New Year in Finland 2020: prices for tours, where meet?

We start to think about how best to meet the New Year. We treat to those people who do not think of a winter holiday without snow-covered fir-trees around. Therefore, warm countries to travel at this time is not an option.

I want frosty air, snowmen and sleds, flickering fire in fireplace. So, we are planning a New Year 2020 holiday in Finland!


  1. Weather
  2. Christmas markets in Finland
  3. Where to celebrate the New Year?
  4. Helsinki | Lapland
  5. Tours to Finland
  6. Holiday rates
  7. Hotels and homes
  8. What to see in Helsinki?

Features of rest. Weather in Finland in winter

Finland is a northern country. However, not as cold as many people think. In the capital, seaside Helsinki, December-January weather is cool, but not bitter cold. The air temperature does not fall below -4 ° C, plus rains are likely. AND only Lapland can boast frosts in -one 5 ° C … -20 ° C. Which, in fact, are not so terrible because of dry climate.

In general, the weather in Finland for the New Year is more predictable and pleasant than in the same Petersburg: but it is in Helsinki clean snow is not guaranteed?

The atmosphere on December 31 is also predictable: nothing really remarkable and cleared only by midnight salute. Finns do not planed salads – they work, albeit shorter, and Bengali the lights do not fizzle around the tree – it was already rolled up a week ago.

Of course, some celebrations-celebrations will be (what we will tell). Partly – for tourists to not get bored at all, Partly – for the Finns, who give a reason once again have fun

How is Christmas celebrated in Europe?

Like the rest of Europe, Finland, first of all, celebrates Christmas: decorate the streets and houses, buy gifts. AT Christmas Eve comes to children Finnish Santa Claus – Joulupukki or Christmas Grandfather (and literally – Christmas Goat). In honor here is Santa Claus: his residence is located just on the territory Finnish Lapland. New Year’s Eve Finland is not for tourists bright and elegant, like Christmas.

Christmas markets (and not only) in Finland – 2019

New Year in Helsinki New Year in Helsinki

Finland does not shine fairs, compared with Germany or Czech Republic, and by December 31, there is not a trace of the markets and garlands on the streets – these are traditions. In 2019 a cup of Finnish mulled wine will succeed grab in the interval from the last week of November until December 22. To visit the fair are open from about 12 to 20.

  • Helsinki

    • • Tuomaan Markkinat on Senate Square – main fair in the capital. 20-meter Christmas tree in front of the cathedral, in the center – 100-year-old fairy-tale carousel (free), around – Christmas booths, among which you can find the office of Santa. Oh Yes, it is also the only fair in the world with a sauna (an hour – 5 euros)! Seriously, you get hot, wrapped in a towel, leisurely you drink gold on the frosty air – no one knows look:) When? December 1 – December 22, 2019
    • • On Lasipalatsi Square – will be held International Christmas Market, first time in Helsinki. Promise that It will be interesting (at least, they will definitely call Grandfather “Ho-ho-ho!” and Snow Queen) When? November 24 – December 22, 2019
    • • Not fair, but: listed Christmas-beautiful must be a festive showcase in the shopping center Stockmann – it has been played up differently since 1949.When? 1December-22 December, 2019
    • • The whole Aleksanterinkatu street is official Christmas Street in Helsinki, nicely decorated. Himself Santa Claus will light up the first in 2019 illumination on November 25 in 4:00 pm
    • • The Ice Park at Railway Station Square – big rink. AT ход – €6, прокат коньков – €6



    • • Fair at Old Great Square – certainly not as large and colorful as in Helsinki, but in its own way atmospheric. Works only on Saturday and Sunday When? 24November-16 December, 2019


    • • Christmas Market at Central Square – with Joulupukki, elves and deer! When? December 1-22 2019


    • • Rovaniemi, on Lordi Square – not the most impressive, but what is with the Christmas tree? When? November 25 – January 8, 2019

Prices at fairs in Finland

✓ Glög, 0.2 – € 2-2,5 ✓ Coffee – € 2 ✓ Baking – € 2 ✓ Creamy soup with salmon – € 7 ✓ Roasted chestnuts, 100 gr – € 6

Where to go to Finland for the New Year 2020?

Park Reypovesi Park Reypovesi Park Reypovesi Park Reypovesi

Where better to spend New Year in Finland? Generally, we have compiled Four scenarios – all in different parts of the country:

  1. Want to be in the heart of city life, see how Are celebrating the local (some) relaxing in the spa? So – rest in hotels of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Imatra
  2. Skiers, snowboarders, tubingistami prank the sport equipment for ski resorts – Ruka, Levi, Tahko, Vuokatti or Himos. And also to those who simply want solitude in a chair near the fireplace, in a house hidden among snow covered pines
  3. For unusual – cross the Arctic Circle and book a room in … ice hotel! Well, or at least in glass igloo, like in Santa’s Hotel Aurora or Arctic TreeHouse Hotel – to try your luck with the northern lights
  4. And about where to relax in Finland with the children in the New Year holidays, recommendation one – Santa Claus Village and Santa Park in Rovaniemi (Lapland)

Detail on the first and fourth ↓

New Year in Helsinki

Helsinki Ice Rink Helsinki ice rink

Helsinki is one of the most popular destinations for the New Year in Finland: the 2020th will be saluted here and celebrated under the roaring bat somewhere in the club. Public transport hours increase – and the subway and tram deliver at least 2 hours nights

Mass open-air party usually organized on Senatskaya Square (by this time it is already “naked”, without Christmas attributes): the opening of the holiday and main celebrations – music and light shows, contests and games, and in midnight, January 1, a powerful salute. However, the scene of events happens and carry over to the Kansalaistori square, like last year.

It may seem that the Finns are not more happy than the New Year, but Fireworks search opportunities – any pyrotechnics allowed use only December 31 from 18:00 to 02:00.

What to do, in fact, before the party or instead of it?

✓ To Senate Square: take a walk and eat. And, ideally, to 20:00, because everything that continues to be received later requires reservations

  • Friends&Brgrs – бургеры по более-менееAdequate price (€ 8-9)
  • Fazer Cafe on Kluvikatu 3 – highly recommended! Monday to Friday – a buffet breakfast for € 13.9; saturday-sunday brunch for € 23.9
  • Ravintola Kuu – level restaurant with Finnish kitchen, there is a four-course set menu (€ 48-54)
  • Krog Madame – Mediterranean cuisine good pizza (€ 14-15)

✓ Instead of Senate Square: take a ticket to a club or bar. That’s what as of December 31, 2019

  • Storyville Music Club – arrange a party in style Gatsby, with live music – from 19:00 to 4 am How much? € 25
  • The Circus is the biggest party in the fashion club Helsinki – from 21:00 to 4 am How much? Usual ticket – € 14, VIP – € 24
  • Summer Heat – famous night club, annually New Year’s celebration of rolling up – from 10 pm to 5 am How much? € 10-15
  • Virgin Oil Co. – concert party with Finnish rock band Von Hertzen Brothers – from 21:00 to 3 am How much? € 25-30 + entry € 2.70

Alternative: meet NG on the SkyWheel. Most Cheap ticket for € 28 – from 23:45 to 00:20 – includes a 35-minute ticket. a trip with a glass of champagne and contemplation salute. Can be removed and the whole booth (up to 6 people) for the same period will add a whole a bottle, and with you – € 225.

New Year in Lapland

For the most courageous, not afraid of real frosts and ready meet with the polar night (which lasts about 18 hours in day), a great option for the Christmas holidays – a trip to Lapland.

The night from the 31st to the 1st will be most fun at:

  • Rovaniemi

    This city is the capital of the cold land of Lapland, very tourist. All the delights of polar life are available here: rides on frisky sledding of deer and dogs, routes for snowmobiles, saunas and close proximity with thereby Santa Claus.

    What do they do on the eve of the New Year? In the afternoon you can take a tour in Santa Village (€ 217) or try classic tours like Husky safari (€ 139-172), fishing (€ 154), riding reindeer (€ 138). Closer to midnight:

    • • Mystical New Year Party – 20 minutes from Rovaniemi, on the bank of the river Ounasjoki. Santa and shamans are participating, they will light up all under the disco, keep warm in the bar and admire the salute – from 22:30 up to 1 night How much? € 98 for an adult, € 69 for a child
    • • Celebration at the Arctic Snow Hotel – transfer, show-tell the hotel itself and the sauna, made of ice, the shamans pogayut on the palm. Friendly countdown of the last seconds of 2019, salute toast and home – from 22:30 to 00: 30Skolko? € 194 with dinner € 96 – without
    • • And on January 1, you can go to catch the northern shineHow long? € 117

    Santa Claus Village

    It is located 10 km from Rovaniemi and is easily reached at the local bus # 8. December 31, the office of Santa Claus is present and official :) – open from 9 am to 5 pm.

    What is there to do:

    • • Of course, go to visit the most famous grandfather on the planet, and for free! Or you can invite him to your place for € 150
    • • Ride on Santa’s deer How much? “Tariff” from 5 minutes – € 18, up to 35 minutes – € 65 per person
    • • Visit Husky ParkHow many? Log in (fotochki and carding for ear) – € 10, sleigh – from € 30 for 500 meters / € 45 for 2 km
    • • Take a walk on a snowmobile How much? From € 55 per half an hour
    • • Take a trip to the Ranua Zoo – the northernmost World ZooHow many? € 99 for an adult, € 59 for baby

New Year is celebrated in the amusement park SantaPark: in price – € 185 – includes all the locations of Santa Park, buffet, magic show, music, dancing, a glass of champagne (lemonade), and congratulations – with 20:00 to 0:00

Rounds to Finland from St. Petersburg and Moscow for New year 2020

Helsinki Helsinki

You can find out the prices for tours to Finland on the New Year at online aggregators that collect offers from all the leading tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Book better in advance, as those wishing to celebrate the New Year in There is a lot of Finland, and the 2020th is just around the corner. Tours are very in demand, and prices only grow.

They said about the tours, let’s say about independent trips. Useful resources:

✓ Airfare – Skyscanner and Aviasales

✓ Hotels – Booking and RoomGuru (compares 10+ systems reservations, including Booking)

✓ Apartments and cottages – Airbnb

✓ Car rental – RentalCars

✓ Airport Transfer – KiwiTaxi

✓ Insurance for visa – Compare and Cherehapa

Directly from Moscow to the Finnish coast can be reached by plane or by train. In the latter case, the prices in Finland for the New Year It should be clarified closer to the holidays – it may change. Coupe in the train Leo Tolstoy to Helsinki costs from € 115 to one side (for 2019).

The most convenient way to travel to the country of Suomi on New Year from St. Petersburg – There are many more options to cross the border:

  1. Bus excursions and regular buses – ticket price from 1000 rubles.
  2. Ferries are a good option if the weather in January does not storm. Prices Tours start at € 60 for 3 days. The cost of rest will depend from the selected type of cabin and deck. Breakfast is paid separately. dinners (€ 15-20) and excursions.
  3. Train St. Petersburg-Helsinki (corporate “Allegro”) – from € 34 with person
  4. By car – you decide where to celebrate the holiday, when and where to go. Suitable for those planning a quiet family holiday, and those who, having arrived on Senate Square on December 31, are watching the night fireworks in the New Year, and in the morning goes to ski!

But вый год с шенгеном: В Париже >> | ВПраге >> | В Берлине или Мюнхене >>

Prices for holidays in Finland in winter

Tram in Helsinki Tram in Helsinki

If you are traveling on your own, your “New Year’s tour” aside from housing will also include the cost of food. Generally, restaurants in Finland most often open in the afternoon. To eat on the way you can in a cafe at gas stations (same € 10) or in pastry shops (coffee from € 2 + dessert from € 3).

Food prices in Finland in the cafe:

  • Burger – € 8-10
  • A plate of pasta – € 10-15
  • 3 course business lunch – € 30
  • Soup – € 9-12
  • Beer, 0.3 – € 6-8
  • Coffee, 0.2 – € 2

Planning to cook yourself? Important advice: to the maximum buy at major border stores – Disas or Lidl. Will be cheaper. Prices for the New Year in Finland do not grow, but many products in Finland are more expensive than in Russia. note to K-Market and S-Market, after Christmas there arrange sales.

Also, going by car, consider the cost of fuel (A-95 – € 1.47, A-98 – € 1.54; you can take only 20 liters with you) and registration of a green card (2450 rubles for 15 days).

Thus, when calculating the average budget for a trip, just multiply the number of travelers by the number of days and 50. Checked: this formula works great in Finland, also on shopping remains?

The best hotels (price-quality) on the advice of tourists

  • 5 * Hotel Kamp, Helsinki – the best spa hotel in Helsinki travelers. 7 nights for two will cost 1850 euros
  • 4 * Scandic Park Helsinki, Helsinki – an excellent hotel for recreation with children, a family room for a week costs from 800 euros
  • 4 * Scandic Imatran Valtionhotelli, Imatra – a real castle with saunas and spa. Double room the same 7 days will cost 700 Euro
  • 5 * Arctic Light Hotel, Rovaniemi – for its 5 stars, rating tourists are “superb” and the New Year in the hotel asks for 2400 euros for seven nights (for two)
  • 3 * Lappeenranta Spa, Lappeenranta – a good spa hotel almost on border with Russia. The cost of a double room – 780 euros (7 days)

Surcharge for New Year’s Eve dinner in hotels in Finland is usually 100-150 euros.

Renting a house in Finland

Porvoo Porvoo

Renting a house in Finland or villas is very popular. Search advantageous options are available on Airbnb, (provides a large number of photos of each house and tourists reviews, there is a collection for services) or (here are the owners of the houses themselves post information and communicate with customers; from here – sometimes a photo not at all, only reviews, but you can agree to reduce the price).

If you like freedom of action, but do not want privacy on nature, on the same sites (especially on Airbnb), you can search and apartments or apartments for rent.

Many people book separate houses for large companies in Lapland or other regions away from the border. Anytime year holiday homes are quite cheap here. In winter before holidays prices soar, but even then cottages in Lapland cost is very cheap: from € 700 for 4 people (for 7 nights). For comparison: a New Year’s house closer to the border costs from € 1,300. Bed linen and final cleaning are paid separately. (Of course, you can not pay, bring everything with you and tidy up end).

What to see in Helsinki in 3 days?

Helsinki Helsinki

Warn immediately: the main attractions in Finland have a natural origin. These are rocks, caves, lakes and the like that In winter, half of them are unavailable. Therefore we will content with the remaining architectural interest. The more, in the capital there are a lot of them:

  1. Senate Square – on it are two objects worthy the attention of the traveler: a monument to Alexander II and the Cathedral Cathedral. Collectively, it seems that you were sent to Peter:)
  2. Mannerheim Avenue – the main artery of the city, there are all tourists, there are monuments to Mannerheim himself and to three naked blacksmiths forging happiness!
  3. The most unusual churches of Helsinki – the chapel of Silence (square Narinkkatori) and the Church in Skala (Töölö district) – two opposites: silence always reigns in one, in the other great acoustics and frequent concerts
  4. Both children and adults will be interested to look at all animals in the city zoo (adult ticket – € 12, for children from 4 years – € 6), Tropicarii (prices are the same) or Oceanarium (adult ticket – € 13,5, children – € 9,5)

In general, the following are relevant in the New Year period 2019-2020 entertainment:

  • December 29 and 31, 19:00 – in the Finnish National Opera is musical “The Phantom of the Opera” in English – € 20-109
  • January 3, 6:30 pm – hockey, KHL Jokerit-Sibir match – € 11-50

I do not want to freeze! New Year in warm countries >>

Night clubs Helsinki

Like where to go during the day, figured out. Now let’s see what to do after sunset. Finns themselves are happy to go to the night There are plenty of clubs in Helsinki:

  1. The most popular and one of the oldest clubs is Tavastia. Ticket price here starts from € 10
  2. Storyville – one of the best jazz clubs on New Year’s Eve working until the morning. Tickets cost € 25
  3. The club-bar BrewDog Helsinki also takes visitors to the very am January 1
  4. A fun and inexpensive club is popular among Finnish youth. Cuba
  5. Karaoke Bar lovers will love karaoke lovers

Ski resorts

As already mentioned, there are slopes in Finland for every taste. The cost of ski pass in all resorts is about the same: € 38 for adults and € 26 for children from 7 years and retirees. So, look, Where is the best weather at the time of the trip and choose:

– Lapland ski resort Pyhä-Luosto – the southernmost ridge, a place suitable for beginners

– Vuokatti is skiing, reindeer and husky safaris and year-round snow tunnel for winter activities (even in summer). Day – € 30, full equipment rental (ski / snowboard) – € 15

– Levi is the largest ski center in Finland, with trails from “black” to children

– Hand is one of the most popular resorts, it has lasted here the longest snowing till May

– Tahko is good for beginner skiers, there are no difficult tracks – only perfect slopes

– Himos is also suitable for beginners, one of the largest winter resorts of Finland

Guest reviews – is it worth celebrating the New Year in Finland?

Porvoo Finland Porvoo Finland

Reviews about New Year in Finland unequivocally tell us that worth it. Still worth it!

Here is the same thing as here and in other countries. Ноonly in Finland is it all put together: pure snow, skis and other winter fun, beauty and some exotic northern nature, relaxation in the spa (even in ordinary hotels there will definitely be a sauna, you can be sure). And all this is flavored New Year’s bustle, diluted with European foreignness and Scandinavian traditions.

Pros and cons

Of course, as in any business, there are those and others.

The main disadvantages of tourists include:

– far (usually it is written by travelers from Moscow who decide get on your personal car)

– expensive (partially agree, but again – when renting a cottage you can save on a big company); plus, Europe itself is not a place from cheap, especially because of the euro

– boring (on holidays, and even in winter, many entertainment in Finland is not available, but you are now armed with our article and not you get bored)

There are much more advantages in such a holiday:

+ show the children the real Santa Claus (even Santa Claus) and put a tick

+ ride a real reindeer sleigh or become a driver dogs

+ year ahead to steam in the sauna

+ finally learn to ski

+ Meet the New Year in the forest or even beyond the Arctic Circle, in company of friends

+ arrange a session of European shopping in the season of discounts. They are like once a christmas?

The advantage over advantages is obvious ☺ So, tervetuloa Suomeen – welcome to Finland!

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