Maldives for New Year 2020. Where to buy tours with departure from Moscow?

Recently, it has become very fashionable to spend the New Year holidays. on the paradise beaches of tropical islands. One of the most popular tourist destinations – Maldives with all inclusive tours. Despite the fact that the population of the islands is Muslim, the attitude of guests more than loyal: the animators in hotels are satisfied for tourists fabulous carnival performances with characteristic festive heroes.

Checked sites where you can compare prices of tours on Maldives and book the most profitable:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

The most romantic tourists can meet the New Year 2020 on Maldives on board a luxury snow-white yacht. Walking to the open The sea is in high demand at this time of year. Several days to spend on a luxury liner in the middle of the water surface, drink sparkling champagne, watching the gentle sunset and holding the hand of a loved one man – who will refuse such emotions? Separately, we collected 10 ways to save money when buying a voucher.


  1. Holiday features and weather
  2. New Year Tours
  3. Where are the islands and how many hours to fly?
  4. What to do on vacation and which island is better to choose?

What you need to know for a holiday in the Maldives?

Prices for New Year’s tours to the Maldives consist mainly of cost of hotel services and leisure time. Also, of course, depends on whatever you choose – an all-inclusive tour or just “breakfasts”.

For example,

  • on the island of Addu in the hotel Herathera Island Resort (4 stars) to meet New Year and Christmas in the Maldives for two will cost a little more than 200 thousand rubles,
  • and in North Male at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa Al (all inclusive) this pleasure will cost 353 thousand. rubles,
  • tour to the hotel Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa – the only one Maldives has a UAl system – it costs “only” 561 thousand rubles for same period.

Explanation of the terms you can see in this article.

Hotel in the Maldives Hotel in the Maldives

Features holiday in the Maldives. What is the weather in December-January?

On average for the last years in December-January in Male +30 degrees Celsius. The main feature of the archipelago is its climate – year-round paradise and warm weather, so buy a tour to the Maldives from Moscow is possible at any time of the year. But in January the weather is on islands are the most stable, so tourists try to spend New Year holidays here.

Поиск тура на Мальдивы —>

Maldives – tours for the New Year 2020 (December-January)

Last minute deals to Maldives in December or January – beautiful reason to bask in the rays of the tropical sun, leaving the frosty Moscow The air temperature in December and January is on average Islands is +27 degrees, and water up to +24 degrees. But in January is less precipitation and the air is drier than in other months. The most favorable weather for tourists with November to March – it is worth to book a tour to the Maldives for two it is during this period.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where are the islands of the Maldives?

Maldives is not just one location – it’s 1190 islands in Indian Ocean, united by power in a single democratic state. They were discovered by Italian divers not so long, but today are one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Sri Lanka’s nearest neighbor, separated distance of 670 km.

To trust: Tour operators rating by Мальдивам >>

Getting out to the Maldives to meet the New Year 2020, you should know that the state language here is dikhevi, but in tourist centers with you will communicate in English. Monetary unit island the state is lari, and 100 lari equals 1 rufiya. But local people willingly accept dollars and credit cards.

1 Maldivian Rufia (MVR) equals 4.02 rubles (RUB) – on june 2018

For the cheapest and quality products at S.T.O Trade Center, Malé For the cheapest and quality products at S.T.O Trade Center, Malé

For the cheapest and quality products in S.T.O Trade Center, Male

(Photo courtesy of the samurai-soul-japan traveler –

How many hours to fly from Moscow to Maldives?

It’s quite difficult to name a specific number: it all depends on weather conditions and driving directions. Direct flight Moscow-Male (most flights fly here) takes from 7.5 to 9 hours. Take a tour to the Maldives in January or December with transfers, Of course, it will take more time. When traveling through Doha (the capital Qatar) the flight will take about 11-12 hours, and through Dubai (the capital UAE) – 14-15 hours. With two transplants, it may take even 18 hours Therefore, holidays in the Maldives and prices for tours directly depend from the cost of the flight, as well as from the cost of hotels.

Tip # 1

Sometimes transplants in large cities make quite profitable. TO For example, for 10-12 hours of transplantation in the afternoon you will be able to see The main attractions of Dubai.

What to do for tourists on vacation?

Beaches in the Maldives – just a miracle. Clear water frames the tiniest white sand, tall palm trees cast a shadow, which both a tourist and a tourist can take shelter from the scorching sun native inhabitant. But you need to remember that topless sunbathing on the beach and while quenching your thirst with alcoholic cocktails strictly prohibited.

Divers come here from all over the world to relax. Warm climate, clear waters and picturesque water world – favored by the occupation favorite thing. Only for the reefs do not swim – there is very strong currents and breaking waves.

Read our detailed article where to go for the New Year 2020 to the sea to be warm and sunny! ?

Surfing has just recently become a popular sport on the islands. You can hire waves at seven official locations in the Maldives. Somehow we will write a detailed article about it. ?

A wedding tour to the Maldives in January is the dream of every bride. An incredibly romantic and exotic wedding can happen on these paradise islands. No lush white outfits and tight ties – only gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, garlands flowers and a huge, star-studded sky.

Council number 2

Look for last-minute tours or discounts 1-2 months before the trip. Sometimes there are proposals with a price of 30-40% below the market average.

Maldives for the New Year Maldives for the New Year

Which island is better to choose in the Maldives?

Todd Island in the Maldives is one of the largest in the state. It is used for agricultural work, vegetables are grown and fruits. Recently, local residents have organized and tourist business: built guest houses, walled the beach, offer a variety of excursions and fishing.

Tip number 3 – what you need to know?

In the Maldives should go exclusively together or with the company. Alone there unfortunately will still be boring?

Vaadhoo Island is famous for its natural illumination. In his crystal clear coastal waters are luminous plankton, which shows magical light shows to thousands every year viewers.

On the island of Male there are the luxurious resort Fihalhohi, and in the evenings you can feed the sharks. Five Star Huvahendhoo Welcome will receive guests on the island of Ari, and about 48 guest houses in Maafushi, but a little beach and too crowded.

In any case, the holiday in the Maldives justifies its price and despite the choice of an island received from local attractions, excursions and entertainment impressions will last a lifetime.

Поиск тура в Мале —>

Поиск тура на Ари Атолл —>

Поиск тура на Северный Мале Атолл —>

Pros and cons of vacation in the Maldives


  • excellent beaches that are distinguished by soft and white sand – in our opinion this is the best beaches in the world
  • wide selection of exotic fruits?
  • very few Russian tourists?


  • near you can swim small sharks and stingrays that are not safe
  • many of the islands in the Maldives are rather small just 1 km). Fun on the islands comes down mainly to beach and water recreation

If you are looking for a relaxing, quality holiday in paradise corner of the planet – this place is what you need. ? Ideal for honeymoon or loving couples. Also good to ride big family or friendly company. The flight to the Maldives is quite long, so think about what you do on board. ?

Tours to the Maldives for the New Year (for two) should be taken in advance, Better 2-3 months before departure.

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The most popular resorts of Maldives:

  • Male, the capital of Maldives
  • Ari Atoll – one of the largest atolls in the Maldives
  • North Male Atoll – the main tourist center
  • South Male Atoll – is also one of the most visited

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