New hotels in Turkey with the opening in 2018-2019 – which to choose?

New hotels in Turkey with the opening in 2018 - which one to choose? New hotels in Turkey with the opening in 2018 - which one to choose?

Do you like to relax in hotels, which have not yet had time to visit hundreds thousands of tourists? I – very, so I always follow the updates on tourist market.

Today I propose to study the new hotels in Turkey and find out How much can you save by buying a tour among the first. Why exactly Turkey? The answer is obvious: bezviz, all inclusive, warm sea and acceptable prices.


  1. Reasons to choose a new hotel
  2. Where to find a cheap tour?
  3. New Hotels – 2019
  4. New Hotels – 2018:
  5. 5 stars | 4 stars
  6. Hotels 2017
  7. Hotels 2016

Why go to a new hotel?

Immediately indicate that it is not always rosy with the recently erected complexes, and trips to new hotels in Turkey, opened in 2018-2019, may be associated with a certain risk.

When choosing it is important to make sure they are 100% open – sound drills coming from the next room, fenced pier and bad the adjusted work of the attendants has never led anyone in delight And also find out if the hotels are really new and not renovated or renamed (just a fad for the future, because in this article everything is checked for you).

I try to look for real reviews, because it’s obvious that advertising photos may have little to do with what they are numbers. Therefore, I prefer to wait a couple of months after opening, so as not to be “foolish.”

Well, now let’s get to the main advantages. So:

  • Choosing for recreation hotels that will open or have already opened in 2019, you get everything absolutely fresh: rooms and furniture, beach chairs on the beach and tables in the cafe. Agree nice to be a pioneer!
  • New hotels in Turkey offer low prices – them need to get customers and show what they can do. On the second season hotel complexes, well proven, raise the cost almost doubled.
  • Excellent service level – a challenge to the staff is the same, the more positive feedback and the higher rating, the more guests.

Where to look for cheap tours?

New hotels in Turkey in the 2019th – starting year for them – stand still acceptable. What is interesting, tour operators, buying blocks rooms, set different prices for tours. So let’s say who is like agree, or how are sales.

A similar scheme works with ordinary hotels. Therefore, the search Vouchers should be conducted for all tour operators. With this help online aggregators:

  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata

They analyze the database of proposals of leading travel companies, compare prices and show the most profitable tours to Turkey for the summer. Yes, and in any direction and on any dates! Find out what acts promotional codes.

New Turkey Hotels – 2019

Aquamarin Side 5 Aquamarin Side 5 Side Royal Luxary Side Royal Luxary

Browse new hotels / Tour the day before Opening at the Side Royal Luxury Hotel

What does the coming 2019 prepare for us? Least, five new hotels in Turkey with the opening in May-June! Interestingly, all of them are from category 5 stars, but of different status. There are premium fives with high price tag even for first guests. And there is an economy, which it’s time to try while they are not “hackneyed.”


5 * Aydinbey Queen’s Palace & Spa is a spa hotel with the same name and location in Belek, of course, not from the budget category.

One common building with 360 rooms, 2 a la carte restaurants and 4 pool (outside and inside). Sauna, hamam, fitness center – all is free. Sandy beach – one kilometer from the hotel; shuttle bass every half hour. Declare to communicate with guests on Russian For kids kids club, mini-water park with slides, animation. Concept: ultra all inclusive.

  • Minimum price per season (7 days, 2 people) – 110 000 rubles

Искать тур >>

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000


5 * Side Royal Luxury Hotel & Spa – a new hotel next to the Side Royal Palace, services (pools, bars, etc.) which you can take advantage of.

Accommodates guests in 220 rooms, its sandy beach – 250 meters from the case. If necessary, take the bus to the sea. Everything Standard: two a la carte restaurants, six swimming pools, incl. and with slides, mini-club for children, animation, free sauna and hammam – no wonder the prefix spa. Concept: ultra all inclusive.

  • Price tag at the beginning of the season for 7 days for two – from 85,000 rubles

Искать тур >>

Side Royal Luxury Hotel & Spa Side Royal Luxury Hotel & Spa

We went to the hotel Side Royal Luxury Hotel & Spa at the opening, we liked it. See our video review!

5 * Paloma Finesse – appeared on the territory formerly owned Paloma Paradise. They promise that there will be a luxury bungalow hotel in the style of minimalism. Located on its own sand and pebble the beach, of the advantages – restaurants of fusion and Mediterranean cuisine, bakery, beach club 18+, 3 pools, slides and water play a complex club for children and adolescents. Concept: luxury ultra all inclusive.

  • Prices for 2019 are still unknown

Отслеживать цены >>


5 * The Residence at Tui Sensatori Barut Fethiye is the thirteenth hotel in the chain Barut and the tenth hotel in the world, working on the luxury concept Tui Sensatori. Focused ONLY on adults 16+. Located on line 1, on a sandy beach. Describing in three words – stylish, comfortable and expensive. Concept: all inclusive.

  • The cost of a 7-day tour starts from 180 000 rubles for 2 person

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5 * Campus Hill – Alanya high-rise hotel with a small territory, from the category of budget “fives”. 2 km away sand and pebble beach, which carries the bus. There is a pool adult and children, water slides. Concept: all inclusive.

  • 7 nights in Campus Hill cost from 70 000 rubles for two

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New hotels Turkey 5 stars – 2018

The territory of the hotel 5 stars in Turkey The territory of the hotel 5 stars in Turkey

Compared to previous years, few hotels have opened in 2018, and the smaller part of them belongs to the category of 5 stars. Settled down they are in Bodrum and Side – see what’s new?

New Hotels in Bodrum

5 * Lujo – The main sensation on the Aegean Sea. This is a new hotel in Turkey on the first line and with the application for the status of “best.” Distance from the airport – 15km, quite close, but from the city center – 20km. Behind there is nothing outside the hotel, apart from other resorts giants, but would you like to go out?

At 250 meters – its own sandy beach, stretching on kilometer and pier The infrastructure of the hotel is adapted to relax with Children: Tourists are happy with the kids club, the animation and the small water park. But the food, which is all inclusive, but a la carte (i.e., restaurants serve guests on the menu) to all; keep this in mind if you like a buffet.

  • There are cheap hotels in Bodrum, but Lujo is not one of those – the cost 7-day tour for two – from 225,000 rubles

Отзывы и цены >>

Lujo Lujo Lujo Lujo

New Hotels in Side

5 * The Raga Side – one of the “hot” novelties of the Mediterranean. Hotel for adults only (16+); first line (80m from the sandy beach); about an hour drive from the airport. Discos, yoga classes, hammam and heated pool – reviews The Raga has so far been good. Food, of course, ultra all inclusive.

  • The cost of a weekly tour for two in the 2019th – from 95,000 rubles

Отзывы и цены >>

The Raga Side Hotel The Raga Side Hotel

Side Crown Sunshine – also belongs to the category of “new hotels Turkey 5 stars. This family complex is located 55km from Antalya Airport. Distance to the beach – 600 meters, but if If you want, a bus that runs during the day will take you to the sea. The hotel works on the system all inclusive.

  • Prices for a ticket start from 80 000 rubles for 7 nights on two

Отзывы и цены >>

Side Crown Sunshine Side Crown Sunshine Side Crown Sunshine Side Crown Sunshine

Alas, the remaining resorts did not provide five-star news. Is that possible to highlight:

  • Kemer and 5 * Asteria Hotel Fantasia, open after 2 years of inactivity and before that had an excellent rating (like tourists and now)
  • Belek and 5 * Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa, where they completed the new guest sector
  • Demre and 5 * Andriake Beach Club, in force since 2014, but for all from 2018 (previously reserved for the British)

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New Hotels Turkey 4 stars – 2018

Beach at the hotel 4 stars Beach at the hotel 4 stars

Four stars in Turkey added a little more. However scattered they are also in two resorts – Side and Alanya. By the way, for comparison: a year before, 16 new hotels were waiting for tourists, and in 2016, all 23! In the past, it turns out, only 7, and I hope this is not a trend.

New Hotels in Alanya 2018

4 * Green Life Hotel – located in 33km from the airport Gazipasa. Otherwise, on arrival at the airport of Antalya, “sawing” to hotels about 2.5 hours. In principle, suitable for both youth, and for family rest. There is a private beach at 200 meters (but will have to go down into the underpass). Nutrition – usual for Turkey buffet. On which already managed complain half of the guests. Reviews are generally not very good, but captivating cheapness.

  • The price of a week tour for 2 people – from 65 000 rubles

Отзывы и цены >>

Green Life Hotel Green Life Hotel Green Life Hotel Green Life Hotel

4 * Arsi Enfi City Beach – such a strong “middling”, where fed normally, and the beach is its own good (across the road), and infrastructure all at hand, because located within the city but not “fine”.

  • But the price is very nice – from 57 000 rubles for two for 7 days!

Отзывы и цены >>

4 * Graf Victor – not quite a Turkish hotel in the conventional understanding. This is an apartment hotel (there is a kitchen in the rooms, incomplete, but still). Since it is built in typical resort area, where there are similar compact hotels, inside there is everything not to get bored: pools, spa, fitness, sauna. Beach across the road, walk 300 meters. Everything is included in the Graf Victor is not, but There is an option “breakfast”.

New Hotels in Side 2018

Aquamarin Side 5 Stars Aquamarin Side 5 Stars

4 * Aquamarin Side Resort & Spa – in a solemn red side the ribbon in 2018 was cut in front of it. According to the first reviews guests, the hotel is good. The food is varied and quality, rooms, albeit small, but cozy, the beach is far away – 10 minutes on foot, but sandy and with gentle entry into the water. Adult animation on level, and for children, especially Russian, brings. By the way what the hotel lacks the most – staff, at least minimally Explaining in Russian.

  • You can relax in the Aquamarin Side from 80,000 rubles for 7 nights on two

Отзывы и цены >>

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New hotels in Turkey 2017

Next, we will go over briefly – a list and with prices for tours (7 nights, 2 adults, summer 2019).

  • Alanya

    • 5 * Eftalia Ocean Resort & Spa – from 95,000 rubles
    • 5 * Sentido Numa Bay – from 87,000 rubles
    • 5 * Oz Hotels Sui – from 82,000 rubles
    • 5 * Lonicera Resort & Spa – from 110,000 rubles


    • 5 * Bosphorus Sorgun – from 85,000 rubles
    • 5 * Calido Maris – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * Dream World Hill – from 85 000 rubles
    • 5 * Side Valentine Resort & Spa – from 90 000 rubles


    • 5 * Royal Seginus – from 180,000 rubles
    • 4 * Aska Lara River Suites – a separate building with 5 * Aska Lara Resort & Spa, but cheaper and with a slightly reduced concept – from 115,000 rubles


    • 5 * Granada Luxury Belek – from 135,000 rubles


    • 5 * Dosinia Luxury Resort – from 100,000 rubles

    Aegean coast

    Hotel in Bodrum

    • 5 * LUX * Bodrum Resort & Residences – from 165,000 rubles

    Hotel in Kusadasi

    • 5 * Korumar Ephesus Beach & Spa Resort – from 120 000 rubles

    Hotel in Marmaris

    • 4 * Elite World Marmaris (18+) – from 90,000 rubles

If not a new hotel, then maybe a new resort? ? I suggest read our material – about rest in Kemer – to everyone who has not been to The most youth and natural part of Turkey!

New hotels in Turkey 2016

  • Antalya

    • 5 * Adalya Elite Lara Hotel – weekly tour from 130,000 rubles
    • 4 * Holiday Inn Antalya Lara (breakfast) – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * Trendy Lara – from 130,000 rubles
    • 5 * Wind of Lara Hotel & Spa – from 85,000 rubles
    • 4 * Wise Hotel & Spa (breakfast) – from 65,000 rubles, 18+


    • 5 * Rixos The Land Of Legends – the very hotel with aquapark-legend – from 180 000 rubles
    • 5 * Sensitive Premium Resort & Spa – from 85,000 rubles


    • 5 * Glamor Resort & Spa – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * J’adore Deluxe Hotel & Spa – from 90,000 rubles
    • 5 * Kirman Sidemarin Beach & Spa – from 125,000 rubles
    • 5 * Riolavitas Spa & Resort – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * Side Royal Palace Hotel & Spa – from 85,000 rubles


    • 5 * Asia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel – from 80 000 rubles
    • 5 * Haydarpasha Palace – from 105 000 rubles
    • 5 * Laguna Beach Alya – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * The Lumos Deluxe Resort Hotel & Spa – from 80,000 rubles
    • 5 * Wome Deluxe Hotel is a “halal” hotel with separate beaches for men and women and lack of alcohol

    Aegean coast

    Hotels in Bodrum

    • 5 * Six Senses Kaplankaya (breakfast) – from 200 000 rubles
    • 5 * Titanic Deluxe Bodrum – from 170,000 rubles
    • 5 * Nikki Beach Resort & Spa – from 160,000 rubles

    Hotels in Didim

    • 5 * Aquasis De Luxe Resort & Spa – from 100,000 rubles
    • 5 * Aurum Moon Resort – from 70 000 rubles

    Hotel in Kusadasi

    • 5 * Flora Garden Ephesus – from 105 000 rubles

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