New Year in Paris 2020: what’s best to plan?

New Year in Paris 2020: how to plan better? New Year in Paris 2020: how to plan better?

Meet the New Year in the most romantic city of all the planet – already an event about which you can tell your grandchildren. New Year Paris is Christmas markets with mulled wine and hot chocolate, live showcases in the Printemps and Lafayette galleries, holiday programs at the Moulin Rouge and Disneyland, multicolored crowd on the Champs Elysees at midnight. We will understand what, where, how much and how cold?


  1. Weather
  2. Where can I mark?
  3. Tour or yourself?
  4. Holiday rates
  5. Hotels with a New Year’s program
  6. Restaurants and cafes
  7. Things to do?
  8. Rest with children (Disneyland)

Paris-December weather

Probably the only thing that can reduce the degree of fun is weather in Paris for the New Year. In December and January in the capital of France usually damp, windy and chilly. Air temperature is kept around + 6 ° C in the afternoon, and at night it can freeze. Alas, but snow in Paris not to see either for the New Year or for the winter in general. But get under small prolonged under-rain – completely.

How is Christmas celebrated in France?

Decoration of Paris in the New Year Decoration of Paris in the New Year Streets of Paris in the New Year Streets of Paris in the New Year

Christmas in France, as in all of Europe, is an important holiday, family and very beautiful. Required attributes: cozy Christmas markets, ice rinks in the city center, the main tree at the cathedral, family gatherings on Christmas Eve with traditional treats (turkey / duck, truffles, oysters).

As for the holiday in Paris for the New Year 2020 – here is a completely different story. It is more a holiday for visitors, immigrants and young people.

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Where to celebrate New Year 2020 in Paris?

Louvre in Paris Louvre in Paris Arc de Triomphe from below in Paris Arc de Triomphe from below in Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris) Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris)

Louvre – Arch of Triumph – Notre-Dame de Paris (we are more I liked to walk around the Louvre in the Tuileries Garden)

Of course, you can celebrate New Year in Paris everywhere: it would be suitable mood and company. Catch a list of the most popular locations:

  • Under the Eiffel Tower or overlooking it Trocadero and the Champ de Mars. Tourists come there because “this the same Paris. “And wherever there is to celebrate the New Year! In fact, nothing special about the main symbol of the city will happen: illumination at midnight – and obsessive offers to buy champagne are the same, like every hour. Get ready for the crowds
  • On the Champs Elysees in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Same story as the Eiffel Tower. A lot of people, noisy, pass only through the screening, no city salutes and entertainment – just great illumination and general atmosphere joy and celebration
  • Under the ballet Cinderella (Cinderella) at the Opera Bastille – tickets € 35- € 250 – until 22.30
  • At the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre. The place is very pleasant, of course, crowded, but with a great view of Paris
  • On a boat sailing along the Seine. Food, mandatory outfit and romantic landscapes of the night city. Issue price – € 300- € 375 per person. If you limit yourself to a glass of champagne, You can spend the 2019th for € 39 and in jeans (
  • In an authentic cabaret – Moulin Rouge (€ 500- € 1000), Lido (€ 300- € 700), Crazy Horse (€ 210), Brasil Tropical (€ 250). The cost – New Year’s program, menus and drinks; Besides Moulin Rouge and Lido: thence “cheap” includes a bottle of champagne only
  • In Disneyland (special offer from 8 pm to 1 nights) – to celebrate New Year in the company of Mickey Mouse to the music, parades and fireworks – well, isn’t it a dream? :) In general, on New Year’s Eve Paris 2020 organizes special tours with the capture of Disneyland. Prices can be found on the website.
  • In the restaurant – there is on any budget, dress code and with different cuisine (specifics below)
  • In hotel / apartment – in large network usually offer a gala dinner. If you don’t like noisy at all gathering, balance “solitude, French champagne, foie gras and the President broadcasting from the phone’s screen is also good

Don’t forget that all programs and presentations are better. book in advance (from October), on official sites institutions / companies.

New Year’s parties

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower

If you are looking for where to have fun on New Year’s Eve in France, you direct road to paris clubs. The best parties will be here. (prices for tickets are December 31):

  • YOYO – € 55- € 65
  • La Java – € 20
  • Wanderlust – € 49
  • Rex Club – € 20- € 25
  • L’aquarium – € 49

It’s cool to come dance after midnight, but there are New Year’s programs, for example, in Le Duplex – with dinner in a restaurant and a further margin on the dance floor (from € 160). Cocktail prices in For clubs: € 10-20.

How much is a tour to Paris for the New Year 2020?

Paris under the permit has a place to be. Prices and offers are possible. Monitor on several resources:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Tours are always easier, but cheaper in European capitals travel alone. Then you have more choice and have opportunities for savings (rent a house away from the main streets, cook in the apartment, buy cheap tickets with a transfer).

Below we calculated how much a trip to Paris for two people costs winter holidays:

for 4 days for 7 days for 10 days
Hotel 2-3 * from 72 000 rubles from 75 000 rubles from 92 000 rubles
Hotel 4 * from 82 000 rubles from 95 000 rubles from 120 000 rubles
Hotel 5 * from 110,000 rubles from 155 000 rubles from 200 000 rubles

All tours to Paris for the New Year 2020 of the plate mean departure after December 25 and from Moscow. On catholic christmas Rates are about the same. Consider that some 4 star hotels more expensive, but in fact not very different from their 3-star brothers. Here are required to read reviews of tourists.

And remember about early booking – 3-5 months before the date! – and other 9 rules for buying a tour.

Air ticket prices

The fact is clear: air tickets for the New Year are more expensive. Keep up track more or less adequate on aggregators:

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

Now the alignment of prices per person is as follows:

  1. From Moscow: 16-20 thousand rubles in both directions with a transfer (via Warsaw, Riga, Frankfurt, Geneva) and from 30 thousand direct flights round-trip (fly Air France or Aeroflot).
  2. From St. Petersburg: from 20 thousand rubles with a transfer and about 27 thousand – without.

House prices

Apartment in Paris Apartment in Paris Apartment in Paris Apartment in Paris

Our apartment we rented is near the Eiffel Tower (via Airbnb for 4 700 rubles / night)

The good news: housing prices in Paris for the New Year is not give in to an uptrend (after all, the main holiday – Christmas). The bad: in this city everything is expensive and always.

For one night in the most simple hotel in the city center will have lay out from € 90 for two. Slightly cheaper will cost rooms in distant districts – from € 50 (but lay on the transport). Apartments it is more profitable to rent a decent studio in a non-tourist area will cost € 65, in the center – from € 90.

Accommodation in Paris for the New Year can be found at:

  • Booking Hotels
  • Airbnb – apartments (and a bonus of € 27 on the first booking)

Prices for holidays in Paris in winter

Paris Fair for Christmas Paris Fair for Christmas New Year in Paris New Year in Paris

The cost of rest for two when self-booking airfare and housing may vary with the cost of the New Year’s tour both up and down. But the price of food in Paris the same for everyone:

  • Lunch in an inexpensive cafe for two – from € 30
  • Dinner in a restaurant – € 55- € 60 (without alcohol)
  • Picnic for two “from the supermarket” – € 10- € 15 (wine, baguette, pate, cherry tomatoes, cheese, sweet buns)
  • Onion soup – € 10- € 12
  • Snails (6 pieces) – € 8- € 12
  • A glass of mulled wine at the fair – from € 4
  • Cappuccino – from € 2.5

The fare in the Paris metro – € 1.90 per trip. There are travel cards, but they did not seem profitable to us. For some reason, we managed to go not one by one, but twice in 8 out of 10 purchased tickets – such is life hacking. From 17:00 on December 31 and until 12:00 1 January subway runs for free!

А как проходит Новый год: AT Турции >> | Втеплых странах >>

Paris hotels with New Year’s program

Stairs in Paris Stairs in Paris Quarter in Paris Quarter in Paris

Walking around Paris it is important to be able to get lost and roll up on such streets?

New Year in a hotel in Paris is usually met by those guests who came by tour. Pre-offer banquet with program (usually the price includes unlimited alcohol, buffet, several main courses). New Year’s Hotel is not surprising interesting the show is just dancing, DJ, beautiful illuminations. Surcharge for such a holiday – around € 300.

Another thing – New Year’s dinners in super luxury hotels 5 stars like George V, Shangri-La, Four Seasons. Here is the focus on gourmet dinner. from the chef, luxurious interior, classical music, fireworks. Requires a special dress code. Similar restaurants set the price tag at € 500- € 900 per person.

Good reviews of thematic programs in Le Bristol. Them there three: varying degrees of sophistication (from € 280 for a tea party cabin up to € 850 for a ballroom with performances, and it’s still without drinks).

Restaurants and cafes

La Jacobine Restaurant in Paris La Jacobine Restaurant in Paris Food at the Restaurant La Jacobine in Paris Food at the Restaurant La Jacobine in Paris Desserts in Paris Desserts in Paris

Booked in advance for dinner at the restaurant La Jacobine – tasted desserts from beloved Eric Kayser

Most often, visitors start celebrating New Year in France in the restaurant, subsequently moving to the streets – a scenario similar to Russian :) Festive dinners are praised in places:

  • Bistro Parisien (from € 395) – along with a cruise on the Seine
  • Chez Jenny (€ 120)
  • Le Procope (€ 189)
  • Nos Ancêtres Les Gaulois (€ 85- € 125) – no dress code, but specific setting

What to see in Paris?

Christmas Market in Paris Christmas Market in Paris Christmas Market in Paris Christmas Market in Paris

The main attractions in Paris:

  • Eiffel Tower – rise € 10- € 25
  • Louvre – € 17
  • The Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees – rise € 12
  • Luxembourg Garden
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – € 10
  • Montmartre and Sacré Coeur Basilica

If you have an intensive museum program (after all, not the Louvre as a single), buy a Paris Pass for € 131, and you will be guaranteed a free visiting over 60 iconic sights, museums and tours Paris for 2 days. Super plus – pass without queues.

Where to go for the New Year’s atmosphere? Here are some clean winter holiday ideas:

  1. Christmas fair in the Tuileries Gardens (previously held on Champs). Here and Christmas toys, Christmas souvenirs, fried chestnuts, sausages, waffles, punch and rides. Another cool Christmas fair – in the business district of La Défense.
  2. Ferris wheel on the Place de la Concorde. Ride – for € 10.
  3. Christmas tree at Notre Dame de Paris. Home Christmas Mass passes here
  4. Ice rink. The most spectacular – Le Grand Palais (cost skiing rental from € 15 to € 30). The skating rinks turn around and at the city hall, Eiffel Tower, La Defense, but not every year.

Shopping – New Year’s sale

After the New Year’s party in Paris, it’s time to do shopping :) Please note that on January 1, running through boutiques is not it will work out – almost everything in the capital is closed. Yes, and get on New Year’s discounts are possible only after the holidays: a full winter sale starts from January 10th.

Top places for shopaholics in Paris:

✓ Galleries Lafayette Shopping Center ✓ Printemps Shopping Center (+ chic free top floor view) ✓ Flea markets (the largest is Saint-Ouen) ✓ Le Bon Marche department store ✓ Boutiques on Champs Elysees ✓ Rivoli Street and Marais ✓ La Boutique Village Vallee village

TAX FREE option: if you buy in one store goods worth from € 175 (one check), you can return at customs 12% of the cost purchases.

Holidays in Paris with children

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower lights up after 8-9 hours (depends on time of year)

Young children in Paris itself will not be so interesting. Although plus New Year’s holidays – in the presence of colorful fairs with carousel / amusement rinks. If the child is older, then You can safely take a sightseeing tour, for example, hop-on hop-off bus for € 34 per day, and attach to museums.

But all this goes by the wayside, because in Paris – a dream many children (and adults) – Disneyland!

New Year at Disneyland Paris

A few tips if you decide on Disneyland on holidays (we do not take into account the evening of December 31):

  • It will be cold
  • It will be sooo crowded
  • It will be extremely a pity not to make it to the second park (which is likely), so – take tickets 1 park – 1 day

Booking is easy: go to the official website, choose tickets By the way, there are two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. December 31 According to the usual tickets, they work until 18:30, and the cost for a visit to both – from € 111, for one – from € 89.

A different alignment, if you celebrate New Year’s Eve in the park (from 20:00 until 1:00). In addition to the usual entertainment, open and after midnight, there will be a parade with Disney characters, the coolest fireworks in the New Year and dancing to sets from the Incredibles. Prices: from € 111 per the above with a person; from € 225 if you book and dinner.

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