New Year in Germany 2020 : Where is Better – Berlin or munich?

Meet the New Year in Germany in 2020: where to go for festive mood, variegated fairs and parties? Battle article: traditional Munich vs. modern Berlin.


  1. New Year in Munich
  2. Fairs | Where to mark? | Prices for housing, air and food | what look?
  3. New Year in Berlin
  4. Fairs | Where to mark? | Prices for housing, air and food | what look?
  5. Munich VS Berlin – to whom?
  6. Tours to Germany for the New Year holidays

How is Christmas and New Year celebrated in Germany?

Street Decoration - New Year in Germany Street Decoration - New Year in Germany Christmas tree in Berlin Christmas tree in Berlin

The main winter holiday for the Germans is Catholic Christmas. Him meet on December 25 in the family circle. And in Sylvester (December 31) – New Year’s Eve on German mood – great burghers break stereotypes and tusk noisily in the morning.

In all urban areas of the country – crowds. Basically, however, these are tourists who came to Germany for holidays on New Year’s Eve. AT 2019 th, without changing traditions, people from different parts of the world, starting from 8-9 pm they will drink strong drinks, dance and wait salute. Then – spread over popular beer restaurants and clubs. Celebrations are not surprising, but give a good chance have fun!

Weather in Germany in December-January

The weather in Germany on the New Year is rarely a delight. Overpowering the hours-long walk in the fresh air will help windproof, water repellent outfit and a lot of hot mulled wine?

In Berlin in the winter, sometimes, sleet falls. Add to this the wind, the daytime temperature of -2 ° C … + 4 ° C, and excess a layer of clothing is no longer superfluous. New Year Munich is dank: in December-January it rains a third months, maximum + 4 ° С heat, but it feels a little more pleasant than in Berlin

New Year in Munich 2020

New Town Hall - Munich New Town Hall - Munich Main Fair in Munich Main Fair in Munich

Razudalaya crowd, hundreds of local fireworks, songs and dances under the accompaniment of Bavarian sausages and beer: this is the New Year in Munich, baby Germans celebrate family Christmas at home, but on December 31 the streets are crowded: hunters for the New Year mood coming in blood, along with hot wine and the smell of roasted meat, does not scare chilly weather in december and hustle.

An amazing thing, but with such a dense concentration of people there are no queues anywhere! German accuracy in action as speak.

Christmas markets in Munich

Fair in Munich Fair in Munich Fair in Munich Fair in Munich

German Christmas Fair – must-visit for the holidays. AT Munich, these events are sooo very soulful, but, unfortunately, almost all close before the 25th. Mode of operation: from about 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

  • On Marienplatz – unfolding main Christmas market. Here is the central tree, the most food stalls and souvenirs and, of course, tourists When? 27 November-24 December, 2019
  • Tollwood at Olympiapark – an annual festival, with your Christmas market where you can hang for a long time: theater and circus performances, concerts, exhibitions When? November 23 – December 31, 2019

Meeting of the New Year at Tollwood takes place in two scenarios:

  1. Mass party on five venues with different music – from 19:00 (at midnight break for the traditional waltz) ticket € 29
  2. Performance from Circus Oz, dinner and the start of 2020 under the disco eighties – from 17:30, ticket from € 142 to € 152
  • Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt – fair in Bohemian and densely populated area of MunichWhen? November 30th-24th December, 2019
  • Munich Airport – yes, you did not wake up the city follows traditions so much that it arranges a fair and in Airport, on the area between the terminals? Christmas programs, lantern lights, food and … ice rink! When? November 17 – December 26 , 2019
  • Karlsplatz skating rink is also festive and fun, the New Year is open until 16:00. Skate rental – from € 4.5 to € 8, depending on time of visit When? the end November-mid January, 2020

… and ≈ 20 others.

Where better to celebrate the New Year?

Christmas in Germany Christmas in Germany

The scheme of the classic New Year in Munich: evening gatherings in Brasserie → Midnight at Marienplaz → Nightclub / House.

  • To warm up

    Than? Beer! And dinner, dance and music:

    • ✓ Hofbräuhaus – the most famous pub next to Marienplatz, do not have to run far to the festive salutes. Atmosphere top-level: huge oak tables, painted ceiling, Bavarian old men in Tyrolean hats. On New Year’s place do not occupy in advance (as on any other day), because the crowds wishing outside. A liter of beer costs around € 9, sausages from private butcher shop – € 6
    • ✓ Augustiner Bräustuben – also about good beer, sausages and sauerkraut. Popular with Munich because is not in the center, respectively, and the prices are lower. 31th of December Reservation is required in advance, but only € 5 is requested for admission, and then – menu order
    • ✓ Hofbräukeller – fat point in the beer route through Munich, half an hour walk from Marienplatz. Promises to work in NG with no extra charge, no entrance fee and the usual menu! True, only until 23:00
    • ✓ Ratskeller – a restaurant in the thick of things, located in the basement of the town hall. Of the dishes guests praise duck, which appears on the menu in December for Christmas. Reservation is necessary do in advance, New Year’s Eve – from € 70


    Munich’s central square is comparable to the Red Square in Moscow: music rumbles, people (a lot) cackle, mulled wine pours and inside, and on the shoes next-pushed. On stage – local artists and everyone is waiting for that same countdown to 00:00.

    In addition to Marienplatz, where pyrotechnics can even be accidentally step on, look at the New Year fireworks without too many witnesses and noise can be in areas:

    • ➢ Leopoldstraße
    • ➢ Olympic Park (Olympiapark) and the celebration of Tollwood (previous section)
    • ➢ Luitpoldpark
    • ➢ English Garden (Englische Garten)
    • ➢ Hauptbahnhof Station

    Night clubs

    What about clubs? The most decent:

    • • All Inclusive Silvester on Praterinsel – something enchanting, including Munich’s top DJs, unlimited drinks (and alcoholic), snacks and fireworks – from 21:00 to 05:00 How much? From € 60 to € 105
    • • Sweet Heaven in Upside East – party on the roof; loud music, friendly chanting of the last seconds of 2018 and fireworks in the New Year – from 20: 00How much? € 45-56, but from 00:30 – € 30


    Grandly noble celebrate in restaurants (not beer). New Year’s programs are carried out:

    • • Rocca Riviera – 6-course gala dinner – from 20:00 and the next party How much? Traditional dinner – € 150 Veggie – € 95
    • • Hard Rock Cafe – well, you know what it is, yes? City center, live music, buffet and its own atmosphere – with 20:00 to 01:00 How much? € 150
    • • Schapeau – cozy restaurant, staff speaks Russian; New Year 2019 offers live jazz and dinner from seven dishes – from 18: 30How much? € 179
    • • Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restautant – pathetically, with the required dress code; 7-course dinner, champagne in midnight and a party – from 19: 00How much? € 398

Prices in Munich for the New Year

At the current ruble exchange rate, Europe is an expensive destination. But in Euro-indicators of changes in the value of the holiday was not enough long. Prices in Munich for the New Year are stable: for the evening in one of institutions need to pay as much as 5 years ago.

Book accommodation and the best possible places in advance: Bavaria – popular destination.

House prices – where to stay?

New Year in Germany New Year in Germany New Year - Germany New Year - Germany

For all the good and enjoying massive demand you have to pay. it direct installation to prepare yourself for the fact that 3 * hotels in Munich for the New Year cost from 260 euros per room (for 3 nights for two). For comparison, at the end of January exactly the same living conditions are cheaper by 90 euros.

Here are a few 3-star options close to the center, with positive reviews: * the cost is indicated for two for 3 nights (with January 30 to 2)

  • Arthotel Munich – € 400
  • COCOON Hauptbahnhof – € 445
  • Hotel Stachus – € 425
  • Hotel Am Markt – € 430

✓ The night of December 31, 2019 on January 1, 2020 in New Year’s hotels 4 star level – from € 120 per room. Three nights – from € 335 ✓ For 5 stars will have to pay between € 230 and € 600 respectively

Early booking will save money, and most importantly – will give possibility of choice. Rooms in the most top in category “Price-quality” places scatter long before the holidays.

It is more logical to stop in areas close to the center of events: Ludwigsvorstaft-Isavorstadt and Altstadt-Lehel. On a holiday hardly want to run from station to station. View-ask the price hotels can be on Booking or RoomGuru.

New Year in a hotel in Munich – most often a dull event. There are no classroom programs organized, dinners are held with live music that starts early and quickly collapses after 12. And for which, of course, pay extra to the total amount for accommodation. For example, this is held at the 4 * Hilton Munich Park Hotel, where New Year can be met for + € 139 per person (buffet with 18:30 at the Tivoli restaurant) or + € 209 (buffet from 19:00 at Salon Marco Polo and terrace with salute view).

Munich Square Munich Square Christmas in Munich Christmas in Munich

Air ticket prices

On average, the road from Moscow to Munich is 3 hours in the sky. Price questions: ≈16,000 rubles. Cheaper to get to Memmingen (118 km from Munich). Victory flies in this hub catch round-trip tickets for 7,500 rubles + transfer € 15 s person (when buying online). But from December 20 to the end New Year’s holidays there are no such offers this year.

It is more convenient to monitor changes in value on:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

By the way, you can subscribe, and the aggregators will send “letters of happiness” about lowering prices in the chosen direction (and about promotion too).

Restaurants and cafes

Food in Berlin - fairs Food in Berlin - fairs Shopping center in Berlin Shopping center in Berlin

Beer in Bavaria is not just alcohol, but a cultural layer. Restaurants that in this regard can not be ignored:

  • Hofbräuhaus
  • Löwenbräukeller
  • Augustiner Keller

The last two are beer brands. Places specializing in the sale of these varieties, in Munich a few. You can choose any, depending on the convenience of the location.

Prices for holidays in Germany in the winter are democratic, although a bit grow up to the holidays. The peak falls on holidays. Dine at the restaurant on December 31 – about € 30 for a meal, which on weekdays costs € 10. A classic set of sausages and a liter of beer costs around € 15-20.

Restaurant Goerreshof offers a good menu from Bavarian traditional dishes and appropriate furnishings. Average check – about € 30 per person. You can eat cheap at Andy’s Krablergarten and Steinheil 16: basic dish plus a glass of beer – € 15.

Portions almost everywhere in Germany are very large. For girls You can safely order one dish for two.

When you want to eat, but you can not lose a minute: from 7 pm Munich runs the yellow bus-restaurant DinnerHopping. Delicious food under the cityscapes, sailing outside the window. Combining pleasant with even more pleasant :) Only the ambiguous price tag – from € 129 for 3 meals and drinks.

What to see in Munich?

BMW Museum in Munich BMW Museum in Munich Central Square - Town Hall in Munich Central Square - Town Hall in Munich

BMW Museum in Munich and Town Hall

Sights of Munich, to which you need to walk at any scenario:

  • Marienplatz
  • English Garden (unexpectedly with surfers on the river!)
  • Nymphenburg

Well, and since the city interests you on certain dates then omit banal activities.

✓ From the beginning of December to the 20th in the old part of Munich runs the best Christmas tram (ChristkindlTram): fare – € 2

✓ December 25, 29 and January 3 at 18:00 you can go to the Bavarian State Opera on “The Sold Bride” (The Bartered Bride), provided you know english / german: ticket – from € 16 to € 195

✓ Hop-on hop-off bus – red two-storey buses, plying with a review program at 13 points where you can go / go / go further: December 31 roll from 10:00 to 16:00 and за €20 (билеты >>)

If there are no ideas what to do in the capital of Bavaria (and such really?), it is worth a ride around the neighborhood:

➢ to Neuschwanstein Castle – an excursion 130 km from the city will allow plunge into a fairy tale (and make fabulously beautiful photos even very Krivoruku photographer!)

Tour from Munich – for 45 euros per person

➢ to Nuremberg, with its half-timbered houses – 170 km, and completely other Germany

Tour from Munich by train – for 49 euros per person

➢ in Cologne – more travel mileage, about 600 km. Besides the legendary cathedral, entertainment in the city a bit

In general, Munich – a pleasant place and home, or something. Interesting architecture. Very clean (Germany after all). Developed night life – bars, restaurants, cafes – cool beer, sausages with fermented cabbage, schnitzel. Though tasty and atmospheric, but not Berlin, not Berlin … And this is why ↓

New Year in Berlin 2020

Gendarmenmarket Berlin 2018 Gendarmenmarket Berlin 2018 Christmas Market in Berlin Christmas Market in Berlin

There is an opinion that Berlin is not quite true Germany, and to look for here the German spirit is an empty undertaking. Anyway, the city is worth see to put together your impression: ultramodern, open, here is felt the cult of freedom.

On New Year’s Eve in Berlin, arrange the biggest festive party in Germany!

Christmas markets in Berlin

How many are there in Munich? 20-25? In Berlin there are more than a hundred of them. what joyfully, until the New Year live the whole three? Open to visit approximately from 12 noon to 8 pm

  • WeihnachtsZauber in Gendarmenmarkt – by reviews, the best fair! For the entrance you have to pay 1 euro, very crowded. A huge Christmas tree and daily entertainment like song-dance-performances When? November 26 – December 31, 2019

On the 31st from 19:00 to 1 am there will be a celebration of the New Year (salute, midnight waltz and disco), ticket – 12 euro

  • Fair at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – spruce, Santa Claus, food booths and 70 roundabouts! When? 26November-6 January, 2020
  • Spandau Christmas Market – by no means central location, but very beautiful, loved by local families with childrenWhen? November 26 – December 23, 2019
  • Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Red Town Hall – one of the oldest fairs, typical and small. What is different is rink around the fountain of Neptune (skate rental – 4 euros) When? 26November-30 December, 2019
  • Bazaar at Charlottenburg Castle – they say that the most romantic? When? November 30-December 26, 2019
  • Winter World at Potsdamer Platz – the earliest and small, with an open rink when? November 2 – January 6, 2020
Prices at German fairs: Nuances:
• Beer / mulled wine, 0.3 / 0.2 – 3-3.5 euros • Cocoa, 0.2 – 3 euros • Tea, 0.2 – 2.5 euros • Roasted nuts bag – 3.5-5 euros • Stollen, kg – from 10 euros • Drinks are served in cute cups, for which deposit is paid – about 3 euros. Hand over a mug → return money • You can avoid crowds from 10 am to 3 pm

Where better to celebrate the New Year?

Christmas in Germany Christmas in Germany

What is presented in our material – probably only one tenth (but the most popular and interesting) part of everything that happens in Berlin for the New Year. So many options we have not seen in Europe.

  • Brandenburg Gate and Gendarmenmarkt

    That place and the atmosphere, for the sake of which they go to New Year in Germany – Brandenburger Tor. Free open-air party like celebrating here, celebrating nowhere else in the country. Authorities arrange a powerful performance with concerts, laser shows, official salute and DJs. The program starts at 19:00 (and up to 3 in the morning).

    The territory is fenced, there are roadblocks. With you can not carry alcohol and other objects dangerous to others (weapons, drugs … well, you get the idea :)). But sober, except volunteers, no one will not remain: the organizers prudently set many tents with mulled wine and food.

    Closer to midnight to get inside is unrealistic: the inputs overlap at large crowds. Sometimes it happens as early as 8 pm. So what if you want to celebrate New Year among a million people come early!

    Gendarmenmarkt Square – a kilometer from the gate, what is rolled up there – we described in the section on fairs ↑. the main thing “but” street festivities – the weather in Berlin in the winter. because of dampness and wind freeze to the bone.

    Night clubs

    After midnight salutes, the lion’s share of street party-goers disperse in clubs, on New Year’s parties:

    • • Silvester Club – drinks included – from 21:00 until 5 am How much? From € 30 to € 60
    • • Kulturbrauerei – the most capacious party in Berlin, here nine clubs are united – from 21:00 to 7 am How much? € 32
    • • Funkhouse – HYTE party with a bunch of cool DJs – from 6:00 pm December 31 to 6:00 pm January 1 How much? € 52-82
    • • House of Weekend – Rooftop Party with cool views of Berlin – from 21:00 to 8 am How much? € 45
    • • Ocean’s 19 in Haubentaucher – in the price of the ticket unlimited drinks – from 10 pm to 7 am How much? € 60-80


    Festive meals at Russian restaurants are popular, for example, in “Samovar”, “Pasternak”. But we will tell about international:

    • • Spindler&Klattz – празднование в стилеHong Kong (karaoke, dancing, terrace) – from 19:00 to 22:00 – buffet (without drinks), and then to 05:00 – partyHow long? Combo ticket – € 70-80, only party – € 15-25
    • • Alvis – the New Year’s menu from 6 positions – with 19:00 How much? € 99 + optional € 39 for fireworks and champagne at roof until 00:30
    • • Oxymoron – the historic district and atmosphere; New Year’s Eve is scheduled for dinner at 19:00 (6 course, a glass of champagne) and party from 23:00 under the DJ set How many? From € 115 to € 150 or just a party for € 25
    • • Neni – top restaurant with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine; offers program: 6-course dinner with 19:00, champagne wine, live music and further continuation on Monkey Bar party How much? € 230, only Monkey Bar – € 130
    • • Vox – restaurant at the Grand Hayatt hotel Berlin, elegant and stylish. Six dishes, alcohol, salute on the roof and dance floor until 2am How much? € 299


    Prices for holiday programs are rising as day X approaches. The winter is coming! Anyone better hurry with the purchase.

    ✓ New Year’s cruise on the River Spree (Cruise at River Spree), but it is snapped up in a moment. Walk on ship-restaurant Heinrich Zille at significant points in Berlin and meeting January 1, with refreshments, drinks and salutes – from 20:00 to 01: 00How much? € 129

    ✓ Aristocratic spirit in Palais an Tegeler See: ballroom overlooking the lake, live vocals, hits of the 80s, 90s and our time – the price of alcohol and light snacks How much? From € 80 to € 100

    ✓ Wintergarten: New Year in the style of the 20s under the show Boheme Sauvage, requires a corresponding dress code – from 22:30 to 5 am How much? € 49

Prices in Berlin for the New Year

Bikini Berlin Bikini Berlin New Year skating rink in Berlin New Year skating rink in Berlin

On New Year’s Eve half of Europe comes to Berlin. Better housing Book in advance: the choice is greater and the chances of catching a discount are higher. For holidays, prices are rising. With restaurants and cafes also decides early reserve, although not everyone has this option.

House prices – where to stay?

There are many 4-star hotels in Berlin at a good price. Three nights with December 30 of the current year to January 2 next for two in hotels a similar level with positive guest reviews:

  • Aparthotel Adagio Berlin Kurfürstendamm – € 508
  • Abba Berlin Hotel – € 400
  • Boutique Hotel i31 Berlin Mitte – € 485
  • Novotel Berlin Mitte – € 450

The price tag for 3 stars for New Year’s Eve starts from € 300. But need to say that there is a certain variation: three-star with high ratings are not inferior to a number of fours neither in quality nor in price For example, to spend the night in 3 * Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West on holidays and eat breakfast in the morning – have to lay out € 430 The five-star Hotel nhow Berlin at the same time – from € 530

Where to stay? By areas preferably Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße. Hotels can be searched on Booking, and apartments – on Airbnb

Air ticket prices

On New Year’s Eve, Utair will take you from Moscow to Moscow (11,000 rubles) round-trip) and Victory (8,000 rubles at both ends). Travel time – 2 hours 40 minutes. Both flights take place at Tegel Airport, 13 km away. from the city center.

Compare prices for:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

Restaurants and cafes

Famous breweries with a solid history in Berlin is not to be found. But Bavarian sausages and delicious beer can be enjoyed here (at prices: beer about € 3.5 per pint, sausages – € 8):

✓ Lemke

✓ Rollberg Brauerei

✓ Brauhaus Südstern

There are many tasty places in Berlin where you can cheap – less than € 10 per person – to eat (on New Year’s holidays including):

  • Burgermeister (burgers for € 5)
  • Häppies (main courses from € 4 to € 6, try the germknödel – this fantasy!)
  • Trattoria Portofino (€ 7-10 pizza)
  • Lia’s Kitchen (great vegan food, salads at € 8)

Already more expensive – about € 50 per person, but stylish and interesting. here:

➢ Panama Restaurant & Bar

➢ Coda Dessert Bar

➢ House of Small Wonder

What to see in Berlin?

Reichstag Berlin Reichstag Berlin

Sights of Berlin related to the history of the city and countries in general:

  • Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Alexanderplatz

A very strong place is the Holocaust Memorial. Berlin the wall is also without question in the list of top locations of the city.

What about the New Year and Christmas period?

✓ December 25 and 27 at the Deutsche Oper Berlin put the Nutcracker – ticket from € 27 to € 115

✓ December 31 in Friedrichstadt Palast passes the revision show Vivid – ticket from € 50 to € 230, at 15:30 and 19:30

✓ From November 15 to January 6, 2020, very beautiful in Botanical Garden, where they arrange a festive route-exposure with illuminations, illuminated trees, deer figures, firs and ice rink – from 16:30 to 22:00, December 31 is closed; price – € 18-20

✓ Can be unwound for € 22 on the hop-on hop-off bus – should be 20 остановкам с 10:00 до 17:00 (билеты >>)

For fans of museums in Berlin there is a whole Museum Island (comprehensive day ticket – € 18). Pergamon Museum – the most visited (a sort of German Hermitage). In East Side Gallery 1316 meters graffiti will tell about political events of the end of 20 century, about the kiss of Brezhnev and Honecker and hipsterskom Berlin. It is located in the open air, admission is free.

Where to go with children? Museum of Natural History (€ 5 – adults, € 3 – children from 6 years old) or Legoland (from € 13 per entrance, without attractions). In good weather, the child will be pleased to walk in Tiergarten Park or in the Sony Center on the Post Square.

Where to celebrate New Year 2020 in Germany: Berlin or Munich?

So where, where to meet the New Year 2020: Berlin or Munich? AT Both cities actively celebrate and have fun, hold concerts and parties BUT:

Munich Berlin
+ You can feel the atmosphere of real Germany + View on cheerful Bavarians + Taste the best beers – oh yeah! –Do not wait for an interesting program and spectacular salute + Dozens of modern clubs, restaurants, galleries and museums + Hundreds of programs and presentations on holidays. Hundreds! + New the year will be noisy and bright, and even fairs work – It is unlikely that it will do for a relaxing family holiday


➢ party-goers, vegans, fans of holidays who are not afraid of the crowd, but more likely to feed on her energy → to Berlin!

➢ beer lovers, connoisseurs of a measured Bavarian lifestyle life, fun national dances and cozy fairs → in Munich!

А как насчет 31 декабря: AT Турции >> | Втеплых странах >>

Shopping – New Year’s sale

Christmas Fair in Germany Christmas Fair in Germany

Do not rush to shopping in Germany for a Catholic Christmas and New Year. First, shopping on December 31 is uncomfortable – they close at 3:00 pm and do not work on January 1 at all. Secondly, prices are high. Sales start after January 14, by the end of the month discounts reach 70-90%.

In any case, shopping is better not in the city center (like Alexa or Mall of Berlin in Berlin), and in remote outlets. For munich it Ingolstadt Village, for Berlin – Designer Outlet Berlin in Spandau (on Kudamm the same things, but twice as expensive). Tax Free at a rate of 19% return both a cache, and a clearing settlement.

The first way is better, the second had problems – money on the card never come?

Rounds for New year to Germany 2020

Tours to Germany for the New Year 2020 are very different character:

✓ Standard tour – includes flight and accommodation

✓ New Year’s tour – road, hotel, cultural program, banquet

✓ Bus tour – usually the trip involves a visit additional countries. Once such a trip is interesting, but further decide for yourself. It is unlikely that a good look around the city, too little time allotted

We advise you to look for tours to Munich and Berlin for the New Year on Travelata online aggregator: it compares offers from all tour operators and gives the most profitable.

Tours to Berlin, with a departure on December 27-30, cost from 60 000 rubles for 7 days for two, and a voucher for 10 days – from 70 thousand. In Munich – from 70,000 rubles and 90,000 rubles, respectively. It seems that the cost of rest for two “package” is cheaper than self booking. But it is worth exploring hotel reviews. how As a rule, these are hostels, or 1-2 * hotels in the suburbs.

Guest reviews – our savings tips

New Year in Germany New Year in Germany New Year's streets in Germany New Year's streets in Germany

New Year in Germany – an event requiring prior preparation. Especially if you want to save. This is confirmed not only reviews of tourists, but also simple logic (which in Germany is big honor) – the earlier you book, the less you pay (for tours, tickets, accommodation, restaurants, etc.). How else to cut costs in a trip?

Where better to live?

Both in Berlin and in Munich it is better to choose housing closer to the center, so that everything was within walking distance. If the budget is limited, you can consider and more distant options, transport links by cities good, even on New Year’s Eve.

On Airbnb (remember about our discount of 2100 rubles for the first booking :)) you can rent spacious lofts (Berlin) – from 8000 rubles per night or luxury apartments with terraces (Munich) – from 6000 rubles. Rental housing easier – rooms, for example, from 1000 rubles per day.

Feedback from our friend: in Berlin and in Europe as a whole, we are pleased that the end of November, the New Year mood, the city is decorated from the outside, and inside buildings. Practically on all free areas Christmas fairs are held. The biggest, with scenes and songs – about the French Cathedral. A lot of food, decorations are sold. and different beautiful nonsense? From the food most liked Currywurst (sausage sprinkled with seasonings and doused with sauce).

There are many quality hotels in the country, suitable for any Wishlist. The most successful options “price-quality” end long before the New Year in Germany. Reviews travelers suggest that in this case should not be afraid be the first and make a sleigh in the summer!

Where to eat cheap?

In Munich and Berlin, quite tasty and relatively budget institutions.

Munich Berlin
➢ points from local ➢ Turkish ➢ Lebanese cuisine ➢ many cheap pizzerias ➢ vegan cafes

Super combo of beer and sausages you will find everywhere, but the quality will be better in munich. You can always eat and Christmas markets.

Visa and insurance – how to make it cheaper?

Make a visa yourself is definitely cheaper. It is quite easy and scary. True true! We have done this many times. Whole свой опыт собрали тут >>

And to buy insurance through the Internet – and the whole thing is 5 minutes. Once we forgot to issue a policy at home … We made it while standing in line for passport control. So, of course, do not need to, better in advance. Favorable prices will prompt here:

  • Compare
  • Cherehapa

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