° C. The temperature in the buses, on sensations, is the sum of two these indicators. Any stop reminds rest in a bath, and in traffic jams thoughts arise that Adler’s name comes from the words “hell.” Large buses should be air-conditioned, but in fact it is not.

Our experience: we preferred to avoid steam rooms on wheels, but in two cases failed. We traveled from the Olympic Park (Adler) to Arboretum (Sochi) – 55-60 rubles per person; and moved on Adler himself – fixed 19 rubles.

The only pleasant exception to the public picture transport: train “Swallows”, following from Adler to Red Polyana – 235 rubles.

Taxi in Sochi is expensive. Even if you drive no more than 10 minutes, will have to pay around 300 rubles. Yandex taxi developed never mind. You can not always wait for the driver; no child fare.

Rent a car in Adler

Rent a car in Adler Rent a car in Adler

Rent a car in Adler – a great way to ride along the coast Black Sea. But not in the city itself, because two main problems – traffic jams and wild interchanges will drive you crazy.

The average price of economy class from local distributors – 1200-1800 rubles / day (look at MyRentaCar). Child seats are charged separately (around 200 rubles / day). Some companies may request a deposit of 3000 rubles. At hotels car rental costs from 2500 rubles.

Having a car allows you to rent apartments in no touristic zone. It’s cheaper and the bonus will be amazing. panorama of the sea. Get to the view of low-cost housing in Adler without personal transport is almost unreal: impressive rises without preparation is difficult to overcome in the heat.

Entertainment and excursions in Adler

Entertainment and excursions in Adler Entertainment and excursions in Adler

Against the background of the local Disneyland? Part of our company riding a roller coaster – they liked it

Those wishing to dilute the route hotel-sea-hotel offered tours. Most popular routes (prices for single):

  • Krasnaya Polyana and the rise of Rose Peak (1590 rubles)
  • Olympic Park and Singing Fountains (free)
  • Abkhazia (from 1500 rubles)

In Adler there is an amusement park – Sochi Park (1850 rubles for adult, 1450 for a child from 5 to 12 years). Interesting not only lovers of roller coasters, but also people not extreme warehouse – carousel for kids, fountains, sculptures, animators, Dolphinarium.

Olympic Park is good to visit in the late afternoon, lingering on show of the Singing Fountains. It starts at 20:30 and it is an hour. In place rent bicycles, scooters – 150-200 rubles / hour.

An ice show is held every summer at Iceberg. In the season of 2017 and 2018 is the play “Romeo and Juliet”; ticket – from 1200 rubles.

At one of the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana is better to stay at several days. The cheapest option is Gorki Gorod. Local residents often use this life hacking: take a vacation in the summer period and leave the city, which was blocked by burnt down tourists, the mountains. In June and up to October, 5-star hotels with The pool / spa make unprecedented generous offers. For example, 5 * Sochi Mariott Krasnaya Polyana takes off half the winter price at 12 000 rubles per night for two!

Excursion to Abkhazia from Adler

Entertainment in Adler Entertainment in Adler

From Adler we went on an excursion to Abkhazia (in the photo is a cool view of the lake Ritsa)

Despite its neighborhood with Greater Sochi, Abkhazia maintains its indescribable atmosphere. From Adler – the closest city to the border – daily bus tours are organized.

Our experience: we took a day excursion outside. Do not be afraid to bargain! So, we knocked out a price tag of 1500 rubles per person (and paid aside from the rest of the tourists who agreed to 2000-2500). Visited Gagra, Pitsunda, Lake Ritsa, Yupsharsky canyon and, of course, bee-, wine-, cheese farms (he is still a divorce, but delicious).

You can also organize an individual tour, the cheapest will be released on Thripster (1750 rubles per person when traveling four together):

Those who are accustomed to build their own routes, you can use public transport: to stop the farm Russia go buses and minibuses. Continue on foot across the border (allowed on a Russian passport). And again a minibus or taxi.

It is very convenient to travel around Abkhazia on your own transport. The only “but” communication with the traffic police service. Car with Russian numbers will stop in almost 100% of cases.

Beaches and the sea

Beaches and the sea Beaches and the sea Beaches and the sea Beaches and the sea

Black Sea and our “favorite” pebbles

Adler’s beaches are not very diverse: more or less. smaller pebbles. Straw bedding is definitely needed, just towel will not help. Closer to the center – more people, entertainment, may be noisy. As you move – quieter.

The cleanest sea – the most transparent! – in Nizhneimeretinsky bay. This area began to develop only for the Olympics, and therefore not yet managed to turn into … what is usually associated with domestic vacation at sea. We liked the beaches of South Star and Velvet Seasons: yes, nearby, but free two meters of pebbles can be there It was found at any time.

Some hotels provide umbrellas with sun beds for their guests. is free. For the remaining 200 rubles for a lounger and 100 rubles for an umbrella for the day. You can rent a tent with pillows (about 1000 rubles).

Europe without a visa: Our experience of rest in Montenegro >>

Rest with children in Adler – reviews

In Adler, a huge number of vacationers with children. Main The criteria why parents choose holidays in Russia are:

  • familiar food
  • clear pattern of behavior in diseases

Older children are easier to find friends and independently take leisure: All entertainment-animators are Russian-speaking.

With a small child you need to take shelter as close as possible to the water – and this, as a rule, hotels. Long walks in the 30-degree heat will tire kids. It is important to pay attention to the availability of air conditioning, especially if the day the child will sleep in the room.

Seasons and countries: Where to go on vacation with children? >>

The main disadvantage of holidays on the beach with children in Krasnodar region – intestinal infection. The peak of the annual epidemic in July. Hospitals are full, general level medical care in Sochi is low. Paid clinics are expensive: Reception at the pediatrician around 600 rubles.

Precautionary measures: not to take sea in a mouth water, wash your hands, do not eat in doubtful places. And best of all – plan a vacation with children in Adler on the Black Sea in June or September / October.

Where better to stay in Adler?

Lower Imertinskaya Bay Lower Imertinskaya Bay

Nizhneimeretinsky bay: every morning we went to the sea by this lake

In our opinion, the State Farm Russia, Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay – best places to stay. Conveniently located to the Olympic objects, Sochi Park and Abkhazia, excellent sea and beaches. The only thing that is a bit stressful with the infrastructure (from us to the shop is 20 minutes walk). But this does not outweigh, especially since the cafes and restaurants enough.

Most of the tourists visiting Adler favor stay in hotels. Or in modern, built to 2014, or in homes that have earned a positive reputation recreation.

By the way, the rest in Adler in 2018 at the beginning of the summer superimposed on Soccer World Cup. And would you know how the private sector cheat prices, especially for those who rented accommodation without intermediaries. Later, the hype was asleep, and housing prices near the sea returned to the previous level.

In Adler, rest without intermediaries at sea can be good, as in a small guest house 40 minutes from the beach and in a hotel on shore. It all depends on the interests of tourists, the availability of cars, mobility and a positive attitude on vacation! We have seen personally, although we traveled to our coast with a large share skepticism.

Our travel budget

Sochi vacation at sea Sochi vacation at sea

As you already understood, there were 5 of us, but the calculation will be done for two. In Adler rested from 10 to 20 August 2018 year.

If you clicked on the link from the content, and you are surprised by the amount, We recommend to read at least footnotes highlighted in blue?

  • Tickets (one person on the train, another on the plane): 7450 + 9289 = 16 739 rubles
  • Renting an apartment in the private sector: 8000 rubles
  • Food: 5000 rubles
  • Transportation: 1100 rubles
  • Entertainment (Arboretum in Sochi, Rose Peak, Abkhazia, ice show): 9100 rubles

Total: ≈40 000 rubles.

Well, now it’s interesting to know your opinion about Sochi and Adler: expensive / budget? Or for the money better in Turkey? ?Share!

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