How much is gasoline at gas stations Of thailand?

Having settled or actively spending holidays in Thailand is impossible do without a bike or car. Therefore, the question arises: “How much is petrol in Thailand? “. Due to the fact that there is no oil fields, the price of gasoline and diesel are quite high. Thais and tourists solve this problem by moving mainly on bikes. They consume less fuel.

So, Honda Air Blade 2006 for a week when traveling for short distances in the city eats a little more than 2 liters gasoline. In this case, only 100 baht is spent on one refueling. It is better refuel immediately as the sensor freezes at around half the tank. The benefit of refueling in Thailand at every corner.

The cost of gasoline in Thailand

Here is the average price tag at one of the local gas stations in Thailand at 2018:

  • 95 gasoline -35.51 baht
  • 91 petrol -27.68 baht
  • diesel-27.59 baht

Often Thai refueling work around the clock. Here you can rent or buy a bike or a car (all about rent a bike in Thailand). Prices range from 150 thousand to 1 million baht. An old Ferrari 90s will cost a million baht, however, such a rarity is not popular. Service on Thailand’s gas stations are quite good, as high competition and everyone literally clings to each client.

Fuel in Thailand Fuel in Thailand Fuel in Thailand

Thais and Thai girls work at gas stations. Unlike the Russians refills you will not find kiosks with bars and tanker will not give instructions on which column how many liters flood. Each tanker brings revenue to the cashier, which can be a plastic booth or table with a chair. The cashier sits at the table, and his fellow tankers bring money from customers who bought gas in Thailand.

In the evening at the Thai gas stations can play music. What if Thais will be completely bored they can arrange and dancing. In that In terms of plan, Thai workers are more successful because they relate to their work with ease, love him and come every day like on celebration. In Thailand, Buddhism plays a significant role, producing positive and peace-loving position among Thais are moto-taxis or moto-sais. Everyone is very friendly and love to chat. during working day.

Gas filling in Thailand

You can also find a lot of gas stations, which are the most popular among taxi drivers in Thailand. If you go to the capital of Thailand – Bangkok, then You can order a taxi all day to get to know the city and get to know its surroundings.

Gas station in Thailand Gas refueling Gas refueling

In this case, you will most likely witness this unusual procedures – gas filling. The whole process lasts no more than 10 minutes, after which you continue the tour with the taxi driver. In addition, in Thailand along the quarterly roads come across special refueling autos for bikes. True, gasoline is more expensive for them than for conventional gas stations.

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