Karon Beach in Phuket – our review of a trip to Thailand

“Now on holiday in Thailand: lying on the beach, drinking smoothies, but not this, that’s all, “you think. Why not? We are sorting One of the best natural tanning beds in Phuket is Karon Beach. how get which hotels are better to take and why for the second trip to island we chose Karon beach?


  1. Why is Karon scourge?
  2. Prices for tours
  3. Where to eat?
  4. Rent: bike / car
  5. Things to do?
  6. Our advice

Features of Karon Beach – our rating

Karon is one of the top 3 beaches in Phuket, both in ours and national rating. Prices for tours here do not say that the most budget. Voucher for two for ten nights will cost from 9 0,000 rubles. Only Patong is cheaper. But in the second location is dirty, noisy and a lot of people.

For three trips to the island, we traveled far and wide. Karon entered to the list of favorite beaches, and that’s why:

  • Sand – it really is different from Patong and Kata, such loose and creaky – and clear sea
  • Local fruit market – the cheapest on the west coast Phuket
  • Two of the best (in our humble opinion) cafe on the island – o which will tell a little lower

Karon is somewhere between expensive / cheap quiet / noisy rest?

Criterion Evaluation
Clean sea 9
Clean shore 9
Sand 10
Infrastructure 6 (like most Phuket beaches)
Beach length 9
Night life 4 (for this – on Patong)

Phuket beaches – which one to choose?

Karon Phuket Beach Karon Phuket Beach Sunset on Phuket - Karon Beach Sunset on Phuket - Karon Beach

Before approaching Karon Beach there is a small descent.

Phuket Island is the largest part of Thailand. Different people flock here: young people, families with kids and even tourists savages. Who should choose among the beaches Phuket?

On the Caron, even in season there are small the waves are a big plus for us. The sand is very fine, creaks under feet a la snowball, clear water. On the shore are two fields with nets, Any time you can play volleyball (we did).

In walking distance is located Kata Beach – the most expensive, with a gentle entrance to the sea. With another parties – 15 minutes on a bike or a taxi – a party Patong. Less people and 1 line on the beach Kamala (other hotels are separated from the sea expensive).

Kata Beach Kata Beach

Kata Beach

How to get to Karon beach?

At the time of writing: monetary unit Thailand 1 baht (฿) = 2 rubles

The distance from Phuket Airport to Karon beach is plus or minus 40 km. How to get to Karon Beach?

  • Book a transfer to Kiwitaxi (beneficial for companies from 2 to 4 person) – the price tag starts from ฿ 970, is greeted with a sign with your by name
  • Travel time: ≈ 40 minutes
  • Or jump into the minibus for tourists for 10-12 people – ฿ 200
  • Travel time: ≤ 1.5 hours (+ stop for 10 minutes for clarify hotel addresses)

As for us, the first option is faster and not so “annoying” – in cabin all their own.

Hotels on Karon Beach in Phuket – advice from us

Finding a hotel on Karon (price = quality) led us to the list below. Prices are per round for 7 nights at two in the winter of 2018-2019.

  • 3 stars

    3 star hotels Caron:

    ✓ 3 * Asena Karon Resort – from 80,000 rubles

    ✓ 3 * Golden Sand Inn – from 90 000 rubles

    ✓ 3 * Baumancasa Karon Beach Resort (Baumankasa) – from 95000 rubles

    4 stars

    4 star Caron hotels:

    ✓ 4 * Centara Karon Resort Phuket – from 120,000 rubles

    ✓ 4 * Phuket Orchid Resort and Spa – from 115 thousand

    ✓ 4 * Chanalai Hilliside Resort – from 110,000 rubles

    First line

    First line hotels on Karon Beach:

    ✓ 5 * Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket – from 160,000 rubles

    ✓ 4 * Marina Phuket Resort – from 145,000 rubles

    ✓ 4 * Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort – from 125,000 rubles

Have you noticed that tours on Karon Beach are not cheap? So here you are life hacking, if you want to save. Choose hotels in Patong, we rent a bike and tear up to sunbathe on a clean shore Karon beach. In the first trip we did it! Second time – stayed at the hotel on Karon. And our third Thailand passed at all not at the beach (more chipovee).

There is a way to lower the price of a tour to Thailand, Phuket and the beach Karon in particular? Yes. And his name is early booking. About this we already wrote, click?

Tours on Karon – prices in 2019

Where to monitor tours? We use online services (already 2 years and 4 rest). The most reliable:

  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel

Three aggregators (compare costs on all) gives suggestions leading tour operators with current prices (in most cases with taking into account the fuel surcharge). Plus: you can read real reviews tourists about the hotel and explore the infrastructure nearby.

The cost of trips to Karon Beach (Phuket) in 2019 for two week starts from 75,000 rubles. Expensive? As if not so. AT New Year’s holidays amount will increase from 115 thousand and above. Feel the difference? And yes, advice: take tours of 9 nights (out of 7 – two “eat” flight).

Where did we live on Karon?

We flew to Thailand three times: the first two times the tour, the last – savage The ticket was taken at 3 * Poppa Palace, Patong (not really), but Vacation on Karon was at the hotel 2 * Room Actually (very “very”, albeit 2 stars). Bronil yourself because batch no offers here. But the rest is a short tour – always more profitable.

Where booking hotels and accommodation is more convenient if in Thailand – on your own? We run on Airbnb if you need a flat / condo, or on Roomguru, if you are looking for a hotel.

By the way, if privacy is a priority, we recommend renting a villa. How to do it? Our recommendations are here.

Map of Karon Hotels

Karon Hotel Map Karon Hotel Map

Cafe on Karon – food prices

Among tourists there is an opinion that to eat in Karon’s cafes – luxury. That would be true if you choose gourmet restaurants. Tipo Raya Thai Cuisine. Budget Dine in Phuket too work out. The main thing is to know where to go.

We divided the beach cafes + near it into three categories:


➢ Pad Thai Shop ➢ Golden Paradise Restaurant ➢ Sabaijai


➢ Starbucks (just drink coffee here) ➢ Chehoff ➢ Kata Villa ➢ On The Rock ➢ restaurant at the hotel 4 * Diamond Cottage Resort & SPA (between Katya and Karon)


➢ Mom Tri’s Kitchen at Villa Royale ➢ The Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar at Kata Rocks ➢ La Scala

Menu cafe Sabay Jai Karon Menu cafe Sabay Jai Karon Tom-kha in Sabai Jai - Karon Tom-kha in Sabai Jai - Karon

Menu from Sabay-Jai cafe / Our order: tom-kha and coconut 270 baht shake

We advise: order a mango-shake (฿ 70) from women in the center of the beach (left, if you look at Karon Plaza). Hmmm … We constantly drank it in the first two trips. By the way there are inexpensive fruits: they took mango, papaya. Many on this mini-market are picking them up with them to Russia.

We also recommend: a cafe from the list Pad Thai Shop. It looks from the outside no ice, because which is local, but tasty and budget – pad-tay with shrimps or rice with crab cost only ฿ 50. And Sabaijai, where is our favorite tom-kha for ฿ 100 and cool coconut necks for 80. After they just stopped to look to the woman in the center of the beach?

? Karon Beach gastronomy and prices (average):

  • rice with chicken – ฿ 100-150
  • tom-yum – from ฿ 120
  • steak – ฿ 250-400
  • European dishes – ฿ 150-250
  • drinks – from ฿ 40
  • beer – ฿ 80-120
  • ice cream – from ฿ 100

On average, for two people will check from от 300 to ฿ 700.

Rent a bike – where did we take it?

Cape Phuket Cape Phuket Rent a bike Phuket - Karon Rent a bike Phuket - Karon

Here we took such a bike for 130 baht / day for 10 days

? Snatch a bike in Phuket in 2019 for a price tag below 200 baht / day – the most it. If you want a newer machine, you have to Pay top floor or a whole weave. We usually take a bike Medium “scuffed” – we definitely check the brakes, wheels. A few extra scratches will not be as noticeable.

Where to look for a rental? The whole island is littered with it. For the first time we took a horse on Patong beach (250 baht / day – just in first place). In the second were smarter. On Karon beach in 200 meters from the cafe Pad Thai Shop (on Googlemaps point Best Beam Bike & Cars Rental) agreed for 130 per day, in bulk – for 10 days. Saving!

Phuket Car Hire

? Decided to arrange a family holiday on Karon? Then fit car rental option. More expensive bike, but more comfortable. Price varies from 700 baht / day (if sooo fortit), for ฿ 1200 to find you can exactly. The car is better to take in advance online – so that all officially, accurately and without any problems – on RentalCars.

But do not forget, must have with you – international driver’s license; steering wheel on the right ☺. Cars rarely stop, like bikes, but buy off will not work. However, we somehow rolled the Russian huge rights of the old sample.

Beach infrastructure and resort

Karon Beach Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Hooray! From 2017, sun beds (200 baht) on the beaches of Phuket were allowed, but they should occupy no more than 10% of the coastline. So their little, most tourists sunbathe on a towel. Toilets and changing rooms are not visible – public beaches.

Entertainment and excursions

How is it on the Karon beach? Very, very boring … Will save free volleyball at sunset and parasailing – ฿ 1500 per person.

Entertainment for families with a child on Karon as such is not provided for. Is that a splash pool (need to be clarified by each hotel separately) or a small playground. Good news! Nearby there is Dino Park for toddlers and older kids. is he consists of a pleasant restaurant “in the jungle” and golf tracks. Tourists say it is not a pity to run in free time.

Top 5 tours:

  • Survey – ฿ 700-1200
  • Sea on Phi Phi (one-day) – ฿ 1400-2000
  • Similan Islands – ฿ 5000 per person ZY. in this season closed for overnight stays
  • Racha + Coral + Mayton – adult – ฿ 1300, children – ฿ 1100
  • James Bond Island – from ฿ 1300

There are no clubs or discos on Karon or almost none. In the evening by bus or by taxi, you can wave to Patong around the clock, awake (at 4 kilometers). This is where the nightlife boils!

Karon Beach – “crowded”, there are many cafes, shops, souvenir shops, massage parlors. Shopping can be arranged on the market Wat Suwankiriket (open: Tuesday, Saturday – from 16:00).

Our reviews and tips about Caron

Palma on Karon Beach Palma on Karon Beach

Now share your feedback on Karon Beach: is it clear water, when it is better to pack suitcases, pros and cons of the coast.

Is the sea clean on Caron?

Yes, in the absence of waves from November to March, the water is clear, with them slightly unclear. Vino sand.

Judging by the comments of tourists, plankton is tingling at sea (characteristic of Ty). Feels like a mosquito bite, traces on the skin does not remain. Tourists also talk about rare influxes. tiny jellyfish. But we for three trips do not like noticed.

Allergy Advice: Throw in First Aid Kit antihistamine

When is it better to go?

High season: from November to March

Average daytime temperature + 31,5 ° C, minimum precipitation, maximum sun, calm elements, but (!) crowds of tourists and a great price tag. The peak falls in the winter months.

Rainy season: from May to October

It is still warm, on average + 31.5 ° C. But not the most luxurious time for a family holiday – the weather deteriorates, often stormy. Advantages: reasonable prices in general (July, August). Sea of angey-list will have to strike out and replace with a pool too dangerous pleasure in this period.

The first time we went just in May – we liked it off-season. The rains did not last long, for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon, or a little more long at night – did not interfere with rest).

Pros and cons of rest on Karon

Above were many, many words and information. For your convenience, briefly We summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Karon Beach (Phuket), relying for reviews in 2018 and personal experience. But worth it / not worth taking ticket – decide for yourself, based on the hotelok.


+ 5 km length of the beach + clear sea (in winter especially) + white crisp sand + inexpensive fruit market + you can always find a more or less secluded place (outskirts)


– no night clubs and discos + quiet country evenings – sometimes the oncoming plankton is an expensive transport (if without a bike, of course) – shortage of hotels on the first coastal

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