Mexico Holidays 2019: prices and reviews

Holidays in Mexico – a great option for those who become boring beaten tourist destinations like Turkey and Thailand. Fly there well very long – 13 hours, prices for flights and tours are not cheap. Although the Russians do not need a visa to Mexico in 2019, before departure will have to obtain an electronic entry permit.

But believe me, five minutes on the shores of the Caribbean, a sip of Piña Coladas, and you will understand: it was worth it – and money, and numb knees in airplane.


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My trip to mexico

In Mexico, I was twice:

  • back in 2012, when I drove in two weeks on buses from Mexico City to the eastern tip of the peninsula Yucatan
  • and in 2018: it was from Mexico that our journey began Latin America, which lasted almost 9 months.

In my opinion, Mexico is the ideal country for the first dating latina. There is literally everything: for enthusiastic history and archeology – the ancient ruins of the Aztecs (Teotihuacan) and Maya (Chichen Itza); for connoisseurs of architecture – multicolored colonial cities (Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas); for fans of wild of nature – dense jungle of the states of Chiapas, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. And also – very tasty food, and no, not all of it is spicy.

Prices for holidays in Mexico were slightly higher than we counted, but still within reason.

With all the wealth of local culture, a beach holiday in Mexico – still the main reason for the trip for our tourists. In this article I will try to tell exactly about him, and first of all – about resorts of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Caribbean. Of course there is, many beaches and on the Pacific coast – for example, the famous Acapulco – but getting there from Russia is quite well uncomfortable, but affectionate Caribbean is more pleasant than a raging Pacific Ocean. Unless you are a surfer :)

Playa Paraiso - Tulum Playa Paraiso - Tulum

Playa Paraiso (Tulum)

Season for a holiday in Mexico

High season on the Caribbean coast lasts from December to April. At this time you can be confident that holidays in Mexico will not be spoiled either by rain or hurricanes. This is the best time to leave, but keep in mind that prices on tours and accommodation in winter grow by 30-50%, and in the days Christmas and Easter holidays – almost doubled.

Low season – from May to June and from September to November. The weather deteriorates: hurricanes are frequent, and for the autumn months have a rainy season. But there are no crowds of tourists, and, if try, you can find a great hotel for very small money.

As for July and August, this is transitional. season. All over Yucatan is very humid and hot, prices moderate, and most of the tourists are local, which rush to the sea to hide from the scorching heat.

In general, when it is better to go – you decide, but the general rule this is: the better the weather, the higher the prices.

View from the Mayan Pyramid in Calakmul View from the Mayan Pyramid in Calakmul

View from the Mayan pyramid in Calakmula

Prices for tours to Mexico

Distant countries for a short time is more advantageous to visit the tour. On loud “fi” independent traveler has something to fend off: direct flight (the cheapest air ticket to Mexico – ≈ 45 000 rubles for one – will be with a transfer in the United States, and if you do not have a visa, will have to look further), transfer, insurance and, most importantly, the amount:

✓ Minimum prices for tours to Mexico in a season – from 100,000 rubles for 10 nights. This is Cancun and the usual hotel in 3 stars without power. AT off-season, you can grab a similar ticket and for 85-90 thousand, for one to two weeks before departure.

✓ “Turkish” (for all inclusive) holidays in Mexico: Cancun – from 160 000 rubles for two for 11 nights, Playa del Carmen – from 180 thousand, Riviera Maya – from 190 thousand rubles.

✓ Family trip – mom, dad, baby – will be released from 150,000 rubles.

Check prices for your dates and watch the hotels are most convenient to online search engines. They aggregate – collect – options for tours from all major tour operators are ranked in order from budget to not very and immediately pull up the reviews of tourists about hotels:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Always compare the cost on all three.

Beach holidays in Mexico: the best resorts and places

So, the main Mexican resorts are concentrated in the state Quintana Roo – from the city of Cancun and along the coast to the south. All coastal strip and places of rest after Cancun are known under the general name Riviera Maya. Where is the best?

Important: the main troubles of the beaches of the Caribbean – waves and algae. They defy the frameworks of the seasons, and predict where that overtake is difficult.


You like all-inclusive hotels, private beaches and full of foreigners nightclubs? Welcome to Cancun.

It is the most famous tourist city in Mexican. the coast, with a little more than fully built up hotels coastal strip and the general atmosphere, which is not much different from the resorts of Antalya or Pattaya. Only instead of the Russian language more often Sounds American English.

The weighty plus of Cancun – the convenience of the location: right there there is an international airport. Beaches of Cancun (Playa Delfines, Playa Tortugas) – sooo decent, with white sand, but crowded and with frequent large waves.

In general, rest in Cancun is a good option except for people who want to comfortably spend a vacation by the sea, if possible, not going outside the hotel. And also for connoisseurs of nightlife. The But who wants a more authentic pastime, linger there is not worth it.

From the hotels of Cancun highlight:

  • 3 * Dos Playas – a popular hotel “on the stream” with everything included
  • 5 * Grand at Moon Palace – a huge family reservations (there is a water park)

Lake Bacalar Lake Bacalar

Playa del carmen

The second most popular resort. Unlike the chosen one Cancun’s American middle class and Russian “bags” this city is a mecca for backpackers with a limited budget and lower requirements for living conditions.

The main street (La Quinta Avenida) consists entirely of designed for gringo hostels, bars and restaurants, but if move away from the tourist center, and you can find places “for local”.

Playa del Carmen is a compromise for those for whom coloring is important, but I do not want too deep into the Mexican jungle. Urban beaches of quality are inferior to the beaches of Cancun (except Playacar – he cool), but from the pier go ferries to Cozumel Island – first-class snorkeling, but in minibuses, which are called Collectively, easy access to Akumal beach, where they swim with sea turtles, or the perfect beach of Shpu-ha (Xpu-ha).

From hotels:

  • 5 * Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & SPA – with a nice beach
  • 5 * Riu Lupita – relatively budget and popular among Russian tourists
  • 5 * Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe – excellent from the whole hotel barcelo complex
  • 5 * Sandos Caracol Eco Resort – a hotel in the jungle, with all of them lush vegetation and wildlife (tamed). Sunset at sea with coral without slippers can not do


Ruins of Tulum Ruins of Tulum Playa Paraiso - Tulum Playa Paraiso - Tulum

The ruins and beach of Playa Paraiso in Tulum Many come to Tulum for 1 day from Cancun or Playa to look at the ruins Maya holy city and go back. Tulum Ruins really incredibly beautiful and photogenic, as are on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

But the city itself can also be used as a base for on the Riviera Maya: much calmer than other resort resorts. centers, and the nearby Playa Paraiso beach is one of the best on coast. But keep in mind: from the city to the beach about 5 km, and staying in Tulum only makes sense if you don’t mind get to the sea by bike, moped or taxi. Do not repeat my mistakes: walk there under the tropical sun – very, very bad idea.

Tulum is more for do-it-yourself, so try Booking or RoomGuru: book a hotel on the beach costs from $ 200 per night and above. In the city center you can find a room for $ 25-40, and if you rent housing through AirBnb – for $ 20.

Islands: Isla Mujeres, Holbox, Cozumel

If the best holiday in Mexico = a la Maldivian (calm and a little boring), the islands always win compared to the Big By land: there are fewer people, cleaner water and whiter sand.

  • Cozumel – the largest of the islands coast of Yucatan with a solid choice of beaches. It is not too comfortable to rest from a logistic point of view: due to size, to to get from one end of the island to the other, you have to either take a taxi (from $ 15 to $ 35 per trip), or rent a car.
  • But, thanks to the coral reef surrounding the island, Cozumel regularly included in the lists of the best in the Caribbean points for diving and snorkeling. The ferry from Playa del Carmen goes near half an hour and costs $ 11 one way.
  • Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) is just 13 km from Cancun and will suit all relaxation lovers. There excellent beaches, the most popular of which is Playa Norte. The length of the island is only 7 km, so you can move on foot or on a rented moped or golf card (400 pesos / day or 250 pesos / hour).
  • Ferry from Cancun will take you to the island for $ 8 dollars round-trip, the boat – for $ 19.
  • Finally, Holbox – the least promoted and the most difficult of the islands: first You will have to drive to Chiquila village in 3 hours drive from Cancun. But this place most closely coincides with archetypal ideas about the perfect tropical resort.
  • Holbosch is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their holidays. overlooking the sea far from civilization. Bonus: is on the territory of the reserve Yum Balam, and, if lucky, you can see wild sea turtles, crocodiles, flamingos and other living creatures.

Mayan Ruins in Palenque Mayan Ruins in Palenque

Mayan Ruins at Palenque

Prices for holidays in Mexico – 2019

Prices for holidays in Mexico are among the highest in Latin American region. For almost all of our trips we tried to stick to an average budget of $ 60 / day for two, including accommodation. In the state of Quintana Ru – do it was the hardest.

We lived in an extremely cheap room in Tulum ($ 20 / night) and Long sought rack with street food to dine. But it was worth travel outside the resort area, and prices for everything immediately fell on 15-20%. Here are the approximate prices in Cancun and on the Riviera Maya in 2019 year:

Food and Food Prices in Mexico

For calculations: 1 Mexican peso = 3.5 ruble

Food in institutions:

  • Portion of meat tacos on the street – 80 pesos
  • Lunch at a local cafe with a drink – 160 pesos
  • Fast food lunch – 100 pesos
  • Dinner with wine for two at a European restaurant – 750 pesos

Products in store:

  • Milk, l – 18-20 pesos
  • Potatoes, kg – 40 pesos
  • A Pound of Chicken Breast – 50 Pesos
  • Pineapple, kg – 17-20 pesos
  • Tequila Don Julio – 380 pesos
  • Chocolate – 60 pesos
  • Yogurt, l – 35-40 pesos
  • Bottle of water, 1.5 – 10-14 pesos

Transport prices

See the bus schedule and book a ticket to any Mexico city is possible through the site

  • Bus Cancun – Playa del Carmen – 208 pesos (1 hour)
  • Bus Tulum – Merida (Yucatan) – 386 pesos (4 hours)

The main resorts on the Yucatan Peninsula are located along one roads, so to a nearby settlement or suburban the beach can usually be reached by analogue route taxi – “collectively”. Trip price – 20-40 pesos one way, depending from a distance.

To independently explore Yucatan, it makes sense to take Rent a car (to help – RentalCars). Due to high competition prices are low: from $ 10 / day from Cancun airport and from $ 15 – on Cozumel Island Gasoline costs about $ 1.5 per liter.


Prices for hotels, hostels and private rooms – with self-booking – in Mexico range from $ 6 to infinity.

  • Bed in the common room of the hostel: $ 6 (Playa) – $ 16 (Isla Mujeres)
  • Basic room for two on Airbnb: $ 15-30
  • Double room in a 3-star hotel: $ 30-50
  • Double room in a 5-star hotel: from $ 200 with breakfast, from $ 400 all inclusive

Подобрать отель >>

Yellow City Chetumal Yellow City Chetumal

Chetumal Yellow City

Things to do? Fun in Mexico

✓ Some of Mexico’s top attractions are ruins. Maya Indians. The most famous ancient city in which literally everything goes – Chichen Itza, included in the list UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Worth visiting Tulum mentioned above. To get to know Mayan culture without crowds of tourists, I advise Uxmal – less raspiarenny, but no less spectacular!

Once a day, a bus from Cancun runs to Chichen Itza, the fare is approximately $ 12, and the same amount for entering the territory of the monument.

✓ Thousands of cenotes scattered across Yucatan – karst dips filled with water. Some of them are shaped caves, often with a hole in the ceiling, others more like small natural lakes, but both are different clear water. Among the most famous cenotes are Dos Ojos, Cenote. Grande, Ek Balam. Bathing is usually paid, but inexpensive, order $ 2-5.

The choice of tourists: In Chichen Itza with the seizure of Koba, Tulum and cenote – for $ 140

✓ MUSA – surreal underwater museum, which was created near the island of Isla Mujeres to divert divers’ attention from the fragile coral reef. Inspect 400 s extra concrete sculptures installed at the bottom of the sea, can be for $ 60 for a bathing session with a mask and from $ 85 for a dive with equipment for diving.

✓ To see not only tourist, but also “real” I would highly recommend visiting Mexico at least one of colonial cities – Merida (the capital of the state of Yucatan), Isamal (“yellow city” in which all buildings are painted to the last in bright mustard color) or Valladolid (well-kept town, built up with one-story colorful houses). How? Watch section “Prices for transport”. Valladolid can be combined with swimming in centes Dzitnup and Xkeken.

✓ Another wonderful place away from the resort area – unrealistic blue lake Bacalar. Road from Cancun will take about 4 hours, so you should spend at least one night.

✓ Well, if you are in Mexico from May to September – congratulations, you have a unique opportunity swim with the whale sharks! The most convenient to take tour from one of the islands, from $ 70 per person.

Lake Bacalar Lake Bacalar

Lake Bacalar


Yucatan has good road infrastructure, and almost any of the places listed above is easily accessible by yourself. If you still prefer organized tourism, choose excursions including visits to several attractions.

The most popular excursions in Mexico (prices – from local agencies):

  • The pyramids in Kobe, Chichen Itza, Tulum and cenotes – $ 140-150 with person (+ $ 2.5 per camera in Chichen Itza)
  • Chichen Itza and Cenote – $ 99
  • Kantoi Island, Island of Women and snorkeling in the underwater park – $ 138
  • Los Lagartos Reserve (pink lakes, flamingos, cenotes) – $ 145-150
  • Park Shkaret – $ 150-160 (with lunch)
  • Swimming with whale sharks – $ 200 (at the tour operator)

Hint: Compare Tripster prices – this is a service Russian-speaking excursions, it is profitable.

Cenote Cenote

Cenote Ik-Kil

Holidays in Mexico with children

Mexico is a good destination for families with children, in any of Numerous hotels all inclusive will be children’s clubs, organizing activities for little tourists while their parents relax on the beach or in the pool. Among those recommended for Families with children hotels:

  • 5 * Dreams Tulum (Tulum)
  • 5 * AZUL Beach by Karisma (Cancun)
  • 5 * Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe (Playa del Carmen)

The best places on the coast, which you can go all family:

– Akumal Beach – snorkeling surrounded by sea turtles

– Eco-park Shkaret (Xcaret): orchid garden, folklore shows, garden exotic butterflies, live monkeys and flamingos, underwater rivers, models of ancient Mayan cities, water rides. Ticket price: $ 100 for adults, $ 50 for children

– Rio Secreto is an underground river, walk along which about an hour and costs from $ 80 for adults and from $ 40 – for children from 4 years old. The “secret river” flows through covered with stalactites and stalagmites caves that inhabit bats

– Sian Ka’an – a nature reserve in the tropical forests in which more than 300 species of birds live. For 700 pesos you can rent a boat with a capacity of 6 people and swim along the mangrove thickets

Ruins of Tulum Ruins of Tulum

Mexico Holiday Reviews

Personally, I find it hard to imagine how in this country someone might not please. According to the reviews of tourists about holidays in Mexico, she has literally 2 drawbacks:

  • Long flight, no direct flights from Moscow (if not tour)
  • Reasonably high prices for excursions and tickets to parks

And the main advantages:

  • Great beaches, warm water in the sea all year round, conditions for snorkeling
  • Abundance of marine fauna
  • Colorful culture
  • Friendly locals

The main advice that I can give to those who decided to go: not waste precious days in mexico on an exceptionally beach holiday in Cancun. Explore other cities, alternate beach tourism with exploring ancient ruins, visiting souvenir shops – with hikes to local markets; as far as possible, communicate with merchants, guides and taxi drivers – only then will you remember this a trip like the best holiday ever.

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