How much is a ticket to Spain? Prices for tours in Barcelona – 2019

How much is a ticket to Spain? Prices for tours to Barcelona 2017 How much is a ticket to Spain? Prices for tours to Barcelona 2017

I always want to go to Barcelona, but I’ve got some points to do. the preparatory process – the selection and booking of air tickets, housing, transport – not very. Solution of the issue – ready tour package!


  1. Tour or yourself?
  2. tour cost
    1. Star hotel | Power | Season
    2. Proximity to the sea | Departure from the regions
  3. Best hotels in Barcelona
  4. Our advice

How to buy a ticket to Barcelona? We use online services. (it is important to look in three at once):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

and do not overpay travel agencies a commission for their work on selection of tours. Sites themselves compare offers from 120 verified tour operators and bring us their column on the screen, we just ask necessary filters. And in the case of “neponyatki” helps around the clock technical support.

Buy a ticket to Spain or go alone? Our personal experience

We happened to be in the capital of Catalonia and tour, and “their” the course. At the moment we have already visited Barcelona 4 times! ? And so what can we say.

For the first time, we flew in order to explore the situation and therefore decided not to risk and buy a tour to Barcelona with departure from Moscow (a trip from the capital is usually always cheaper, it happened in that time). For July, managed to snatch quite a good value. offer with hotel 3 *. Breakfast, transfer, in general, with the service not there were complaints. Yes, and binding to the hotel did not stop to go on a couple of excursions in Girona and Barcelona.

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The next trip we made in a year, but already on their own. Flights to Barcelona cost us a little – at 1 500 rubles, but we flew low-cost airline from Italy. So, the amount would be was about 15 thousand on one. Next, there was a misfire with accommodation Even two, but all because of our own carelessness. Having booked a hostel in advance, we miscalculated date of arrival. I had to spend a couple of hours on the street (but the gay parade they saw the night :)) And in a similar way, they left a day earlier … Apparently, the Barcelona sun and the lack of organizational hands over. We made no more such mistakes.

How do we go on holiday to Barcelona next time? Tour And not because we are such boobies who are not able to calculate normally every trip point?

  • Saves time for visa and insurance, search and ticket reservation, accommodation and transfer.
  • Lower price! Independent rest if you only fly in Barcelona (even from Moscow) may be more expensive, and the level living is worse.
  • Rest on the voucher does not affect the freedom of movement, in including and between countries. On the day you can safely fly from Barcelona to Majorca or to Rome. What about prices? 2000-3000 rubles for one There and back again.

I want to make sure! >>

  • A reliable tour operator will check your journey from and to. In particular, it will take you directly to the hotel and promptly remind you of departure What we did not have enough on an independent trip. ?

In general, the choice of rest – under its own power or on the voucher – depends on your goals. If you spend most of your time in Barcelona or on Tenerife, the tour is definitely the right choice! If you planning to visit several European countries, it will be more economical organize everything yourself and buy tickets yourself.

The cost of the tour in Spain 2019

7 cheap European countries 7 cheap European countries

7 cheap countries in Europe

As a rule, the cost of the tour to Spain varies depending from the flight date (high or low season), hotel stars and the number of meters separating it from the sea, as well as from food provided.

Consider how these factors affect the pricing of tour packages. for example, the cost of trips to Barcelona in 2019 for two with departure from Moscow.

But first, we remind you that the prices of Spain tours are not waiting until you decide within a day or two and click on the “pay” button. They change hourly and sometimes every minute. Saw a low price on suitable numbers – book without thinking!

How much is a ticket to Spain? Prices for tours to Barcelona 2019 How much is a ticket to Spain? Prices for tours to Barcelona 2019View to Barcelona from Park Guell (to go there, look for escalators – then we did not know about them)

Prices for tours to Barcelona in 2019. Number of stars near the hotel

All prices are for two

Dates: high season – July

  • 2 stars

    Prices for tours to Barcelona in 2019, checking into a hotel 2 stars for 7 days start at 84,000 rubles. Agree the amount is not happy. We advise you to look for options next to Barcelona, for example, in the resort of Salou or Lloret de Mar, where tours cost from 60 000 rubles.

    AND скать туры в 2 звезды >>

    3 stars

    Fly away in a weekly tour from Moscow to Barcelona with accommodation in 3 star hotel can be priced at 90 000 rubles. For such a cost You will find a standard room with a wide double bed and air conditioning, breakfast and convenient transportation. Interesting, that included breakfasts magically reduce the price tag.

    Искать туры в 3 звезды >>

    4 stars

    The average price of a ticket to Barcelona with accommodation in a hotel 4 star for a week is at around 95,000 rubles for two. You can find a little cheaper, but to the detriment of the location: more budget hotels scattered in the suburbs of Barcelona, where to get to the center – a difficult task.

    Искать туры в 4 звезды >>

    5 stars

    The lowest cost of a tour to Barcelona from Moscow with accommodation during the week at the hotel 5 stars – 165 000 rubles.

    Искать туры в 5 звезд >>

Types of food in the hotel

We will understand how much a ticket to Barcelona in 2019 is for two based on the food provided in the hotel. There are only 5 types, and the decoding is as follows:

  • RO – no power
  • BB – breakfast included
  • HB – includes breakfast and dinner
  • FB – breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Al – all inclusive + free alcohol

On average, the market for tour packages to the capital of Catalonia shows such prices:

  • RO – from 80,000 rubles for 7 days
  • BB – from 70 000 rubles
  • HB – from 110 500 rubles
  • FB – from 165 000 rubles
  • AI – in Barcelona itself is rare. At the neighboring resorts – from 85,000 rubles for 7 days.

Туры все включено >>

Do not be surprised at irregular price variations, they are also affected other factors are location, hotel level, room type. Can notice that the lowest prices for tours to Spain will be with breakfast, because this is the most common type of food in country hotels. Rejecting them does not mean guaranteed. cheaper vouchers. Rather the opposite?

Influence of the seasons

How much is a trip to Spain for two depends on time of the year. At the height of the season – from June to September – a trip to Barcelona from tour operator comes out the most expensive. Still, millions of tourists from all over the world eager to grab their portion of the sun’s rays. Although, tourist season has its advantages – more common special offers for tours to Spain. But remember to take it like this and fly away, you must have a valid Schengen visa.

In May, in the so-called preseason, the seven-day ticket can be catch at an acceptable price of 25-30 thousand rubles per person, but in August prices below 50 thousand per person are unlikely to be found. The only disadvantage of buying a tour at the beginning of the season is cool water in sea. But walking, sunbathing, shopping – one thing pleasure! Did we go by ourselves in May?

Cost of the tour to Spain - the influence of the seasons Cost of the tour to Spain - the influence of the seasons

Our trip to Barcelona (July 2016)

It happens that last-minute tours to Barcelona a couple of days before departure sold out for 5 000-7 000 rubles per person (for 4 days). Subscribe to our telegram channel @lowcost_expert, there we immediately Giving to know about such tasty options?

In the fall of September, the Catalan capital is still covered tourist excitement, but the price tag slowly reduces – so, from Moscow for 7 days you can fly for 35,000 per person. The season ends in October with prices for a ticket to Barcelona from 28 000 rubles for one.

The proximity of the hotel to the sea and the beach

In general, we see that on the east coast of Spain, hotels are “all included “near the sea can cost even less than their neighbors with less varied menu. However, this rule does not apply to Catalan capital. And it’s not about nutrition?

Meters (or kilometers) to the sea significantly affect how much there is a ticket to Barcelona at one time or another. So, one of Barcelona’s most famous hotels near the beach 5 * W Barcelona, located on 1 line 50 meters from the sea, hospitably invites two tourists to the tour for 7 nights for … 223,000 rubles. ИThis is closer to the end of the season, in October. Compare with the price tag tickets to the “five” from the previous section!

In a separate article, we picked up the rating of hotels in Spain with own beach.

Trip to Barcelona Trip to Barcelona

The view from here (Park Guell) is very steep, but it’s better to go early in the morning until it is so hot

Moving away from the beaches, we observe the following: in 4 * hotels in Barcelona by the sea (300 meters from the beach) you can relax on a seven-day voucher already for 100,000 rubles for two, and this is the lowest cost option among the fours. On average, the price of a tour package with Living 300-500 meters from the coastline starts from 125 000 rubles.

Relatively cheap hotels in Barcelona by the sea can be found among the accommodations with a class of 3 stars. Of course, they are already on The third coastline is at least a kilometer from the beach. Check-in for 7 days tour operators offer in a package for 90 000 rubles for two.

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If you want to save a budget, but do not want to walk half an hour in the heat to the nearest sand mound, we advise to consider Tours to hotels near Barcelona. Cheapest in Spain hotels near the sea are located in the resorts of Calella, Lloret de Mar, Blanes The cost of the tour here starts from 60 000 rubles two.

Недорогие туры в Испанию >>

Departure from the regions of the Russian Federation

Obviously, the impact of the place of departure on the price of tours to Spain. The flight Moscow-Barcelona, for example, is included in more or less acceptable at a cost (70 000 rubles) a weekly trip for two in July.

What about other cities in Russia?

  • Tour to Barcelona from Kazan – from 110,000 rubles;
  • A trip from Krasnodar – prices soar up to 160,000 rubles.

It is clear that prices for tours from Moscow will always be cheaper, because with the capital’s airports operate a larger number of airlines. Beat the cost can only be a very burning trip to Spain from regions?

The best hotels in Barcelona according to tourists

Outline a small top hotel in the Catalan city. The choice of them – huge, but decent – not so much. Anyway, reviews great help travelers in such matters!

Recently in Europe we choose not hotels, but apartments for Airbnb. It’s more economical – in Barcelona we lived for € 25-30 for two in day – and more authentic, do you feel local?

The best hotels in Barcelona (ratio price quality):

  • Hotel Casa Camper 4 * – a boutique hotel in the center of Barcelona deserves the highest rating of guests for the impressive service, interesting design and free buffet.
  • Hotel Banys Orientals 3 * – stylish, nice and friendly. And for nice price!
  • Yeah Barcelona Hostel – option exclusively for independent travelers, but believe me, no top doing without this cool place. Usually a hostel needs a lot try to keep a rating of 9.5 points among more than 4500 reviews left.

Cheap hotels in Barcelona, but with excellent service:

  • Hotel Alguer Camp Nou 2 * – despite being far from the center location is in demand among tourists, especially during the season, thanks to the walking distance of the metro, the presence of many cool shops nearby and of course maintenance.
  • Ciutat de Barcelona 3 * – this budget hotel in Barcelona is also one of the best hotels in the city center. 100 meters – and you are in a museum Picasso, 10 minutes walk – and on the famous street La Rambla.

Top Beach Hotels in Barcelona:

  • Pullman Skipper 5 * – the most popular accommodation in Catalonia near the beach of Barceloneta.
  • W Barcelona 5 * – about the outstanding hotel “sail” by the sea, we have mentioned, as well as about the luxurious cost of vouchers here. None however, he is truly one of the best.
  • Front Maritim 4 * – according to reviews, among four star hotels on the coast in Barcelona this one stands out. Than? Beautiful location on the beach of Nova Mar Bella, delicious cuisine and frequent wine tasting.

To book a hotel in Barcelona, study detailed description and photos of hotels, as well as compare prices, we recommend RoomGuru. We did not let even once! Like millions other travelers.

Trip to Barcelona Trip to Barcelona

Free view of the city from the other side of the park (mountain Montjuic) + fountain show in the evening (not every day!)

How cheaper to buy a tour from Moscow to Barcelona? Our advice for tourists

So to say final chords?

  • Not satisfied with the price of the tour package or the proposed hotels in Barcelona? Expand your search for neighboring resorts Spain Buy a tour in Salou (100 km from the city) can be from 30 000 rubles to the hotel, located near the beach! For a similar There is a price in Barcelona near the sea … nothing.
  • Do not look for a tour in Barcelona “all included. “First, such hotels are outside cities. And secondly, the Catalan capital was created exclusively for to explore it day after day and try breathtakingly delicious local cuisine. But a separate article on достопримечательностям Барселоны >>.
  • How much is the ticket to Spain for two in the midst season ?! If the amounts cause nervous twitching – and in July-August is very likely – move as much as possible rest in September. By the end of the season prices are falling and the tour in Barcelona will cost inexpensive.
  • Compare the difference between a trip for a week and 10 days It happens that the price tag literally differs in a thousand rubles. Plus three days in Spain, isn’t it cool?
  • Follow the burning tours. Overtaken – Book, it will not be cheaper!
  • And finally, search and buy tours. online. Because offline you overpay for rent office, the work of employees, and besides you can not until the end affect the choice of the tour! After all, managers always want to sell a ticket more expensive.

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