How to get citizenship of Thailand

In pursuit of the eternal summer for the Russians is no longer a wonder wintering in Thailand. Someone extends their holiday in the land of smiles, acting on training courses giving the right to a long stay. But someone does not stops and here and dreams of moving to Thailand for permanent residence. But so that our tourists from the CIS countries to become full Thai citizen, getting Thai citizenship, you need to be approached by a number of established requirements.

First you need to issue a long-term visa to Thailand, living there more than 3 years. This is followed by the acquisition of a residence permit in Thailand. It is obtained at the police station to work with by foreigners. The period of validity of a residence permit is only only 12 months. In the future, the applicant must be in Thailand at least 10 years old, without leaving the state. Then a person is able to obtain citizenship Thailand

Requirements for Thai citizenship

A person will count on citizenship if:

  • he has been in Thailand for 5 years;
  • he is over 21 years old;
  • he knows Thai (how to determine the key of words in Thai?);
  • he kept all the payment receipts for the period of registration documents on citizenship (about 10 thousand baht);
  • he was not on trial.

Thai Passport

To get a Thai passport follows:

  1. start a business in the country or actively invest in the economy of Thailand in the amount of 200 thousand American dollars;
  2. enter into legal union with a person who already has citizenship of Thailand. Women in this case immediately get citizenship, and men who have tied the knot with secretly, they can only get a residence permit and the right to work. After 12 years of married life, the man still becomes the owner of the coveted status of a citizen of Thailand.
  3. enroll in an educational institution in Thailand or express yourself in research work.

Grounds for accelerated citizenship

The easiest to get Thai passport can become that option when the government Thailand itself gives an order in favor of the applicant. This the exception may refer to talented and valuable people prosperous in their work. For example, leading economists or athletes can be useful in the development and promotion Thailand in the global community. Also, there is a great chance domestic pensioners who do not count on payments in Thailand and are going to receive Russian allowance. They can live freely in the country by prior arrangement government. Read more about this in the article about the life of Russians. retirees in Thailand.

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