New Year in Goa – 2020: prices, tours, tips

We thought, why not tell about the rest of Goa on New year 2020? On heat and, most importantly, budget during holidays with India nothing compares. So, the narrative is transmitted by our friend who just returned from a nice resort.

Amendment: you know that the New Year holidays are asking shock price tag for vouchers? Rather, Goa is the cheapest option by the sea of the most expensive?


  1. Features and weather
  2. New Year Tours
  3. Holiday rates
  4. North or south?
  5. Top hotels
  6. What to see?
  7. Reviews

Features of rest. Goa Weather

I first had a rest on Goa. There were many organizational issues and the main one is “where do you go?” (yes, a piece of staff that you choose, will definitely affect how your vacation goes).

South Goa is considered more “elite”: accommodation here it is significantly more expensive, but the rooms are more modern and the hotels are cleaner. North Goa, and I gave it to him preference for budget travelers. To live in some North guesthouses – you have to be damn unpretentious!

The high season in Goa lasts from October to May, but it is better to fly from mid-December to February: by this time the Goans are eliminating on the beaches have a rainy season, the smell of mildew fades away, open bars, restaurants, shops. And some of them work around the clock (in October about this luxury remains only dream).

Weather in Goa on the New Year – in December and January – usually sunny: in the afternoon the temperature outside is about + 30 ° C, at night drops to + 20 ° C. The ocean, the most pleasant part, warms its + 27 ° C.

How to celebrate the New Year in Goa?

Goa Beach Goa Beach

Most of the locals are Indians, which means that they themselves are not note is not accepted. But what can’t you do for the sake of extra rupees from foreigners? ? How tourists celebrate New Year in Goa depends on addition, whether they arrived on their own or by package.

  • In the hotel

    Some hotels accessible by tour, without fail ask pay extra for New Year’s Eve dinner. At the same time it will cost by the standards India is quite expensive: among the reviews for 2018 I found the minimum figure is $ 35 per person.

    Why is it not profitable? Food in Goa is very cheap and indicated the amount is enough for three days (we will return to the prices, but for lunch spent only 250-300 rubles)!

    In the restaurant / on the coast

    New year in a hotel in Goa may not be arranged – in case single and double star

    Their workers, along with the owners of the necks with own chaise lounges; they are on every beach) and tourists make a New Year’s party on the coast. In a few hours a Christmas tree is set, DJs are coming in, loud music is turned on. Food and strong drinks are sold all around and completes it all. Deal powerful fireworks in the New Year.

    Salutes, by the way, are frequent guests of beach parties: for example, on Arambol (North Goa) they happen almost every other day and have time podnadoest.

Rounds on Goa for New year 2020

Want to meet NG and save? Fly out 25, 26 or December 27 – the most humane for the budget date (if vacation for a week).

Ask the price and wonder the amount of New Year’s Goa, I advise on online aggregators. This is convenient because services display prices. directly from tour operators, but not from one or two, but from all popular and reliable. And then pull up real reviews tourists about the hotel:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Tours to Goa in December 2019 with a flight from Moscow cost from 40 000 rubles for 7 days for two. Yes, inexpensive, but for the New Year amount will increase to 95 thousand. The hotel, by the way, is the same, inconspicuous two stars without power. And this is subject to early booking!

In January 2020, Goa tours are already from 80,000 rubles. And after 10 numbers can be found for 55 thousand. I would not overpay for tourist rush would have flown in mid-January – but here, Of course, as work dictates.

How much is the New Year? AT Европе >> | Втеплых странах >> | В Турции >>

Prices for holidays in Goa in winter

Shrimp in Goa Shrimp in Goa Seafood in Goa Seafood in Goa

Since we mentioned food somewhere, then let’s start with it. Опцию bed&breakfast (прим. толькоBreakfast) can be ignored: in the morning in the hotels are served the same foods like buns with jam. The buffet and does not smell, for the sake of this, no light or dawn of desire arises – tested on their own experience.

Save very low prices on food in Goa:

  • One of the famous dishes whose recipe travelers seek out on the Internet on returning home – tomato soup. The cost of a serving is about 100 rubles. In small shekakh price maybe even lower (one such cafe was at the end of Arambol – check, maybe she is still there? ).

Just to start, take a look at the chek’s kitchen to make sure minimum sanitary conditions.

  • For seafood lovers, fresh catch is cooked right on place Kg of shrimp – about 400 rubles
  • You can drink them with fresh fruit from exotic fruits (from 50 to 130 rubles)
  • Fruit is traded right on the street in special stalls, or on markets. Kg papaya – about 27 rubles, oranges (6 pieces) – 90 rubles

In general, in all shekas the same menu with slightly different prices (not that very much). Things are not going shopping very: they can buy dairy products (good), meat semi-finished products and alcohol. Alcoholic drinks in Goa is a separate topic, the main star of which is rum “Old Monk”. A large bottle of the classic “monk” will cost only at 160 rubles (in a cafe one serving costs around 70 rubles, make findings ? ).

Goa is best to move to scooters that are rented out for 200-400 rubles / day. Get ready for a lively, chaotic movement. If you are afraid not to cope with the management, it is better to take Taxi.

A great pastime option – massage (800-1600 rubles) and local markets. Here you can grab T-shirts by 50 rubles and trousers for 200.

House prices

Accommodation rent Goa Accommodation rent Goa

I find it easier to entrust your vacation for the first time. professionals and go tour: first, do not have to seek out discounted tickets (from 30 000 rubles, and if you have to – here статья о лучших поисковиках >>). Secondly, in the unfamiliar Asian country with housing may experience lining and malfunction.

But if you are determined and independent, an apartment or room can be booked online. For example, using сервиса Airbnb (почитайте наш отзыв-инструкцию >>). Cost of accommodation will depend on the lease term (longer – cheaper) and remoteness from the sea (further – more economically). Separate room in the house – from 700 rubles per day. Apartment – from 1000 rubles; Villa – in on average, 3000-5000 rubles per night for 6-10 people.

What about hotels? Also an option, especially if you get a profitable on RoomGuru or Booking. The hotel has a 5 star holiday rate for two on the New Year will be ≈ 90 000 rubles per week. Super expensive The options are located in South Goa, but there are a couple of them in the North. Just think: when everything is so cheap in the neck, why overpay?

What part of GOA is better to choose for the New Year? North or South

Beach on Goa Beach on Goa Goa Goa

And yet, where to celebrate New Year in Goa: in the north or in the south? Let’s remember the pros and cons of each of the parts.

  • North Goa

    + noisy parties + cheap rest (the best option is budget a trip to North Goa – ticket: off-season price – from 15,000 rubles per person) + an ideal choice for those who want immerse yourself in the atmosphere of goa

    – dirt and debris along roads, and sometimes along the coast – Small rooms in hotels – most beaches are not protected from wind, which means they are always waves

    Best beaches: Anjuna, Arambol, Calangute, Candolim, Morjim.

    South Goa

    + beaches are cleaner and better suited for swimming; there are bays in which there are no strong waves + here, many people ride bicycles, and not on scooters, due to which the roads are quieter + more expensive hotels with the best accommodation options + perfect suitable for those who like a leisurely rest on good beaches

    – fairly high prices for the New Year, and in general – not here raves and other things, if you go hang out – keep heading for north

    Best beaches: Benalim, Warka, Palolem, Putnam.

Top hotels in Goa by traveler reviews

I will explain that the best hotels are not equal to the chic “five” for exorbitant sums. I tried to select adequate ratio cost-quality options, about which many reviews. Although, about Hotels in Goa on New Year’s Eve is clearly not to say – adequate for the price, here and the “starless” will ask worthily:

  • 5 * Dona Sylvia Beach Resort, South Goa. One of many hotels where you can take an all inclusive tour. Updated numbers a huge area behind the walls, a pool for children and for adults. Plus, buffet and animation! Almost Turkey:) How much? Tour in the New Year – from 220 000 rubles after January 10 – from 150 000 rubles
  • 3 * Nanu Resorts, South Goa. Tourists recommend taking breakfasts and dinners, pull higher than 3 stars. Very close to OceanHow much? Tour in the New Year – from 125 000 rubles after January 10 – from 90 000 rubles
  • 2 * Classic de Evergreen, North Goa. Located in excellent area (Morjim beach), populated by Russians. Markets, shops, entertainment – all at your sideHow many? Tour to New year – from 100 000 rubles after January 10 – from 75 000 rubles
  • 1 * White Feather, North Goa. An inexpensive guest house, quite not bomzhatnik, with air conditioning and convenient locationHow long? Tour in the New Year – from 77 000 rubles after January 10 – from 60 000 rubles

Things to do at GOA: attractions

India Sand Shack Coastline Goa Tropic Beach India Sand Shack Coastline Goa Tropic Beach

Arriving in Goa, you can lie on the beach, or visit various tours. They are offered by both tour operators and local residents. Here’s where to go in your free time:

  • Spice Plantation is a nature reserve and one of the best attractions of Goa. Presented here almost all types of plants growing in India starting with cloves and ending with bananas
  • Murdeshwar – not really Goa: to get to fishing village, you have to shake the bus about 5 hours. BUT all for the 1542 granite sculpture complex dedicated to Shiva
  • Banyan in Arambol – one of the controversial attractions. And tourists go anyway: according to legend, beneath it, the Beatles were meditating. Today at the roots of the tree fans are going to smoke Kosyachki. Be wary of nudists and other winged marginal. After one such meeting, I descended from the hill in just 10 minutes
  • Dudhsagar Falls – ranked 5th in India in height. At its foot a small lake is formed, suitable for bathing
  • Shiva’s face – one of the boulders on the beach Vagator (North Goa). This is not an old statue, but a modern work, her the master is still doing in Goa. On crowded days will have to defend turn to make a photo with a fashionable giant
  • The night market in Arpora is the answer Grand Bazaar, which absorbed all the identity of the Indian resort. The first market in which you can find a lot of interesting things, opens before the New Year (true, prices for many products, like it usually happens too high, do not forget to bargain)

Guest reviews – is it worth celebrating the New Year in Goa?

Market in Goa (fruits and vegetables) Market in Goa (fruits and vegetables)

My review will be like that. Everyone repeats: “Either you fall in love with it a place from the first trip, or it is not yours. ” And I completely agree now just find out whether the former Portuguese colony will like it, but now – the smallest Indian state, you can only see it firsthand.

This part of India, unlike the rest of the country, combines lush tropics, white beaches with turtles, rocks with sailing dolphins, hordes of tourists and poverty of slums. She has not too a lot in common with Roerich’s canvases and decorations for films Bollywood But don’t be alarmed: it’s not at all bad here! Visit – exactly worth it

And my observation: play with the duration of the rest. Voucher in Goa for 10 days I got only 10,000 rubles more than on 7.

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Pros and cons of Goa in the New Year


+ ease of obtaining a visa (electronic entry document done online, cost – about $ 100)

+ opportunity to celebrate a holiday on the coast for a very acceptable money (tours to Goa, including New Year 2020, already have on sale)

+ beautiful weather in winter

+ cheap food, food, alcohol

+ interesting excursions and beautiful landscapes


– expensive New Year’s dinner in some hotels (but there are hotels and without it)

– the absence of a long vacation – January 1, the morning after celebrations, goantsy behave as if a holiday and was not

– mud on some beaches and small rooms

– long enough flight (≈ 7 hours)

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