New Year in Vietnam – 2020: much better to go?

New Year in Vietnam New Year in Vietnam

It is easier for Russian citizens to celebrate New Year in Vietnam than in other countries, because here we do not need a visa. Favorable climate, tropical exotic and low cost of services – three The most important factors for the tourist who decided to meet in Vietnam 2020 year.


  1. Weather in Vietnam
  2. Where to go:
  3. Nha Trang | Phu Quoc | Mui Ne | Da Nang | Hanoi
  4. Guest reviews

Features holiday in Vietnam. Weather for New Year

Changeable weather in Vietnam for the New Year is different short (usually no more than an hour), but heavy rains. Basically, in the central and northern parts, while in the south the sun does not give the temperature of the water and air is below + 28 ° C (except for Nha Trang, where watering is longer than an hour a day, and, in general, not a season). Thus, your holiday on New Year’s holidays Vietnam can be overshadowed by only a few high humidity. But this is typical for most of Asia.

And when there is no rain? Season in Vietnam >>

By the way, if you ask the locals when they celebrate New Year in Vietnam, the answer will follow extraordinary. In this country 2020 year February 5th comes, and the holiday itself is called Tet. But, of course, in traditional tourists are also celebrated in a big way for many tourists. date – the night of December 31.

Search tours to Vietnam is most convenient at one of these sites, they have already been tested by us repeatedly:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Where better to go to Vietnam? New Year tourists prefer spend on 5 resorts, each of which has its own “flavor”. Talk about them below!

Cheap accommodation and food, spacious beaches and warm sea and minimal “picture” different from Thailand, only less developed – everything This is a holiday in Vietnam.

So which resort to choose in Vietnam? Where to lie on paradise beaches and wander in the wild jungle and where to expect cultural and educational program and possible shopping?

Nha Trang on the New Year – 2020

Nha Trang Nha Trang

For an inexpensive vacation (at any time of the year) you should go to the resort Nha Trang among a huge selection of options for tours to Vietnam to New year. The only thing is that in winter it is more profitable to relax on their own.

Remember that in December-January in Nha Trang – low season!

In the best periods there are the purest sand, turquoise waves and nothing. not disturbed by the sound of the sea surf. Well, maybe a couple of times to you Will local cola vendors fit?

Fans of active pastime and water entertainment, arriving in Vietnam in Nha Trang for the New Year 2020 will surprise attractive prices for diving and surfing.

Are you going to have a rest with children? Family Tours in Nha Trang remembered and young tourists. After all, for children it means to be on the world’s only island of monkeys and chic water rides in the amusement park! In general, they have something to do here?

✓ Buy a tour to Nha Trang for 10 days from Moscow with flight and breakfast will cost approximately 135,000 rubles for two. ✓This all-inclusive journey starts with a price in 200 000 rubles.

Recommended hotels in Nha Trang

  • 4 * Diamond Bay Resort & Spa – tour from 190,000 rubles
  • 2 * Nam Anh – tour from 130,000 rubles
  • 4 * Novotel Nha Trang – tour from 200,000 rubles

Cons Nha Trang:

  • Unpredictable weather
  • In the winter, the sea waves rise

Pros of Nha Trang:

  • “Universal” place of rest: the water and the beaches are clean, the entertainment program is extensive, the city is lively
  • Actively turning into Vietnamese “Pattaya”, but without mountains garbage and dirt

In general, you can try to find last-minute tours to Vietnam to the resort Nha Trang. It is better to do this on Travelata sites and LevelTravel, which compare hundreds of offers from different tour operators. However, remember that you should not hope for a ticket, providing a holiday in Vietnam on New Year’s Eve, because The hype for the holidays is great.

New Year in Fukuoka

Photos from the bungalow ferris wheel - on the island of Winperl Photos from the bungalow ferris wheel - on the island of Winperl

Meet in Vietnam 2020 is interesting and the “pearl island. “This name is explained by the farm and a museum of pearls.

To note: the best in Fukuoka in December weather and calm sea

Who bought tours to Phu Quoc, Vietnam will offer one of the cleanest and beautiful places on the planet. The island is ideal for those who love silence, the absence of overly merry tourists, and love diving and snorkeling.

Tour to Phu Quoc – the pleasure is quite expensive.

✓ 10-day voucher to Phu Quoc from Moscow, including insurance, flight and breakfast for two costs from 200 000 rubles. ✓ Program All inclusive works here rarely.

Recommended Hotels in Fukuoka

  • 5 * La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc – tour from 300,000 rubles
  • 5 * Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort & Golf – a tour from 245,000 rubles
  • 5 * Novotel Phu Quoc Resort – tour from 230 000 rubles

Cons Fukuoka:

  • Offers the most expensive option to celebrate the New Year in Vietnam
  • You can get bored, because island – exclusive for beach and family holiday

Pros of Fukuoka:

  • Calm and quiet “paradise” resort
  • The cheapest diving in the world!

Counting the cost of the tour to Phu Quoc Island, it should be noted that the price is usually indicated with departure from Moscow. Fare for travel from the regions, for example, from Novosibirsk, they will add a few thousand to the voucher. At the same time, cheaper last minute tours to Phu Quoc from Moscow can level the difference. Therefore, we recommend look for flights from the capital.

Mui Ne for the New Year – 2020

Vietnam waterfalls Vietnam waterfalls

The former fishing village, and today the world famous resort, owes its success to several surfers who have discovered Here are the best waves in Asia.

Now tours in Mui Ne provide an opportunity not only to meet in Vietnam is the year 2020, and to meet him right on the surf! Newbies may not worry, a couple of days before January 1 you can get a couple of lessons in special schools surfing, windsurfing and kiting?

What about the weather? In Mui Ne and nearby Phan Thiet bright sun and warm water

But in general, the local places will seem very familiar to Russians. In many shops and cafes – signs in our language and speaking in Russian employees. And all because it’s beloved compatriots resort. Low price explains its popularity. services.

✓ Buy a tour in Muine from Moscow for two is possible from 155,000 rubles. This price includes 10 days stay, breakfast, insurance and flight. ✓ Last minute tours in Mui Ne, of course, also cheaper, but will they?

Recommended hotels in Mui Ne

  • 3 * Tien Dat Muine Resort – tour from 155 000 rubles
  • 3 * Hoang Ngoc Resort – tour from 180,000 rubles
  • 4 * Poshanu Resort – tour from 210 000 rubles

Cons Muine:

  • Very long road to the resort, because airport – 230 km
  • Cheap prices for food, transportation, etc. in tourist zone

Pros of Mui Ne:

  • The lowest prices on tours to Vietnam
  • A setting for those who are abroad for the first time. – a lot of Russians, the staff speaks great and mighty
  • Great opportunity to learn how to surf!

Da Nang for the New Year

Actually, Danang is one of the industrial centers of Vietnam – like That does not represent special interest for tourists. Among a lot of tours to vietnam danang choose those travelers who need a comfortable, inexpensive base for excursions.

Note: in Danang for the New Year – off season. The air temperature barely reaches + 24 ° C, and the sea – only + 23 ° C

Fruit Vietnam Fruit Vietnam

But after all, they are still going to Da Nang quite actively! And all because the beaches of this resort (even though they are few) once lit up in the Forbes magazine as one of the “most-most.” Yes and in the vicinity are worth visiting the ancient city of Hue (capital of emperors), Hoi An and Mai Son, a sculpture complex Michon, The Marble Mountains and the Haiwan Pass.

Recommended hotels in Da Nang

  • 2 * Hava Hotel – from $ 10 per room
  • 4 * A La Carte – from $ 100 per room
  • 4 * Diamond Sea Hotel Da Nang – from $ 55 per room

Cons of Da Nang:

  • Someone seems to have an entertainment program here. scarce
  • Typical industrial city, not a tourist place

Pros of Da Nang:

  • Steep beaches
  • Located near the airport

Hanoi for New Year

Vietnam for the New Year Vietnam for the New Year

The capital of Vietnam is one of the largest cities in the world. Only there are up to 7 million permanent residents!

Tourists rarely stay here for more than a couple of days. This period is enough to inspect the temples and the residence. government. Usually further follow to Halong, because to get from Hanoi to this bay is convenient and fast. Or sent to the mountain Sapa resort, also located in Vietnam. If you go to Hanoi, then definitely on their own.

Recommended hotels in Hanoi

  • 4 * MK Premier Boutique Hotel – from $ 80 per room
  • 4 * The Palmy Hotel & Spa – from $ 70 per room

Cons of Hanoi:

  • Not suitable for beach holidays
  • Erratic traffic

Pros of Hanoi:

  • Many historical sites
  • An opportunity to feel the rhythm of the Asian metropolis
  • Reasonable prices for vouchers and independent accommodation

Искать тур в Ханой >>

Vietnam for the New Year. Guest reviews

Tourists in Vietnam Tourists in Vietnam

How New Year is celebrated in Vietnam can be found in reviews of tourists.

In particular, about Nha Trang talk about mass carnivals, fireworks and discos, ceaseless celebrations in clubs and restaurants. It seems that the meeting of the New Year 2020 will be held on same level!

This is interesting: 6 more options where to relax на But вый год 2020 у моря >>

As for the weather in Vietnam in winter, reviews and photos travelers testify of suddenly starting and similarly fast ending rains. Unpredictable, but rest is not spoil it. Before the trip, look at the photos of tourists in Instagram on resort hashtag?

Tours to Vietnam in December – January 2020

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Since a lot is expected on New Year’s Eve closer to winter (December, January) prices for tours Vietnam are starting to grow. From an economic point of view, the most November is attractive. Prices for vouchers, even for popular destinations, more accessible during this period. Ноif you want to celebrate New Year 2020 in Vietnam, then book tour is exactly in advance.

  • In the autumn weekly tours to Vietnam from Moscow start at 85,000. rubles. The price will include airfare, accommodation and breakfast for two people.
  • At the end of November-December 2019 the same tours Vietnam offers for two already from 100 000 rubles.
  • Getting a voucher a few days before departure, 7 nights on the program “all inclusive” in Vietnam, tourists will pay from 170 000 rubles. We advise you to buy a tour for 10-14 days for 3 or 4 months before departure, i.e. in August – September. The price will turn out cheaper, and you will obviously rest more.

If you hurry up now and make an early booking, then You can buy a tour to Vietnam for a very reasonable price. The closer winter holidays, the fewer places and choices remain in local hotels, and the more expensive are tours for the New Year holidays.

Early booking tours to Vietnam

Vietnam Vietnam

Usually high prices for tours to Vietnam for the New Year can be Significantly reduce when booking early in August-September. After all, as travelers will occupy seats in hotels for the New Year holidays, enterprising Vietnamese will start gradually raise the cost of the remaining rooms. As a result thinking about meeting a holiday in an exotic setting for a few weeks before the date, tourists face high fares or full-time hotels.

Thus, starting in August, it’s time to take choosing a tour to Vietnam for the New Year 2020!

Prices for flights to Vietnam. Flight time

The price of the flight Moscow – Vietnam direct flight on the New Year to Ho Chi Minh starts from 37 000 rubles, and to Hanoi – from 40 000 rubles There and back again. You can save by comparing offers of different airlines on the websites of Aviasales and Skyscanner.

The flight time will be 8 hours 50 minutes. Flights usually are performed at night.

With the purchase of a tour or ticket it is worth hurry, as flights on New Year’s holidays and Christmas in Vietnam less than For example, in Thailand!

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