New Year at Sea in Israel – 2020

New Year at Sea in Israel - 2020 New Year at Sea in Israel - 2020

Israel, who is only 69 years old on a passport, is an excellent An option for a cool New Year and Christmas holidays! What else the country can have a swim in the sea in a week, light it in clubs, to treat joints and be at the place of Christ’s birth? ?


  1. Where to celebrate the New Year in Israel?
  2. Prices for tours to Israel
  3. What to do in: Eilat | Dead Sea | Jerusalem | Tel aviv
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Where to celebrate the New Year in Israel 2020?

We went to Israel last December, and, honestly, as if friend of the world have been. ? This peculiar, and nothing more similar, the atmosphere of Jewish life and culture should be felt everyone, and the New Year is the right time for that. If you doubt, here is a list of interesting destinations in December. And by secret, very soon we plan to fly there again, most likely by burning tour if you’re lucky?

The country, though small in size, is nevertheless here. There are at least 4 locations where you can spend your winter holidays.

  • Noisy and Party Tel Aviv (Mediterranean coast),
  • More restrained and “spiritual” Jerusalem,
  • Typically beach Eilat (Red Sea coast),
  • And the Dead Sea, where the holidays are celebrated for the most part those who tightly over 60.?

As you can see, there are three seas in the Holy Land to choose from. However, only Red is suitable for a beach holiday in the winter months. and the Dead Sea. In the Mediterranean wish to swim, probably only thrill lovers.

Tours to Israel is better to search and book on proven largest aggregator sites with the cheapest Offers from all tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

The weather in Israel on the New Year, despite the possible rains, Favor vacationers, on clear days it is sunny and quite warm. Air temperature is maintained at an average of + 13 ° C … + 19 ° C, the warmest in Eilat (up to + 24 ° C), located in the southern part of the country.

In Tel Aviv, the temperature ranges from + 15 ° С … + 19 ° С, on the coast is windy enough. But there are days when the air warms up to + 21 ° С … + 22 ° С, and the Israelis go out to sunbathe or to play in the marsh on the beach. About bathing speech, of course, is not. The exception is notorious surfers trying to catch the ice wave. ? But this weather is ideal for exploring the city. After all, in the summer Israel is very hot and you have to run from one air conditioner to to another.

In Jerusalem, the thermometer in December-January shows an average + 9 ° С … + 13 ° С. For sightseeing and pilgrims routes – just right! Of the 4 days that we had to spend in This city, 3 were sunny, and in holy places we wandered into some sweatshirts.

Jerusalem Jaffa Gate Jerusalem Jaffa Gate

At the Dead Sea, in particular, in the resort of Ein Bokek, about + 16 ° С … + 20 ° С. We still ventured to swim at this time of year. (although, aren’t we alone?). Well, what to say, go into the water cold, you get used not immediately, but fun. Two times to swim, more precisely, lie on the surface, you can.

Of course, a holiday in Israel for the New Year is not only about sea and shrines. Here and January sales in Tel Aviv, excursions to kibbutzim and to the Palestinian territories (Bethlehem), ski slopes Hermon Mountains and all the colors of the local color in the form of traditional Eastern markets and streets of Jerusalem on Shabbat – there is something to fill every minute!

Speaking of when New Year is celebrated in Israel. Traditional Jewish holiday is called Rosh Hashanah and falls on the beginning of autumn (the exact date is calculated according to the Hebrew calendar). AT 2020 году он выпадает на 18 — 20 сентября.

As for the secular festival, certainly reviews of tourists about holiday in Israel for the New Year will not tell you the main thing: the Israelis completely indifferent to this exciting night of December 31 on January 1st. In the country, this is the usual working days, and having fun, in mainly migrants from the former USSR and vacationers.

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Rest in Israel: tours for the New Year 2020

Where, if not here, you can feel the true Christmas the atmosphere? Tours to Israel for the New Year 2020 are rich in impressions and quite affordable, especially if you use the early booking Bought a ticket for 2-3 months before the holiday – saved about 20-30% of its cost a week before the date of departure. ?

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Despite the fact that winter is considered a low tourist season in Israel, the number of holidaymakers at the end of December is traditionally very high. What is not surprising – the promised land on the eve Christmas holidays rush thousands of pilgrims wishing visit holy places. Accordingly, the price of tours to Israel in these days increases somewhat. In order not to overpay for the trip, start planning a trip right now (as long as prices are holding at around 75,000 rubles for two).

Cheap tours to Israel in December and January 2020 with departure from Moscow can be found on the services Travelata and Level.Travel. Here collected various options for a package holiday in Netanya, Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Haifa and other resorts, but most importantly – all of them from reliable tour operators. In addition, you can try to find and last minute tours to Israel just before the holidays, but this if you’re lucky :).

Tours to Eilat from Moscow

Rest in Eilat will be interesting to fans of beach relaxation – The Red Sea is still quite warm in December. Besides, lovers of solitude will enjoy the absence of crowds on the beaches.

However, if you prefer a truly warm sea, but without summer heat, we recommend to buy a tour in Eilat in November – this month is the most comfortable for visiting the resort.

Найти тур в Эйлат >>

Sunny December weather creates excellent conditions for excursion and educational leisure.

    Чем заняться?
  • посетить национальный парк Timna Valley, на территории которогоThe legendary mines of King Solomon and the picturesque road from red asphalt
  • see firsthand the temple of goddess Hathor carved in stone and others nature monuments
  • go diving and discover the exotic sea in the park “Underwater Observatory”.

The New Year itself in Eilat is celebrated cheerfully and very noisy, because this still a tourist-oriented resort. All hotels offer holiday programs and at midnight light the sky colorful salutes.

The city is also interesting from the point of view of shopping – it is a zone free trade and gives you the opportunity to purchase good things cheaper than in other parts of Israel.

Prices for tours to Eilat are most optimal with departure from Moscow. 1-2 months before the New Year, for example, November 15, 7-day voucher 3 * hotel without food can be purchased for 73,297 rubles per two.

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Tours to the Dead Sea

Our trip to the Dead Sea Our trip to the Dead Sea Ein Bokek Beach Ein Bokek Beach

New Year in Israel at the resorts of the Dead Sea – unique the opportunity to fully relax and improve their health the coast of one of the saltiest bodies of water on our planet. Even if you absolutely can not swim, you absolutely do not risk drown! In addition to the healing qualities of salts, the resort is special air. Along the rocky shores of the lake (yes, the Dead Sea is not sea) stretch enriched with selenium thermal springs and deposits therapeutic mud.

Despite the recreational orientation of the rest, the procedures far from the only entertainment at the resort.

    Чем заняться?
  • посетить древнейшую крепость Масада,
  • appreciate the colorful oases and national parks of the Dead seas,
  • admire the famous pillar of salt and the mountain of Sodom,
  • tickle your nerves – lovers of adrenaline will love active types of recreation – snepling (descent along the ropes in the canyons) and trekking

The most famous clinics, health centers and most hotels with a complex of spa procedures are located on the southern shore lakes in the resort of Ein Bokek. Personally, we were delighted with the service in 5 * Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Hotel, located right on the beach.

Prices for tours to Israel to the Dead Sea (all inclusive) begin from 173,000 rubles for two for 9 days with accommodation in a 4 * hotel. Weekly vouchers cost from 106 000 rubles. Should we hope for hot tours? Lucky-unlucky – surely not say, but still, before buying, look at whether your dates are options.

In general, we recommend making an early booking, since December tour prices are usually higher. The closer the date, the higher cost. On the other hand, you can hope to the last last minute deals ?

Найти тур на Мертвое море >>

Where to meet the New Year in Israel 2018? Where to meet the New Year in Israel 2018?

Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv in December a bit storm

Tours to Jerusalem from Moscow

The cradle of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the holy city Jerusalem in the Christmas holidays becomes the center of attraction pilgrims from all over the world.

    Чем заняться?
  • посетить рождественскую службу в Храме Гроба Господня,
  • make an excursion to Bethlehem,
  • to participate in the procession and in the liturgy in the Basilica Nativity of Christ – the oldest Christian church built over the cave by which Jesus was born.

A tour to Jerusalem in holy places includes other mandatory pilgrim program points – visiting the legendary Wailing Wall, Gethsemane, the sacred mountain of Zion. In the Muslim quarter located the great shrines of Islam – the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock with the footprint of the Prophet Muhammad.

Want to not only touch the shrines, but also to correct health? Get a tour to Jerusalem with a stop at the Dead Sea. The cost of trips to Israel is relatively small – from 80,000 rubles for two – but if you buy a tour closer to the last numbers December, overpay up to 50%. Due to the large flow of tourists New Year’s prices are increasing.

A reasonable price tour to Jerusalem for 3 or 7 days with departure from Moscow can be found until the beginning of winter, so have time!

Найти тур в Иерусалим >>

Tours to Tel Aviv from Moscow

Buying a tour to Tel Aviv for the New Year holidays, you should take into account that the temperature of the water in the Mediterranean is already cold for bathing, so the rest will turn out to be culturally informative slope. Tel Aviv is a picturesque city, overgrown with skyscrapers, with exciting nightlife. No wonder he deserved the status of a city who does not sleep until dawn. A single word should be said about hotels in Tel Aviv: Israel is better not to find! Although, I confess, prices bite.

    Чем заняться?
  • посмотреть на главную елку Тель-Авива – в Яффо на Yossi CarmelSquare,
  • wander through the streets of the ancient port of Jaffa,
  • find a sign with your zodiac sign in the Old Town,
  • walk along the Rothschild Boulevard – a favorite vacation spot tourists and citizens,
  • to get to the observation platform of the Azrieli tower,
  • inhale the smells of the famous Carmel market.
Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Quay Tel Aviv Quay

The Western New Year is celebrated here cheerfully and noisily, but according to most, in restaurants, clubs and bars. They offer entertainment shows, children’s matinees with traditional New Year’s characters, fireworks, in general, are not exactly bored have to.

With regard to prices for tours to Tel Aviv – on the eve of the New Year holidays, they are traditionally overpriced, but you can buy a ticket cheaper if you book a hotel and tickets now. In such case, a weekly package in a 4-star hotel with breakfast will cost at 83,000 rubles for two, instead of 95,000 (the price a week before the New of the year). If you have the opportunity to take a trip literally in a couple of days, you can bet on last-minute tours.

Найти тур в Тель-Авив —>

Moscow-Israel flights (round-trip)

If you are planning your own trip, you can save on flight. Cheap flights to Israel from Moscow is best to look for on services:

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales
  • OneTwoTrip

portals involve searching for complex routes and low price calendar, track airline sales and offer their own promotions and discounts.

You can buy tickets to Israel on New Year from 10 000 rubles There and back again. Such prices search on sites above.

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