How much money do you need to take to rest in Turkey 2019 for two?

How much money do you need to take to rest in Turkey in 2019 for two? How much money do you need to take to rest in Turkey in 2019 for two?

If the main requirements for the rest – the sun + sea + beach, and the country – visa-free, then Turkey fits perfectly. But with a caveat: not confused by the number of Russians per sq km? Before you pack your bags, will have to puzzle over how much money to take in Turkey

We went to Turkey and made an approximate price for a holiday in 2019: the cost of the trip, the price tag on entertainment and a little tips for saving.


  1. Rest type
  2. The cost of the trip without all inclusive
  3. How much money to take if everything is included?
  4. Prices for excursions and entertainment
  5. How to save?
  6. What to bring and how much does it cost?

What is the rest?

To correctly choose a hotel and, accordingly, determine the quality of the upcoming holiday, you must first answer a number questions:

  1. What are budget constraints or none?
  2. Which program is in priority: relax and service or not without entertainment? Because even if everything is included, then for other expenses (excursions, etc.) it would be nice to capture the “extra” bill.

Next comes the dilemma: an ordinary hotel or with the all system inclusive. Al check includes accommodation in a room. Buffet and beach / pool bars, drinks and local alcobard All this – during the day.

Note: there is also ultra all inclusive (UAL) – the same as all inclusive, but with a bonus – free imported alcohol.

If the plans most of the time to devote excursions You can opt out of the full set and choose, for example, HB – breakfast + dinner There are many similar hotels in resort Turkey: food better than oll from economy 3 * and 4 *, drinks for money, too, naturally different.

Just “all inclusive” is convenient, once paid for a ticket and Do not bother with expenses – food and drink for sure. With other alternatives, you must have a “surcharge” that is not always easy to calculate, especially for those who are in Turkey for the first time. Therefore, Al is usually cheaper.

By the way, if you travel by tour, look for it online at:

  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata

These reliable – and most famous – aggregators compare tours from 120+ tour operators and find the most profitable. Find out which There are promotional codes.

What is better to take money?

Bank cards on vacation Bank cards on vacation

Learned on personal experience. On rest for everything included take … a bank card.

  • Is there a Sberbank? Ok, cash (lira) at Deniz ATMs removed without commission (we checked). Alas, this does not work for momentum cards.
  • Sberbank card can be supplemented with Tinkoff Black debit card to pay in shops / cafes when there is no lire in your wallet. We compared – at Tinkoff the rate of any currency is more profitable, plus, you can set limits, if you are afraid to “light up” the card. A transfer of money to the cards other banks, for example, the same Sberbank, also without commission.
  • But do not forget about dollars / euros – after all, payment for excursions occurs in these currencies (prices for the most popular look lower in article).

So our golden rule for Turkey: Sber + Tinkoff + dollars on tours.

The cost of a trip to Turkey without “all inclusive”

So, the trip budget depends on your quirks, desires and selected format. It’s one thing to give a savage around the country, another – stay in hotel.

If you take a ticket from Moscow (look at Skyscanner) round-trip for two for a week, count on 30,000 rubles. AT comparison, the package from the tour operator can be grabbed for almost the same money.

How much money should I take to Turkey?

Turkish Lira Turkish Lira Food Prices in Turkey Food Prices in Turkey

Attention, elk! Joke, just note: at the moment writing material $ 1 is equal to 65 rubles.

? Suppose we stay in the usual 3-star the hotel (to help Booking or RoomGuru). Then a double room per day will be worth at least $ 30. But in our opinion, go own and rent a hotel – a little pointless, better to remove an apartment. Apartment rental (for example, on Airbnb) starts from $ 27 stamps.

? Since we do not feed exclusively on the energy of the sun, although there is a lot of it here, the question arises: what budget is needed per day for nutrition?

Let’s look at the prices in the cafe (for one):

  • Turkish breakfast – $ 6
  • Omelet – $ 2-3
  • Multi-course lunch / dinner – $ 6-8
  • Kebab meat, 100 gr – $ 2-3
  • Plov – $ 1
  • Salads – $ 1-2
  • Beer, 0.5 – $ 1-2
  • Juices – $ 0.5-1
  • Tea, coffee – $ 0.5

Total: you can meet the $ 15-20 per day for one, if without excesses

Dinner in a cafe Dinner in a cafe

We brought a starter – it’s free, included in the price order

Tip: choose better those cafes or restaurants where you can see a lot local (as a rule, it is an indicator of quality food). AT tourist eateries more expensive one and a half times and not so yummy.

One evening we ran into the cafe Tavuk Dunyasi. Menu on Turkish, if that. Oriented by pictures ☺ Modest dinner It turned out sooo hearty:

✓ Dish (potato, chicken, vegetables) = 20 liras

✓ Tea = 2 lira

Total: 44 lira for two or $ 8.5

? And, of course, the question of movement. Inside cities is easy use public transport. Take as An example of the most popular resort of Antalya. Transport card here worth 10 lire – 5 per acquisition, 5 will fly to the balance.

The fare is fixed and does not depend on the distance, but not constant – increases from time to time:

  • bus fare – 2.6 lira ($ 0.6)
  • travel by tram – 2 lira ($ 0.4)

Total, if you take into account all the essentials for life (frivolous) in Turkey in a regular hotel, the daily budget for two will be equal to about $ 60. This is without excursions and entertainment account for them below.

How much money to take to Turkey? How much money to take to Turkey?

Modest all-inclusive 3 star hotel

How much money to take to Turkey for 7-10 days for two if everything included?

How much money you need to take to Turkey with you, if the type of food oll? Focusing on 4 and 5 stars, ok?

So, for 7 days for two all-inclusive tour operators have identified price tag from 50 000 rubles. Not bad. Moreover, if you do not suffer excursions and forget about shopping, but where without it.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Comparing prices in Turkey (in $), we have compiled a small table on “pocket expenses” for two. And under the minimum implies a budget for survival (spending perhaps tea maid or exo-cocktail), and under the middle – for a comfortable stay In the second case, we counted a tip ($ 10-20 per passport on arrival, 2 bucks to the porter and a beach-fight smile), laid on souvenirs and added on excursions – hammam, yacht cruise, Pamukkale and a trip to the water park:

For two “with me”

Budget for two for 1 day for 4 days for 7 days for 10 days for 2 week
Minimum $ 5 $ 20 $ 35 $ 50 $ 70
Average $ 50 $ 160 $ 220 $ 350 $ 450

Well, and the reinsurance rule of any trip – even at the end have the amount (on the card), which is enough for a return ticket.

A little personal experience: we flew in Side for 10 days for all inclusive, and our household expenses were for tea maids, hamam 1 Once again, an excursion to Antalya, a trip on a yacht and presents to go home. AT Overall, it took $ 350 for four.

And based on our travel experiences, we wrote an article about where is better – in Side or Kemer? What is it – there you can find reliable prices for everything and everyone?

Kemer Botanical Garden Kemer Botanical Garden Excursion in Demre Excursion in Demre

Review of prices for entertainment and excursions

It may give the impression that the Turkish resorts are a bait for those who want to eat before the belly and rest on the beach. But this far from it. Both tour operators and street vendors will offer you a whole cocktail of entertainment and guides on historical locations.

More to the question of how much money to take to Turkey. Pricing for public transportation and food prices you saw out of the corner of your eye higher, and how much is an active holiday in a hit country for Russian tourists?

Where is better: Family holidays in Turkey with a child >>

Side resort - view from the hotel Side resort - view from the hotel Holidays with children in Turkey Holidays with children in Turkey

Excursions can be grabbed either from the guide or directly on the street. The last option may seem wild for the first time (yes Is this a service?), but not so hit the wallet. The main thing is not agree immediately, bargaining will be in the subject.

For example, from a booklet with ads in Side in 2019:

  • Cappadocia – $ 55
  • Tour to Manavgat on a yacht – $ 18
  • Pammukale – $ 50
  • Green Canyon – $ 40
  • Istanbul – $ 250

Extreme fans will not remain indifferent to a walk on the sea bottom – diving from $ 45 to $ 60 from the nose. We recommend to catch flippers to Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye.

Relaxation in the hammam will cost $ 20-30, for fishing in Botany (in Kemer area) will ask for $ 10 for the whole day. But the dolphin show in Seapark (Alania) will be more expensive, through the operator $ 120, street the merchant will be happy $ 80.

Turks also thought about kid rest. And if you scan reviews and tourist advice, then the theme park wins by emotion. Land of Legends: ticket $ 45-50.

The Water Park of The Land of Legends in Belek The Water Park of The Land of Legends in Belek

We went to The Land of Legends water park excursion from Side, it cost us $ 55 per person (ticket + transfer)

? Now, a little more numbers from the last trip to Turkey. In 2018 we flew to Kemer Center. And in 10 days they lowered about $ 400! Of which $ 80 on the tour:

✓ Demre-Mira-Kekkova = $ 40 for two + ₤ 20 * 2 = ₤ 40 entrance to the temple of St. Nikolay

✓ Yanartash (Chimera lights) – $ 40 for two

✓ We traveled to Phaselis ourselves: ₤ 40 at the entrance (for a couple) + ₤ 9 * 4 (travel to dolmush from Kemer and back) = ₤ 36.

The rest was given for the gear, among which we remember:

✓ Bambi men’s shoes (leather) – ₤ 250

✓ Kinetics men’s cross-country race – ₤ 70

✓ LTB jeans (mch) – ₤ 100

✓ Pullover LC Waikiki – ₤ 79

✓ Kinetics women’s cross-country – ₤ 50

The rest is in a fog ☺ We were beckoned by the indirim-signs, in our opinion – discounts. Therefore, if you are a shopaholic at heart, go to the mall Markantalya in Antalya (Muratpaşa station).

Beach in Kemer - Turkey Beach in Kemer - Turkey

Beach in Kemer

How to save on a trip to Turkey?

Imagine lying on a Turkish beach, quietly enjoying by the sea, tuned in to rest … and the record does not spin in my head: “how much money was spent, and how much is still to be!”. Buzz? And this perhaps if you know some of the chips.

  1. First, read our detailed guide to Turkey to be ready for anything.
  2. Travel agents from the street are unlikely to care about your safety wallet Quite the contrary, they will do more for themselves. Save money allow online helpers:
    • Onlinetours
    • Level.Travel
    • Travelata

    They monitor prices from more than 120 popular tour operators and highlight the most delicious offers. Convenient, fast and inexpensive. BUT still recommend reading our article: how to buy cheap tour?

  3. The “early booking” trick, let’s say, back in January throw up to 40% of the cost of the tour, for example, in July. If you still overslept a little, before the spring equator (mid-April) is a chance to make it.
  4. 3 * and 4 * hotels in service are not always much inferior to the top five (go through the reviews), but the graph “total for all” looks like more human for a limited budget.
  5. The velvet season (September — early October) is no accident title. And it’s not just the calming sun and the minimum tourists prices are not so biting.
  6. And the last. Bargaining in Turkey is a real way to prevent disruption profitable for someone, but not for us, jackpot. If you stand on your, prices can be knocked down by half. Price on the tour is not an exception.

Expert opinion:

  • Tunisia or Turkey? >>
  • Turkey or Greece? >>
Soap Soap Pomegranate tea from Turkey Pomegranate tea from Turkey

We brought as a gift different types of soap and pomegranate tea

What to bring with you from Turkey as a souvenir?

It is difficult to return from Turkey with empty hands. And shopping lovers variegated eastern market can captivate. We will not talk about a standard set of trinkets for relatives a la ‘here’s for you magnetics from abroad “? What souvenirs really must buy?

  • Eastern sweets (fingers you will lick). 250 grams by weight lukum cost 10 lire (126 rubles). Another great gift become kadaif, baklava, sherbet, halva and churchkhela
  • Tea. And let herbal tea be popular – sage, echinacea (about 2.5 Lire – 32 rubles) – we advise you to hunt for the exotic pomegranate
  • Clothing. Paradox, the price tag on it is lower here, and the quality is higher. So, jeans Little Big grab off just 65.2 lire (750-850 rubles), and Colin’s and Mavi can be found for 140 lira (1600-1800 rubles)
  • Famous quality Turkish textiles

P.S. They say that only in Turkey can you find macaroni in the form rice orzo for only 0.85 lire (10 rubles) for 500 grams, we have the same for them give a fortune – 150 rubles. What is not a memory?

We recorded a video that we bought as a gift from Turkey friends, relatives: tea, different types of sweets. How is it all looks and how much? ? Look!

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