Independent travel in Europe

A trip to Europe is surely included in the list of the master-visit of any a person who feeds tender feelings to travel. And since Europe – The concept is very complex, the prospect of buying a tour immediately in several countries seem questionable and definitely costly. Planning your trip yourself is the direct the way to the sea of vivid impressions and no less pleasant savings.


  1. Route
  2. We buy tickets
  3. Housing
  4. Rent a car – our experience
  5. Visa – what to do?
  6. How much is Europe?
  7. 5 European countries – much better?

Do not be afraid to take organizational issues on yourself, not so terrible trip to Europe by car (or plane?), as her draws imagination. The main point is to choose a priority for you. method of movement between the countries of the above. We will help you decide, write out all the nuances and calculate the approximate the cost of a future adventure!

The difference between auto and air travel is only in principle preliminary preparation. And if everything is simple with an airplane – we get tickets and a huge winged car delivers us to the dream country, then with the car more difficult, since The planning process it requires more scrupulousness. Well, if only because four-wheeled beast you will manage yourself.

To make a successful trip to Europe by car, it is necessary, first of all, to make a reliable and detailed worked route.

P.S. The starting point of our trip, both by plane and by car – Moscow city.

Where are we looking for insurance for 600-800 rubles?

  • Cherehapa
  • Compare
Independent travel in Europe Independent travel in Europe Independent travel in Europe Independent travel in Europe

Looking for cool angles for a photo with the Eiffel Tower – like you?

We lay the tourist route in Europe

It all depends on your fantasies and desires. Perhaps you – an avid explorer of Europe and this time strive to study France far and wide, and maybe for the first time discover for yourself Western expanses and want to capture all the great capitals. Extreme the option is unlikely to fit into the framework of a standard 14-day vacation, but you can try.

In any case, first decide on the main cities where brings you adventure spirit, and put points in the navigator, prikinuv view of the route, and simultaneously mark a stop on the old a good card – in case of an unexpected shutdown of the gadget. Remember, your plan should be very specific and detailed.

By the way, it’s great to help you calculate the trip special planning sites. They roughly count the kilometers and the hours that you spend going round the European lands as well approximate (from the word very) the cost of fuel consumption. AND Following the well-known recommendation – build a path so that spend at the wheel no more than 5-6 hours, and in relation to distances be limited to 250-300 km daily. You do not want to contemplate landscapes from the window of the car for half the daylight hours?

Useful selection:

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Streets of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter Streets of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter

Walking through the streets of Barcelona somewhere in the Gothic quarter

Favorite tourist route for traveling around Europe with starting point from Moscow goes through Belarus and flows smoothly on the border with Poland, and there already – where the navigator orders. Advise pre-familiarize yourself with the customs regulations, since quite often There are restrictions on the transport of certain groups of goods.

Behind a frontier post ideal roads begin which will be accompany you throughout the journey by car. Go according to them – not burdensome occupation. But what really inconvenience: most motorways here paid Therefore, in order to avoid collisions with menacing inspectors and payment of fines, ask in advance about the payment of travel in countries included in your itinerary in Europe. The site shows that the Republic of Poland, for example, the fare varies from 150 to 1000 rubles.

An important point – the calculation of gasoline for the trip. Tick though there would be several gas stations between each of the long displacements, but on the way do not reach to last one. If the tank is half empty, refuel at the nearest station, but do not rely on the “very” through a dozen kilometers. And in Overall, you are hardly surprised to learn that the cost of gasoline in Europe an order of magnitude more expensive than at home, and gas stations along the tracks offer fuel at higher rates than in cities. approximate price gasoline in the Schengen countries is around € 1.20, or 70 rubles.

As we have said, with the plane, everything is much simpler. Same in how to save and how to find the cheapest air tickets to Europe have their own hitch.

Photos of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe Photos of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe

Photo of Paris done with the Arc de Triomphe (rise – 12 Euro)

We buy cheap air tickets in Europe. What loukosterov?

Skyscanner and Aviasales – flight search services, including smart search, price calendars for the year ahead, drawing up routes, etc.

The most expensive part of traveling by air is usually there is an air route from Russia to the country of Schengen. So how are we looking exceptionally advantageous ways, then we definitely do not fit options to visit a travel agency or the airport itself.

What remains to us? Find and buy cheap tickets to Europe online. This is where special offers are concealed from Moscow (and not only) and airline sales in 2019. No air carrier and the booking system will not reduce the price of its own product site (or in its representative office), but on the sites where Tens and hundreds of such companies have been collected, they will have to try to get your attention.

Hello! And where else to find a ticket? >>

Loukosterov Europe Loukosterov Europe

Few can compete on price with European loukostami!

Therefore, in order to catch cheap flights from Moscow to Europe, We proceed as follows:

1. We are looking for sales! Several times a year many airlines are generous on really worthwhile deals. Of course, it is difficult to predict whether it will be travel options in long-term perspective (3-4 months or even half a year) or promotions that take you to Spain in a week. However, always look for special offers.

One of the recent interesting options – a ticket from Moscow to Europe (Montenegro) in high season for 11,000 rubles in both directions!

To help the traveler – a cool tool from Aviasales:

2. In full force use cheap search services flight tickets. The most convenient and proven:


Some of their chips can not only find the best for you. cheap flights to Europe, but also to help decide on by route.

For example, the flexible search function: we drive Moscow into a string “from where” and Everywhere – to “where”, plus the desired month and we get profitable proposition. And having escaped from the capital to the Schengen country, from there we can go almost to any point for a penny Europe.

The golden rule of promotions for cheap tickets to European countries – do not hesitate. Saw, buy. Postponing the purchase until tomorrow most likely, you will have to reopen the search.

3. Fly around Europe low-cost airlines. Country The Schengen Agreement is known as the “open” borders between themselves, and conveniently connecting them network of low-cost airlines. Loukosterov, or translated into the usual Russian “low cost carriers” may well offer to fly from Italy to France for the amount less than 1000 rubles.

Of course, passengers pay with some inconveniences – surcharge for baggage, surcharge for choosing a seat, mandatory registration online (otherwise surcharge at the airport), lack of food and further on list.

But one look at the prices of low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet) – and all this goes into the background, because ahead Looks great prospect of a tour of European countries with very cheap flights. See for yourself:

Our advice: if you decide to visit only one country, then Often it is more profitable to make this tour. For example, in Spain (Barcelona) vouchers can be grabbed for 40-45 000 rubles for two, and to Italy (Rimini) – for only 30 000 rubles!

We are looking for them according to this algorithm: we look at Travelata and Level.Travel, compare offers, look at Onlinetours – what if there is a burning tour? – and then we buy on the service where cheaper.

Rental housing in Europe

Rental in Europe Rental in Europe Rental in Europe Rental in Europe

Free observation deck in Bergen, Norway (on foot rose in about 1.5 hours)

Well, if we move around Europe on our own, then it should book hotel yourself.

Here the following services will come to the rescue:

✓ RoomGuru and Booking – dazzled with a huge number of hotels, hotels, hostels and guest houses located literally in every place in the world. And they clearly show that cheap housing in Europe is real.

Of course, in major European cities, and especially capitals, accommodation will be some more expensive than in the provinces or small towns. However, here you can try your luck and catch super-profitable offer from 4 *, or even 5 * hotel. Play with dates and pay attention to the promotional options on Booking! – rental housing in Europe is mainly carried out through this site. It is possible to rent an apartment room, villa, house – in general, that you wish. Millions of people lay out attractive options, sometimes for quite low fee.

Наш отзыв об Airbnb >>

Couchsurfing – here you will find the cheapest accommodation in Europe, believe me. After all, payment is made only by warm gatherings in a fireplace with a cup of coffee, a joint visit to the bar, or simply meaningful dialogue with the hospitable host / hostess. Yes, here a wandering alien can shelter for free, but choosing a place to sleep should be approached responsibly and immediately weed out any options that cause even the slightest doubt.

We recommend hotels / hostels (personally checked by us):

  • Athens (Bedbox Hostel)
  • Porto (Oporto City Hostel)
  • Bergen (P-Hotels Bergen)
  • Oslo (Anker Hostel)
  • Paris (Les Piaules)

Car rental in Europe. What you need to know?

Rent a car in Europe Rent a car in Europe Rent a car in Europe Rent a car in Europe

We rented a car in Spain with friends for 5 days (link to details above)

Rent a car in Europe means great freedom of movement. However, like everywhere else, right? Having at their disposal four wheels, for 3 days you and Berlin look what is called, “in details, “and in the neighboring Leipzig or Dresden ride.

In principle, there are two options for how to rent a car in Europe: rent directly at the airport of the country of arrival or take care in advance and contact the search aggregators car around the world (and save a couple thousand rubles).

Therefore, to rent a car in Europe cheap help sites such as Rentalcars. Here are collected hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and minivans with all sorts of options for your taste. Something yes surely pick up for comfortable movements. But still be sure to read the terms of use and what exactly offers a distributor. Frequently auto insurance and coverage flashing near the final price, they conceal a lot of unpleasant moments that are revealed in the event of an incident on the road.

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We make a Schengen visa yourself

Actually, one of the main points of our journey. Without this inserts in the passport, alas, the lights of Europe we do not shine. Where make a Schengen? The budget is just going to collect the most documents and apply to the visa application center. By the way, we already have finished article (How to make a Schengen visa yourself?), which will assist in obtaining a Schengen visa. Read-learn!

And in brief: we form the necessary package of documents, we fill application form for a Schengen visa and visit the visa center with consular accreditation. The algorithm is quite simple, but for some reason, many go to travel agencies, or intermediary firms, preferring Shift the burden of organizational red tape “professionals”. Of course, for some extra charge.

On a real-life example: How to apply for a visa Germany? >>

Do not overpay. Prepare the following documents:

  • bank card statement (balance – at the rate of € 50 per day);
  • booking confirmation;
  • certificate of employment indicating the amount of income or sponsorship letter;
  • medical insurance (ideal – travel insurance online);
  • flights. If you are traveling in Europe by car, you must provide an exact route with the number days spent in each country.

Examine the sample filling out the questionnaire on a Schengen visa 2019:

Sample of filling in a form for a Schengen visa Sample of filling in a form for a Schengen visa

And, having checked once again the availability of all documents for obtaining Schengen, head straight to an accredited visa center your city / district.

Montserrat, near Barcelona Montserrat, near Barcelona

In Montserrat, near Barcelona (for the second time we it seemed boring, it was still raining)

Determine the cost of a trip to Europe

If we undertake to calculate the price of such a venture as an independent traveling around Europe, it makes sense to take into account the cost visas, tickets and accommodation because everything else depends only on traveler’s appetite. Yes, and these items are very approximate, because everyone chooses his ideal route.

Let’s compare the basic cost of the 5 most popular ones. European countries. Under the trip in June from Moscow and per person (accommodation in a double room – the amount for one – in an inexpensive hotel, but with normal reviews):

  • Spain

    • Spain visa = € 35 (+ possible service fee of € 15)
    • Air tickets = 12 000 rubles
    • Accommodation = € 35 / night

    Total for 7 days ≈ 32 000 rubles per person.


    • Visa to Italy = € 35 (+ possible service fee of € 30)
    • Air tickets = 10 000 rubles
    • Accommodation = € 25 / night

    Total for 7 days ≈ 25 000 rubles per person.


    • Visa to France = € 35 (+ possible service fee of € 30)
    • Air tickets = 11 000 rubles
    • Accommodation = € 40 / night

    Total for 7 days ≈ 34 000 rubles per person.


    • Germany visa = € 35 (+ possible service fee of € 20)
    • Air tickets = 10 000 rubles
    • Accommodation = € 27 / night

    Total for 7 days ≈ 26 000 rubles per person.


    • Visa to Montenegro = 0 rubles
    • Air tickets = 15 000 rubles
    • Accommodation = € 10 / night (apartments)

    Total for 7 days ≈ 20 000 rubles per person.

These are the most visited and therefore expensive destinations in Europe. (well, except for Montenegro). В отдельной статье >> мы рассказали оmost budget for the tourist, but also in European countries.

If you ask why not on a car, then we will answer that one only gas mileage on the road from Moscow to Berlin will be about € 190 (and 24 hours of travel). Of course, not quite right to compare distances traveled by plane and car within one route. But still cheap to travel around Europe is better on air transport.

But for sure more adventures behind the wheel and with the company friends

The best sights of Europe

Going to the Schengen zone for the first time? Then surely the places which you long to see firsthand, coincide with our list The main attractions of Europe.

  1. Eiffel Tower, France. For someone she is a boring pile iron, for others – a dubious design, disfiguring appearance cities (approximate interpretation of the words of Dumas and Maupassant), and for the rest – the eternal symbol of romance. Definitely only one thing: a date with her is exciting and exciting even for the tenth time contract. The same will tell you and guides to Europe, every year Giving tower rank – European landmark number one.

What we have in France: How to hold a new year in Paris? >>

Eiffel Tower, France Eiffel Tower, France

  1. Colosseum, Italy. The grand structure of the ancient world today everyone gathers thousands of people every day. True, it seeks not for bread and circuses, but for a piece stories and photos.

What do we have in Italy:

  • What to see in Rome for 1-3 days? >>
  • Why go to Italy in May? >>
  1. Temple Sagrada Familia, Spain. Perhaps the only one attractions of Europe, attracting crowds of tourists even in the unfinished form. What will happen in 2026, when Sagrada will show us in all its glory, just in time for the centenary of the death of the main architect Gaudi?

What do we have in Spain:

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Sagrada Familia Temple, Spain Sagrada Familia Temple, Spain Sagrada Familia Temple, Spain Sagrada Familia Temple, Spain

Sagrada Familia and crowds of tourists – come here early in the morning (hours at 7)

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. This is the perfect collective. the image of all the castles and palaces that we contemplated in cartoons in childhood and read in legends, novels and fairy tales. The most fabulous place in Europe, it inspired Tchaikovsky to create Swan Lake. What does Neuschwanstein inspire you to do? ?
  1. Louvre, France. Visitors to the Mecca of art and her adjacent areas are divided, as a rule, into two types. Those to whom can’t wait to break into crowded halls and appear before original paintings of Mona Lisa, and those who first prefer “grab” for the pyramid – the main entrance of one of the most famous European attractions.

Louvre, France Louvre, France

And here is the morning Louvre, there are practically no people!

Well, try to make a cheap travel route to Europe, and maybe traveling through our Top 5? ? It’s up to you the main thing – do not be afraid to organize your adventures, and not only European, alone!

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