How to get access to business lounges at airports all over the world?

How to access business lounges at airports around the world? How to access business lounges at airports around the world?

Everyone who arrives at the airport with a reserve of time is familiar feeling when waiting for the flight takes place in the company of Indians sitting crowds and exclusively on the floor, the Chinese, champing in unison, and Gali’s mothers, loudly scolding Ivan’s son for excessive activity. And, in principle, there is nowhere to go, around are the same doomed passengers.

In these cases, help out the airport business halls. Halls where you can relax outside the noise and din, and sometimes in a separate room, away from prying eyes. Many are not aware that these places are not only for persons marked “business class” on air ticket, but also for ordinary “economists”! We know and use and therefore we share with you. ?


  1. What usually is in the business hall?
  2. 5 ways to get into the business hall
  3. Business Halls Priority Pass
  4. Sheremetyevo | Domodedovo | Vnukovo
  5. Aeroflot Business Halls
  6. Our review

What usually is in the business hall of the airport?

Business Hall in Finland (in the style of Ikea) Business Hall in Finland (in the style of Ikea)

Business Hall in Finland (Helsinki)

At the disposal of travelers:

  • sitting areas with armchairs / sofas
  • free wi-fi, the speed of which flies, in contrast to the total network
  • bar / buffet (availability and range of food and drinks) differ)
  • copying equipment, telephone and charging zones phones
  • tv / press

From the extra and not always present:

  • showers
  • slip boxes
  • massage chairs
  • meeting areas
  • SPA services

The terms of service in the Business Lounge at different airports may differ, and some services are provided for separate fee.

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What does it look like inside?

All VIP lounges at the airport are equipped with comfortable furniture for good rest. Modern interior design has to relax in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Overview of the VIP hall in Russia

For passengers with children there are specially designated rooms, where the child will be able to play without disturbing the others. In the business lounges for airline customers have dedicated areas where they can be productive to work without being distracted by fuss, and have a snack, sometimes even tightly. ?

5 ways to get into the airport business lounge

So, how to get to the business hall?

  1. The most obvious: access to business rooms opens flight in business class upon presentation of boarding coupon. The cost of the visit is already included in the “round” amount.
  2. For rare travelers: in some lounges theoretically there is an opportunity to organize a passage in the hall $ 25 for a few hours. Depends on the staff and the number of applicants and, in general, not guaranteed, because This is the “gray” method.
  3. For avid and conservative tourists: a service provided by airlines as part of loyalty programs. Cards with access to airport business lounges provide their passengers Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Lufthansa and other major carriers. But henceforth – it is necessary to fly one of them a lot and often, so way to “rising” to the golden mile card. And, of course, being an adept, for example, Aeroflot, you can only relax in Lounge of this company.
  4. The most “clever”: access to the business hall – in including and unlimited – one of the “buns” in the design of premium bank card! Those. choosing a premium package of services you become holder of another Priority Pass card, which gives access to VIP corners of airports around the world. You pay for the service bank card, and the bank pays for you lounges (although the amount visits per year may be limited).
  5. For thoughtful: you can find a companion with Priorit Pass card and pass as a guest?

By smart way: about the most profitable offers that Priorit Pass comes with and cool maps for travel we wrote a separate article.

Business lounge at Brussels airport Business lounge at Brussels airport

Business Lounge at Brussels Airport

Business Lounges Priority Pass

More than 400 cities and 120 countries have a business Priority Pass halls – from the modest Samara to the luxurious Hong Kong – and access to them opens the eponymous club map.

Priority Pass card in airport business lounges allows use the service not only to the owner, but also to his guests (However, it depends on the bank and package of services). Wait for departure “Royally” you can even pay for an economy class ticket. The main condition – the presence of a miracle document.

What is more important Priorit Pass? Travel insurance! And the budget – for a tick, and good – for peace of mind, look at:

  • Cherehapa
  • Compare

How to get Priorit Pass?

Priority pass card for business hall Priority pass card for business hall

Our Priority pass card

  1. Without the participation of the bank: a name card can be ordered on the official website, paying a fee of $ 99 (cost card itself). In this case, all visits are paid, at $ 25. there is several programs from which the client chooses the right one. For example, unlimited per year for an additional $ 399.
  2. Through the bank: the card in the business hall is issued by large Russian banks to their VIP clients when opening a premium account. Turning to the bank, ask: what package of services should Checkout to get Priorit Pass.

Banks offering Priority Pass customers:

– unlimited access to the halls for 2 persons

  • Sberbank
  • Raiffeisen
  • UniCredit Bank
  • Promsvyazbank
  • Bank of Moscow

– only for card holder:

  • Citibank (unlimited)
  • Russian Standard (unlimited),
  • Binbank (unlimited) – our choice
  • VTB 24 (8 visits per month)
  • Alfa-Bank (4 visits per month)
  • Rosbank (12 per year).

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Map Reviews

Business lounge at the airport of Paris Business lounge at the airport of Paris Business Hall in Paris Business Hall in Paris

Business lounge at the airport of Paris

10 life hacking to Europe is cheap 10 life hacking to Europe is cheap

10 lifehacks go to Europe cheap

Holders Priorit Pass unanimously leave the card reviews positive. Well, and who does not like to wait out the docking on soft couch with a glass of wine? ? Our review is altogether enthusiastic. We often travel, transplants are long, day we can also visit 3 different lounges – there is free access everywhere, but the “stuffing” is different. By the way, a significant plus, that the food and water does not have to spend. We all know how much it costs in the airport!

Service in all business halls is organized at the highest level. List Airport Priority Pass card holders are easy to find at official website, all information is provided in Russian, and for convenience on the road, you can download the version for the smartphone.

Business halls in Sheremetyevo

Space Business Hall in Sheremetyevo - priority pass Space Business Hall in Sheremetyevo - priority pass Business Hall Space in Sheremetyevo Business Hall Space in Sheremetyevo

Space Business Hall at Sheremetyevo Airport (more comfortable than in Gallery hall)

Business halls in Sheremetyevo are in each terminal. Planning travel, can be found on the website of the air gate of the capital the terms of reception in the Business Lounge and choose the appropriate hall early. Prices in recreation areas and range of services differ, but for children up to 12 years old the ticket price is 2 times lower than for adults, babies up to 2 years old are serviced for free.

Business lounges accept Priority Pass owners and others. passengers around the clock. Travelers departing from Sheremetyevo via terminal D, can use the comfort zones and in other terminals. Entrance will not have to be paid if available Aeroflot Bonus Gold or Platinum Card, Diners Club or Elite Plus of any SkyTeam airline. Business hall MasterCard in Sheremetyevo is located in terminal E, enjoy the service can only card owners and their satellites.

Business Halls in Domodedovo

You fly out of Domodedovo airport – Business Lounge service available to all passengers, regardless of class of flight. Not get Priority Pass – there are other opportunities to expect a flight with comfort. Entrance to the business halls of Domodedovo can be paid on reception after passing passport and customs control. The airport has a total of 11 business class recreation areas, most of which are which belong to air carriers.

Priority Lounge S7 Domodedovo Priority Lounge S7 Domodedovo S7 Business Hall at Domodedovo Airport S7 Business Hall at Domodedovo Airport

S7 Business Hall at Domodedovo Airport (we advise you to choose it was him)

Spend time with the comfort of their passengers 9 airlines, including in Domodedovo there are business lounges S7 Airlines. Unfortunately, the business halls of Aeroflot in Moscow are only in Sheremetyevo, and in Domodedovo passengers of the largest Russian the air carrier will have to use the business lounge on the common conditions. Business Hall Priority Pass is located in the gallery on the second floor, but sometimes there are no empty seats.

Business lounges in Vnukovo

Rachmaninov Lounge in Moscow - Vnukovo Rachmaninov Lounge in Moscow - Vnukovo Business Hall Rachmaninov in Vnukovo Business Hall Rachmaninov in Vnukovo

Business Hall in Vnukovo – Rachmaninov Lounge

Several halls are also available in Vnukovo. Main thing than airport is allocated – the location of one of them to the control zone. Although it’s not possible to come in from the street, the staff checks boarding pass.

We were in two business halls Vnukovo:

  • Business Lounge – the same to control. Located near the cafe Mu-Mu and is available to passengers as international, and home departures. Standard room like this, without privacy zones, but you can massage in the chair for free. There is a set of hot dishes (meat, garnish), snacks, drinks
  • Rachmaninov Lounge – after checkout, available only for internal departures. Recently opened, and quite pretty It is objectively quieter and better due to the fact that sit in separate “booths” for 2-4 people. About food equivalent + have a shower

Other Vnukovo business lounges: Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Top Lounge. The latter two are for international flights.

Aeroflot Business Halls

Rublev lounge Aeroflot Rublev lounge Aeroflot Rublev lounge Aeroflot Rublev lounge Aeroflot

Aeroflot’s business lounges are located at 48 airports in Russia and 86 in other countries. There are capitals of states in this list, as well as airports in tourist centers and popular resorts. Of Russian Aeroflot airplanes can comfortably fly out of large resort cities, regional and regional centers. Six business halls there is in Moscow Sheremetyevo and two in St. Petersburg: one each in Pulkovo Airport and Pulkovo-1.

Access to Aeroflot’s Business Lounge is open to:

  • business class travelers;
  • Aeroflot Bonus owners (Gold and Platinum card);
  • Priority Pass;
  • Elite Plus SkyTeam;
  • Diners Club.

The comfort zone can be no more than four hours before departure point, for transit travelers and pending transfer time of stay in the waiting room is unlimited. With Available Aeroflot Bonus or Elite Plus can be invited to the hall of one guest.

Our review of the business halls: a collection of memorable

Bobby Van's Griil - restaurant and business hall in New York Bobby Van's Griil - restaurant and business hall in New York Bobby Vans Grill Bobby Vans Grill

“Business Lounge” at Terminal 8 Kennedy Airport New york

It seems that the moment has come when the next business hall in 99% cases automatically fall into the “standard” category. Comfortable sofas are there, food, coffee, too – it means everything is in order. Therefore, here we will talk about 1% of “non-standard” halls, which surprised, disappointed, or provoked a desire to run back into the general zone.

✓ New York, JFK, Terminal 8 – Bobby Van’s Steakhouse: an unusual interpretation of the concept of a business hall? it a restaurant where the priority pass holder is given $ 28 bonus. They can spend for anything from the menu – steaks, burgers, salads, beer. If you go beyond the limit, pay extra in cash or by card. Spend prioritize the guest – plus another $ 28. We took $ 56 a burger (huge), a soup and two bottles of water. But … it was tasteless? Yes and sit quietly there, of course, failed.

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