Holidays with children in September 2019 – where to go on sea?

To spend a vacation on the sea with a child is a serious undertaking. Pick up hotel, think over entertainment, decide whether everything is included or local cuisine, to find a sandy beach … And the most confusing thing is to understand where to go in general? ?

Convenient separation by season we already have. So we start plan for months, and the next in turn is a vacation with children in September

Why exactly in September? High tourist season – hot, crowded and expensive. In late summer, the heat subsides, decreases excitement on the beaches, housing prices bounce back – comes the Velvet season. From here it went that rest with children in September on the sea is the most comfortable for the weather and pleasant for the budget.


  1. Rest without a visa
  2. Top 5 low-cost destinations
  3. Russia | Turkey | Greece | Montenegro | Cyprus
  4. Where else to rest in September?
  5. Spain | Tunisia | Bulgaria | Georgia

Where to look for cheap tours?

To find a really profitable tour, you need to cover as much as possible. more tour operators. Because each of them has its own price. hotels and directions, and the difference is the same significant.

Analyze the database of proposals of all leading tour operators – task aggregators, such as:

  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours

They compare prices on tours and display in order. increasing or rating hotels (by the way, it helps a lot when choice). Last-minute tours, hint of optimal departure dates, savings time – for all of this, we turn to online search engines.

Look at the cost of all three services – this is one of 10 Secrets of buying cheap tours.

Where to go to sea with a child in September without a visa?

Visa – a frequent stumbling block. For her design for each A family member can leave a significant amount. Let’s try to save, and therefore, we will consider countries where to fly with a child in September to the sea can be without a visa.

  • In first place we put the rest in Russia. Here and without further ado all clear
  • Georgia – Black Sea, Khinkali, Churchkhella and all – de-she-vo
  • Tunisia – you can swim, you can sunbathe, but you can for two days go to the Sahara desert
  • Montenegro – hospitable Montenegrins are crazy about children. The last in this country, it seems, is allowed everything?
  • Cyprus – a visa is needed, but it is free and is done in 1-2 days. Most resorts are ideal for children.
  • Turkey – a classic beach holiday. Like in Cyprus, here the warmest sea at the end of September
  • UAE – but only at the very end of September, otherwise vacation remembered by hell

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Features holiday with a child

So what do we take into account?

  1. Good weather and warm climate are required! But very hot countries are not a place where it is better to rest with children: acclimatization – bad stuff
  2. Comfort location – family fun, spoiled daily march up the hill from the beach to the hotel, so even with a tired child on the hands … um, no
  3. Excursions and entertainment – a three-year-old baby is unlikely to like a trip to the ancient ruins, and a teenager 14-15 years will not be settle for a playground with swings
  4. Beaches – suitable for holidays with small children should be gentle and sandy
  5. Meals – focus on the “all inclusive” or European cuisine (the presence of special products than to feed an allergic child – about This will tell reviews)

Where to go cheap? Top 5 directions

Vacation with children Vacation with children

We continue to plan holidays with children in September 2019. Generally, thinking about where to go to the sea is usually considered if not the cheapest option, then one of them. We all want Feel first-class service, but at a low cost.

As mentioned above, September is the best time to save. budget. At the beginning of autumn the resorts offer the same things as in midsummer, but at humane prices (especially near the end months).

Here are the top five low-cost destinations for those who have planned their rest in September.

Russia (Crimea, Adler, Sochi)

Quite a trip to the sea: everything is familiar in Russia, without visas, and you can get to any resort not only by plane, but also by train / car.

Already at the end of August in the Sea of Azov (north of Crimea) it becomes cool. And even with the onset of Indian summer, the water does not heat up. Therefore, it is better to go to the Black Sea with children in September: temperature air to + 26 ° С; at night not lower than + 17 ° С. Moreover, such indicators keep along the entire Black Sea coast from A to Z (read – from Adler to Yalta). Water temperature – from + 22 ° С (on the southern coast Crimea) to + 25 ° C (Adler). Comfortable just about the weather yet Adler

People are going to Anapa, with children in September a beach holiday is still possible arrange, but in the first half of the month. In the Crimea, the most “childish” Sudak is considered a resort: a lot of entertainment for any age (for example, the aqua park “Water World”). Sochi and Adler will suit those who does not like to sit still, but wants to stay for 1-2 days in the mountains or in Abkhazia.

  • What else will make you change your vacation with children in September for border on Russian? Prices for tours! From 40 000 rubles for “mother, Dad, I “for a week without power; from 55,000 rubles for 3 meals a day nutrition

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You definitely can not go wrong if your choice is Turkey in September, with baby there will be just fine. Turkish resorts have long been proved to be the best place to relax with children.

In early September, both in the Aegean and the Mediterranean post-August heat is up to + 32 ° C. But the water is different: from Fethiye to Kusadasi + 26 ° C, and by the end of the slide to + 24 ° C; from Alanya to Kemer – from + 29 ° С to + 27 ° С.

The resort recommended for a trip with a child is Side with its sandy beaches and family-oriented hotels. The all-inclusive system is booming, there is an extra “gear” for the most small ones (high chairs, bottle warmers) and own water parks on the territory. You can consider and Belek (cool hotels), Alanya (budget, sandy, but far from the airport), Kemer (mountains, pine smell and pebble beaches).

  • The cost of tours to Turkey in September – from 53,000 rubles for all included for three for 7 nights

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Italians play volleyball on the beach of Rhodes Italians play volleyball on the beach of Rhodes

Italians play volleyball on the beach of Rhodes

Greece is good at any time, and Greece is good for children in September more: a real living history lesson in half with a great beach rest? However, first you need to make a Schengen visa.

Relatively recently, we went to Rhodes. Wrote a detailed отчет >> (с фотками и предельно полезной инфой, все какrelies), and also discussed with friends and compared where better – maybe in Crete? >> ?

Anyone who goes to rest in Greece with a child, we recommend the island: Crete and Rhodes. September in Crete is the most comfortable month. Heat leaves, on the street in the region of + 27 ° C, and the probability of rain is negligible is small. The sea warms its own + 25 ° C. On Rhodes due to the winds that diluted with heat, water temperature (+ 27 ° С) even advances air temperature (+ 26 ° С).

On Rhodes, Faliraki areas are chosen for children’s recreation. (water park), Lindos and Tsambika (sandy beaches). Popular resorts in Crete – Rethymnon, Bali, Agios Nikolaos (bay with sand, protected from the wind).

  • How much is Greece in September? Initial prices – from 47 000 rubles for a 7-day vacation for three

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Montenegro Montenegro

The first autumn month is also the last for a holiday in Montenegro with children, beach-bathing time is nearing its end.

Like many resorts in the velvet season, the heat on the coast Montenegro in September drops to a pleasant + 26 ° C, and drops at night up to + 16 ° С … + 18 ° С. Water stably keeps around + 24 ° С. Are possible rains, but heavy rainfall more often after the 20s. Soft climate, the purest Adriatic Sea, ripe fruit and friendly locals will not leave anyone indifferent? BUT Mountains are the place to go. Older children there will definitely like it.

Sandy beaches make up only a fraction of the total. Montenegrin coast. For a holiday with a child best suited The following resorts:

  • Petrovac and Lučice beach: a quiet and peaceful city, in the evenings children’s beaches are held at the city beach, the beach is different soft sand
  • Velika Plaža near Ulcinj – white sand and a gentle sunset in the sea
  • Becici-Rafailovici – good beaches and civilization
  • Sutomore is a town with very large beaches (about 2.5 km sea sand), there are children’s attractions

Montenegro is not always beneficial to visit the tour. On average, price trips – from 68,000 rubles for 3 people a week without food; at that time as air tickets ≈48 000 for three round trip and apartments ≈ $ 100 for similar dates.

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In fact, as far as the weather is concerned: everyone thinking about Cyprus with children in September should go just before the middle of the month. Only by this period the sun does not heat, but warms. Visa obligatory, but there are no problems with it, since a one-time visa to Cyprus is made online and is absolutely free (the usual Schengen, who has it). And since almost bezviz-immediately occurs question: choose Cyprus or Turkey?

The average air temperature on the island in September is + 30 ° C. The water temperature at + 28 ° C does not fall almost until November!

First of all, parents who have already visited Cyprus with their children advised to go to Protaras – a quiet resort with super beaches for relaxing holiday. From entertainment – Ocean Aquarium. Other resort for family raids – Limassol: beaches with healing sand, zoo and water park “Fasouri Watermania”. Ayia Napa area is also good but it is too noisy.

  • Tours to Cyprus for parents and baby in September are from 66 000 rubles for 7 days

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Where else to relax with children in September?

And finally, for those who have not decided which way is better. go with the child to the sea, some more interesting directions. Not all of them are visa free. Some of them may not the most budget. But, definitely, these countries deserve attention.

So where else can you spend your vacation in September 2019?


Best suited for families with children: the warm sea (but only on the Costa Blanca and Dorada and Mallorca), a gentle sunset into the sea, children’s fun, which will please and parents. Which coast choose and where to fly – depends on the budget: prices on the Costa Blanca and the island is higher than the Costa Dorada.

The air temperature in September will be + 26 ° С, and the temperature water + 25 ° C. In the second half of September on the Costa Dorada possible frequent rainfall and generally cold.

Therefore, first of all, tourists are considering – Blanca (Alicante and Benidorm) – chic beaches and water parks – in Benidorm two, zoos, a real knight’s castle. In Mallorca the most children’s area – Alcudia: choice and hotels are all inclusive, and apartments, spiced up with cool beaches and active animation.

  • A tour to the warm places of Spain in September will cost at least 75 000 rubles for three per week

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Tunisia with children in September Tunisia with children in September Tunisia with children in September Tunisia with children in September

Option for those who plan their vacation for the second half or the end of September. The beach season lasts almost until November, and To avoid scorching, we advise you to listen. For Tunisia in September Link to the article with a child will fit the island of Djerba – the most southern resort, or mainland Mahdia and Hammamet – with the best beaches.

The average daytime temperature reaches + 27 ° С, it does not fall at night. below + 25 ° С. The water is heated to the same + 27 ° С. Probability fall under the rain in September is extremely small.

Comparison: What to choose – Tunisia or Turkey? >>

The island of Djerba is silence and measured beach life, diluted by all inclusiv, primitive animation and some entertainment. Park “Djerba Explor” and a crocodile farm with him; Excursion to the Sahara desert – such a mini-tour from Djerba takes less time than with the rest of the resorts (close distance). And for the same The reason will come out somewhat cheaper.

  • You can go to Tunisia in September from 80,000 rubles for three per 7-day all inclusive

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Has the country become our homeland for a long time? Familiar Black the sea, the familiar climate in the south of Russia, similar to our language and cuisine (even if there is no children’s menu in the cafe or hotel, the child does not will go hungry). Bulgarian resorts in September differ from Russian only need a visa.

The climate in Bulgaria is really very mild, and even more so in the Velvet season. Daytime air temperature is + 24 ° С … + 25 ° С and water temperature + 22 ° С … + 23 ° С guarantee the absence of any acclimatization.

The best resorts for families with children in Bulgaria are Albena is a half-closed all-inclusive hotel city. and the cult of the child, Golden Sands and more southern Sunny Beach and Saint Constantine and Elena.

  • A week in Bulgaria from Moscow by tour will be released in 45 000 rubles for parents and child (with breakfast)

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Probably, this place is less associated with beach rest. For many, Georgia is a country of mountains, drinking songs, rich cuisine. and noble wine. And how to connect all this with children’s rest, is not enough understandably ? And, nevertheless, in Georgia there are wonderful sea resorts, which can not be silent.

The air temperature on the coast in September is about + 25 ° С. And the same (+ 25 ° С) water temperature in Georgian beaches.

The largest resorts are Batumi and Kobuleti. And if the latter, teeming with bars and night discos, more suitable for young people Batumi is a good option for a holiday with a child. From entertainment here is a water park, dolphinarium and excursions. If you go to Georgia with the goal of improving the health of the baby, it is worth considering the Ureki beach in the village of the same name: the sand here has healing properties, and along the banks grow pines and eucalyptus trees. But as they say, “before consult your doctor. ”

  • Voucher to the Georgian coast in September for 7 days – from 70,000 rubles for three. More profitable to fly alone

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