New Year in Turkey – 2020: which resort to choose? Prices for tours

New Year in Turkey - 2020: which resort to choose? Prices for tours New Year in Turkey - 2020: which resort to choose? Prices for tours

And where will you be on New Year’s Eve? You will surely choke your coffee and say: “at home, with your family.” And submit fees for table, salads, champagne and speech of the president. Then we will continue: a Why not meet the New Year in Turkey?

You will choke coffee a second time, objected: “in the winter?” and leave without knowing that a holiday in Turkey for the New Year 2020 is quite real option. And for active-sports, and for those who prefer Do not crawl out of the embrace all inclusive?


  1. Weather
  2. New Year Tours
  3. Resorts
  4. Best hotels for New Year
  5. What to do?

Features of rest. Weather in Turkey

Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul

Such ferries take walks along the Bosphorus (photo we done at the end of November)

Just say, swimming will not work: the weather cools in December Mediterranean Sea up to + 19 ° C. Exception – Indoor / Heated swimming pools at hotels. You can count on the beaches, the sun can flare up to + 20 ° C (when it does not interfere with frequent for the winter clouds).

The climate is characterized by short light day, intermittent rain and wind. Is there snow? At seaside resorts – almost never, there, so greens and flowers, and in Istanbul snow is likely, but wet.

It is in the winter, in the off-season, if not budget, then decently cheaper to go to Turkey. For example, a week for two in a great 5 * Alva Donna Exclusive hotel in December-January will cost 60,000 rubles (not on holiday dates), and in June – already at 135 thousand!

Weather in Turkey for the New Year

Air / water temperature
Istanbul + 6 ° C… + 10 ° C
Mediterranean Sea (Antalya, Belek) + 10 ° C… + 15 ° C / + 19 ° C

How to celebrate the New Year in Turkey?

In spite of the fact that Turkey is an oriental country, festive the atmosphere at the end of December in resorts and in big cities present: streets and windows decorated, Christmas trees set. And this It is New Year’s Turkey, and not Christmas, as in countries Europe. In the central squares (in Istanbul – on Taksim) conduct dance concerts and of course, fireworks in the New Year.

A different alignment, in the warmth and at the laid table – the New Year in hotel: in Turkey, in its Mediterranean part, it is very popularly. Entertain the orchestra, lotteries with prizes, parties and belly dance In super luxury hotels can Russian pop stars like Mota or Mitya Fomin, and budget – Turkish DJs. Do not forget the evening dress or costume, there is a dress code.

Tours to Turkey from Moscow for the New Year

Note: tours to Turkey for the New Year 2020 can be taken at a more or less adequate price, if you choose to Departure 25, 26 and 27 December. Everything after – much more expensive.

Make sure you save on budget dates and check prices. The numbers that suit you can be on the aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They compare offers from all leading tour operators and show the most profitable. Plus, immediately collected and reviews about hotels. Recommended!

Nuances on New Year’s tours to Turkey:

✓ More than ever earlier booking And although it does not fly away – tour operators have significantly increased the number of flights for the winter 2019-2020, such a demand! – still it is not necessary to postpone the decision until mid-December, otherwise an extra 20-30 thousand will “stick” to the tour rubles

✓ Hotels in Turkey for the New Year are not all. Many open complexes in Belek and Antalya (Lara). Absolutely accept large networkers, such as Regnum, Rixos, Maxx, etc.

✓ How much is a trip to Turkey? Tours in December 2019 you can grab cheap – for 45-50 thousand, but in very Mediocre hotel and breakfast. Stay for 7 days for two “all inclusive” – already from 55 000 rubles, and in good hotel – all 85-100 thousand. Clarify that those the very same tours in January 2020, after 10 numbers, cost twice cheaper!

✓ The price of the voucher may not include an extra charge for a gala dinner; check with customer support when booking.

Prices for holidays in Turkey in the winter

Christmas Turkey Christmas Turkey Gorrion Hotel Istanbul Gorrion Hotel Istanbul

Hotel 5 *, where we settled Turkish Airlines during 24-hour transplant in Istanbul

Not to say that prices are very different from summer prices (do not charge calculation tours). Detail the cost of rest with all the classic expenses like aquaparks, excursions, gifts we made out in this статье >>.

  • Food prices in Turkey: budget breakfast – from 5 lire, lunch from 6 lire, dinner from 10 lire
  • For New Year’s Eve dinner with entertainment – from 300 to 900 lira
  • On a cruise tour of the Bosphorus – from 200 lire
  • To the ski resort (7 nights, full board, for two) – from 130 000 rubles

To count: 1 Turkish lira = 11.3 rubles

Which resort is better to choose for the New Year?

Park in Istanbul Park in Istanbul

Park Gulhane in the city center, in December there is also no snow ?

  • Istanbul

    It is necessary to consider that the weather on the New Year in Istanbul is unstable, sleet falls and a cold wind blows. At best, you can expect a pleasant snow and sun at + 10 ° C. We advise to make several routes in case of different weather: on a fine day walk through iconic locations – Istiklal Street, Taksim Square, Galata bridge with a trip along the Bosphorus; in rainy – visit museums, mosques, shopping centers.

    But how to celebrate the New Year. Moment of transition December 31 at 1 January tourists usually meet on the Galata bridge with fireworks or book a table in one of the restaurants (in the Sultanahmet area). By the way, January 1 is a non-working day.

    Beach resorts

    In Alanya, the holiday atmosphere is already felt in December: a big tree is set on the embankment, and expats are satisfied Christmas market. On the very New Year’s Eve the municipality conducts fireworks, and fun in local cafes and bars continues until in the morning.

    Kemer will be fun only if you drive to a large hotel of 5 stars, arranging a festive show. Walk there especially nowhere. Some do not advise to go there also because darkens faster than in other Mediterranean cities, and when it rains – streams run down from the mountains, warming.

    Belek offers the most decent hotels, where You can relax in the winter. We will tell about them below. Besides, the resort is located near Antalya – a large city that does not hibernates.

    In Side, as in Kemer, is to celebrate the holiday only in a good hotel with a program – and these are open in winter Little. Otherwise, it’s boring here, as Side is even called a city complicated.

    But Antalya is also suitable for tourists who are ready. lay out from 100k for the tour with the New Year in the hotel (and the best “sub-resort” for this – Lara), and for budget vacationers. About shopping the center of Migros, on the square of the singing fountains, are preparing concert programs. After the chimes, people walk along illuminated streets and drop in at city cafes.

    Tell me more! How to spend a holiday in Tour ции зимой >>

Useful articles on Istanbul:

  • How to get from New Airport?
  • What to look for 1-3 days?

We summarize: to fans of the movement and megacities → Istanbul, and those who still hopes to catch some sun on the coast → Antalya or Belek. Why? Not dull – and hotels work, and New Year activites are present.

TOP-7 hotels in Turkey (price-quality) on the advice of tourists

What you need to know?

✓ Conferences and corporate parties – the main “feed” of winter hotels in Turkey The silence and privacy of 24/7 will not happen, but compared to summer din and crush – very good!

✓ Typical NG program in a typical hotel, not very willing brighten up the holiday stars brighten up the stars of the Turkish spill, from DJs to dancers and presenters.

✓ Often reduce the winter concept of rest in the hotel: it is It is reflected in the animation (it is like it is and is not) and in alcohol (all imported only for money, even at ultra all).

✓ If the hotel has an indoor pool – this is a plus, and if there is outdoor heated pool is a huge plus (you will like it). We tried to find hotels practicing like, but not standing like an airplane wing?

  • 5 * Regnum Carya Golf & SPA Resort, Belek. Luxury hotel, beloved by tourists, with a high rating. Holiday programs last from December 28 to January 1, entertain live music, themed dinners. On the night of December 31, a gala dinner is organized, show, entertainment with prizes and fancy party How much? Турfor the New Year – from 180,000 rubles after January 10 – from 155 000 rubles
  • 5 * Calista Luxury Resort, Belek. Dear, but qualitative: is heated pool and spa area. It is noted that the hotel holds good program from year to year – dinner with orchestra, fireworks and cool after-party How much? New Year’s tour – from 150 000 rubles after January 10 – from 95 000 rubles
  • 5 * Ela Quality Resort, Belek. Pros – outdoor pool with heated and active animation for children compared to other winter hotelsHow long? New Year’s tour – from 130 000 rubles
  • 5 * Titanic Deluxe Belek, Belek. Introduces New Hotels Turkey, the reviews say that the hotel is “sophisticated”, but the meeting of the New years seem boring. What makes him stand out is huge heated swimming pool where you can swim + mini clubs for babies? New Year’s tour – from 130 000 rubles after January 10 – from 115 000 rubles
  • 5 * Adalya Elite Lara Hotel, Antalya. Fun, lively hotel with outdoor heated pool. Even in winter there is a lot of rest. Great reviews, Adalya is always reliable and proven. How much? New Year’s tour – from 110 000 rubles after January 10 – from 55 000 rubles
  • 5 * Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort, Side. The hotel is not the most luxurious, but considered a solid five, without stretch. Of the minuses – small territory. Very popular for the winter holidays; of course, heated pool availableHow much? New Year’s tour – from 90 000 rubles after January 10 – from 60 000 rubles
  • 5 * Sealife Family Resort Hotel, Antalya. City hotel for all included, very convenient for exploring the city. Hamam, sauna, indoor pool. Public beach; located in beloved by locals recreation areaHow long? New Year’s tour – from 85 000 rubles after January 10 – from 50 000 rubles

What to do in Turkey? sights

Galata Tower Galata Tower

Galata Tower is visible from almost any part. Istanbul

Where to go in the cold season? Winter Turkey is perfect for leisurely walks along the quays, shopping, spa, Turkish tasting dishes.

It would be foolish to miss the chance to go on excursions without crowds. Often, January 2, holidaymakers on the Mediterranean coast offer to climb the mountain Tahtali. Price for the lift – € 33 per adult and € 16.5 per child 7–12 years old. You can play golf, popular in Belek and Antalya.

Excursion: Historical Antalya – 3 hours and 63 euros

If you’re in Istanbul, visit the Galata Tower, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace – the main attractions in Turkey.

Nightclubs of Turkey

An event without which a holiday will not pass if you are young and who loves to dance is a new year party in Turkey. In Antalya one of the best Olympos clubs, though located in the Falez hotel, open to all comers. Club Arma is located in the port area and contains several bars and a restaurant.

In Istanbul, tourists and locals recommend a club restaurant 360 Istanbul, where you can celebrate the holiday with dancing, delicious food and interesting show rooms.

New year on the ski slope

Go skiing or snowboarding and pohikovat on “all included “? Where, if not in Turkey! If you hear about it for the first time, then no wonder: downhill skiing is a relatively new direction. Experienced athlete slopes of these resorts seem too simple, but for beginners and children they will be just.

Uludag – the most popular resort, rest on which is easily combined with a visit to Istanbul, because it is place just 150 km away. Snow has been here since the second half of December. until the end of March.

On Palandoken there are tracks of different levels. The resort is young and attracts the audience in search of adrenaline. Prices Hotel rooms start at $ 30 (on Booking). Ski rental day – $ 20, snowboard – $ 30. Skipass for a week of riding will be released about $ 177 per person.

Resort Erdzhies located on the slopes the mountain of the same name, the highest in central Anatolia. Here – 12 km of tracks, and tourists serve two chairlifts and two drag lift There are also conditions for freeride, and work wellness centers.

Hello! And where to find a ticket? >>

Guest reviews – is it worth celebrating the New Year in Turkey?

Istanbul Center Turkey Istanbul Center Turkey

City Center: Blue Mosque in the background

Although Turkey is considered a summer beach resort, in winter the Russians prefer the tropics of India and Thailand, fans of the rest in the cold she has the time of year.

Reviews of tourists say that, despite the rain and wind, happy sun, greens, clean sea air. If you are lucky, you can even sunbathe and take a photo under a palm tree. Bring pleasure walks along embankments without crowds, gym, sauna, swimming pool with warm water. No need to cook-wash-clean. In the evening – live music and dancing.

At the same time, tourists complain about the high prices to Turkey on the New year, unstable weather and boredom in small resort villages (Kemer, Side, partly Alanya).

Advantages and disadvantages

pros Minuses
➢ Good, compared to the Russian, weather ➢ In cool hotels can rest much cheaper than in season ➢ Availability ski resorts ➢ The system is all inclusive, although cut down ➢ Short three-hour flight ➢ Cheap relative Europe and Southeast Asia ➢ High price due to popularity ➢ In December and January frequent rains, sleet in the north ➢ The sea is cold for swimming ➢ Ski slopes are too easy ➢ You can get bored, therefore, you should choose the right resort
➢ Good, compared to the Russian, weather ➢ In cool hotels can rest much cheaper than in season ➢ Availability ski resorts ➢ The system is all inclusive, although cut down ➢ Short three-hour flight ➢ Cheap relative Europe and Southeast Asia
➢ High price due to popularity ➢ In December and January frequent rains, sleet in the north ➢ The sea is cold for swimming ➢ Ski slopes are too easy ➢ You can get bored, therefore, you should choose the right resort

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