Modified visa application rules Thailand

The summer of 2014 was hot for Thailand in all respects. The changed regime in the country changed the visa regime, established for her visit. There were many promises and suggestions but they all turned out to be just words (I heard that the authorities wanted come up with a visa entitling the owner to live in the country real estate in Thailand). To date, certain changes that will be described below and will be useful for wishing to visit this asian country. Currently changes touched only tourist and student visas, as well as a ban visa-wound. Another article about obtaining a visa to Thailand.

Tourist visa

In accordance with the new rules of the rule visa in Thailand is being made exclusively for tourist purposes. You can get it only in the absence of passport of other long-term visas of the country. With the help of tourist Visa in the country can be once a year. On a tourist visa you can carefree wintering arrangements in Thailand.

student visa

For students a student visa in Thailand also obtained by the modified rules. By pre-existing provisions primary visa for training in the country opened for 15 months, and all subsequent ones for 1 year. Now all student visas open for 1 year. With this she requires a corresponding extension every 90 days. Should note that training in Thailand is now strictly monitored, therefore no one will be allowed with a student visa to drive around the country. In no case should you miss the renewal period, because otherwise you will be in number.

Overstey is a fine that imposed on a foreigner while in Thailand after expiration of the visa. Every day is fine about $ 14. With regular violations of this provision may impose a ban on visiting the country for some of time.

In addition, the changes affected the renewal procedure itself. student visa. To extend it, the student must leave. country territory. Living in central, eastern and northern regions of Thailand can travel to Laos and extend their visa there. Of the southern regions of the country is easier to go to Malaysia for this purpose (as you Think, what is better for rest, Malaysia or Thailand?). Inhabitants of our countries can apply for a student visa in the capital before traveling to Thailand.


Thai authorities have canceled (they say that this item is already irrelevant) reusable adventure. New rules provide for clearance of a single entry outside the country, after which it is burned as used. With This one-time stamp is valid for a period that lasts from the time of his registration until the extension in the immigration office student visa.

Ryentry is a special stamp in passport, which retained the validity of the visa received upon departure for country borders. This stamp has been valid for 1 year, allowing leave the country during this period many times.

Thai authorities have officially warned that the presence in the passport large student quantity of the ribbons will be considered as evading study and ignoring established rules obtaining a visa. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. so if you want to leave home or visit other countries on some time is necessary at the place of study to issue a student ticket and statement. With these documents you can confirm your being in the country. You should also prepare 20 thousand baht, which will confirm the required level of wealth.

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