New Year in Prague – 2020 : prices for tours, fairs and where better to meet?

Old songs about the main thing on the air: Russia’s favorite holiday The favorite city of Russians. Trip budget in winter 20one 9-2020, multi-star (and completely non-star) hotels, restaurants, Christmas trees, fireworks, parties and recovery after them – we consider the rest in detail in Prague for the New Year 2020.


  1. Weather
  2. Prague Christmas markets
  3. Options how and where to note
  4. Tours to Prague
  5. Holiday rates
  6. Top 5 Hotels
  7. What to see?
  8. Reviews

Weather in Prague in winter: holiday features

Like Pushkin’s Tatiana, who is a “Russian soul,” we love winter To coldness, wind, and at home hot tea and a fireplace. therefore the thought of New Year’s Czech Republic is close to our heart.

It was a lyrical digression, and now the facts: the weather in Prague on the New Year in most cases unpleasant. Air temperature fluctuates around zero: at night it drops by 2-3 degrees during the day rises. In general, the weather in December is rarely below zero. If a the sun is shining, maybe up to +one 0 heat. Blowing is not strong, but penetrating, moist wind.

To the question whether there is snow: rare precipitation in the photo look picturesque snow on tiled roofs, and below turn into liquid porridge. It’s good that they don’t handle reagents in the middle of the road. – saves shoes, though not from moisture. In January, a little frosty

The most successful outfit for walking in winter Prague – waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes. For no matter how beautiful hotel, lie there with a runny half-vacation – extremely offensively.

View of Prague View of Prague

How is Christmas celebrated in Europe?

Ideally, it’s worth planning New Year holidays in Europe like this way to capture Catholic Christmas – December 25th. Two reasons for doing this:

  1. Practical: add a week rest to the official weekends.
  2. Emotional: fairs, decorated houses, shop windows, joyful faces of the townspeople. The atmosphere charges for the holiday. And even the dull weather brightens up the lace-boot with mulled wine.

Christmas bustle ends in the second half 24 December At the same time, all large stores are closed (and up to 26 numbers). On the streets are mostly tourists. Dinner at Christmas Eve is carried out in the circle of relatives and close friends; believers sent to the service. In the morning, children (and not only) are looking for gifts in socks hung around the house.

Christmas markets in Prague

Christmas Market in Prague Christmas Market in Prague

Prague Christmas markets (well, or vánoční trhy) – one of most visited in Europe. And fabulous! Discovery falls on last week of November, but it pleases that some close after New Year. Approximate mode of operation: from 10 am to 8-9 evenings By the way, fairs have an official hashtag in Instagram is #trhypraha and #praguemarkets.

  • On Old Town Square (Old Town Square) – the main fair in Prague and, recognized, one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. Here is a huge living spruce (by the standard of at least 22 m, as the seven-story building, for a minute), iridescent lights from 5 pm, and a constant flow of tourists – you can not miss it! December 1st – solemn lighting of the Christmas tree December 24, 21:00 – Christmas Mass for all December 31, 18:30 – New Year Celebration When? December 1 – January 6, 2020
  • At Wenceslas Square (Wenceslas Square) – The same large and popular Christmas bazaar, a kilometer from first. Here are just a smaller tree here and artificial? When? 1December-6 January, 2020
  • Fair in Prague Castle (St. George) – one of the few “small” that live until January. Cozy and much freer when? November 23 – January 6, 2020
  • At Republic Square (Republic Square) – mini-version of the market on Staromestskaya, they are only 500 meters; judging by the reviews, the prices of food and souvenirs are lower when? 1December-30 December, 2019
  • At Peace Square – the earliest in Prague and with its tree; located not in the center and therefore here more locals when? November 20 – December 24, 2019

… and about a dozen others (folding before Christmas).

Prices at Prague fairs: Nuances:
– Trdelnik with chocolate – 80 kroons – Fried potatoes, 100 gr – 50 CZK – Hot dog – 45 CZK – Medovina, 0.2 – 80 CZK – Mulled wine, 0.2 – 50-60 CZK – Be prudent, fun – fun, but thieves here is not due to festive atmosphere

Rink! As without open rinks? :) They freeze from the beginning of December to the end of January. Advise two good: on the square Ovocný trh – free, hire skates 100 crowns; Na Františku, near the embankment – entrance 50 CZK, rent too 50.

Fair in Prague Fair in Prague Old Town Square in December Old Town Square in December

Where to celebrate New Year 2020 in Prague?

To count: 1 Czech koruna = 2.93 rubles. In a simple way – multiply the prices by 3!

New Year in the Czech Republic – a time of incredible influx of tourists. By that who does not want under the chiming clock on the street, risking to please under the fireworks, it is better to worry in advance where to celebrate the holiday: book a restaurant or buy the necessary props for feasts in the supermarket (and meet, as celebrated at home: with Olivier and champagne).

  • Old Town and Wenceslas Square

    But still a common scenario is on the street, in the area Old Town and Wenceslas Squares: here passes Mass New Year party in Prague, from 18:30 and until midnight.

    To anticipate this event should be dinner in a cafe. So as part of they are either reserved, or they are making money as they can by charging a price tag, without recommendations can not do. Of adequate, in the center, where you can here so come and make an order, we noticed the following:

    • • Ferdinanda
    • • Kolkovna Celnice
    • • Pizza Coloseum Palac Koruna

    Although, of course, eat trdlo and meat (and drink wine) in cozy booths of merchants – also not bad?

    On the stage, it lights up a DJ, then singers, then actors, the tree flickers lights, warming drinks soaring in the air in the form of aroma and spray out of the mugs. A special atmosphere gives the Gothic Tyn Church, located nearby. Orloi watches break through midnight and … no, “wow!” – there will be no fireworks. There will be parochial – from restaurants / hotels / nearby citizen’s hands.

    The official salute in the New Year Prague will take place on January 1 18:00 and here it is – GRAND-DI-OZ-NY. Where to look and admire, besides squares?

    • • Charles Bridge – he, by the way, is not at all decorated to holidays
    • • Petrin Hill
    • • Prague Castle
    • • Embankment of the Vltava River

    What works in NG? In addition to all the fun – public transport. Metro delivers up to 2 nights, trams / buses – until 10 pm.

    Night clubs

    As with restaurants, not all clubs and bars can be “filled up” after midnight.

    • • Fashion Club & Restaurant – famous place Russians in Prague; December 31 th arrange a party with live music (assorted from the 70s to the present). In the price – welcome drink and terrace with a view of the salutes – from 20:00 to 5 am How much? Login and 5 course dinner – 4500 CZK, only entrance – 1000 CZK
    • • New Year’s Eve 2020 at Hangar Bar – dancing in a bar styled as aviation in the 40s and 60s, plus a DJ and a fire show – from 8 pm to 6 am How much? 1) Dinner from 3 courses, myelkom-drink – CZK 22002) Wellcome drink and snacks – CZK 690
    • • Friends Prague – not exactly traditional, but Popular location in the center – a gay club promising the NYE Giga Party – from 19:00 to 6 am How much? 200 CZK (included a glass of champagne and snacks)
    • • NYE Carnival in DupleX – trendy club “on roof “and a view of the city from the balcony – from 20:00 to 6 am How much? From 1390 CZK
    • • Foggy Prague – hookah at the Old Town square with Russian-speaking staff. There will be a DJ, a party – with 20:00 to 5 am How much? Reservation and order on the menu


    Restaurants, where there is at least some New Year program, be sure to require booking in advance (ideally – in October-November). You can write off by examining the site selected institutions.

    • • Hajnovka – constantly scored by the inhabitants of Prague, and it says yes about something. The only thing that is far from centerHow much? Entrance – 400 CZK, menu order
    • • Potrefena Husa – restaurant chain; celebrate for delicious food, beer and, in general, a great atmosphere (unfavorable and at home) How much? Entrance – 400 CZK, menu order
    • • Velka Klasterni Restaurace – five courses and welcome drink, tea and coffee; in the program – national music until 22:00, and then the hits of the 70s – from 19:00 How much? 1590 CZK, +130 CZK per hour unlimited beer / wine / soft
    • • Žofín Garden – prepares a five-course dinner and unlimited beers and wines, shows and dj from 20:00 to 2 NightsHow much? 3990 CZK
    • • Asian Temple – cool Asian a restaurant that declares special menus in several variations and is active the program – from 19:00 to 2 nights 4000 CZK
    • • Sarah Bernardt Restaurant – organizes live jazz, compliments and buffets (but let’s say refined, no pasta salad). The price includes 2 glasses champagne and water – from 19:00 to 1:30 How much? 7900 crowns


    If the city has a more or less extended river, it means there is cruises on the boat. If the city with the river celebrates the New Year – it means Be sure to have a New Year’s cruise!

    • • New Years Boat Party 2020 – How much? 1) Cruise from 20:30 to 22:30 from unlimited beer, wine, sprites and snacks, after – party in Club Zlaty Strom – 1290 CZK2) Party from 20:00 to 22:30 with drinks and snacks, cruise from 23:00 to 1:00, after party in Zlaty Strom – 1420 CZK
    • • Prague Boats NYE with Jazz – – 5-hour walk with live jazz, dinner from three courses, welcome drink and midnight toast, fireworks panorama – with 20:00 to 1:00 How much? 5030 CZK
    • • Bohemia Rapsody Eve Cruise – – cruise buffet (including drinks), DJ and karaoke – from 20:00 to 1:00 How much? 7500-9000 crowns

New Year in European: ?? in Paris | ?? at Berlin-Munich | ?? in Helsinki

Christmas Tree on Old Town Square Christmas Tree on Old Town Square Pubs in Prague Pubs in Prague

Christmas tree on Old Town Square (photo by Katya Tarasova) | Pub in Prague

Tours to Prague from Moscow for the New Year 2020

Prague is the only European capital where it is logical consider a trip tour. And often – and more profitable: the usual A ticket for 7 days for two costs 45-55 thousand rubles!

However, on the New Year in Prague 2020 prices for tours are not so pleasant – it is understandable, holiday = demand. Paint further we will be generalized, but find out the cost of the voucher specifically on desired dates and other conditions are available at:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Departures, by the way, not only from Moscow, but also from St. Petersburg, Kazan and other major cities. So, how much is a trip to Prague?

To the note: the most “biting” numbers to start tour – December 29 and 30; democratic – December 25 and 26 (if talk about vacation a week).

Tour to Prague in December 2019 for 10 days

Bridge in Prague Bridge in Prague

To have a rest is so complete? :) If the goal is the principal position – to meet the New Year in Prague and with the capture of Christmas, then 10 days voucher is a suitable option.

✓ It will be released in ± 80 000 rubles for two, but the hotel – a maximum of 3 stars (albeit with breakfast) and not in the center. Anything better / closer – from 95 thousand, and these are all the same “three-stars”.

✓ 4 stars for 10 days – from 105,000 rubles; 5 * – from 155 thousand.

✓ Off topic, but: the price of a trip to the Czech Republic for the same period and at Departure in January (starting from the 10th) is cheaper – from 62,000.

AND скать тур на 10 дней >>

Tour to Prague for 7 days

Tours to Prague for the New Year 2020, lasting 7 days / nights, You will have to choose 25-31 numbers (for obvious reasons: catch New Year).

✓ The most “sparing” deal – departure on December 25, and it costs from 63 000 rubles (treshka, breakfasts, 5-10 km from the main fun). A small “☹”: arrival on January 1, will it work … Four – already from 90 thousand, five – from 120.

✓ Every next two days the price tag grows by 10-20 thousand, and the same “not very” hotel turns into gold. Although exactly 31 December, the amount will be slightly reduced.

Экономия: новогодний тур на 4-5 ночей не выйдетcheaper than 65 000 rubles, but will shift the departure date to 28-29 December

Искать тур на 7 дней >>

Prague in the winter Prague in the winter

Prices for holidays in Prague in winter

And if you “collect” the New Year in Prague alone? We figured 3 scenarios and calculated the cost of rest for two for 7 days (26.12-2.01) under its own power:

  1. Get rich. Suddenly and very much.
  2. We decided to booze. But not too much.
  3. Saved.

The results are tabulated. Below we decipher that from what.

Rest class Road, rub. Accommodation, rub. Food, rub. Transportation, rub. Total, rub.
Cheap 30,000 (transplant) 40 000/25 000(2-местныйroom / hostel) 28,000 (€ 50 per day) 4,000 (4 trips a day by subway) 102 000/ 87 000
Comfort 35,000 (economy, but direct) 100,000 (4 stars in the center) 55,000 (€ 100 per day) 10,000 (taxi) 200,000
A la all inclusive 120 000(бизнес-класс) 185 000(люксовые 5 звезд) 85 000(по €150 в день) 60 000(премиум авто) 450,000

* for the New Year’s tour in Prague the prices are about the same (road + accommodation from the category of “cheap” or “comfort”)

Not to say that visiting New Year’s Prague will cost you a pretty penny. Exactly – it’s cheaper than going to Thailand or Goa to similar dates. Only Emirates can compete.

Where to look for flights: Aviasales | Skyscanner (а здесь >> – наш отзыв-инструкция)

Where to book: Roomguru or Booking (hotels) | Airbnb (apartments)

Prices for food in Prague (non-tourist cafes): Public transport:
– Burger – 160-200 CZK – Soup – 50-70 CZK – Meat dish – 150-220 CZK – Medium Cappuccino – 65-70 CZK – Glass of beer, 0.3 – 40-45 CZK – With a 30-minute transplant – 24 kroons – With a 90-minute – 32 CZK – Day Pass – 110 CZK – Airport Bus – 60 crowns

Christmas Tree on Old Town Square in Prague Christmas Tree on Old Town Square in Prague

Top 5 hotels in Prague on the advice of tourists

Noted the best hotels in Prague according to the “price-quality” according to reviews of tourists and checked how much is the cost of living in the winter of 2019-2020. Prices are per 2-person standard for a week. (26.12-2.01):

  • 3 * Atlantic Hotel – € 1100
  • 4 * Grand Hotel Praha – € 1650
  • 4 * Hotel UNIC Prague – € 1,400
  • 4 * Dominican Hotel (ex. Savic Hotel) – € 1700
  • 3 * Alton Praha – € 1000

Personally, our approach is this: the best is, of course, good, but too expensive to beat :) Therefore, we have compiled a list where You can stay in Prague, slightly sacrificed conditions / comfort. Not that inexpensive (peak period!), But more or less:

  • 3 * Aparthotel Susa – located near the fair on Peace Square, so you have to be active on foot – for self-defense already недоступен, зато можно взять тур на двоих >> за 85-90 000rubles
  • 3 * Abito Hotel – getting to the squares only by transport, but the hotel itself is decent, offset by the price – € 765. He is one of популярных бюджетных отелей для тура >> – от 70 000rubles
  • 3 * Ibis Praha Mala Strana – network hotel, comfortable on the road junction – € 950. Тур на двоих >> –from 75 000 rubles
  • 1 * Hostel Advantage – yes, hostel, yes, in a room for 10, but him strikingly positive reviews and location right in center – € 420 (for two)
  • 4 * The Charles Hotel – not as “evil” for the price as Fours from the list above and no less good, close to Charles Bridge – € 1,100

Who plans to celebrate New Year in a hotel in Prague? Behind show programs – which are paid separately – you can not vouch, most of them are dull and fleeting. The menu is on level, but waiters and strive to carry everything away immediately after 00:00. As An example of this is New Year’s Eve in 5 * Hilton Prague and 5 * Ambassador Zlata Husa: for an additional 200-250 euros guest gets dinner (no drinks), a party and some company.

And remember that for a trip to the capital of the Czech Republic on holidays especially relevant early booking. Many hotels in Prague on The new year is already completely sold out. And in the above hotels the numbers literally melted away in the eyes while writing this articles!

Cheap hostel in Prague Cheap hostel in Prague

In Prague, we stayed at Ritchie’s Hostel & Hotel – for 10 euro / night (modest but clean)

5 best restaurants

When the Czech winter weather makes shiver to the bone, The question is not worth what to do – go to drink beer, of course! – question worth it: where to go? Choose the best restaurants is unrealistic, but we collected by those most often visited by tourists and do not regret about this:

  1. Kozlovna – restaurants under this brand in Prague some. All are distinguished by simple food, huge portions, excellent Kozel beer and affordable prices (schnitzel – 200 kroons, Kozel beer, 0.5 – 40 kroons)
  2. Cafe Lounge – dream breakfasts for the price of 135-170 crowns and delicious eggs (poached, scrambled eggs, frittata)
  3. Nase Maso – butcher shop and at the same time a restaurant. Come in – try the burger (185-205 kroons)
  4. Pivoský Dům – the optimal ratio price quality. Experts recommend to try mead (100 ml – 55 kroons)
  5. Vytopna Railway Restaurant – drinks drinks small train. We have everything?
Old Town Square in Prague Old Town Square in Prague Old Town Square in Prague Old Town Square in Prague

What to see in Prague for 3 days?

Czech Republic enters the Schengen zone – you need a visa. Like no problem get czech or any other schengen, we tell in detail тут >>.

Where to go in Prague, if available only 3 days? A sample list must visit for a three-day stay in Czech Republic:

  1. Trade fairs. Turn up in December in Prague and not visit – a crime of some kind! You can buy Christmas toys, souvenirs, and you can just make a photo with trdelnik. Here to whom what do you like. We told about the main and “long-playing players” in the second section.
  2. Sightseeing in Prague. Bad weather should not be a hindrance for walks: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Stare Myasto. Farther – move according to personal preference. We, for example, want see the dancing house, the wall of John Lennon and the swans at Kampa.

Excursions: • Understand Prague – for 3 hours and 20 euros • Mystic Prague – in the evening and for 23 euros • Quest-acquaintance (praise everyone) – 2.5 hours and 20 euros

  1. Beer. In Prague, it is not just a catering, it culture and atmosphere. By the way, do not drink alcohol in most establishments will offer excellent non-alcoholic beer quality. Where? Pivoský Dům or Kulový Blesk.
  2. Mini-trip to neighboring Germany (Dresden, Munsen) and Austria (Vienna). But if you’re only 3 days in Prague, then not advise

Tour to Munich from Prague – for 12+ hours and 60 euros

By New Year’s activities:

✓ January 1 at 19:30 Prague Symphony Orchestra gives festive concert – 400-900 CZK

✓ From December 1 to December 23, at 16:00, the discharged walks across the Charles Bridge. lamplighter and lights gas lamps (in normal weeks they flash independently, but here is a tradition)

✓ December 29 at 21:30 – Swan Lake ballet at the Hybernia Theater (750-1350 CZK); January 1 at 15:00 in the same place – The Nutcracker (750-1350 kroons, children under 8 years old for 30 kroons)

New Year in the heat: A list of countries where you can погреться >>

Prague night clubs

Despite its age, Prague is a very rave city. Places where you can dance (and not only):

  • Storm – a guy, rock, drum and bass. Login for girls free
  • Modra Vopice – rock, metal, punk, hardcore. For lovers alternative music
  • Yes Club – mostly electron. Occasionally concerts of other musical directions. Dance floor with 3D light visualization
  • Mass – house. Prague Ibiza, according to some visitors
  • Radost FX – хаус, R&B, hip-hop. Eccentric decor and party match for him

Ski resorts

Where to rest in the Czech Republic, except Prague? Not very publicized, but very decent ski resorts in the Czech Republic are suitable for beginners and “middling”. Some even have black tracks. Most popular places:

  • Spindleruv Mlyn – 28 km
  • Harrachov – 10 km
  • Janske Lazne – 11 km
  • Krkonoše – 25 km
  • Bozhiy Dar – 70 km

God’s gift is located 27 km from another famous resort – Karlovy Vary. Healing springs, spa, pool will help recover from outdoor activities in the mountains or the hustle and bustle of city (and holiday).

Excursions: Karlovy Vary and the Krusovice Factory Prague with a guide – for 11 hours and 30 euros

Charles Charles Center of Prague Center of Prague

Guest reviews – is it worth celebrating the New Year in Prague?

Does the New Year go to Prague? Sure to! If a:

A. You are not afraid to freeze; Q. You are not an introvert, you are not afraid crowds of strangers on the street; C. You do not shy away from fireworks; D. There is money (although the prices for the New Year in Prague are not that high in comparison, for example, with Paris).

Guest reviews, including negative aspects, are associated with something that cannot be avoided anywhere on New Year’s days (even in Pyaterochka near the house): huge crowds of people.

Advantages and disadvantages

Total: why is it worth to go to New Year’s Prague? Иwhy not? Advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
+ Beautiful + Party + Delicious + Inexpensive – Crowded – More expensive than not on New Year’s Eve – The weather is not highly

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